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OzzyGaming FiveM Rules

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Disclaimer: These rules are under constant revision. Please bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis.

Last Update: 26/01/2019


1.0 General Rules


1.1 Common Sense: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]
All players are required to use common sense and role play all situations.


1.2 Offensive Conduct: Ban Code Reference: [A]
All members of the community must treat each other with respect and not be overly abusive to others. Offensive RP is permitted so long as it is not serious and it is ceased if the other person asks for it to stop.


1.3 Trolling: Ban Code Reference: [T]
Repeatedly doing things that upset or annoy other players is not permitted.

   1.3.1 Bannable examples:

          - Repeated Cop Baiting - Repeatedly trying to get the attention of police in order to force pursuits etc. in a manner which would be unrealistic.

          - Mic Spamming - Spamming music or voice loudly in-game in a manner that annoys or distracts other players

          - Interrupting RP - If a group of players are roleplaying, do not inject yourself into the situation and begin acting silly etc.

1.4 Ban Evasion: Ban Code Reference: [E]

Do not try to evade your ban, fill in a ban appeal on the forums if you wish to appeal it. Attempting to circumvent any ban or punishment will result in it becoming permanent.


1.5 Hacking/Cheating: Ban Code Reference: [H]
OzzyGaming does not allow or support any trainers, cheats etc, to be used on the server. Graphics and audio mods are allowed,
however any other third party software is not permitted.


1.6 Exploiting: Ban Code Reference: [E]
Exploiting any loophole or game mechanic for personal advantage is not permitted.
“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.
Any exploits should be reported immediately to staff, if you are found to be exploiting your account will be wiped and/or banned.


1.7 Job Vehicles: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]
Vehicles sold at the "Job Vehicle Seller" may only be used for the jobs they are designed for. Using them for other purposes or trolling is not permitted.


1.8 Idling: Ban Code Reference: [E]
Do not idle on the server for more than 15 minutes. Using macros etc. to circumvent the auto-kicker is not permitted.


1.9 Real World Trading: Ban Code Reference: [Wt]
The act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming FiveM for in-game items is not permitted.


1.10 Transfer of assets between characters: Ban Code Reference: [M]
Players are not permitted to transfer assets between their alternate characters, this includes the use of a middleman or transferring vehicles.


1.11 Abuse of OOC Chat: Ban Code Reference: [A]
The use of OOC chat to complain about rule breaches or to abuse other players is not permitted. Players should contact admins via “/report” or deal with the matter in TeamSpeak.


1.12 Advertising: Ban Code Reference: [Ad]
Advertising other communities, programs, websites, services etc. that are not affiliated with Ozzygaming without management approval is not permitted.


1.13 Following directions of staff: Ban Code Reference: [Ra]
Any direction given to a player by an OzzyGaming team member must be followed without argument or delay.


2.0 Role-play


2.1 Fail Role-play (RP): Ban Code Reference: [Rp]
You must role-play all scenarios. Fail RP is the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona or act in a way that would not occur in real life.


     2.1.1 Bannable examples:

          - RP Driving - You must drive in a manner that is realistic. This includes not driving regular/sports cars unrealistically offroad, using stunt jumps/ramps during pursuits etc. and you must RP all serious crashes, regardless if your car still works.

          - Weapon Pulling - When switching to a larger weapon (any two-handed weapon, melee included), players must be standing near your vehicle or locker.

          - Automatic Un-restrain - The server has a feature to automatically un-restrain you after ~10 minutes in case you have been dumped somewhere. If you are still within RP, you must still act restrained, there is no feature to self break out of cuffs.

          - Roleplaying Revives - If you are killed/knocked out and get revived, you must be willing to RP with the paramedics. Pulling a weapon, sprinting away etc. after being seriously injured and revived is not permitted.

          - Voice While Unconscious - If you have been incapacitated (killed) you can not start yelling etc. through your mic. It is acceptable to act weak/moan etc. and roleplay in that sense, you should otherwise act unconscious.

2.2 Value of Life: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]

Players must value their life during all situations and be willing to surrender when clearly outnumbered. We do not have a strict “Fear RP” rule per se and understand in some circumstances, it is reasonable to fight back or run given the opportunity.
Roleplaying suicide is permitted however will result in a character wipe.


2.3 Terrorism/Career Criminal RP: Ban Code Reference: [Rp/Rm]
Roleplaying as terrorists and conducting widespread Hostile RP is not permitted.
If roleplaying as career criminals and conducting only hostile RP, you may be asked by staff to stop or slow down your actions. Repeated excessive hostile RP is not permitted. Civilians must not be in groups larger than 6 when conducting hostile RP.


2.4 New Life Rule: Ban Code Reference: [N]

If you die and respawn, you must forget all recent, relevant memories of the event and not return to the scene or situation where you were killed. Therefore revenge killing is not permitted.


2.5 Metagaming: Ban Code Reference: [M]

Metagaming is using information gained outside of RP/the game and using it in RP and is not permitted.


2.6 Powergaming: Ban Code Reference: [P]

Power-gaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intent to RP or allow others to RP with you to any meaningful degree, typically just playing to kill people.


2.7 Going out of RP: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]

Only OzzyGaming team members can go out of RP on the server. The use of the term “out of RP” etc. including in voice chat is not permitted in-game. This includes if you’re in a helpdesk channel or if another player has breached rules. You should continue to RP as best as you can or remain silent until a team member can deal with the situation.


3.0 Hostile Roleplay


3.1 Random Deathmatch (RDM): Ban Code Reference: [R/Rm]

You must have a reasonable role-play reason for killing another player or engaging in hostile RP. In general, you should make a clear declaration which was not followed or be fearful for your life before attempting to kill another player. Players should be willing to RP as a preference and not instantly become hostile.


