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    G'day OzzyGamers. Our FiveM server has gained considerable popularity and we have noticed that some of our regular players have been asked about a whitelisted server, I am creating this thread to gauge the interest. This is by no means a sure thing, however, if we have enough interested people, then we will definitely consider it. Some things to consider: We would need 64 registered whitelisted players before we considered launching the server. Players must have been on the server for at least a week before applying for the whitelisted server. You will need to come up with an in-game persona before applying for the server. This information will be required in the whitelisting process. The server would be strict RP, everyone would be expected to perform at the top of their game, any bullshit/trolling will result in you being immediately blacklisted, honest mistakes will be dealt with less harshly and will act on a sort of 3 strike system for similar rule-break occurrences. Admin support will primarily be diverted to the main server as people who are whitelisted will be expected to be well versed in the rules/keep out of trouble.
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    After an ironically simple fix to the Squad server and maxing out the 80 slots tonight for several hours. I'd like to thank some select people who keep coming back to help me seed the server each evening instead of going to the already full or near-full servers. In no particular order: @Boss @Caldweld @Infinity @John Smith @The Silverback @Justin @N. Fox I appreciate the help and I think the games have been pretty epic. Anyone interested in joining us is more than welcome too, Squad is free this weekend and 40% off during the Steam Summer Sale which lasts until early July - So it is less than $20 AUD which is a steal for how good it is. Cheers, Molotov
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    G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Animation menu hotkey (Set to F3 right now, but likely to be rebound in the future as this may conflict with controllers). - Gruppe6 Ped. - Gas pump at Mission Row for Police to use before they start patrolling. - Showroom for Twilight Dealership. - Various cosmetic changes for Twilight Dealership. Modified: - Job payouts (first round of balancing). - More interfaces moved to the bottom right. - Police vehicles will now spawn clean. - More disabled controls while restrained. Fixed: - Garage duplication exploit. - Job swapping not setting you to off duty. - Weapons being removed when you log off. - Performance issues with various scripts. - Many other exploits. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag. - Various sounds that were bugging out and playing globally.
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    I saw this in discord, I'm going to +1 this now. Hopefully, it's not a piece of ass sniffing trash hey @Boss. @Hella Flush - Yesterday at 13:08 ^^ https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-drivebylimit/114853 FiveM [Release] DriveByLimit DriveByLimit Another RP resource 🙈 The following resource is just a little script, that makes you unable to shoot when you are over the limit of 30 km/h. You can change it to mph in the files if you want to. Yeah and that's all. That would stop people driving at like 200 and shooting back at cops
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    Greetings old friends, My name is Justin, not the one you first think of, there is another that sometimes had last names and was in police cabinet in Altis, I am that other one, you may not remember me as I tended to be quiet in the comms and was most active late at night due to work, I think I shall change my name to avoid confusion. I used to play on the Altis life server predominately as cop and I hope to join to do the same with you again, my old comrades. I look forward to hearing back from you all and seeing you in game. 😊 Regards, Justin
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    Name: Mick Rampy Positions: Head Tattooist/Owner (Mick Rampy) Senior Tattooist/Manager (Aussie Ozbourne) Senior Tattooist (Position Vacant) Tattooist (Position Vacant) Trainee Tattooist x2 (Position Vacant) Proposal: We just want to paint people in a clean friendly environment Roles available by level of experience and expected wages: Trainee Tattooist - $800 + 11% Tattooist - $1500 + 18% Senior Tattooist - $1800 + 24% Senior Tattooist/Manager - $2000 + 32% Head Tattooist/Owner - $2200 + 35% * Owner or Manger will calculate commissions and promotions based on recommendations (paid weekly) location: It is proposed that Blazing Tattoo's will be located at Vinewood Boulevard, Downtown Vinewood
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    YES OR NO?? http://pollmaker.vote/p/L504WS5F https://store.steampowered.com/app/517630/Just_Cause_4/
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    Secret Service 1.0 Purposes Protection Missions: Protective missions can be requested by any sort of high value targets such as Business leaders, Police Department Heads, Event Leaders and gods if necessary. The secret service will carry out any protection contracts with weapons, bullet resistant vehicles and highly trained agents. During the contracts the secret service can partner with law enforcement if situations begin to turn into something more than we can handle this is so we can provide the highest quality protection for our customers. Investigation Missions: Investigation mission can be initiated by medium to high ranking agents in the secret service, we can collaborate with the police detective unit in order to assist them in providing intelligence to make investigations easier. We range from investigating fraud to counterterrorism and drug trafficking. 2.0 Rank System 2.1 Junior Agent Junior Agent is a trial rank for current secret service to evaluate the junior agent’s performance to decide whether he/she joins or gets removed. 2.2 Agent This is the starting rank, it will be used to let new agents get use to the working environment of the secret service. Once the agent has proved he/she can carry out secret service missions they will be promoted to the next rank. 2.3 Senior Agent Senior agent is seen as a commanding rank, he/she should be able to start and carry out mission with no troubles. 2.4 Head Agent - Silverback Head Agent is apart of the command in the secret service, they will assist the director in any decisions she makes. They will also be a rank that lower agents can report any issues they have had to. 2.5 Director – Delacey Director is the highest rank in the secret service, they will have the final decision in any situation. They will overlook the secret service and make any changes if necessary. 3.0 Base The secret service will occupy the Whitehouse building north of los Santos, this will be our headquarters and the place we will begin our missions. The mod we will use to occupy this place is https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/the-white-house-menyoo-custom-props.
