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OzzyGaming Altis Life has been released! Jump on and try it out! Police & EMS are recruiting - Police Whitelisting ApplicationsEMS Whitelisting Applications. Please make sure you are up to date with the Server Rules.


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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Since the last update, the development team *cough* Caldweld *cough* have been focusing more on performance based improvements, rather than adding additional features more than anything. We have managed to to improve numerous scripts that were otherwise very performance intensive. This means that some of you may notice a slight increase of frames. We have also been implemented "silent" updates that have not been listed in any website patch notes, so those will be included here too. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Added: Various new CID tools (cannot go into specifics as this would spoil some surprises ;)). New courthouse mapping. Notepad type /notes (you can drop notes for other players). New inventory system (also for vehicles). Added Discord Rich Prescence. Optional way for Police to log their impounds in-game rather than Discord. Simply type /if to bring up the interface, once submitted, it will post to the impound channel for you. Various mapping additions, I will leave this all to you to discover. Modified: A notable update to markers (circles). These will now take a little longer to detect your presence once you get close (usually around 3 seconds). Some Police vehicles are now back for testing. Death-tax has been reduced. Early respawn bug has been fixed. Garage will now notify you of the correct prices (not pre wipe prices). Big admin tools/report system update, this should streamline things a lot more now. Fixed issue with people who are not EMS not being kicked out of EMS vehicles. Added the missing vehicles to the Police version of the above ^^. Jail has been modified with some improvements (It should no longer be an asshole and keep jailing you for longer). Diving suits, and light diving suits now look much better. Invoices are now character specific (soft wiped existing invoices). Police CAD invoices are also now character specific. Revamp of major banks (excluding Union Depository). They now require various items to rob, the location of these items can be acquired from your resident bank robber, Snipes Murphy. Various loading screen changes have been implemented. Fixed issue with the inventory being accessible whilst dead. EMS now have access to a CPR animation that does not revive people (used for other role-play avenues). /announce fixed (lol). Various bank robbery payout changes. Voice circle has been disabled as it seems to be quite performance intensive. Issue with zip ties spamming has been fixed. Removed fog from the weather cycle as it has been reported that this is an FPS killer. Fixed issue where people could access the ATM inside of a vehicle. Some of the more ugly chat notifications now conform to the new style. MANY performance improvements. And much more that I have inevitably forgotten about. However, I will add them here if I remember......................................
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    Hello Everyone, As many of you may already know, we are in the process of bringing an ArmA 3 Altis Life server online. Before we can officially launch the server, we require some basic administration for the server. Currently, we are looking for keen individuals to help us run the following factions: Police EMS (Medics) If you are interested in any of these positions, please message either @Ryan King or myself, and we will set up a time for a brief interview. We will stop accepting EOI's for these roles at the end of today. We have already released general whitelisting applications for the Altis Police Department and Altis EMS Department, so if you wish to get ahead, you may submit them now. Police Whitelisting Application EMS Whitelisting Application We have also made provisions to allow veteran members to return at a higher rank, rather than starting from scratch, if this applies to you, please fill out the bottom section of the application.
