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    • Dear Riz Thank you for showing interest and submitting an application to the NSWPF. We are happy to announce that your application has been ACCEPTED, and has now been moved to the interview stage.   Before we progress with your application there are a few things you need to do, firstly join the OzzyGaming Government discord ( https://discord.gg/PNya3zpx ). When you join please change your nickname to your character name so we can identify you. Then please make a booking request in #book-an-interview and follow the template.   An Education and Training Command member will react to your booking and organise a time to complete an interview.    Secondly please read over the Police SOP, (Standard Operating Procedure) and the Law Book linked above.   Congratulations on making it to the next stage.   Kind Regards, Inspector Sam Bush Police Command | NSW Police Force
    • Changelog 05/12/2023 Change: Robbing players is allowed, however this must be done with an appropriate level of roleplay and have an appropriate roleplay reason. Simply saying "hands" is not acceptable.
    • Dear Riz,   Thank you for showing interest and submitting an application to the NSWPF.   At this current point in time, your application has been put on HOLD, and will not progress further until further investigated.   The reason for this is:   - An active ban appeal regarding you is in place and we are waiting for an outcome. (We need to ensure our police officers only consist of people who follow the rules.)   We will get back to you with an answer as soon as a final verdict has been made.   Kind Regards, Inspector Sam Bush Police Command | NSW Police Force
    • Hi Riz, Thank you for submitting your NSWPOL Police Interview Application! ------------------------------------------ Your Application status is currently: Pending ------------------------------------------ Please take this time to review the standard operating procedures and the law book. Kind Regards, Personnel and Training Division
    • Riz's NSWPOL Police Interview Application Application ID #12512 Submitted on 12/01/23 at 07:47:07 AM ---------------------- Player Information ---------------------- Steam ID https://fivem.ozzy.life/player/1100001161fdb19 ---------------------- Discord Name and ID Riz2319 ---------------------- Character Name and DOB Matthew Gump | 25/10/1988 ---------------------- Do you have a recent ban / warning in the last month? No ---------------------- Have you read, and do you understand the server and community rules? Yes ---------------------- What do you wish to gain from becoming a cop? (OOC) personal gain for me comes in the form of helping others. By taking care of my community, and pushing other officers to be the best versions of themselves, I believe this is the best thing you can gain as a police officer. ---------------------- How will your roleplay as an officer differ from regular players? (OOC) Regular police officers don't have as many hours, or as much experience as I am able to offer. In 4 years of FiveM roleplay, i have come across every situation possible, and know how to handle them. With this experience under my belt (Including multiple Commissioner gigs), I believe i can be a mentour to other new officers, and promote personal gratification. ----------------------
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