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    Hello everyone. We are finally implementing a community-wide donation goal which will offer primarily, in its initial phase, rewards for the FiveM game server so that we can finally thank you for your donations! We previously believed we were not able to offer rewards in FiveM but with new information, this is no longer the case. We will stop accepting donations as soon as we reach our goal each month, which we will outline at the end of this post. At this time, donations are processed manually, so when you make a donation, please contact someone from the donations team and specify the package you wish to receive. We will be offering monthly subscriber packages as the majority of our donation rewards. The reason for this is that at the end of the day we need to pay for our hosting and licenses each month, which means offering one time rewards won't be as sustainable for us to cover the expenses we have. All of the rewards we will be offering will be listed in the sheet below. We will update this with all of the new features we wish to add in the coming months. We will try not to remove any features from this list, but if we do, we won’t remove the perks until the end of the subscriber period. The Vehicle Packs listed are available to view in the showroom of all vehicle stores. As well as the subscriber packages, we will also be offering several one-time rewards that will be listed in the sheet below. This will typically be used for specific features that would benefit from per payment system, such as custom license plates. Below is the outline of our monthly hosting & license expenses. Server #2 is a new addition to the family which, as listed, will be used for our Arma servers as well as some new things in development. Maybe Ark..? Thank you for taking the time to read this. The staff team are more than open to hearing new suggestions for donator rewards. Again, myself and the rest of the OzzyGaming staff team would like to thank you for making donations. At the end of the day, that and volunteers is what keeps our services running. Please note that some of the features listed are not yet implemented in-game, however, an update will be released in the next 24 hours to add all items listed. Regards, The OzzyGaming Management Team FAQ Q) How do the vehicle packs actually work? A) The vehicle packs give you access to purchase exclusive vehicles from the dealers, for a relatively low price in comparison to other supercars (around $700,00 from dealers). Getting access to one of the packs does not add the vehicle to your garage, you will still need to purchase the listed vehicles. When the subscription expires, you lose access to purchase the vehicles, but any vehicles already purchased will stay in your garage. You will need to show your ID to the dealer when you wish to purchase a vehicle. Your ID contains your VIP level, for example, "VIP Level Platinum".
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    This sounds like a splendid Idea.
