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    General Rules 1.0 Cop Baiting You must not continually cop bait by ramming police vehicles, driving recklessly in front of the same police officer and or officers to get a reaction and or pursuit (There are exemptions for people roleplaying the issue). 1.1 FailRP (Failure to roleplay) Failing or refusing to roleplay a situation. This includes but is not limited to, unrealistic behaviour, speaking out of character (OOC), not listening to reasonable demands, not roleplaying fear in situations where normal people would be. 1.2 OOC (Out-of-character) You must stay in character at all times. Speaking as if you're not playing a character is against the rules and is punishable (This is exempt in admin situations). 1.3 RDM (Random Deathmatch) Killing players without a valid RP/ initiation is against the rules and is punishable. 1.4 VDM (Vehicle deathmatch) Killing/running over players, on purpose, without a valid RP reason is against the rules and punishable (Jumping in front of the car is not classified as VDM). 1.5 NLR (New life rule) Upon death you may remember your friends, belongings, etc. You may not remember enemies, return to the scene of your death or return to the previous roleplay scenario until 10 minutes has passed, do anything that you would've done as if your death didn't happen. Have some common sense. 1.6 Failure to value life You must value your life and the lives of others at all times. When being held at gunpoint you may not pull out your weapon and try to fight or run away, unless a fair distance separates you. You may, however, drive away if in a vehicle. You must comply with reasonable demands (Simon says is not a valid reason to execute anyone). You may not initiate a group unrealistically larger than yours. You may not roleplay a suicidal person. 1.7 Combat logging You may not "log off" while; in a roleplay situation, awaiting death timer to end, someone is waiting to steal your stuff etc. Logging off to disrupt RP or hinder anyone is strictly forbidden. You may log off while in jail as the timer still counts down while you're gone. 1.8 Metagaming You may not utilize information that your character would have no way of knowing. This includes abusing in-game mechanics, such as the third person vehicle camera to look over walls. 1.9 Powergaming You may not state that you're doing something that the game does not allow to gain an unfair advantage. For example: "I'm knocking you out" or "I have a gun in my pocket aimed at you". 2.0 Initiation You must allow an individual at least 5 seconds when mugging/kidnapping before you may kill them, unless they start to run away or do not perform your orders within the given time. You cannot assault people without proper roleplay initiation that stems from you or your group in all situations. Initiation lasts 15 minutes before you must re-initiate. You may not power game or deem the situation as an invocation of initiation while being detained by a police officer. Roleplay Rules 2.2 Crafting Do not Public Craft. You have to go back to your home to craft. 2.3 Radio/Phone You may not with use a radio, phone, or any other kind of communication device while restrained. 2.4 In Character You may not break character, metagame, or powergame. 2.5 Harassment Sexual harassment, hate speech, and/or racist remarks of any nature will result in an immediate permanent exclusion from all of the services we provide, including but not limited to Discord, forums, and in-game. 2.6 Situations Do not attempt to remove yourself from a role-play situation by nontraditional methods. 2.7 Disrespect Do not take disrespect to the extreme. As mentioned previously in the list ruleset, a certain degree of verbal disrespect could escalate to initiation. 2.8 Language You must be able to fluently speak English 2.9 Adverts When placing an advertisement (/advert), it needs to be an actual advertisement. 3.0 Building Building structures that require you to jump and/or crouch through is not allowed. 3.1 Zip Ties You may not leave a victim in zip-ties after successfully finishing a robbery. The only exception being if law enforcement shows up during or after the robbery. 3.2 Revived If you are revived by a medic, it is up to that medic to determine if you still remember the incident. Medics are equipped with the necessary instruments to determine if you have sustained an injury to your head. If a medic hints toward the fact, "I'm not so sure you're going to remember anything", "This is some serious head trauma", "We almost lost you!", "Your head injuries were very severe.", "You had a concussion". 3.3 NLR Once you are killed you have to forget that situation and must wait 5 minutes to return. 3.4 Hostages You may request a maximum of $10,000 per single hostage but it comes down to the police forces decision on the amount to be paid for the hostage/hostages.You may not take your friends as hostage You may not rob people for their clothing, this includes and not limited to (Hats, backpacks, glasses...etc). 3.5 Mugging The maximum you can mug for is $5000. 3.6 Memory If you are downed to an unconscious state you may lose all memories from the last 10 minutes depending on what the paramedic’s decision comes down to. 3.7 Staff Situations The staff team has discretion over warns and bans issues during all situations. 3.8 Cop Baiting You may not cop bait etc ramming police cars repeatedly speeding past officers to get there attention. 3.9 NPCS You are not allowed to enact crime within the sight of an NPC. The NPC is to be considered an " eye witness". Illegal sales NPC's are excluded from this rule. 4.0 Police Processing Processing begins once the rights have been read. Ends once in jail. 4.1 Initiation You Must have a Roleplay Reason to Initiate on Players 4.2 Pursuit If you are being chased by police and police lights and siren are on for longer than 5 seconds you are now initiated with the police.
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    Yes it is a good idea, but we already have a suggestion
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    Changelog 28/09/2019 Massive overhaul of the rules Please re-read the whole document! These rules are in effect as of - Immediately
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