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    •     Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 15/07/2018   OzzyGaming Community Rules

        1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way.   2. Community members must not direct racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour towards another member of the community.   3. Community members must not spam on any of our services.   4. Community members must not advertise or promote another server/community.   5. Community members must not impersonate a staff member.   6. Community members must not have inappropriate usernames.   7. Community members must not, under any circumstances release any personal information about any other community member (AKA Doxing).   8. Community members must not share inappropriate images such as pornography or any other offensive material.   9. Community members must not soundboard in any channel on TeamSpeak or Discord unless it is your channel or unless you have permission from the channel owner.
    • Changelog 15/07/2018   Added:  - Section 1.6 (Job Vehicles) - Section 3.4 (Vehicle Deathmatch) - Section 2.1 (Criminal Activities and Hostage Situations)    These rules are in effect as of  3:30 PM AEST 15/07/2018
    • 80k for a hummingbird, which is 10k less then what they used to be (if i remember right) but it doesnt take into account the new economy, this is easy enough to get if you are willing to play civ for a couple truck missions (which should have zamaks removed because they are garbage now compared to hemmts) but i dont think you should have to swap faction to be able to afford to play another properly, and having an only $500 paycheck difference between civ and medic, with the lack of people dying and actually waiting for a revive because it seems you can request medic and nearly instantly respawn, doesn't give much incentive for people to play medic, unless like you said they were trolling, or very dedicated to just playing medic.
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