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  1. Welcome back Boss! Thanks for sticking around
  2. Woah! Well thanks @AdamDaze for all your hard work too mate! Catch you around though gex
  3. Massive Congrats to @Brodie H and @gigabytes for all of their accomplishments in their time with the team! Hope to still see you around guys! gex
  4. Hey @SerenityLove! So my current jobs are 1) Car Dealer at Twilight Dealerships 2) EMS (Currently Trainee but will talk to Cam and go for Paramedic soon) 3) Miner (for when nobody is online and such) ----------------------------------------- And thanks @Brodie H @GuapMan and @Johnny
  5. HI My name is Gex I joined the server about 3 weeks ago so it's kinda late doin this but eh I am 18 and currently studying Primary Teaching at University. I live at home with three younger sisters, my parents, and my grandma. Also, I have a cute doggo hahaha I used to bounce from server to server until I found Ozzygaming. I found this server just through searching up Aussie and then Ozzy on five m to find good local servers. Haven't played on another server since. I love playing on here and love the community, and how easy it is to get along with most of the members straight off the bat Feel free to hit me up on discord (gex#1206) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/greekfreak43/) See ya in game! ~Gex~
  6. Fight Club

    Could be cool for like an underground fight club! Police shouldn't be keen on it (but of course for a small fee I'm sure they can ignore it) Love the idea, and the idea of an EMS there for the revives as well +1