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    Police Let me starting by saying the Police are L.E.O.s - Law Enforcement Officers. The "E" does not stand for education. By all means, an officer will endeavour to best explain each offence laid against you and how exactly it violates the law. Do not misinterpret or mistake their job. They are not responsible for your knowledge of the law. Just because you did not know that your vehicle needs a minimum 100mm clearance from the ground, or that the rear window requires a visible light transmittance of no less than 20% provided there are 2 affixed side mirrors, or that neon lighting under your car is illegal, does not mean you will not be ticketed for it. Quite bluntly, some of you need to come back down to Earth and realise that you do not need to "win" in every situation. Accept your $250 speeding ticket rather than shooting the officer dead where he stands. Stop calling cops corrupt. Unless you have sound knowledge of New South Wales' laws (which let us face it, you probably do not), then do not sit there whinging and complaining for five minutes calling all cops corrupt because they are enforcing the 40km/h speed limit when passing stationary emergency vehicles. You would be surprised how many self-proclaimed lawyers are out there who think shooting someone dead for stealing your car from across the road is "self defense." Spoiler alert: It is not; that is called murder. The more compliant you are and the better your RP attitude, the more allowance the officer will give you. The difference can really be night and day. If you get pulled over in a stolen car, the onus is on you to provide something better than "it's a rental." You would be surprised just how nice cops can be if you put in a little effort and play along. The Law The basics of the law are common sense. When you get an officer who pulls you over for something you were not aware of, there is no need to get angry with them. Instead, let them RP it out, have them explain the law to you so you can understand it. Then you will know better for next time. "Everyone else does/has it," is not a valid excuse. Remember, the Police are not only there to apprehend bank robbers - they enforce parking laws too. If you decide to evade from a traffic ticket then do not complain when you are sent to jail for evasion of Police and your vehicle is striked. Also, for all you gun lovers out there, if you decide to brandish a dangerous item (weapon) in public, the Police are permitted to search your person to explore the legality of that item and its use. If they happen to find your bag of cocaine in the process then do not complain. One great piece of advice that I give people is to imagine themselves as Police officers. When you fall victim to a criminal's actions ask yourself: what would a Police officer do? Remember, Police are not above the law so they generally have a very good understanding of how to stay within it - Police officers just have extra privileges that help them to enforce the law. When someone steals your car from across the street, stop and think. Would a Police officer shoot that person? No. If someone swears at you on the street, stop and think. Would a Police officer punch that person? No. You A Police officer doing his job and his duty is no reason for you to kick up a fuss. If you have broken the law and are being punished for doing so, that is fair play. Do not direct your anger or frustration from "losing" towards the Police. Remember, the Police will generally reward you for better RP attitude and for playing along fairly. Sometimes you need to admit when you are wrong and allow the Police officer to do their job. Yes, sometimes you get hard done by which can suck - for example, you may be the one person out of five that got caught doing drugs but that is not the Police's fault. An officer enforcing the law on you at the time instead of someone else is not corruption so do not act like it is. You are not always right. Let the Police officer talk. This goes hand-in-hand with the law; if you create a huge commotion and a scene things can only get worse for you. The law allows Police certain abilities to stop, detain, question, search and charge individuals relating to offences. This generally comes under two important notions: "reasonable suspicion" and "probable cause." If you are compliant and assist Police officers with their investigation, then you will be much better off. If you choose to be resistant and run from the Police, then you are actually granting them further reason to be suspicious of you.
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    G’day OzzyGamers, It’s time we gave you another update from the Executive team. Time absolutely fly’s by when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Give me the stats, GIVE ME THE STATS! Well what do you know, we’re almost at 4,000 members on the forums and over triple the number of discord members this time last year, woo! We’ve surpassed 14,000 unique FiveM accounts. Squad’s seen a healthy increase to over 4,000+ unique players in just the last three months. It also has had a noted increase in its staff team, seeding the server almost every night. (Pat on the back Molotov, you finally did it) Enough of the boring stuff, what’s next? Well, great question. As always, our idea for this community was to be just that, a community. We set OzzyGaming up so it could support multiple games and be a host for some great memories. Over the past year, we have hosted several games, most of which have come and gone as pop-up servers. We continue to look for new games and servers to host to give you a bigger portfolio of games for your enjoyment. We always accept suggestions for new games to run, so if you have some feel free to make a post on the forums. New game, old game or something we’ve offered before but you feel could make a big come back - let us know. New games or just suggestions in general, drop them here for consideration: OzzyGaming Suggestions Speaking of, I’ve seen some new developer tags on discord. Tell me more Silver! Oh, I’m glad you asked. We’ve