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    Welcome to our community, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Hello everyone, If you encounter issues, please make sure to submit a bug report on the forums and we'll do our best to fix them ASAP. Added: Trucking job guide UI when selecting it at the job centre. Landscaping job UI guide when selecting it at the job centre. Treasure Hunting job guide UI when selecting it at the job centre. /treasurehuntinghelp. /landscapinghelp. /truckinghelp. Various missing icons. The ability for staff members to mute troublesome/toxic players in OOC. Pacific bank robberies now have diamond/gold bars to steal. These two items can be crafted together at the refinery to make jewelry. Jewelry can be sold to the Jewelry store for a larger profit. Modified: The treasure hunting job is now available at the job centre and now provides helpful items to easily complete the job. Trucking now conforms to the new job structure that Landscaping and Treasure Hunting provides. Players can now either work casually and retain their previous job (forfeiting the paycheck every 10 minutes trucking provides), or become a trucker full time by selecting the job at the job centre. Fixed: Various issues with scoreboard player sorting Issues with players not being frozen during some progress bar actions. Various weapons not having weapon pull animations
  4. Changed Release Date to 03/21/20
  5. Changed Release Date to 04/04/20
  6. Changed Long ID to 6
  7. Changed Long ID to 4
  8. Changed Long ID to 3
  9. Changed Long ID to 50
  10. Changed Long ID to 1
  11. Changed Long ID to 50
  12. Changed Long ID to 3
  13. Changed Long ID to 2
  14. Changed Long ID to 1
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