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    Whitelisted Businesses Businesses are management approved whitelisted player-owned businesses. In order to be considered as a business owner, you must complete a business application. Applicants must be active, dedicated to our server, have an above standard level of roleplay, and have the ability to lead. Businesses are vital to the success of our server. Thus, as a business owner, you are considered a community leader, and are held to a higher standard under our rules. This should not be taken lightly, as many people will look to you when seeking progression. Rules Last Updated: 17/10/2019 (Breaching any of these may result in a strike or your removal as a business owner.) Business owners are required to pay a $50,000 business bond when signing their contract. Business contracts will be up for renewal every two months. Businesses are non-transferable. Business owners, and employees must use their provided TeamSpeak 3 channels when working. Business owners must actively monitor the business whitelisting application Discord channel to hire community members. As of 01/10/2019, business whitelisting applications on the forums are redundant. Business Discord servers must be owned by OzzyGaming. New businesses will be provided with a base Discord server in advance and given full access to modify it. If a new owner is taking over an existing business, they will be provided with the existing server. Business owners and their management must uphold the values of our server. Moreover, they acknowledge that they are community leaders and will be held to a higher standard than regular community members. Business owners must not bring the community into disrepute. Hiring friends is fine. However, this must be balanced with hiring new players. Business owners must remain active to maintain their business. This does not mean playing every day. However, extended absence of more than a week will likely result in their forfeiture of the business. Business owners must inform management if they wish to go on leave for an extended period of time. However, they must make arrangements to pay their employees. Moreover, they must have assigned a 2IC to act in their absence. Going on leave must not be for an arbitrary reason, if a business owner is burnt out, it is time to pass on the torch to another community member. It is fine for businesses to engage in hostile roleplay occasionally. However, they must not primarily revolve around this type of roleplay. Business owners are free to engage in illegal/dodgy business. However, there must be a legal legitimate business front. Business managers (not owners) may not hold a high-ranking position in another business or community. However, they may hold an administrative position in Police/EMS (they may not be a part of either Cabinet). Business owners may not hold a high-ranking position in another business or community. Mechanic and Car dealership owners must ensure that their employees are completing the invoice forms provided by Management. Business owners will be subjected to a $200,000 fine if the Criminal Investigation Division can prove that their business is conducting illegal activities. Business owners will have 2 weeks to pay this fine, or they forfeit their business. Business owners must conduct their affairs in-game when appropriate. For example, all money laundering activity/correspondence should be conducted in-game rather than TS3/Discord.
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    Pre messy mind the bullets and chocolate lmao
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    hmmm looks cute might have to tranquilize later...
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    Welcome to the community, can you leave now please?
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    Aw shit I forgot I was subscribed to this thread, still not complaining.
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    I will redo the room then show more The white Computer is Foxfyre Pc on the right: ✰ CPU: Intel Core i9 9900k ✰ GPU: 1x GeForce 1080Ti XTREME WATERFORCE ✰ MOBO: MSI MEG Z390 ACE ATX ✰ RAM: G.Skill 16GB RGB 3600MHz ✰ SSD: Samsung 960 EVO Series 500GB ✰ HDD: WD Black 3.5" 6TB ✰ Case: Thermaltake Core X5 PC on the left ✰ CPU: Intel Core i9 7960X ✰ GPU: 2x GeForce 1080Ti XTREME WATERFORCE ✰ MOBO: Aorus Gaming 9 X299 ✰ RAM: G.Skill 32GB RGB 3600MHz ✰ SSD: Samsung 960 EVO Series 500GB ✰ HDD: WD Black 3.5" 6TB ✰ Case: Thermaltake Core X5 ✰ Elgato: Game Capture HD60 Pro Peripherals: ✰ Mouse: ASUS ROG Spatha Wireles ✰ Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow Gen 2 ✰ Headset: Astro A50 ✰ DAC/AMP Mixer: Behringer Xenyx Q1002 ✰ Mic: Node NT 1 on a Node Arm ✰ Display: 1x AOC AGON AG251FZ 244hz ✰ Display Cont: 2x Benq 75hz 24" ✰ Camera 1: Logitech C922 ✰ Camera 2: Logitech Brio 4K UHD Webcam ✰ Chair: BattleBull Commander Gaming Black/Orange/White
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    Hey guys, my name is Silverback, I'm new to the community.