recently been approached by some very enthusiastic players that are keen to help expand our community. They are developing a selection of new games and servers for you guys to play on. As of today, we have a Rust, Ark and Garry’s Mod server in development. Information about these servers is still to come, so stay tuned and watch out for the arrival of their discord announcement channels! Community Coordinator? What’s that? As you may have seen, we have made an expression of interest form for those that may be interested in becoming ae community coordinator. We are also looking for someone to help manage this upcoming branch of the OzzyGaming team. This team will be entirely community focused and will be separated from the administrative duties of any of our gaming servers. Designed to boost our community engagement, we are looking for someone who is consistently engaged with the people in our community, diligent enough to manage a team of people, has a passion for OzzyGaming, can take the initiative and can think outside the box. I came here for FiveM, now tell me about it!! FiveM has undergone some serious changes since the last community update. We were boasting a couple of 32 slot servers and the joys of One Sync were only a distant dream. Currently sitting at a 100-slot server with well over 14,000 unique players, we’re happy with how far we have come. Thanks to everyone that has helped get us here! Developers, staff, community members and you - our players! You’re all apart of this, and for that we thank you all! With development for our FiveM server steaming away thanks to our very own @Boss and @Caldweldwith help from @Ryan King and our newest additions to the team: @Snipes-Murphy and @Delexical. We are working towards some nice performance goals presently. (I’m sure you’ve noticed the extra FPS while playing the server) Once we are happy with those, we can burst full steam ahead into the possibilities of the future. So, watch this space for some development updates to come. If developing for FiveM sounds like a bit of you, I encourage you to fill out a developer application on the forums. Developers would need to be committed, able to demonstrate their skills, show they are able to self-teach and have strong initiative. Thank you! A huge thank you to everyone that has helped us get to where we are now. OzzyGaming wouldn’t be the same without you (for better or worse - you know who you are) We appreciate the laughs, memes and late-night cards against humanity games. A very special thank you to our dedicated staff team, volunteering their own time to make OzzyGaming a fun and enjoyable player experience. A big thanks to all the donators that keep OzzyGaming running! (she really isn’t cheap) You’re a great community and we can’t wait to see what we all do together next. Reminders: If you have an issue with a Staff member, please submit a ticket (selecting 'Report a Team Member') these are only visible to the Management team (Executives and Managers) - we take these issues very seriously as it directly impacts the reputation of the server and staff team. Just note that we don't remove staff member for minor infractions like calling someone a name when frustrated just like normal helpdesk. Punishments match the severity of the infraction - factoring in the position of trust and authority that staff are in and hence are held to a higher standard. However, do not pick a fight with the staff member in public channels - this makes you look like the problem and will result in swift action taken against you. Our staff are empowered to preserve the integrity of the server and the enjoyment of all - this includes removing recurring problematic players from the server. Just another reminder that our staff are all volunteers, including the Executive team. This does not mean that 'anything goes' for staff (Staff are bound by staff rules in addition to normal server rules) but this does mean some measure of respect and politeness should be extended to our team. People who just gratuitously abuse and insult our staff for doing their duties will not be tolerated. Regards, Silverback On behalf of the Executive team.
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    Ah, I'm sure some of you saw this coming. With the return of Altis Life comes the return of Pulse. For those of you guys that don't know us, we are mainly a bunch of people that mainly play Arma 3 and have for a long time. If you are new and just getting into Altis Life for the first time or are still relatively new, feel free to ask any of the Pulse boys for a hand and we will be more than willing to help you out. We have a long list of members which can be found in our channel on teamspeak. For you old members, come say hi if you won't and if you don't want to then we will probably seeing you at Fed 8). (Made by Zaydan, age 12)
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    OzzyGaming Rap Battle FOTM Rose2g FOTM Rose2g v2 FOTM Rose2g v3 FOTM Kp FOTM Kp v2 FOTM Alex Moggo FOTM Infinity Asaayu has a plan Zaydan's good thermals cost lives The great ozzygaming Purge of 2017 Rose2g's guide on how to make hunters fly Asaayu's guide on how to get a promotion How to fly a car
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    Ah Side the lack of response from any staff member just shows how clicky and toxic they can be. Take shams for example, he spectates and bans people for “suspected” crosshair use yet turns a blind eye to members of his own group headshotting 6 people in a row. https://streamable.com/7pfd6
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    Congrats mate on the free upgrade from 1 week to PERMA
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    Take notes people... Y'know I'm starting to get the feeling some of the staff aren't in it to do what they signed up for. Rather to use their, I'll pay more attention to the staff more ingame and their habits when it comes to handling reports and tickets. It could just be that they're understaffed but I know for a fact that there is quite a lot of fivem staff on-board right now so that shouldn't be an issue.