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    Hell Riders MC would like to take ownership of Vanilla Unicorn because we believe that this place needs attention, it needs regular events, a fun time for the locals and a club that can turn this business into a profitable successful company. We will ensure that what we plan to do with V.U will be successful and will bring this glorious name back to life. I could carry on about this and that when it comes to this proposal but I think what I have said speaks for itself. Cheers
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    Hiya!! I'm new to Ozzygaming. I've heard good things about it here and know a few people that are here already. Some have been here longer than others and some are just now coming in. But I am excited to see just how everything here works and just getting to know all the new faces!! Most of the old faces are cool too. J/K I love ALL the faces! A little bit about me those that don't know me may not know: 1. I highly enjoy top notch roleplay. 2. I'm a skydiver, yes, the profile pic.. I'm on the right. (I'm not afraid of taking a risk) 3. Yes! I'm a REAL girl. - Serenity Love
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    +1 like the idea. I'm interested to see how it will be implemented
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    Good morning all, To those who are perhaps new to the server and have no idea who I am: I am an ex-OG Management, Head developer and shit-talker from a while ago who has been brought aboard to expedite the deployment of further gaming servers and options for the enjoyment and growth of the lovely community here. I know, sounds exciting right? I am in the middle of reviewing our services and what we offer to our beloved gamers. To those of you that know me - long time no see and to those who don't... well, you will likely get to know me soon enough. As part of all this I would like to gauge interest in some of the upcoming servers that progress has been made on and I'd like to get a feel for the level of commitment (Please see the vote below) - This is not saying that any of the projects are cancelled or even suspended but rather getting an idea what I am going to try and push through first. A single new gaming server to play is much better than ten that sit forever in development. While I am happy for you to post other servers or games you would like to see OG launch, at this stage only those currently in development or which have had an underwelming release are being focused on. Poll will close midnight Sunday. Regards, Molotov.
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    How we will work: We will take an entry fee of $20,000 with making a total of $240,000 with 12 racers (Not Including any Bet’s Made) leaving 50% ($120,000 going of 12 racers) of the money to go the winner at the end of the Final. Each Event will have 12 racers or more. For an example 4 will race at a time with the last 2 leaving the game and the 2 winners going forward and this will repeat until we have only 6 winners. The 6 winners will move forward 2 will go at a time and the 3 winners move forward to the next race. The 3 winners will move forward and all 3 will race to give a 1st 2nd 3rd. The winner will receive the winning title and $120,000. (Or more depending on the number of racers and bets made.) Rules: All of our events will be green zones so strictly no weapons allowed. Must Be on time or you will be disqualified and will not be refunded or your entry fee and lose any champion points won during the event Each Race is 3 Laps Each Driver gets a practices lap No intentional ramming during races All events will always be in RP so all players are expected to be in character at all times. Follow Circuit Marshals Commands And instructions to have a good fair race. If you fail to follow the Marshals Commands, you will be disqualified from the race and removed from the race site. No backchatting the Marshals or telling them they're wrong. The Circuit Marshals word is final. No Running around on the track all racers cars will be treated by our pit crew before and after each race Betting Rules and Instructions: Employees of JCS Racing will set up all bets by invoicing and then writing down the Steam name, Amount, Phone Number and Racer all on a recorded spreadsheet. If the racer you bet on wins then an Employee will phone you to meet them and claim your winnings. All winning bets will be times by 2-3 depending on the event. All bets made are not refundable. The betting system is very simple you either win or lose. Location of Races and Timetable: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LnF5aEWdQ4r3ex8_pazRlZq3oarynkZER9agQ9AqeDw/edit?usp=sharing Vinewood Racetrack
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    Hey @SerenityLove! So my current jobs are 1) Car Dealer at Twilight Dealerships 2) EMS (Currently Trainee but will talk to Cam and go for Paramedic soon) 3) Miner (for when nobody is online and such) ----------------------------------------- And thanks @Brodie H @GuapMan and @Johnny
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    Haven’t seen him on in weeks, it’s a shame seeing the place just sit there
