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  1. Welcome to Ozzygaming where the memes are recycled over and over...... And no, you need PC
  2. Cars are Balanced by the Dev Team. Your argument is invalid.
  3. They don't profit from the fines. You need to stop wining and RP your traffic stops. 300kph Hilux, that's another issue. Merry X-Mas.
  4. Holy Shit Molotov used the Forum, he had to put in a Squad Reference but hey..... Keep up the good work Guy's - Required 4x meme's
  5. 2003 G220 Fairlane Love my LWB.
  6. https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forum/25-business-ownership-applications/
  7. Welcome At this point in time, no test.
  8. Newbie

    Welcome Press M in game to bring up the Tablet