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    Played a little in the past, was alright. Would play again.
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    These rules are constantly being revised. Please make sure you check back here regularly if you are a business owner. A change log will be posted after every modification. Last updated: 16/05/2019 Foreword: Being a business owner is a privilege, not a right, there is much responsibility involved in this role. A business owner is a community leader and are responsible for hiring and firing various community members. There are specific requirements business owners must follow to hold their business ownership position. 1.0 Business owners and their administration must uphold the values of our server, follow all server and community rules. 2.0 Business owners must not bring the community into disrepute. 3.0 Business owners must be willing to hire people outside of their friendship circle. 3.0 Business owners must be willing to commit a reasonable amount of time per week to maintain the business. 4.0 Business owners must have a second in command to maintain their business if they are ever away. 5.0 Businesses must not primarily revolve around hostile role-play. 6.0 Business owners are free to partake in illegal activity behind the scenes. However, there must be a legitimate front. 7.0 Business owners/second in command must not hold a high ranking position with another business or another FiveM Community. 8.0 New Business owners will be subject to a $50,000 business ownership fee. This will be returned if an owner decides to step down. 9.0 New Business owners will have a 2 week probation period, you can only wash money after your probation has finished. 10.0 Mechanic & Car Dealers must not wash money from their own business menu, they should seek help from a different business. 11.0 Mechanic & Car Dealers must complete the invoice form provided by Management. 12.0 Businesses are not transferable. 13.0 Businesses discords are to be owned by OzzyGaming. If you are a new business we will provide you with the base discord, in which you can customise to suit your business. If you are taking ownership of an existing business you will be provided the original discord. 14.0 Business owners are subject to a $200,000 fine if the business caught by the police conducting illegal activities. Owners will have two weeks to pay the fine otherwise the business will be seized. Management Team reserves the right to terminate any business that is in breach of the above conditions.
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    Forgot to mention something so important! Some execs and plebs are catching up in Melbourne later this year, Ryan from Perth, Silver from the land of sheep.... we are going to have the best gangbang ever!
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    Michael Hastings for Mayor (community coordinator)
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    Welcome Back Friend >:D I hope everything goes well for your stay here.
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    Welcome Back, I’ll look forward to meeting you back on Altis! ;D
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    Wow, really? Well I'm still here, can I have my cop rank back? haha, goodjob. - SerValence
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    Nice signature man
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    Howdy Howdy
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    Some staff do a great job and respond to my calls. However there are other staff who will just not respond at all, even when there are like 5 staff on in the afternoon with like 20 people on. Are they seriously that busy when there are 20 people on the server?
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    In the time honoured tradition of remembering our great history - a lot was lost when it went down with the Enjin ship. I would like people to once again gather their epic Ozzy memes so I can be nostalgic about them. Chur. P.S. If someone could make one about ranks of shit you no longer do in signatures... that would be excellent. I have added a new signature to assist since most of the worst disappeared with Enjin, looking at you Rf4burns... Especially if it refers to police departments that don't exist anymore.
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    does no one realise the gun he is using is a one shot to anywhere on the body? As for the reason this thread was opened (about /reports) the amount of /reports we get every day we cant go through them all and find your specific /reports and deal with them in front of everyone else's. As for staff activity yes it has dropped drastically lately but some of us have real jobs and cant sit at home and help everyone all day every day, it's not like we get paid for doing what we do. In conclusion we try and get to /reports as quick as possible and we do miss some sometimes (to our own fault). P.S @PurpleSoyMilkshams wasn't even a staff member when that incident happened he had to get a staff member at the time to deal with it and i believe NZ was banned for that situation.
