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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Added: Brand new drug system. There are now three types of drugs, all three types have several steps of collection rather than simply just one. The idea is to mix all of the drug components together in the processing areas. Each step will give you "favour" with the drug type you are collecting/processing. Information Dealer All drug locations are no longer marked on the map. However, there is an information dealer that will be marked on the map at certain times during the night. Favour System For every action, you will receive favour in that particular drug type. However, it will decrease your favour in other drug types. With more favour, there is less chance of alerting Police, less chance of failing in collection/processing, and a higher chance of creating a high yield batch). Collection There is a chance that you will fail in the collection, which will result in you receiving a damaged version of the item that is unusable. There is a chance that Police will be alerted to the general area where you are collecting. Processing There is a chance that you will fail in processing which will result in you creating a low yield batch of drugs. There is a chance that you will create a 'miraculous' batch which will result in the creation of a high yield batch There is a chance that Police will be alerted to the general area where you are processing Vangelico robbery has been overhauled and now requires you to smash cases in order to receive items. The type of weapon used to smash the cases matters. Melee and small firearms do not do well. However, larger rifles do a better job of getting through the case. (Higher risk, higher reward.) Players can sell their goods at lesters factory (near the mission row PD). Store Robberies have been overhauled. They now slightly more reflect the vanilla GTA 5 store robberies. Simply pull a gun on the clerk. They will put their hands up, and the longer you pull the gun on them, the more money you will gradually get. Brand new nightclub has been added. Sunshine autos now have a new building in Paleto Bay. The following building locations have new door locks: SCC/FIB Building Vanilla Unicorn Fishers Autos Jail system has been replaced as there were issues with the previous one. Rather than being stuck in a jail cell, prisoners will now be able to roam the yards. Additionally, players now have the option to pay bail (500K flat rate across all charges). Police Officers now have access to binoculars (press Y). EMS personnel now have access to a CPR revive. EMS personnel now have access to "/refreshpatient" this should reveal hidden players. Pillbox interior has been added for testing purposes. EMS Personnel may use this interior. However, they do not have any on duty points in that building. Seat belt. Players now have the option to press "B" to toggle their seat belt, failure to do this can result in being launched out of the vehicle in collisions. New police command "/policeproximity" This will alert any nearby civilians within 350M of the source player with their desired message. New police command "showBadge" this will display the Police Officers name and rank. Extended Mission Row interior. NPC's for Vanilla Unicorn. Measures to alleviate voice spam on server join. Whistle hotkey, hold "H". Lottery CO is now located in the Life Invader building. Voice area is now represented with a visual outline. Modified: The loading screen has been updated Death messages have been fixed, and now display a distance variable. /me now utilises a different style. Police vehicle colour point now does not require officers to have money on them. The Wallet script has been re-written more efficiently and now has been re-added. Business owners should use /sf to get their business account information. Fuel system. Vehicle HUD. Food and Water HUD. Various features of the chat. Relaxed some vehicle inventory restrictions. SSA circles have been fixed. Hotkey for police cuffing is now "shift + g". This is to avoid the classic running cuffing.
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    Don't make a big scene out of nothing, Its your own fault.
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    Changelog 13/06/2018 Modified: - Section 2.1.1 (Bannable examples) - Section 3.3 (Robberies) - Section 3.4 (Hostages) These rules are in effect as of 7:25PM AEST 13/06/2019
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    Tell me that don't look like a couple of Ghost Busters...
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    Look at this cute lil thing
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    Server Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/23-ozzygaming-fivem-rules/ Quick Guide: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/4231-ozzygaming-fivem-quick-start-guide/ Community Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/1141-ozzygaming-community-rules/
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    Server Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/23-ozzygaming-fivem-rules/ Quick Guide: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/4231-ozzygaming-fivem-quick-start-guide/ Community Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/1141-ozzygaming-community-rules/
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    Howdy pardner
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    Welcome back, play nice. Quick Start Guide: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/4231-ozzygaming-fivem-quick-start-guide/ FiveM Server Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/23-ozzygaming-fivem-rules/ Community Rules: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/1141-ozzygaming-community-rules/
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    Gday there My name is johnno but i run a the name call john Holden how to properly meet every body as im a nice guy anyway the way you myte see me on tthe game is im a SOLO GANG guy and i drive a blue and black voodoo muscle car it is the one from benny garage and has all the up grades on it any way dude be afraid to say hi when im about anyway see ya on fivem
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    Grimm Stand up to your little brother don't let him push you around and talk to you like that
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    @J-Dub +1 Thanks for making a graphic! With the removal of cocaine armor, 5 crims vs 6 - 8 cops sounds like it would be pretty even.
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    If there's 16 police - then that's plenty of resources to handle 2 robberies. If you can do a robbery with 6 cops online, then why not 2 robberies with 16? If 16 police can only handle 1 robbery at a time, then that's an issue with their organisation. Even if there's only 1 robbery happening, police still shouldn't send all their resources there. It's overkill and IMO the resources could be better utilized by spreading them out. If police relaxed their use of advantages, then crims would be more inclined to try a get-away and not shoot it out.