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    Hello! My name is lostmax13 (Or, if you want to call me by my real name, it's Ashley (or Ash) either one is fine) - I am an 18 year old male who is living in Queensland, Australia. I am making this post for people to get to know me and how my brain works, as I am a bit different to all of the other officers (I think? lmao) - Firstly, how did I get into the RP servers like this one? Well...I might not be the only one, but Jeff Favignano's videos. First was the LSPDFR videos, then I ended up getting into his online ones he did. I wanted to get onto the servers for so long, and then I found out that FiveM was a free server application that anyone can download. So, I did. And boy am I glad I did, too! Only sad thing, is that the DoJRP server that Jeff and the other people he does videos with is a whitelisted server. So, now I just got to wait and see if applications for it come out any time soon. Okay, so moving on from how I got into the servers. More about me. Firstly, I am a perfectionist. I worry that I will not do something perfect all of the time. Hence why my Tafe work sometimes takes a few hours when I started. I worried it was not going to be perfect. I am like this in game. As I learn, if I make a mistake I will worry that I might get in trouble (Yeah, I am ab it paranoid as well. Not too much, but you know..sometimes it's good to be worried but sometimes it isn't. Ofc if something happens and I need to take action I will do it and just wait to see if anything bad happens. Luckily, nothing bad has happened yet) Another thing that people might need to know with me as an individual and with interacting with me, is that I have Autism. Now that does not mean I will be bad at my police work or anything like that. It just means I might think differently and that sometimes I might do something a bit more out there (Not too out there, ofc. Following within' rules.) Also, with my Autism, I dislike tones in voices. Makes me feel someone is mad or upset with me. Does not mean you cannot be upfront about how you feel with me though. So don't think that >.< - But ofc if it is for in character performance then I guess I'll be fine with it. Not sure. But please do not let these traits of mine get you thinking I am not perfect for a job. I just am different and I wanted people to be aware of my differences ^-^ Alright, if I continued then this would go on for ages. So I shall conclude this introduction here. Excited to meet people out there on patrol and on the streets! ~lostmax13
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    While I appreciate the thoughts, this is primarily a read of interest. OzzyGaming is trying to move into a multi-server space where the community is never dependent on one game/server to maintain itself. This vision is shared by the senior team and we will be moving down this path (with or without Altis Life). This poll is not a promise of servers, nor is it the only servers we are considering but Exile and Altis life have a functional codebase at the moment and so would be the fastest to kickstart. Altis Life would face many hurdles, the biggest is bringing the server culture in line with OzzyGaming's new culture. Finding the right people to run the right things will be a challenge but we will develop plans if that is the direction we will take. We have a lot of options available to us but I will stress that if there is any sign that Altis Life will be a detriment to OzzyGaming or will not join the vision for Ozzy like FiveM has - Then it will be binned. We will not run this server on the power of nostalgia alone. We will be working very hard to avoid 'Old school Ozzy - rebirth' and that will mean some decisions that especially veterans may not like much - but that is how life goes (Like the pun?). Anyway, after the poll closes the senior team will discuss the outcomes and direction. We will then provide information about our plans. Poll closes at midnight if you are in the best country (New Zealand)... the rest of you will have it converted into local time if your profile is set up correctly. Molotov.
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    About Us: Finklebottom Towing is a fairly new company only having a few years in the towing business. The company was originally founded by my Father 3 years ago. We've always been a small company consisting of my Father, my brother Randy and myself but unfortunately my Father passed of a heart attack earlier this year and it was really hard on my brother and myself. Randy found his peace in becoming a police officer in this fine city and I was lost with nothing to do. I wandered around town aimlessly searching for a job but with no luck, until one day I noticed several abandoned vehicles that had just been left on the street. Obviously working with my Father I learnt a lot and I feel that I am to the point of where I can be the guy to clean up these streets of the metal just rusting. I was able to convince my friend to join me in attempt to revive my Fathers company again. Specializations: Finklebottom Towing specializes in professional towing no matter the weather or time of day. Some of our capabilities include: Towing abandoned vehicles for impounds Vehicle crushing on request from police Special vehicle deliveries Roadside assistance/towing to a mechanic shop P.S. I do have a few other ideas for the impound lot to be player ran but it's understandable if that is not a possibility. If you would like to know more my discord is FixedSkittlez#0336 and I'm usually always on TS3 Locations: A few locations were scouted by myself but only one really stood out to me. First one is located just by the main PD Vehicles: My father left me a tow truck which I have since added a paint job to and I believe it will be sufficient unless I take on more staff. Current Staff List: Owner: Rundy Finklebottom Employees: Justin Sider I hope this application for revival of my Fathers business is looked at and I hope to hear back from the goverment regarding this soon. Yours Truly Rundy Finklebottom