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    There has been a bit of heated debated down in Charkia over some freight and it has spiralled out of control and we have been asked to sort it out. We will be supplying each participant with weapons and equipment to deal with this situation and will be briefed more closely to the start time. Event will be at 8 PM on Friday 09/08. No gear is required for the event and teleporters will be set up. Rewards will be given out to winners. As with all events, Fed and Military armoury will be blocked off to avoid them being robbed. Any questions come and talk to me on TeamSpeak. Any ideas for an event? Come and talk to me on TeamSpeak or message me on Discord.
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    Welcome To the annual OzzyGaming Hunger Games Tonight at 8pm AEST. you are all invited to the annual games. The objective of the games are simple, elimate all the opposition. You will start off by parachuting out of a plane with no gear and be force to scavenged for whatever you can to kill everyone. If the games are lacking the entertainment value the Game Masters will 'encourage' the contestants Prizes to be won! May the odds be never in your favor.
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    My Self and Faze Duck have thought of a bunch of ideas/suggestions that could be added into game let us know your thoughts and own suggestions too Change the phone in game to be able to actually call people with it have a “yellow pages” where people can advertise along with businesses making people actually look on there phone finding whos open instead of just reading the twt chat . Example “cleaning money” “fishers is now open give a call on blah blah to know our best deals/prices” also been able to ring businesses for different types of stuff also been able to “ping” your location to people you want to meet up with in game Adding different features into the game example needing a lock pick to break into or steal a vehicle having the feature to change plates on a stolen vehicle been able to allow people to hop into the “trunk” of a vehicle when taking someone hostage /trunk or something would be more realistic. Adding a “tuner chip” to your car example been able to change the acceleration Speed Breaking also needing a repair kit to fix your vehicle if you crash allowing cops to pick these up from the PD instead of putting there car away and getting a new one. Been able to lock pick “houses” steal valuable goods that can then be sold to pawn shops Hostile RP / Banks.. Make banks more rewarding for the criminal if they manage to escape lowering the price of the items needed. Needing a “security card” to be able to access the bank to get this you would have to rob a police officer who carries one of them. Making banks more realistic not having 20 police at a single bank giving the criminals more of a chance of escaping Example Nopixel basically allow the robbers to get away if they put in good RP and unique ways of robbing a bank instead of the same old Dress full black drive a bf400. If a suspect is caught then interrogated by the CID they can be on “watch list” allowing the detective to place a “tracking device” on the suspect to see what they are doing. Also what FRK Euler said doing drugs when there's no police on duty allowing the individual to farm dirty money with no risk of getting caught Basically lowering the price of Illegal items/weapons seen as these people have a large sum of dirty money. Getting a new drug system would be ideal making it so people have to sell the drugs to players instead of standing there selling to an NPC potentially allowing a group of people been the kingpin of the drug trade would add for amazing criminal RP Having a more realistic health system 4 punches killing someone is kind of silly. Make people be able to “check” into pillbox hospital when there are no EMS on example if you don't check into the hospital your “stress” levels rise if a detective wants to further question a suspect that has been “killed” allow them to take the person back to pillbox hospital giving them a revive option to add more RP rather than people shooting cops they die you can't do anything because of the “new life” making it so police can continue RP with the criminal rule potentially make pillbox hospital the “main” hospital rather than the one across the road from the DMV Allowing people to do “payment plans” to buy vehicles they cannot afford (would be up to the dealership to allow that to happen) the dealerships having a repossession team if the person fails to pay the payment plan or just leaves the server. allowing people to get a “loan” from the bank as the old apartment system worked it automatically takes the money from your account obviously to pay back the “loan” With the addition of the Courthouse getting an actual proper lawyer business in game would make so much good RP obviously making a rule if a players jail sentence time is above say 15 months they can then ask for a lawyer and take the fines to court making them pick from the proper Lawyers in game not just friends that know nothing on what there talking about Potentially change the compass at the top of the screen having your location/direction your heading next to the map in the lower left hand corner Feel Free to add your own suggestions/thoughts everything in here is just general thoughts on what could be added to make RP better for us all
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    Giving the Unlock/Lock Vehicle an actual button on the keyboard so you dont have to press ` everytime. its a small thing but would just make life easier in a lot of situations.
