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    • OzzyGaming May Update 1 Foreword Hello everyone, we haven't done one of these in a while. However, we will do our best to make sure that you're all updated of changes going forward. Currently, the focus is improving performance with our assets, most notably with vehicles, as these are causing most of our issues. So the team has been hard at work at this. Moreover, we're committing a lot of time towards providing content updates, most of which has been visible on the server. However, more specific information can be found below. Scripting Updates Third Eye The third eye script is a new interaction function that will be used going forward as the primary interaction method (no more walking up to things and pressing E, woohoo!) Currently, only ATMS are accessible through this interaction method. However, we plan on converting all interaction functions to this method. Developers involved with this project: Boss. Paleto Bank Robbery The Paleto Bank robbery is a new addition to the bank progression line. Although this is a more minor bank, items obtained here are used to access content further down the bank progression line. This bank robbery utilities the above mentioned third eye script, and because of the location, accessing the vault takes a bit longer than other banks. Developers involved with this project: Boss and Namula Art by: Aspex   Bobcat Robbery The bobcat robbery is the next stage in the bank progression line. Players and organizations should be on the lookout for new items in existing/available bank drops. Compared to other banks, this robbery operates slightly differently and players should pay special attention to exploring the entire building in its entirety as there are clues to upcoming content.   Developers involved in this project: Boss, Namula, and John Doe. Art by: Aspex   Radios Radios have been implemented in the server and are currently being tested with the Police force, so far, they are looking very promising. These will be handed out to the EMS department, and then to organizations. Some limited access will be figured out for regular civilians. However, we’re still exploring options there. Developers involved in this project: Boss. Art by: Aspex Door Lock Script Our previous door lock script was far from perfect. However, we’ve decided to upgrade this script, which now includes many more features, improved performance, and arguably a nicer look. Developers involved in this project: Boss. Cafe Uwu Cafe Uwu is a brand new business which will, with Bean Machine, be replacing Cafe Redemption. With this addition, the cafe will include a unique line of food and drink products. Moreover, this business has a line of collectable items that include two rare items. This range will be expanded on in the future. Developers involved in this project: Boss and Namula Art by: Aspex Bean Machine Bean Machine is the second business that will be replacing Cafe Redemption, not unlike Cafe Uwu, it includes its own unique line of food and drink products, but also a range of collectable items that will be expanded on in the future. Developers involved in this project: Boss and Namula Art by: Aspex Arcade The Arcade is a new business that will be developed to eventually include arcade games. However, a notable item that is sold at this business is an energy drink. Players are encouraged to go and purchase to experience the effects of this new item. However, in a nutshell, these items boost the running speed of a player for a short period of time. Additionally, the Arcade will be managing some upcoming fun activities. Currently, Laser Tag is the only game managed by the Arcade. If players wish to partake in this, they should stop by the arcade and request some time in the Laser Tag arena. More game modes will be added in due time. Developers involved in this project: Boss and Namula Art by: Aspex   Asset Updates   Clothing A whole range of new male and female clothing have been added, players can explore the clothing menus and create new outfits accordingly. Developers involved in this project: Aspex Hair Styles A whole range of male and female hairstyles have been added, players can explore these and create new outfits accordingly Developers involved in this project: Aspex Female Face Textures Female faces have been updated to remove some of the more annoying skin wrinkles and imperfections that make plenty of particular face and skin tones unusable in the past. When making a new player, veteran players should take some care to look and explore what was otherwise unavailable in the past Developers involved in this project: Boss Mapping New Burgershot interior/exterior textures added Paleto Bank interior Clothing store interiors Pawn shop interior Cafe Uwu interior Bean Machine textures/interior modified Arcade Interior added Developers involved in this project: Wrath and Aspex And of course, there are a plethora of other smaller updates that were missed off this list. However, this update constitutes more notable updates.  
    • This would be awesome and I already think of someone who would be amazing at doing tattoos 
    • Thank you for submitting your suggestion! Your suggestion will be reviewed by the development and executive teams when able. Please note that all suggestions are reviewed, however not all suggestions may be appropriate for use in upcoming updates. Please do not pester the executive or development team about your suggestion. ========== >> This area is reserved for developer/executive final comment << >>  They will edit this post with their reply if required <<
    • Custom Tattoo Shop Submitted by Goochi on 05/20/22 at 09:46:47 AM Suggestion type: Modification of existing feature --- Description: My Suggestion would be a new business avenue for the creative type, I think a custom Tattoo Business where people can go to get custom tattoo designs would be a great addition to OzzyGaming, A place where you can either give a design or ask a tattoo artist to create a tattoo from an idea given by a customer, The role play could be a large portion of the interaction at this business, Book a consultation for X amount, sit down with the tattoo artist go over idea the location that they wish the tattoo to be placed, The tattoo artist can then advise the customer that it will take X amount of time to "draw up the design" and a price range for the tattoo depending the time and effort it takes to create, the customer could be given a time or advised that they will receive a message once the design is ready to be tattooed, The customer could return to the tattoo shop once the design is completed and review the design, if the customer is happy with the design they could be taken to a tattoo chair and the tattoo could be applied to the customer. Tattoo artist could also have a ready to go portfolio with tattoo designs for the customer to choose from if they want a "walk in tattoo" each tattoo could be priced pre hand. These tattoos could separate each individual and be a one of use per person so not everyone has the same tattoos. --- Who would it benefit: Everyone that likes tattoos on their PED, this would give role play to all that attended the business, Would also help the economy having some custom designs costing as much as an average car. --- Possible downsides: Having to many people wanting tattoos and not enough designers is the only thing that I could see being a problem, But I'm sure there are people in the city that have the creative ability to make custom tattoos and could also teach others how to do so, Personally i would be willing to learn how and i know a few people that already know how to do this! --- Downside mitigations: To minimize overwhelming amount of people wanting new tattoos, Some new tattoos could be added to the city that can only be obtained threw this business giving a short break in-between custom designs.
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