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    “King's Luxury Boats & Choppers” Boat and Chopper Dealership Ranks; Dealership Boss Floor Manager Expert Salesman Salesman Trainee Salesman Current Employees & Roles Boss Dad King (Dad) Expert Salesman Doldey King (Doldey Deagle) Expert Salesman Tyrone Tupiluto (LQQKN4U) Salesman Croc Dundee (M. Jiare) Our Story: The King Family owns a massive luxury boat and helicopter business, recently our father passed away so the eldest son of the family was appointed owner of the business. We have traveled to Los Santos to open a new Luxury Boats and Helicopters shop. We are requesting permission from the Mayor of Los Santos to begin building our new boating and helicopter shop at (Message me on ts). Our Luxury Boats & Choppers Shop would like to open its presence to the citizens of Los Santos and have this luxury business in the Glorious Los Santos City. We Offer the best of the best quality Boats and Helicopters you can buy and we will provide the best possible service to potential boat and helicopter buyers with reasonable prices. We have our own boating club that does boat races for certain prizes. Our club offers a lot of great moments to have with other members of the club. We do a lot of different boat races and we also do boat and helicopter auctions. Boats---- Plus all the other boats from GTA https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/drivable-yacht-iv-addon https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/sea-ray-650-fly-add-on https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rapid-boat-add-on-replace https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/go-fast-boat-add-on-replace Heli's ---- Plus all the other Helicopters from GTA https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ec-135-gendamerie-template https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mh-65c-dolphin-add-on-multi-livery https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/usmc-mv-22b-8-liveries-w-illuminated-rotors https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bell407 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/sparrow-add-on
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    With the bar Tequi-la-la the current state is not one that can be used. For an amazing rock bar as it is, they don't sell any booze. We plan to take over the bar and make it a amazing hang out spot for all who like rock music and good booze. The team that will run this bar will be. Owner: Mitty McTitty [Mitty] Bar Manager: Max Jacob Doge [Sir Doge] Head of security: Bradley White [White] Bouncers: Nigel Smith & Bobby Knuckles [Nigel & Bobby Knuckles] Regards, Mitty McTitty.
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    Application For Road Transport Authority How we will work: A Customer will be able to come into the RTA and purchase a customised number plate off us, they will have a wide range of custom plates to choose from and they will be able to choose the plates content. e.g ABC 123 Inappropriate Plates: Plate content may be considered unsuitable if it contains inflammatory or defamatory references in any language which could be considered by a reasonable person to be inappropriate for display. Custom Plate Cost: Pricing of custom plates would either be 10% of the market value of the vehicle or dependant on how many characters the plate has. e.g R34 is 100k or 1 is 500k Our Mission: We want to offer our customers the chance to have their own unique custom number plates on their vehicle for an extra touch of personalisation. Plate Example Location The RTA would be located at the Los Santos Customs shop Road Transport Authority Ranks: Executive - Harley West Manager - Leo Rooter Staff
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    On behalf of the server team, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU. Over the last few days, we have hit our monthly donation goal of $731! This comes amongst our release of a new donation rewards system, mainly surrounding our FiveM servers. It was great to see so much support from the community in such a short period of time. FiveM EULA policy states that servers are allowed to accept donations and offer incentives in order to cover server costs. However, there is a strict policy that communities are not to make a profit from FiveM in any way. We are not here to be greedy capitalists and as such, we are now required to stop accepting donations for June. Donations and rewards will be available again from 01 July 2018. We have received valuable feedback over the past week regarding our donation rewards system and will endeavour to update this going forward. First and foremost, running a gaming community is not cheap and we do need donations to stay afloat. However, we are all gamers and understand the frustration of potentially pay-2-win monetisation models. Our recent subscription and reward perks were released fairly quickly and it may be necessary to review and change some values going forward. It's a constant battle of rewards needing to be a good incentive and rewards being too overpowered. We will continue to find a balance and are happy to hear suggestions as to what you guys want. With approximately 30 subscriptions, almost all platinum over the past week, we have really seen the popularity of this service. Thank you to all those generous players who have become subscribers this month! The executive team will be reviewing and releasing an updated donation policy and rewards system for July over the coming weeks. If you have any constructive ideas, feel free to reply here or contact one of us directly in Discord. Thanks again! - Zaydan Community Manager
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    Great idea. To add more interest to this it might be an idea for garages be placed very close, in fact, most have an underground car park area where people can pull out their cars. I own a property and never go there really because I cant log out there and then get back to my place of business without stealing a car or I just going back to the central garage to log out. There needs to be more of a reason to buy a property over just a place to store your stuff.
