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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache before joining or you may experience some issues! How to clear your cache: Onesync: Disclaimer: Before anything, yes there will be bugs... Please report them in the usual section. Onesync as a framework has come a long way in the last few months, to the point where we are going to be actively testing our server build to support the framework. There will, however, be a few underlying issues from the Onesync framework itself, such as random mass kicking of players, texture issues, and potentially still some voice issues. Our development team have been working quite hard to optimize our resources in an effort to have a somewhat smooth transition to the Onesync framework (minus those few issues mentioned above). EUP: (Enhanced Police Uniforms) This is a very early version of this script, and many changes will be following. If you are having issues with the clothing looking a bit weird, chances are you simply need to clear your cache. Added: EUP Support. Logging for noobs abusing /ad. Logging for noobs abusing /me. Coloured weapon wheel Modified: Death cause has been updated to support a 3d representation of where someone is damaged. Vehicle inventory has many more checks in place to prevent duping and potentially issues with items disappearing. Vehicle inventories will now only work on vehicles that are owned by players (to try mitigate items disappearing). Rental properties will now be removed from players who cannot afford them rather than putting people in negative cash. Scoreboard will now fit on the screen when there are more than 32 players on the server. Priority cool-down chat notifications now conform to the new chat system. Mathematical giveaway script now conforms to the new chat system. Reverted the F1 phone to a more optimized version. Door lock script has been optimized and has support for other Police stations in the region. Text size has been increased. Nerfed Wine. Fixed: Issue with the garage not repairing your vehicle despite having 1K on you. Potentially fixed memory leak with esx_skin always showing as a resource time warning. Optimized: Basically every resource we have.
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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Please Note: These patch notes will include hotfixes from version 3.3.0. Added: Brand new ATM UI. Transfer funds to another player is now available through the ATM. Teleporters to the Aircraft carrier for people who load vehicles slowly and get teleported back. This is logged, so do not abuse it or you will be held accountable. Subscriber priority in the queue. A few new business owner logs. Support through fivem.ozzy.life for subscribers to change their in-game vehicle plates. Modified: Taxi job is now an un-whitelisted job. Highway vehicles re-enabled. Fixed: Deleting characters (killing off character). Various issues with character switching. Issue with apartments not being able to be sold/rentals removed. Optimized: Various back-end resources. Removed: Gruppe 6.
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    Gruppe 6 employees can now go for the taxi job.
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    he maybe talking about the one where the inventory deletes itself
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    Congratulations winners (y)
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    G'day everyone. The development team would like to touch basis concerning the current state of the server and where we want to be in the very near future. We are very thankful to those of you who have been accommodating of our testing. One sync (32+ slots) The One sync framework has come a long way over the past couple of months to the point where we have been able to optimize our scripts and identify the incompatibility of certain things when moving to the new framework. There will be the odd network hiccup here and there, this is merely the nature FiveM’s early access for One Sync. Scripts At this stage, we have been delighted to see that all of our scripts can handle the server strain from 32+ players and it seems like our hard work in this department really has paid off. Server strain aside, we are aware that we do have bugs that need to be addressed that are not related to the change to 32+ slots, and they will be in due time. There is, however, one last issue in direct relation to the shift to a 32+ slot server that we need to diagnose and overcome, that issue is texture loss. Vehicles FiveM has indicated to server creators (this is in my own words) that due to the nature of One sync, server developers will need to make sure that the vehicles/custom mapping placed on their servers are optimized and aren't using too many client resources. Unfortunately, a lot of the requested vehicles that have been placed on the server are terribly unoptimized and hog a lot of client resources At this stage, we are looking at disabling some of those vehicles to see if they make any notable difference to the texture loss. Our long term goal here is to optimize every addon vehicle we have. YMAPS (Custom Mapping) Concerning YMAPS (custom mapping), we are already in the process of disabling most of this to see if it makes a notable difference to the resource usage, these will be restored at some point as long as they are not hogging too many client resources. We will be working very hard to reduce the strain some of these vehicles and map objects are having on our server so that 64 slots is genuinely playable. Common Development questions (Not related to One sync) Where is the phone script, bring it back: The current phone script merely is here as a placeholder as we have suspicions that this is one of the leading causes of server lag. Once we analyze this script further and disprove this notion, it will be added back on the next server update. We are aware that some messages are in Frogolian, please bear with us concerning this. We know a lot of you are missing the call functions and money transfers that were available on the old phone. We are too! So we’re working on resolving this as best we can. Where is the wallet script, bring it back: This script has been proven to be a leading cause of our server lag due to the inherent nature of what it does. We will be working at rewriting this script to improve the performance significantly and adding it back in the near future. Where is the finger point script, bring it back: Most of you already may have noticed, but this is back in the game as we speak. Where is the cross arms script, bring it back: The cross arms script has an issue where it is easy to hide a gun behind the animation which does not seem fair in our opinion, we will be adding some additional checks to this animation, once that is complete, it will be re-added. Management and the Development team appreciate the patience a lot of you have displayed, and hopefully, this can clear up some of the misconceptions and questions some of you may have. Cheers. If you have any further relevant questions, please post them below, and the development team will do their best to answer.