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    Will it be more RP or more Combat RP?
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    Changelog 28/07/2019 Added Section - 14.0
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    I've also made a VicPol one that I might upload.
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    As long as your misses is there then I'm in
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    Great to see the tremendous amount of work you boys have done for the community finally pay off. Hope to see fresh and new ideas in the community and the expansion of this amazing community. p.s Harry Steinfield for Mayor!
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    From what I've heard one more official DLC is in the works to be released sometime early this year and then 3rd party paid DLC will be released to support the game until they announce the next title.
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    Arma 3 is entering EOL. It's time to look to the future, rather then the past.
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    ArmA 3 Altis Life Rules (Last Updated: 19/08/2019) General Rules 1.0 Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as the act of gaining information outside of role-play and using it in role-play, for example: using out of character communication to summon a friend to help you. 1.1 Do not troll. Trolling can be defined as continuously performing an action to annoy/upset or provoke a reaction from other players. 1.2 Do not real-world trade. Real-world trading is the act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming for in-game items or vice versa. Players that real-world trade risk being permanently banned from all services without warning. 1.3 Do not exploit. Exploiting can be defined as taking advantage of an in-game bug/flaw for personal gain. 1.4 Do not use teleport based in-game functions to escape role-play. 1.5 Transferring gear/vehicles between factions is not permitted. It does not matter if you are transferring them to another player. 1.6 Do not "RDM". Random Deathmatch can be defined as the murder/attempted murder of another player without a role-play reason and/or a declaration. 1.7 New life rule. When you die and respawn, you may not re-attend the scenario that you died in. You may not faction swap to circumvent this rule. Once you respawn, you do not have any recollection of past events in role-play. You may return to the same area (within 1.5km from your death) after 15 minutes (presuming the role-play scenario has concluded). 1.8 Power-gaming. Power-gaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intent of role-play. 1.9 Green Zones are areas which hostile role-play cannot be commenced or brought into. These areas are reserved for role-playing and should not be interfered with. Civilian operated MRAPs (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit) are not permitted inside any strict safe zone. 1.10 Blue Zones are areas where hostile role-play cannot be started inside, but may be brought in from outside. Hostile roleplay can be initiated inside the safe zone if a player is robbing a store and is confronted by police Hostile roleplay can be initiated if a suspect is apprehended by police, however roleplay must be followed and relevant declarations made (see declarations section) Vehicles may be stolen however lockpicking is a hostile declaration to the owner or group. 1.11 Red Zones are areas where players may initiate hostile role-play without a declaration, provided both parties are inside the zone. 1.12 You may not switch factions to join in roleplay that has already begun. 1.13 You may not commit any major crime within fifteen (15) minutes of a server restart. Vehicle Rules 2.0 Players may not run over another player for any reason. 2.1 Players may not destroy anyone's vehicle including their own without a valid role-play reason. 2.2 Players may not ram, or use pressure driving tactics/pit maneuvers against another vehicle unless hostile role-play has been initiated. 2.3 Police are permitted to destroy any illegal vehicles (armoured vehicles). However, they must use a Satchel Charge. Additionally, Police are permitted to crush any non-armoured vehicles. However, they must wait until hostile role-play has concluded. 2.4 Players may not use a Truck Mission for anything other than their intended purpose. If they accept the mission, they must complete the mission. Additionally, players are not permitted to dispose of the vehicle if they do not like where they have to drive it. 2.5 Players may perform ground locking manoeuvres with aircraft at their own risk. If the actions of the aggressor (player performing the goundlock) result in the destruction/death of the other party, he/she will be held liable and will have to compensate the victim. 