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    16 Cops showed up the Union depository robbery last night. 3-4 Robbers, Guess how many cops were left? not 16. 7 Cops were left (1 SRT member left), 2 robbers were left. Sometimes having the numbers over the robberies is helpful due to cops are trigger happy and want to get "that shot" for bragging rights. ---- Negotiations, some people are good at it, Some aren't. The only way to get better is to do it or listen in. ----- 60% Would RP a pullover, etc. 40% wouldn't they will end up in pursuit, suicide, gunfight or a friend will just alarm a bank to get the cops away. "I hope the cops enjoy "nothing to do" when it stops happening." With your quote. We've always said that From Arma 3 days to FiveM, Civilians will always do something hostile towards the cops. Hopefully does but wait and see. ----- Overall, this is not a strict RP server. I wish it was, would see a lot better RP situations. All comes down to the community if they want a better experience on the server.
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    so say there 17 cops so there can be like 1 big bank and 2 store or 1 bank & so on you get my drift insted of 17 cops at 1 store job/bank job and so on
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    top right, I'd let you explore the area so that you can find out where everything else is.
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    Wait two hours, take a nap, do the dishes, go for a run, get a drink, do your homework, walk the dog, feed the hamsters. There are plenty of things to do while in the queue. Or just join another server. You'd be surprise how fast it fills up.
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    Like higher pop servers? If people joined low pop then it wouldn't be low pop for long... Mates are on it? Get more friends. Solved.
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    Howdy pardner
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    Police helicopters provide a game breaking advantage to police, if a suspect is fleeing, the helicopter is able to see players through buildings and underground tunnels some of these surfaces being over 6m thick. The police helicopters infrared camera feature was designed to spot the suspect using infrared rays to find a heat signature but this feature better simulates the use of x-ray more than infrared. I along with many others strongly believe that the infrared camera feature on the police helicopter should be nerfed, removed or used only outside the city because it isn"t balanced or realistic and simulates x-ray better than infrared.
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    Howdy pardner... I don't know anything about Pikachus or kitties that say hello...
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    Lack of genuine Roleplay killed the server for me. You can't interact with anyone on the server without some XXX Tentacion wannabe pulling a gun and putting on a very poorly done African-American accent while trying to rob you because, "Yeah, my nigga, dis a strap, gimme yo stacks.". I only had a handful of quality interactions but most of the time it devolves into a firefight or you get blatantly RDM'd. Metagaming is a huge issue too, I defended myself against someone and then via OOC he started spamming, "I was killed by a guy wearing ____, in a ____ car!", it's just stupid. And for some reason voice chat doesn't always work either, I haven't found another server that has that issue but it's ducking annoying.
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    Hi! Unfortunately that's how GTA have built the vehicle, our only option would be to remove the feature completely. I will raise this with our Management team to discuss further.
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    I heard they're now gonna be sold for 11mil
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    "#JJWestForPoliceCommissioner!" "Together we all can make both the Police Force and the Community batter place." : )
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    Greetings Everyone! My name is James West (JJFromTheWest), More commonly known as “Detective Mr West”. This post by myself is a more indepth message then the one publicly provided above to self promote myself. “#JJWestForPoliceCommissioner!” I have been apart of the OzzyGaming Community now for around 4 years, since the Arma 3 days. During this I have been a Police Officer for around 4 years. I have mostly spent my thousands of hours both ‘ingame’, talking with people to improve the PD and doing administrative work and just thinking of ideas for policing for around 4 years now. With all of these experiences I have gained here within the OzzyGaming Community and during that time over 2 years were spent working in the Police Administration and at one stage as the Police Commissioner. I have learnt and noticed a lot of things over the years that could be further improved on within the Police Force and the Community. And I would like to with all of my dedication here in the Community and as a Police Officer to further improve the Police Department. Now moving on, with all of these experiences and things that I have learnt plus with everyone else's inputs, I would like to do many things If I was voted In as the Police Commissioner. As the Police Commissioner I would work very closely like I have been for a long time now with the our Police Officers, the Public and the Community Management. Everyone will be able to put in their own thoughts and ideas for the Police Force and they will be looked into. We are all like one big team and we are all leaders in our own ways. Some of these changes that I along with the help of my fellow Police Cabinet & Administration members, and the whole Police Force and the Community would be to further improve the Police Force’s structure especially for our Police Cabinet, Police Administration, Departments, Trainings, reports & punishments and Police rank promotions & adding more roles and positions with meaning and responsibilities for Officers. Additionally, for the Police Force I will make sure to further look into adding more vehicles for the Departments and updating things like uniforms and whatever else the PD needs. In summary, the main plan is for the Police Force is to make it so that it can function better and to do this I would try and make it so that everything is more structured. Furthermore, I plan on definitely improving our general Professionalism, Procedures & Performance, and our Public Relations and interactions with our Officers, EMS, Citizens, Businesses and the Community as a whole! Welcoming any Questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me either on Discord, TeamSpeak or in the Island. Let’s all work together and further make the Police Force and the Community greater for everyone. Both for our Emergency Services, and our Citizens. “Together we can all make the Community a better place..” All support and votes are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading. If you like what you are hearing, please spread the word. Regards, Police Detective Mr West.
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    im leaving this island for good for many reasons that im not discussing
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