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    • I personally would have to disagree with you as this change was definitely not a bad change. The fact that you are unable to shoot from your car has brought a lot more Rp to the server. The fact that you feel no longer being able to shoot from your vehicle is a 'large chunk of gameplay' removed from the server clearly shows me what your idea of 'roleplay' is. I think you should try talking to people more and not getting into shootouts as much. The only people that are negatively affect by this change are people that are terrible at Rp and try to compensate for that by starting hostile Rp with others.
    • Shooting in car Submitted by Neb on 12/04/21 at 03:43:34 AM Suggestion type: Modification of existing feature --- Description: It's been a month of the "no shooting from cars" policy which was implemented in the ozzygaming fivem server, this has been arguably the worst addition/removal to the game. 1. You just removed a large chunk of gameplay from the community, almost all shootouts happen in cars 2. Goes against everything "roleplay", how are passengers unable to shoot from cars unless they are physically disabled 3. "first person out wins". Reffering to the fact that if the other individual presses the "F KEY" to get out of the car and pull a gun wins 90% of the time. MY SUGGESTION: There are a few methods which could be implemented: 1. Allow only passengers to shoot from the car. 2. When aiming in the car (holding right click) the player enters first person view, this may be more difficult to implement but will benefit roleplay SIGNIFICANTLY, I have personally tested this out and it benefits realism in roleplay largely. --- Who would it benefit: The entire community, this change would enhance roleplay significantly and improve the game, not to mention it would stop the zentorno exploit where you would turn the zentorno's ass towards the shooter and fire upon them from the bulletproof rear. --- Possible downsides: much much much harder shootouts from car, which would INCENTIVISE getting out of the car, but still allowing players to engage in pvp from the car. --- Downside mitigations: I personally don't view it as a downside
    • Thank you for submitting your suggestion! Your suggestion will be reviewed by the development and executive teams when able. Please note that all suggestions are reviewed, however not all suggestions may be appropriate for use in upcoming updates. Please do not pester the executive or development team about your suggestion. ========== >> This area is reserved for developer/executive final comment << >>  They will edit this post with their reply if required <<
    • Great idea, with a few adjustments here and there, I can see this doing really well, Good Luck!
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