2.6 Players may not sling any vehicle that has a non-consenting occupant inside, unless hostile role-play has been initiated with the party. You must be on foot beside the vehicle and must declare in text chat that you are attaching ropes to the vehicle. e.g. "Attaching slings to hatchback" 2.7 Players may not hover lower than 100 meters over a green safe zone, players are permitted to land. However, they must endeavour to land as soon as possible. Players may not fly low for an extended period of time over players for no roleplay reason (annoying people is not a valid roleplay reason). Hostile Role-play 3.0 Players must declare before engaging in hostile role-play with another player. The available declaration options are through voice, or text messaging. Players opting to declare via voice will be required to provide evidence of such if required by staff. Declarations must include a demand, consequence, and a reasonable time-frame to respond (min 10 seconds). When declaring on Police, the declaration must include a location in addition to the above. Hostile roleplay is any event that involves the following & all require a declaration: Knocking out another player. Killing another player. Discharging a firearm at another player. A Civilian tasing another Civilian. A Civilian Spikestripping another Civilian. Hostile roleplay that is considered a declaration but does not require one: These are a one-way declaration for the victim and/or their group, and only they may take action. Stealing another player’s vehicle. Stealing/Robbing something from another player. Police tasing a visibly armed civilian (not including holstered pistols) 3.1 Hostile role-play continues for 10 minutes after the last declaration has been sent or the last shot has been fired. During this time you are not permitted to log out or enter any Green Zones. 3.2 Players must be within 1.5km of any players they are declaring on. 3.3 Police may not send prisoners to prison whilst hostile role-play is being conducted. Hostages 4.0 Players may be taken as a hostage as long as hostile role-play has been initiated. Once taken hostage, the captors must interact with the hostage for the duration of the capture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the hostage being released by an Administrator. 4.1 If a Player/Group wishes to exchange a hostage for money from the Police, they must be willing to negotiate a price. The maximum amount a Civilian is worth is 300K. Police may take up to 10 minutes to respond to demands concerning hostages, once this time-frame is concluded, players/groups may execute their hostage. 4.2 You may not harm or take the negotiator hostage unless negotiations are called off. 4.3 Players are not permitted to have a ‘fake hostage’. This includes taking a willing player or friend as a hostage. Role-play 5.0 Players must role-play all scenarios. Failure to do so is considered fail role-play this can be defined as the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona or behaving in a way that is not typical of a role-play server. Escorting a player and using them as a meat shield in a firefight. Abusing the restrain function to enter/exit vehicles without instruction, or using weapons whilst restrained. Aborting the game whilst in role-play. Storing vehicles or items whilst in hostile rp or in active pursuits. Police reviving players whilst hostile role-play is active. 5.1 Players may not run off if they are released from handcuffs due to being restrained for too long. The only exception to this rule is if there are no players nearby. 5.2 Players must always value their life above all other outcomes. 5.3 Players entering an ongoing firefight to be a nuisance is not permitted. Players will not receive compensation for collateral damage if their actions were negligent. Emergency Services 6.0 Police are not permitted to sell or giveaway police equipment or execute suspects. 6.1 Police/EMS must be on TeamSpeak 3 and in the appropriate channel. 6.2 Police/EMS must log off their slots if they plan on going AFK for an extended period of time. 6.3 Medics are not a threat and should not typically be treated as one. The only exception to this rule is if they enter a hostile area begin reviving people. If this occurs, players are permitted to declare on them. 6.4 Players are not permitted to steal EMS vehicles under any circumstances. Non-Player Robberies 7.0 In order to rob any facility apart from a store, there must be at least 3 players in your party and within 1.5km of the robbery. 7.1 Players must intend to complete a robbery in its entirety. 7.2 Whilst robbing a facility, players must give any Police in the vicinity 30 seconds to leave before. Once this timeframe has concluded, players may shoot any Police on sight. 7.3 Players are permitted to third party a robbery as long as they send a group declaration to the Police.
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