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    • Yea everything needs to be brought down to GTA V Vehicle speeds. A GTA V Hyper car goes max 240 with upgrades... a HYPERCAR... All these other cars need to be downgraded to slower than that lols.
    •   That's the thing bud, the people that I roleplay with we never have that issue. Not blaming you for what is happening to you, just stating the fact that it could be the things you're doing that may or may not be lining you up with those types of players. I 100% agree there is a problem with the quality of roleplay that is going on though there is nothing else to boost their way of roleplay as there is nothing more to gain or lose other than money to buy vehicles.
    • I acknowledged that RDM happens. Personally I don't find it to be an issue and it hasn't happened to me in quite some time. I'm just sharing my experience on the server, the title of this thread is "Honest opinion of the server" after all. It takes some real shallow thinking to believe an issue like that can be simplified to a sentence like this.
    • It's always a bad look when the staff blames a players poor experiences on a server on them, it's almost like blaming a victim of a crime for the crime happening. Not a good look, bud. And I never said guns were an issue, they aren't. The issue is having a playerbase saturated with low-quality roleplayers that think everything needs to be resolved by pulling out a 'strap'. Take real life America as an example, guns aren't the main issue with crime, it's the people using the guns, the low IQ minorities creating a majority of the issues.   You acknowledge RDM is an issue at the start then return to blaming me for my experience using the Ozzy Gaming service, what even? That's a horrible mindset to be running with. And again, guns aren't an issue, it's the people using them.
    • I do not find this to be the case. I haven't been rdm'd in quite some time, and I rarely get into firefights. I usually don't even carry a gun. I get a lot of great roleplay from police/ems/civilians. I don't know your character, but people with original/interesting characters seem to get better RP out of people, essentially if you give good RP people are more inclined to make an effort and give you good RP back.
      Obviously its a public server and there are always going to be people who RP poorly, but you just gotta deal with it. This so much. Find people you enjoy RP'ing with, get their in-game phone numbers and RP with them. I rarely find myself without decent RPers to play with.  I do think the general RP on the server could be improved by making weapons less accessible. The biggest issue on this server (for me) is how quickly certain people break character when things aren't going their way, instead of just RP'ing through the situation. If you think someones broken a rule do a /report, jump in helpdesk. Don't break character and end the RP situation, this ruins other peoples fun. DON'T BREAK CHARACTER UNLESS A STAFF MEMBER ASKS YOU TO!
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