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    FiveM Rules These rules are under constant revision and can be changed at any time. However, the community will be notified when any changes occur. Last Updated: 28/09/2019 (Breaking any of these can lead to a warning or ban) Most Important Rule: Use common sense! 1.0: Toxic behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the community. Issues must be appropriately addressed through the available support systems. If you have any significant issues, you may meet with management to discuss them. 1.1: You must stay in character at all times. If you are the recipient of sub-par roleplay, you must finish the roleplay scenario without breaking character. The matter can be reported after the fact through the available support systems. 1.2: You must follow any instructions given by a staff member without argument or delay. 1.3: While on duty as police or EMS, you must be in the appropriate TeamSpeak channel. 1.4: Metagaming is forbidden. Metagaming is using information gained out of roleplay and using it in roleplay. Examples: Using information gained from a friend in Discord who is not directly involved in your roleplay to gain an advantage. Toggling player ID’s in-game to ascertain whether someone is an undercover police officer. Using a Twitch stream to find the streamer in-game. Calling for backup while being held at gunpoint without transmitting through in-game voice. Gathering information from your alternate characters. 1.5: Powergaming is forbidden. This is when you force your roleplaying narrative on a situation to gain the outcome you desire without giving the other party an opportunity to influence it. E.g. not allowing other players to roleplay with you in a meaningful way, typically to always win scenarios. Examples: Roleplaying that you have received fatal injuries, when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with emergency services - or vice-versa. Respawning when you have been advised that emergency services are en route. Not sufficiently fearing for your life when threatened with weapons. Rejoining a gunfight or situation after a debilitating injury. Making arrangements with your group in roleplay while incapacitated. Destroying items/assets while being held at gunpoint so that your captors do not make financial gain. Sealing a building with a vehicle to prevent the entrance/exit of other players. Roleplaying that you have superpowers. 1.6: Random deathmatch (RDM) is forbidden. A random deathmatch is the intentional attempted/successful incapacitation of a person without any roleplay prior. Additionally, using your vehicle to hit other players randomly also counts as RDM. To legitimately engage in hostile roleplay, you must convey an explicit declaration. 1.7: New life rule: If you are incapacitated and respawn, you forget all recent events that lead to your incapacitation. 1.8: Fail roleplay is forbidden. Examples: Pulling out a two-handed weapon without being close to your vehicle or container. Bags and bikes cannot contain two-handed weapons. Not driving realistically. This includes driving a regular/sports car offroad or, using small stunt jumps at high speed, or using large/high stunt jumps in general. Not roleplaying damage taken from moderate/serious crashes and continuing as if nothing happened. Abusing the automatic unrestrain feature. This feature is designed to mitigate players being left stranded in the middle of nowhere. If you are still in roleplay, you must act restrained. There is no way to slip handcuffs. Using voice chat If you have been incapacitated. You cannot start talking or yelling through your microphone. It is acceptable to act weak/moan and roleplay in that sense, you should otherwise act unconscious. Failing to stick to your in-game persona. Example: while roleplaying as an old person, you wouldn’t be able to run very quickly or fight as effectively as a younger character. Not using job vehicles for their intended purpose (using them in robberies, or other hostile roleplay). Intentionally logging out of the game while in roleplay (this includes hostile roleplay). 1.9: Exploiting in-game mechanics/cheating is forbidden. Additionally, not reporting an exploit could result in punishment. Examples: Transferring assets between characters. This counts even if a middleman is used. Using a job menu action in an inappropriate roleplay scenario. Example: mechanics repairing a vehicle while in a pursuit. Using/transferring equipment from a job while not on duty. The use of character functions within the game to your advantage in an unintended way e.g. jumping while running to not lose stamina. Using any third party program to gain an advantage. This includes trainers. However, it excludes visual/sound mods (crosshair overlays or anything similar are not permitted.) Circumventing the AFK kicker. 1.10: Trolling is forbidden. Examples: Repeatedly trying to get the attention of police in order to force pursuits in a manner which is unrealistic. Spamming music or voice in-game to annoy or distract other players. Interrupting roleplay. If a group of players are roleplaying, do not inject yourself into the situation and in an attempt to ruin their ongoing roleplay. Using vehicles such as trophy trucks, monster trucks, haulers, or similar vehicles in police pursuits. 1.11: A declaration must be conveyed before engaging in hostile roleplay. When declaring, you must clearly state what you want the target player to do. Example: “Hands up!”