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    • 😬 😳   bruh im shook 
    • ------------------------------------------  Your Application status is currently:Approved ------------------------------------------  Hello Greg White, Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Please speak to a trainer about getting your appropriate introduction and training before going on duty. You can easily seek out a trainer by joining Teamspeak (ts.ozzy.life) and joining the ETC Lobby. Until then please take the time to read carefully the Police Protocol Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hcUay9-0fXsIsmC4Te_lBjNcKqyFBuIcylmvZrysgeg/edit#heading=h.rwxpl0kvps9 as this contains all the procedures you will need to abide by, Thank you. Kind Regards, Deputy Commissioner Liam Maverick Police Cabinet
    • Hi Wilko, Thank you for submitting your FiveM Police whitelisting application. We appreciate you getting involved with our community! ------------------------------------------ Your Application status is currently: PENDING INITIAL REVIEW ------------------------------------------ Members of the police administration team will now review your submission and player history. If you are successful through this process, the next stage will be an interview with a whitelisting officer. You will be informed via a reply on this application. Rest assured that you will receive an update on this application with any relevant feedback without the need for you to ask for updates on its progress. Applications are typically processed within 24 hours but may take up to a week in some circumstances. Please take this time to review the police protocol document as you will be asked questions about it during your interview if successful. Kind regards, Police Cabinet
    • Wilko's FiveM - Police Whitelisting Application Application ID #4540 Submitted on 01/25/20 at 12:32:19 PM ---------------------- Name Wilko ---------------------- Discord name and ID# Wilko#0726 ---------------------- Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198806936068/ ---------------------- When did you join the community and how many hours do you have? 182 total hours, joined roughly 3-4 moths ago ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - What is your name? Markus Cash ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - Tell us about yourself and why do you want to join the Los Santos Police Department? (Minimum 60 words) I flew from a farm in the outback working for my parents on their farm, came looking for work with my cousin, Ben neutron. I found a career as a Paramedic at the Pillbox hospital, i am still employed there, however am looking for new work in another force. I am willing to try anything for something new, i would like to stop criminals with my friend as a police officer, Allowing me to become an officer of the law, would benefit everyone in the city, i can help stop the bad people from committing crimes that they wish they never had. ---------------------- IN CHARACTER - If you were in charge what would you do to improve the PD? (Minimum 60 words) i myself would make the laws more reasonable, for example... make speeding laws easier to abide by, by making them more enforced, like adding more cameras to catch people plates, and increasing the speeding limit in less popular regions by 10-20kp/h. I would say that nothing is perfect, so we should make more reasons to join the force. The more cops, the safer LS would be.
    • How we reach out to those of concern is not up to you. We will do so in a fitting manner to make sure the message gets through loud and clear to EVERYONE, and yes, sometimes examples will be made. As for you @Bloodshotand @Faze Purplesmoke This is you final warning, enough with the trolling. If you choose to reply to this, choose your words wisely.
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