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    Dayummm straight... https://plays.tv/s/M9algMHV8hC-
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    RNGesus gave me a 0 last time when I needed a 100
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    Mechanic's son: Holden's are cheaper to fix, take longer to fix. But Falcons have a thing of if it ain't broke don't fix it. 4.0l 6-cyl Falcon much better
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    I own a Holden but I'd call myself a Ford man over the 2
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    This will only replace/redownload any 'GTA 5 Modified/Corrupt Files', if you have installed mods that do not 'replace/modify' any of the default GTA 5 files i.e Scripts/Add-ons, then you will need to manually delete those
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    Best way to make money if you don't want to do anything Illegal is apply for a job at either a car dealer or a mechanic. I have tried both jobs and both include great money, at this current time, car dealers are more demanding so you are more likely to get more sales from car dealing if that interests you. Best of luck with it all!
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    Yo Yo Yo, Names Ralph
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    Awesome update, love the new Bank UI, also can't wait to do some Indian Taxi Driving again
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    Sorry if this has been asked of late, But I was wondering if Ozzy will be implementing a serious RP whitelisted server so we can have a serious and rule abiding server. As after 40-50 hrs in the RDMimg and no effort at all put in to the roleplay by some gets a bit much. Still loving the server, but was very curious.
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    New guy spying on the altis life dudes
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    brah sound effect
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    Results have been drawn for April 1st place: @DoPLer 2nd Place: @Isa_Fisher 3rd Place: @Mike "Milko" Lowe 1st place was re-drawn 3 times as the first 2 people had insufficient post count on the website and the third person had a recent ban. Please DM to claim your rewards.
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    AMG fully upgraded goes for about 220 km/h M2 goes up to 380 I believe when fully upgraded. There's 4WD (can't remember vehicle name) that goes up to 400 km/h doesn't have a speed limit I don't think.
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    You can apply for Police here: https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forms/3-fivem-police-whitelisting-application/ Unfortunately, EMS applications are currently closed for an indefinite period.
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    This should be fixed on the next server restart.
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    Man loved the bf games too, put some mad hours into bf3 bf4 love those games !
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    All of those games were better than Source so thats understandable The best thing CSGO ever did was introduce 5v5 ranked matchmaking. Without it, the game would have still be around but would never have come so far.
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    Howdy Cass, welcome back.
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    Howdy there, Milko (y)
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    I was introduced to CS probably 10 or 11 years ago now
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    Yeah Nah i want Sergeant donut back please
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    #BRING BACK RALPH we miss him
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    The best shooter in town don't need no RNG!
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    Never been religious, but ill be praying to RNJesus now
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    HOW TO CLEAR FIVEM CACHE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_63Xrrsdgg&t=4s https://youtu.be/OUDqH2v5tJI
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    yer the money system should be fixed for the pays you get more from just being on the job sometimes then you do from actually working
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    You reckon FPV but then I see a banner photo of a BMW My brain is confused my g
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    never in my life had I won a giveaway. Think this is the time. GL to everyone else as well
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    #LStheWorld even the Coyote needs 4 cams and a shit ton of valves to keep up. Falcons do look nice tho.
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    I drive a holden, but I'd much rather be driving a ford.
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    Hey Guys! About to start playing GTA RP, and was wondering if there are any addons or trainers I need/should install to make the experience better? Thanks.
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    Mostly every whitelisted job but police and ems, Youll get a payout from your boss from the company funds at the end of the week. Apply to work at a business - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forum/57-business-whitelisted-applications/ To become a whitelisted Cop - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forms/3-fivem-police-whitelisting-application/ To become a whitelisted EMS - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forms/4-fivem-ems-whitelisting-application/
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    I'm not apart of a company, but from my understanding is that there will generally be a pay day. So over the week the business will calculate your commission and pay you on said day. So as a mechanic you will record all your sales in a database and via that, your salary will be calculated.
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    Best way to make money legally is to either run your own or become an employee of a business. Ie - car dealer or mechanical shop.
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    Hi all, as the post suggests I'm new here. Not exactly new to roleplaying due to dabbling in a little of DnD and a little of Arma 3 'milsim' but never done gta stuff before. Nice to meet you all
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    Just wanted to say hi
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    We added the lighting proportion of it, but not the texture/rendering overhaul.
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