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    G'day OzzyGamers. First and foremost, I would like to welcome @gigabytes to the development team, he has done a tremendous job so far and has brought many ideas to us already. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Cuff hotkey + sound when you get cuffed/uncuffed (Shift + E to cuff/uncuff). - If your job is not set to Police, then you will automatically be kicked out of the driver seat of any Police vehicles. - If your job is not set to Ambulance, then you will automatically be kicked out of the driver seat of any Ambulance vehicles. - Twilight Dealership building. - AFK kicker, you will be kicked if you idle for longer than 15 minutes. - Team map markers for Police and Ambulance jobs, the two jobs can now see each other on the map. - LC100 Land Cruiser. - Nissan Patrol Nismo. - Caprice. - VF SS. - HSV Maloo. - Monaro. - VF GTS. Modified: - UI style. - UI position. - Manual bleed out time to 7 minutes. - Jail script will now send you to Bolingbroke Penitentiary and will release you outside once you have served your sentence. - Anti combat logging for Jail, if you log out during your sentence, you will be put straight back. - Phone - you can now call anyone on your contact list, you can also walk around whilst on your phone. - Police can now revive only if there is no ambulance staff on they will also not be rewarded for reviving. - Revive animation now has a revive sound included. - NPC Police vehicles/Peds will no longer spawn. - The police uniform is now much higher quality, and Policemen are now not bald :P. - Vanilla Unicorn now has more dancers that spawn naturally inside + a bit of mapwork for the exterior of the building. - The police station has had a bit of a make-over. - Ambulance interior portal only allows ambulance staff to enter, however, civilians can still exit. - Southside Mechanics has been renamed to JCS Performance and moved to Beeker's shop. - Police/Ambulance/Sokudo/JCS performance jobs now will set you to "off duty" when you log in, to go "on duty" you must get into your workwear, to go "off duty" you must get back into your civilian wear. Fixed: - Various exploits with apartments. - Various exploits with boss vaults. - Many other exploits. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag. Notes: This is a very extensive update, you will likely run into some unforeseen bugs, so please be patient and report the bugs, if you don't we will not be able to fix them.
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    Who wants Holden's Ewwww
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    Hi crew. Just a suggestion. I'm seeing a lot of mechanics rocking up to jobs in backpacks and thongs, and magically impounding vehicles. I'm getting reports of mechanics doing ride-alongs (or working two jobs) and simply constantly repairing mates cars when ultra-speed hoon sessions go wrong, or jumping out and fixing their own totalled cars, and continuing on. May I make a suggestion. As per other servers, and other jobs on this server, forbid mechanics from performing any duties unless in uniform, and with a flatbed. I'm also seeing mechanics refuse police impounds if they know the owner, etc etc. In general I feel the mechanic RP is not being taken at all seriously and "shatters the illusion" that every other role works hard to provide. I cannot see why mechanics get free reign where Police/Ambo/Pilots do not, or indeed face firing/suspension for doing so, and I feel it's causing a lot of RP/gameplay/trolling issues. Regards.
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    @The Silverback i can assure you, myself and the community mean this as nothing more than constructive criticism, you have my full support
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    the best Iphone is a Samsung
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    Join the #NotchArmy my brother. It's the way of the future. (Or wait ~5 more months for the "iPhone X2")
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    Certainly have, looking forward to get back into it, has been a while, I'm sure there is a lot of new things to learn.
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    Finally something for stopping the ass-pull. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/weapons-on-back
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    Nice. I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm ready to buy a car Or I've fallen and can't get up
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    Welcome mate! Glad to hear you're finding it easy to get along with our friendly community.
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    Would expect nothing else. Molly
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    @Boss Both myself and @johnny are happy to merge our businesses together if this makes the process of deciding easier.
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    Steam Name: camknust Job: EMS Rank: Chief Doctor Issue: 'A' on the controller opens up the phone What to be changed: Remove this keybinding. I know this is a very low priority bug so dont stress about rushing this fix
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    I appreciate the positive message. Hopefully this goes through so we can extend our RP.
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    iPhones are the best phones on the market. There is no point getting anything else tbh.
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    No, once the goal is reached no, we will automatically stop accepting donations, meaning you would physically not be able to make the donation once the goal is met.
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    This is gonna be good. VERY good. Devil Z is hungry...