. This must be done in voice. You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the target player to respond (around 5 seconds should be sufficient). If the target player is in a group the declaration applies to the whole group. Examples of hostile roleplay: Kidnapping Murder Robbing players 1.12: A hostile roleplay scenario is considered “in progress” for 10 minutes after the last hostile action between the involved parties. During this time, new declarations to extend the situation are not permitted. 1.13: Stealing from a player/group is considered a declaration for the victim to retaliate but not for the aggressor. However, reasonable force must be used and must be tailored to the situation. Example: killing someone for kicking your car is not reasonable. 1.14: You may tie up/slow down a police officer to aid in your escape. You may not kill a police officer simply because they are actively pursuing you. 1.15: Bank/Store/Union depository robberies must not be conducted for the sake of killing police officers. Both the police force and the robbers must be willing to negotiate for a peaceful resolution and make a fair attempt to establish contact, e.g. not hiding deep within a building, or waiting 10 seconds before fleeing a scene. Bank robbers must convey any demands through in-game voice. 1.16: Safe zones are designed to offer players an area where they can drop their guard and play without fear of hostile roleplay. These zones are represented on the map with large blue/green circles. Green safe zone (strict safe zone) rules: You may not enter a green zone when engaged in hostile roleplay. You may not start hostile roleplay in a green zone. Blue safe zone rules: You may not start hostile roleplay in a blue zone. You may bring hostile roleplay into a blue zone - however, players already in the zone may not be forcefully included and should do their best to stay out of the situation. 1.17: Hostage-taking is permitted. However, players who wish to take a hostage must actively roleplay with the hostage (otherwise the entire roleplay scenario becomes boring for the hostage). When taking a hostage you must: Only do so for a rational reason and ongoing efforts to allow the hostage to enjoy the roleplay too must be made - Do not maliciously ruin a hostage’s experience or waste their time (they are players who want to have fun too). Use in-game voice communications - not TeamSpeak, Discord etc. Not force a hostage to withdraw money from their bank, or anything from their apartments or business funds. Their items on their person/vehicle are the only items available. Not take your friend as a hostage (fake hostage). FiveM Guidelines (Continued disregarding of these can lead to a warning or ban) 2.1: A microphone is required to play on the server. If you cannot speak, roleplay is severely limited. 2.2: You may not enter the Fort Zancudo Military Base or the Aircraft Carrier (additionally, using military assets from these locations is a bannable offence). 2.3: You should not use /ooc to complain about unruly players or roleplay. Once the scenario is complete use one of the support systems available. 2.4: Characters are not merely an avatar for you to roam around the OzzyGaming FiveM world. Thought must be put into the creation of your character. Some useful things to think about: The personality of your character, this is an integral part of character creation and will set the tone of your character! The strengths and weaknesses of your character, it is generally good roleplay to have a mixture of both of these. These traits should be relatively consistent over the life of your character, traits can be changed based on your experiences in-game, which may directly grow/evolve your character. Your character cannot be involved with every available aspect/role on the server. You have three character slots, so you should pick wisely! E.g. off duty police officers who conduct criminal activity may be punished by the police force - they remain an officer even when off duty. Once your character's storyline or ambitions have come to an end, it might be time to consider a new character, remember that money isn’t everything, we’re here for the roleplay. Interaction with other players should be well thought out. You should endeavour to provide each other with an immersive experience that is enjoyable for all parties. 2.5: Interaction with police: Police should behave in a professional manner towards other characters as a requirement of being an officer. In return, you should treat officers in a reasonable manner unless given reason not to. Remember that police officers have a duty to enforce the law. It is appropriate to act in accordance with the persona of your character. However, going beyond that and abusing police officers is not permitted. Winning isn’t everything, remember, police officers have a difficult role - you should not be making this arbitrarily more difficult for them because you are bored. Once you have been arrested and have been taken to a police facility, your roleplay transitions from hostile roleplay to an investigative type of roleplay. During this time, your friends may not come to the police facility to try and break you out. It is not acceptable to launch a tactical assault on a police facility to prevent a friend from being fined or sent to jail. Occasionally ‘losing’ is part of the roleplay experience, you should not expect to always avoid fines, jail time or repercussions from your criminal activities. 