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    • Thank you for submitting your application.   unfortunately your application has been... DENIED This is due to you failing to adhere to the application requirements which stipulate a minimum of 60 words for extended questions 1 and 2 (21 and 11 words respectively). You may re-submit an application no sooner than 24 hours from now (0730 hours 18/07/2019 AEST). Ensure that you put more effort into your second application if you wish to be inducted into the Police Department. Until then, please read carefully the Police Protocol Document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hcUay9-0fXsIsmC4Te_lBjNcKqyFBuIcylmvZrysgeg/edit#) as this contains all of the procedures that you will need to abide by if successful. Regards, Inspector Blackgate.
    • Hi Activate Windows, Thank you for submitting your FiveM Police whitelisting application. We appreciate you getting involved with our community! ------------------------------------------ Your Application status is currently: PENDING INITIAL REVIEW ------------------------------------------ Members of the police administration team will now review your submission and player history. If you are successful through this process, the next stage will be an interview with a whitelisting officer. You will be informed via a reply on this application. Rest assured that you will receive an update on this application with any relevant feedback without the need for you to ask for updates on its progress. Applications are typically processed within 24 hours but may take up to a week in some circumstances. Please take this time to review the police protocol document as you will be asked questions about it during your interview if successful. Kind regards, Police Cabinet
    • Activate Windows's FiveM - Police Whitelisting Application Application ID #2931 Submitted on 07/16/19 at 07:28:15 PM ---------------------- Name Activate Windows ---------------------- Discord name and ID# #6123 ---------------------- Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354919160 ---------------------- When did you join the community and how many hours do you have? a couple months ago and i have maybe 50 hours give or take ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - What is your name? John Jones ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - Tell us about yourself and why do you want to join the Los Santos Police Department? (Minimum 60 words) im always in town and ready to help the city in anyway i can, and i just love keeping everyone safe ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - If you were in charge what would you do to improve the PD? (Minimum 60 words) make the pd more quick to calls and have better communication
    • +Vouch Officer Lachy Smith is an officer who hasn't been here for some what of a short time, I have personally seen him pour hundreds of hours of effort & dedication to better the NSW Police Force when he used to be an inspector. I can reassure that promoting Senior Sergeant Smith would be a decision that would benefit us all greatly due to his large experience & knowledge in Administration.
    • Thank you for requesting a rank evaluation!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------ YOUR REQUEST IS PENDING ------------------------------------------------------------------------   Those of you who wish to vouch for Siklikeme please do not post a one-liner, as this will not hold much weight. Post your recommendation and a clear reason as to why this officer should be promoted.
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