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    Welcome to our server! There are many things you will need to know before you become a productive and immersed member of our FiveM server. Once you log on for the first time you will initially have one character. This will be your main character, be mindful though, you will not be able to change the name of your character unless you apply to have it changed. This is because we want you to progress your character whilst you spend more time on our server. Eventually, you may apply for a secondary Police/EMS character. When you log on for the first time you will be prompted to make a character, think this through thoroughly as you will be stuck with the name and details of your character, remember, this is a role-play server, you must not break character at any point, and you must role-play all scenarios sufficiently. If you expect to be a productive member of the FiveM community, then you must read the rules and understand them, you can view them here. As stated above, you will have the capability to initially have one character. We understand that everyone wants to role-play as a rebel/gangster that does not have any regard for Police or any other Civilians. We ask you to leave that attitude at the door before you immerse yourself in our FiveM community. Part of being a good role-player is losing, you cannot constantly win and expect other people to have fun. Every illegal action that you take place in can be recorded by the Police if you are caught, so you need to be very cautious when engaging in these activities. Killing should be a last resort, there is significant weight behind death, if any player is found dead by Police, a thorough investigation can be conducted that may lead back to the killer. Additionally, Any murder that does not have a good RP backstory behind it will be dealt with harshly. There are so many opportunities out there for your character, you can own your own business, be a part of a current established business, and so much more. Once you have been on the server for a while, you may apply for a secondary character that can either be in the Los Santos Police Department, or the Los Santos Emergency Services Department. These characters are completely separate from your main characters, therefore you must name them differently, and have a different look. If you are off duty, you must switch to your main character and dispose of your inventory. Gear swapping between the two characters is strictly forbidden. Each department offers progression, and have their own set of rules that you will gain access to once you apply for the role. You must follow all of those rules, or you risk being kicked out of the department. As these roles hold quite a lot of authority, you must keep your role-play on point, in a sense, you are the face of the server when you are in these roles role-playing with new community members. If you do not think your role-play will be sufficient for the role, then you may want to consider improving before you apply. Can I run from the Police every chance I can get? Ideally, you should not be running from the Police unless you have a very good reason. Evasion of Police should be a very rare occurrence. If you continuously run from the Police, it indicates to us that you do not intend to role-play. I would like to role-play with the Police, how can I do this? You will find that the Police is a very large part of our server. You will find them primarily in the city, and on Highways, please do not bait the Police, as this is very daunting and boring for them, this is also against our server rules. You can also contact the Police and arrange a role-play scenario if you wish. I would like to kill someone, how can I do this legitimately? There is no "legitimate" way to kill someone on the server. Your role-play scenario should ideally never turn hostile. If you have arranged a scenario that involves the death of a character, that is fine, however, there must be significant role-play for this to occur. We understand this is GTA5, however, this is a role-playing server. I would like to apply for the Los Santos Police Department/Los Santos Emergency Services Department, where can I do this? Navigate to the toolbar at the top of the page and click on "Forms", click "FiveM", and then select one of the two options, alternatively, you may visit this link and find the application you are looking for. I would like to view the rules in order to become a productive member of the FiveM community, where can I view them? You may view the rules here, or you may view them on Discord. All rule updates are logged in the comment section of the forum thread and subsequently announced on Discord. I am interested in the development of the FiveM server, Is there a development team, if so, where can I find changelogs? Yes, we have a very dedicated development team, we do not have have a deadline for when an update is due, however, this is generally quite frequent. You can find all past and future changelogs here. We are all here to have fun, we are willing to accept reasonable forms of role-playing on our server, however, you must understand that role-play runs both ways, this means that you should ideally be losing 50% of the time in order to keep the balance. If you want to role-play as a rebel/gangster that only aspires to conduct hostile role-play or constantly rob/bother players then this may not be the place for you. When you are playing on our server we expect that you develop your character, and work on your role-playing skills, we are not a strict role-play server, however, we expect that you meet a reasonable standard in order for everyone to have fun.