2.6: Interaction with EMS: When incapacitated and EMS arrive you should roleplay to the best of your ability, providing as much information concerning your injuries as possible. Downplaying or exaggerating is sub-standard roleplay. EMS should roleplay with professionalism, and civilians should actively engage with them in a meaningful manner. EMS is considered a friendly faction that will treat anyone regardless of affiliation. It is frowned upon to kill EMS. 2.7: Interaction with everyone: You should treat other players with respect. As mentioned above, you can roleplay in accordance with the persona of your character. However, excessive abuse or actions with malicious intent will not be tolerated. Killing another player should be used as a last resort when all other roleplay avenues have been exhausted. You should be mindful of the notoriety and reputational damage that killing another player causes for your character. 2.8: Crime is a large part of the server. However, career criminals are not permitted. Career criminals are characters that continually rob banks/stores and hold up other players. Your character should engage in a wide range of roleplay. Things to remember when being a criminal: The police force has a Criminal Investigations Division! This means that the police force will actively be on the lookout for organised crime and crime in general. They have access to tools that will aid them in finding criminals. When playing as a criminal, you should try to ease into the criminal world and not instantly becoming a self-proclaimed drug lord or similar. Meet people, make connections, learn how the current criminal world works before making big moves. Even hardcore criminals avoid interacting with police. You should be mindful of the attention that you gain from the police. If you’ve robbed a store/bank or committed a serious crime, it might be a good idea to lay low for a while. Repeated criminal activity will likely end up in longer jail sentences/higher fines and is generally frowned upon by the community. With the existence of organisations, conflicts are a given. Disputes over trades or territory may drive these conflicts. Both conflict and cooperation lead to great roleplay. Organisations must find a happy balance between the two. Large alliances stagnate the criminal world, conflict must happen. 2.9: You are required to pay any legitimate invoices as soon as practicable. Attempting to scam businesses by failing to pay an invoice is not permitted. If you accumulate more debt than you can pay, you will be issued a warning to cease all criminal roleplay and work towards paying your debts. Contact a staff member if you wish to dispute an invoice on your account. 2.10: If you have made little or no effort to pay outstanding invoices and continue to amass further debt, you will be entered into a bankruptcy ruling. This will include a full character wipe and a minimum 3-day ban. 2.11: Negotiations during robberies are to provide an option to de-escalate hostile roleplay scenarios through the use of compromise. During negotiations, both parties must: Assign a negotiator that will correspond with their counterpart, this must be done in person, face to face. If either negotiator’s game crashes, a replacement must be appointed. Honour any arrangements made in negotiations. During negotiations, civilians must: Declare any external members. However, these members must have been present when the robbery was initiated. Not lie about having a hostage when attempting to negotiate. Additionally, the hostages cannot be friends (fake hostages). Be willing to come to a compromise. Roleplay is a two-way street, and it is expected that both sides know that they should not expect to get everything they want. Not harm negotiators under any circumstances. Provide proof of life of any hostages when requested. Some examples of possible bargaining ideas for hostages (not exhaustive): Ask the police to stage at a distance not exceeding 500 m of the store/bank. Ask the police to ground POLAIR for the duration of the occupation of a store/bank and subsequent pursuit. Ask the police to refrain from placing spike strips within a distance not exceeding 500 m of the store/bank. During negotiations, police must: Maintain negotiations unless one of the following conditions is reached. If this occurs, the police must issue a 5 minute warning to the criminals to reach an agreement. During this time the police must actively negotiate. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the police may call off negotiations (police are to value the life of the hostages above their willingness to kill the criminals). When negotiations have been ongoing for greater than 10 minutes or; If negotiations are deadlocked with the opposing party unwilling to compromise. Offer incentives set out in protocol to persuade criminals to give up their hostages. If they are spotted harming the hostages, then police may reduce their exchange offer by 50%. Not disable any vehicles or place spike strips adjacent to a vehicle within 50 m vicinity of any bank. Maintain a visual on the front of the bank/store. However, they must give the criminals some breathing room. Request proof of life for any hostages. Police may be granted temporary entrance into wherever the hostages are being kept. Dispense with negotiations if any hostages are incapacitated. 2.12: Community leaders consist of people who are business owners, organisation leaders or high ranking police officers/EMS personnel. These people should be a leading source of quality story lines and consistently strong roleplayers. Thus, will be held to a higher standard under our rules and guidelines. If you wish to become a community leader, you should consistently create roleplay scenarios of a high standard for yourself and others. 2.13: Recording your surroundings is acceptable (bodycam, etc). However, you must be in direct proximity to the source of audio you are trying to record (no recording audio/video through walls).
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    Might be a bit late but thought I would share mine
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