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    • Back Story  Merryweather Security is looking to re-establish a company and we feel that going public can be a great business opportunity in Los Santos, after the tragic death of our main shareholder Devin Weston, our company has gone through immense training and a re-evaluation of all our tactics so we can ensure nothing like this can ever happen again. Our CEO at the time Don Percival stepped down after he was under fire for aiding in the disappearance of Devin Weston, he was later replaced with  Kenshi Takahashi the best at what he does, he turned the company around and showed them the right way, gave them the proper guidance and now he wants to bring his business to  the city of LS. CEO and Sergeant Major  Kenshi Takahashi  Player Name: Kenshi Takahashi  Steam Name: Crimson 兇行 Discord Name: ChristosHatzi#9037   Merryweather Secuirty is not a police force and we make sure that all guide lines are meet and up to standered.   What services our company provides. Armed Escorts  Private Protection  Assassinations (To an extent, certain rules must be followed if we are to engage in hostile RP Deliveries and Pick-ups  Armed Transportation       Hostage Extraction (If requested, Police must request this)   Location of Business   Elysian Island- Main Base of Operation.      Weapons, Vehicles and Uniforms Weapons (Different for each unit)                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Combat Pistol                                                                                 -Special Carbine                                                             -Combat MG                                                                  -Bullpup Shotgun -Flare   Vehicles (Different for each unit) -HVY Insurgent  -Canis Merryweather Mesa -Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper   Uniforms (Different for each unit)        
    • I've been thinking of starting a private investigator business where people could come to ask for information, for example if they are looking for someone who stole from them, or someone who shot their friend, or looking for information about a competitor, or whatever people come up with. Mainly I think this could be an interesting opportunity to be roleplaying with a bunch of different people in different ways, like tailing people around town, or interviewing people or talking to the police. My main question is would I get in trouble from the police if they say I don't have a license to be a private investigator? I'm not planning on trying to capture any wanted criminals or anything like that, I'm more interested in the information gathering, and would be interested in working with police since I know they're often busy with the chaos of the city (This would be separate from my criminal character in case anyone is concerned about him snitching :p) But yeah, would people be interested in this? 
    • personally recommend far cry 5 instead    
    • ]Thinking I should keep his tags... just for the lols!!!  Noisy mofo was not very discreet   Heard him coming a mile off.  
    • Hi all, wanted to introduce myself. middle aged gamer chic from Tassie, playing GTA V and fivem mod for the first time, any tips and help would be appreciated. Is there anywhere that I can find key commands for chat and in game etc. I find that I keep dying due to getting stuck in certain spots. 
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