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  1. Thanks guys! Glad to be back
  2. Hi there! My name is Gex and I am happy to be back in this community. I first joined the community around May 2018, and spent a lot of my time involved throughout the year. I have been on an enforced leave from the community since the start of this year, and didn't exactly leave on the best of terms with everyone. But I would like to try and rebuild any (if not all) of these relationships. I fondly remember my times on the FiveM RP Server, and am excited to rejoin a lot of my old friends. Looking forward to my return very soon. Hope to see you all around. Kindest Regards, Gex
  3. Love it! Can't wait to see what else the future holds for OzzyGaming!
  4. Too poor to have my one car so I drive my parents 2016 Kia Cerato and Grand Carnival
  5. My understanding of the game is like a smashup of a BR and Rust, if that makes sense
  6. Welcome back Boss! Thanks for sticking around
  7. Woah! Well thanks @AdamDaze for all your hard work too mate! Catch you around though gex
  8. Massive Congrats to @Brodie H and @gigabytes for all of their accomplishments in their time with the team! Hope to still see you around guys! gex
  9. Hey @SerenityLove! So my current jobs are 1) Car Dealer at Twilight Dealerships 2) EMS (Currently Trainee but will talk to Cam and go for Paramedic soon) 3) Miner (for when nobody is online and such) ----------------------------------------- And thanks @Brodie H @GuapMan and @Johnny
  10. HI My name is Gex I joined the server about 3 weeks ago so it's kinda late doin this but eh I am 18 and currently studying Primary Teaching at University. I live at home with three younger sisters, my parents, and my grandma. Also, I have a cute doggo hahaha I used to bounce from server to server until I found Ozzygaming. I found this server just through searching up Aussie and then Ozzy on five m to find good local servers. Haven't played on another server since. I love playing on here and love the community, and how easy it is to get along with most of the members straight off the bat Feel free to hit me up on discord (gex#1206) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/greekfreak43/) See ya in game! ~Gex~
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