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  1. Well just dont spam chat with stupid shit that means nothing to anyone. Simple.
  2. Why do that in a "public forum" ?
  3. @Melbs, @Gorman& "Oh hello there" If you spam chat like that again I'll ban you for a week. The logs boys.....
  4. Unscripted RP Unscripted RP IMO is fkn awesome. A Good Officer that can sniff an RP opportunity I'll play that shit "the fk up". Thank you to the Officers addressing the "Dodgy Trucks". Get pulled up for running a light, could be the dead body in the boot. Speeding could be the body part that was severed off and in the esky that needs to be reattached not just a Pursuit. Use your imagination. This kind of RP is FKD and I'll ban you myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNl5-cCIiOg This past Weekend we have tried to spice up the COPS, TAXI, and Airlines. You get a TWT or TXT and go WTF, fkn have a go guy's. Don't get stuck in the "I'll go farm some weed to grind some cash". Take the TWT for who knows what job, take a risk, it's a game after all. I have had some exceptional RP from Taxi this weekend, who the fk would think you could have an experience being driven. Now PD...... PD..... IMO Current "Protocol" is costing the Quality of Ad-Hock RP. An example was this weekend when we had PD go over a "scripted" negotiation, and when they fucked up our hostage was not "valuable" ??? Quote "We don't care about the hostage only the money" I may have "in RP" been a little overboard with the cop (My Apology if you are reading this) but seriously, that was fkn terrible negotiation. Note I was not part of the Robbery I was on the Law Side. Also 13 cops at a robbery is horse shit in my opinion, chances of success is incredibly low once it's over the required cops. I hope the cops enjoy "nothing to do" when it stops happening. IMO - PD Management need to "distribute the resources" and I have been vocal about it. But it's up to the people to make the change. There are a lot of you Civs. In conclusion @[Ramb0]'s post here https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/5560-cops-and-the-robbery-systems-you-got/?tab=comments#comment-22194 - Civ's have the power to make a change For example - OP response on bank robbery, a Civ Boycott on said bank until PD review techniques to fix it. In saying the above - I also get the shits with CIV's using Protocol against PD How the Fk does the average civ know the protocol inside out ? You just Fk'd the situation right there, don't quote the fkn Protocol to an Officer.
  5. Welcome to Ozzygaming where the memes are recycled over and over...... And no, you need PC
  6. Cars are Balanced by the Dev Team. Your argument is invalid.
  7. They don't profit from the fines. You need to stop wining and RP your traffic stops. 300kph Hilux, that's another issue. Merry X-Mas.
  8. Holy Shit Molotov used the Forum, he had to put in a Squad Reference but hey..... Keep up the good work Guy's - Required 4x meme's
  9. 2003 G220 Fairlane Love my LWB.
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