          3.1.1 Additional Hostile RP rules: Ban Code Reference:

          Cool Down - A Hostile RP situation is considered in progress for 10 minutes after the last hostile action between involved parties. New declarations are not permitted in this time, but any killings must still be reasonable. Players are not permitted to enter strict safe zones during hostile RP.

          Declarations - A declaration should be provided to limit your liability when engaging in hostile RP such as robberies and kidnappings. Stating your request, a timeframe and a consequence to the victim. A declaration applies to a full group of players and can not be made via Twitter.
If you have player backup you must include that information in your declaration (without violating 2.1).

          Reactionary Hostile RP - Players can take it as an instant declaration if someone attacks, steals from you, your friend, or your property. However, players are reminded not to use excessive force. E.g. if someone kicks your car, shooting them may be deemed excessive.

          Traffic stops - Civilians cannot generally take police hostage or start hostile RP during a standard traffic stop. If you believe you are at risk of going to jail or getting large fines, you may declare and tie up/slow down police in order to aid your escape, only shooting if the police fail to comply.

3.2 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): Ban Code Reference: [V/Vm]

Using your vehicle as a weapon under reasonable grounds is permitted as per 3.1. However randomly running over players or doing so without RP grounds is not permitted.


3.3 Bank/Store Robberies: Ban Code Reference: [T]

Bank robberies must not be used to troll or distract police. Players must be organized and plan to fulfill the entire robbery. Additionally, there is a 30-minute cooldown per group between robberies. During a “Priority Cooldown”, robberies are not permitted by any group.


3.4 Hostages: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]

Players must be willing to RP with their hostage and/or negotiate with police when taking hostages. You cannot initiate hostile RP to take a police officer hostage, they can only be taken during an ongoing situation with a valid reason. Taking friends/compliant players as hostages is not permitted. You can’t ‘force’ a hostage to use an ATM or do a Bank transfer.


3.5 Strict (Green) Safezone Violation: Ban Code Reference: [Sz]

Strict safe zones (Green areas on the map) are areas which hostile RP cannot be commenced or brought into. These areas are reserved for roleplaying and should not be interfered with. Such as police stations and car dealers.


3.6 (Blue) Safezone Violation: Ban Code Reference: [Sz]

Safe zones (Blue areas on the map) are areas where hostile RP cannot be started in but may be brought in from outside. Such as hospitals, mechanics and spawn zones


3.7 Illegal locations: 

Some Illegal areas are represented by red circles on the map. These circles have no meaning and all rules still apply. Police know of and may patrol these areas.

The Military base at Fort Zancudo is a restricted area and players are not permitted to enter.


3.8 Combat Logging: Ban Code Reference: [C]

Players are not permitted to log out during a hostile or role-play situation. If you accidentally lose connection etc. it is best to contact the people involved and organize a location to meet and continue the RP.


4.0 Emergency Services


4.1 Reporting Police/EMS: Police and EMS are generally self-managed and regulated and if these players breach protocol, reports should be lodged to the relevant faction leadership team and not helpdesk.


4.2 Police/EMS must be on TeamSpeak: Ban Code Reference: [O]

While on duty as police or EMS, you must be in an appropriate TeamSpeak channel.


4.3 Use of tools/equipment is not permitted while off duty: Ban Code Reference: [E]

Factions must sign on duty when entering the server. Using/transferring any tools, weapons etc. while off duty is considered exploiting


4.4 EMS are out of Hostile RP: Ban Code Reference:

In General, EMS (Paramedics) should not be killed or engage in hostile RP as they are neutral. Hostile civilians may direct them to leave an area and stop reviving a person and only then initiate hostile RP with adequate reasoning.


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Changelog 07/04/2018



- Section 4.1 (Safe Zones)

- Section 3.2 (Declarations)


These rules are in effect as of 1:00 AM AEST 07/04/2018

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Changelog 15/04/2018



- Section 2.5 (Crashes)

- Example for section 2.3 (Cop baiting)


These rules are in effect as of 9:00 PM AEST 15/04/2018

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Changelog 16/04/2018



- Section 3.2 Foreword, and an example.

These rules are in effect as of 10:00 PM AEST 16/04/2018

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Changelog 17/04/2018



- Section 5.2 (EMS F6 Menu)


These rules are in effect as of 2:00 PM AEST 17/04/2018

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Changelog 10/06/2018



- Section 1.8 (Real World Trading)


These rules are in effect as of  5:15 PM AEST 10/06/2018

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Changelog 13/07/2018



- Section 1.6 (Job Vehicles)

- Section 2.6 (New Life Rule)

- Section 5.3 (Weapons)



These rules are in effect as of  5:30 PM AEST 13/07/2018

Edited by MrMagic

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Changelog 15/07/2018



- Section 1.6 (Job Vehicles)

- Section 3.4 (Vehicle Deathmatch)

- Section 2.1 (Criminal Activities and Hostage Situations) 


These rules are in effect as of  3:30 PM AEST 15/07/2018

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Changelog 13/09/2018


Amended wording: 

- Section 5.3 (Weapons)


These rules are in effect as of  5:00 PM AEST 13/09/2018

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Changelog 14/10/2018



- Section 2.1.1


These rules are in effect as of 5:00 AM AEST 14/10/2018

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Changelog 27/10/2018



- More examples for 2.1 (Combat) 

- More examples for 3.1 (Role-play)


These rules are in effect as of 12:00 PM AEST 27/10/2018

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Changelog 28/10/2018


 General Overhaul of the rules including a few additions/deletions/modifications.


Please re-read the whole document!


These rules are in effect as of 7:00 PM AEST 28/10/2018

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Changelog 26/01/2019


Major Overhaul of the rules.

Please re-read the whole document!


These rules are in effect as of Now

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