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    APPLICATION FOR THE STAR CASINO: The Star, owned and operated by Los Santos Lottery Co. Is the largest Casino in Los Santos. The Star features the finest, secure and legal gambling games in the country, such as the ⚽Powerball⚽ & 🎲Odds & Evens🎲 Each game designed to attract the citizens of any socio economic background and provide the utmost joyful experience. Combined with prominent local businesses such as Gruppe6 Security and Bahama Mama’s and many more, you can ensure your experience hosted by The Star will be exceptional. As VIP club member you will receive invites to our exquisite VIP events which will be hidden across Los Santos. VIP events require your sharpest attire, generally a black tie event. As a VIP expect to see your own personal driver and guard to pick you up and deliver you in style to the VIP event while maintaining a safe and secure presence around you. VIP Membership Fee: $200,000 Current VIP Members: Brodie H Bendacat How Our Games Work: *Information given below is set up as an example* Providing the new feature /roll goes ahead the games will work as follows: (/roll will give nearby players a random number between 1 and 100) ⚽Powerball⚽ The Powerball Lottery will be sold with 10 tickets with only 1 winner. Each ticket holder will receive 10 numbers. The Lottery draw time will be set and drawn with police presence, all results will be shared publicly. *EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE* Ticket price: 13k Jackpot: 100k Lottery Co earnings: 30k. Numbers: Ticket holder: 1-10 Bob 11-20 Jane Doe 21-30 Ringo 31-40 Ryan 41-50 Lilly 51-60 Harrison 61-70 Trump 71-80 Kim Jong-Un 81-90 Mary 91-100 Bazel Lottery Company types /roll - Server randomly generates a number which is 37 - Ryan wins. *EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE* 🎲Odds & Evens🎲 Odds & Evens is a game of chance and luck. The Casino will ask for all players to place their bets either on an odd or even. The minimum and maximum bet will be up to the dealer of the table. Once all bets are placed the Casino will /roll the dice. If the number lands on your choice of an odd or even you will receive double your bet minus a 20% rake of the Casino. If the number lands on 71 or higher the house takes all. *EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE* First Game: Bob bets 5k on Odds Trump bets 5k on Evens Kim Jong-un 5k on Odds Casino types /roll - Server randomly generates a number which is 60 Even wins. Trump gets paid back 7.5k Second Game: Bob bets 5k on Odds Trump bets 5k on Evens Kim Jong-un 5k on Odds Casino types /roll - Server randomly generates a number which is 74 House takes all. *EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE**EXAMPLE* Current Permits & Business Agreements: Police Department: Permit has been approved by the police commissioner for the following: Licensed to host a maximum of 15 patrons at any one venue (this number does not include employees) $10,000 permit fee for every patron Security detail must be fully licensed at a cost of $5,000 Only legal firearms/weapons to be used at any venue hosted by The Star Permit fee: $150,000 Payable to: Commissioner Brodie H Payment Status: NOT PAID Signed: Raymond Reddington Signed: Gruppe6 Security: Business Agreement for the following: All security personnel to be dressed appropriately All security personnel to be fully licensed in accordance with the police permit All security personnel to be armed with the following: torch, nightstick, pistol All security personnel agree to the best of their ability not to harm any patron or employee when removing said person(s) from The Star. Security fee for $40,000 per event Security fee to be re-evaluated after 1 week of operations Security fee: $40,000 Payable to: Scott West Signed: Raymond Reddington Signed: ____________ Bahama Mama’s: Business Agreement for the following: Venue to be used to host events operated by The Star Venue fee for $35,000 per event Venue fee to be re-evaluated after 1 week of operations Venue employee’s to provide legal services to guest of The Star Legal services include: Providing beverages, entertainment Venue fee: $35,000 Payable to: SINS Signed: Raymond Reddington Signed: ____________ Bartoss Mechanics: Business Agreement for the following: Company vehicles to be upgraded and enhanced by Bartoss Mechanics Company vehicle: Felon Vehicles to be road tested to ensure they meet safety standards Agreed price: $25,000 Modification Fee: $20,000 Payable to: Dimitri Signed: Raymond Reddington Signed: ____________ Airline: Business Agreement for the following: Company to provide safe and secure transportation for patrons and employees of The Star Pilot must be fully trained and licensed in accordance with the Los Santos Aviation Act. Pilot must be licensed with Co-pilot or above Transportation vehicle: Jet and/or Helicopter Agreed price: $20,000 Transportation fee: $20,000 Payable to: Captain Gwido Bawsaq Signed: Raymond Reddington Signed: The Star Employees Owners: MrMagic (Raymond Reddington) Managing Director: Slyfah (Bobby Ray) Head Of Security Baz (Frank Johnson) Dealers: HyperUp (Hyper Johnston) Imwattys Request: Business Account Business property (Photos Below) Business Vehicles: 2014 Range Rover Vogue https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-range-rover-vouge-sc-3-0-v6-replace 2018 MB-Maybach S650 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-mb-maybach-s650
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