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    G'day Gamers! Seasons greetings from the server management team. I am very excited to announce the release of our highly anticipated FiveM 2.0 update. The development team has been hard at work over recent months in completely overhauling our server in order to a create a more stable, enjoyable and balanced game for everyone to be a part of. We are really excited to bring some new light for what is the most popular server in the region and keep things fresh and enjoyable. We appreciate everyone's patience in recent months and we're sure it will be worth the wait. We want people to discover the update for themselves and I won't be posting any further features or changelogs here, however one will be posted on release. We have done our best to squash all the bugs that we've seen through internal testing and we will continue to push frequent updates post-launch. All FiveM servers will be taken offline at 6:30 pm AEDT on Tuesday night (11th) and will be down for approximately 30 minutes. We expect all 3 servers to be back up and running at 7:00 pm. We will be maintaining a high staff presence on launch to assist you with any questions or bugs. Further information will be released tomorrow. Kind Regards, -- Zaydan Community Manager
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    G'day Gamers. After hundreds of hours of development, many early mornings pulling my hair out, and of course, testing... The development team is proud to release the change log for 2.0. This is the more in-depth change log. If you would like to view a simplified version, then you may click here. PLEASE NOTE: We have only been able to test to a certain point. It is likely that you will encounter a few bugs if you do find a bug, please report it to a team member. This change log is not exhaustive. I will post a less in depth change log with every feature I have noted. Characters With this new build of the server, we have made some massive modifications to characters. Instead of three characters, a decision was made to limit maximum characters to two so that players can focus on progressing their characters. In addition to the max character limit modification, we have also created character specific cash/ bank accounts/ vehicles/ properties/ criminal records. Players will no longer be able to create, delete, and switch their characters on the fly as this is commonly abused. Instead, we have decided to place a character modification marker at the International Airport that will handle all of those functions. Loading screen & Join transition Update on the Loading Screen: We have currently disabled this due to the amount of server load that occurred on the launch of 2.0.0. We are still working on a fix. Most communities in FiveM use the same loading screen or very similar styles. We wanted to steer away from the generic loading screens and create something (to my knowledge) is unique. Instead of the generic loading bar and the same song playing every session, we have decided to select a different song per session, the list is not extensive at the moment. However, we are willing to add more songs in the future. Moreover, we have decided to display your steam information on the loading screen itself. This will show your steam name and display picture. We also thought it would be a great idea to display your overall amount of hours played on the server. Lastly, we have added a quote block that will post a random quote every session. In addition to this brand new loading screen, we have decided to add a smooth join transition, instead of immediately spawning after the loading screen, a sky camera will now play. Player wallet In an effort to minimalise the amount of information on the HUD, we felt it would be best to store player finance information and job information off-screen. Players will have to option to press the "K" button to bring this information on-screen. The wallet will appear for a short time and will fade off the screen a few seconds later. Information stored in the wallet: Job information On hand cash balance Bank balance Society balance (if you're an owner of a business). Server chat We decided to revert our chat to the basic FiveM version. This version has a few compelling features. This chat allows the use of chat suggestions, so we have included a suggestion for every available command. This is just the tip of the iceberg, you will all discover many quality of life changes along the way. Additional chat commands: "/Flip" - This is a very basic command that will return either "heads" or "tails". There is a 50% chance to get either result. This command was requested by our more questionable community members... *cough* gamblers *cough*. "/StreamerMode" - This was an incredibly widely requested feature and took quite a while to get right. In essence, this function will completely clear your screen of all aspects of the HUD, including chat. (bar the speedometer, fuel percentage, and ELS in vehicles. We will look at progressing this function to remove HUD elements whilst in a vehicle in the near future). "/ToggleHints" - This will toggle on-screen player hints (they can get pesky). Removable licenses All of the licenses listed below can be removed by the Police if a player has broken the law. This addition aims to hold players responsible for their actions in character. If a player does not have any of these licenses and is in possession of an object that requires a license, they will have to answer to the Police if discovered. Weapon Licenses: Players will now be able to purchase different tiers of weapon licenses, There are four tiers in total. Each tier will unlock different types of weapons. Driving License: Players will now be required to have a drivers license to drive legally. This license is obtainable at the DMV (next to the Los Santos Hospital). The development team dabbled in the possibility of making you all do driving tests but thankfully decided that this is a game, and would be a waste of time. Instead, players must complete a simple theory test. As mentioned previously, this license will be required to drive legally, this does not mean that you cannot physically drive vehicles, like on other servers. Overhead player ID's: Ideally, we would be more than willing to remove the overhead player ID's in a heartbeat. However, rule breakers and trolls are the only things preventing this. In lieu of this removal, we decided to implement a compromise in the form of toggleable player ID's. By default, player ID's will be disabled. However, players will have to option of press the "U" key to enable them for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, they will automatically turn off. This is designed to allow the player to quickly toggle the player ID's and obtain the server ID of a rule breaker to report them. Oh yeah... Thanks to some useful GTA 5 native functions, you cannot see them through walls anymore. Police/EMS Changes As mentioned previously, Police now have the ability to remove any license (for a valid reason). Additionally, Police now have the ability to check unpaid fines using their F6 menu so it may be a good idea for players actually to pay their fines for once! When a player is being searched, or their license is being checked, a courtesy notification will appear on their screen. Additionally, the Police spawner menu is now actually working (surprising, right?) we have also added a few new objects for Police to try out. Police will also find a new option in their menu... A gun residue test! Players who have fired a gun will have gunshot residue on their hands, which can be detected by the Police. However, players may take a drip in some water for 30 seconds and wash it off... CaN wE hAvE a CaD bOsS?!? After many hours of work, we are pleased to provide all of our law enforcement officers a very simple CAD. This cad has been built from scratch and has unique features that others do not have... Plate checking is now available in-game through the CAD! Other features include looking up criminal records and viewing unpaid fines by using the character name as a reference, there are more features, however, you must discover those yourselves. To streamline requests for backup, we have implemented a script that is triggered by entering /bk 1, /bk 2, /bk 3, /bk 4, /bk 5. This script will play a short sound clip that has been acquired from the base GTA game files to create a more "familiar" backup sound notification when Police receive this backup request, it is automatically punched into their GPS. Very many Police changes, much wow. We have also decided to make spike strips easier. Simply press "LEFT ALT + ARROW KEY DOWN" to place three spike strips in front of you. You can then pick them up again by pressing "LEFT ALT + ARROW KEY UP". EMS can now replenish supplies, go on and off duty, and pull out vehicles in Sandy Shores and Blaine County. Additionally, players, when incapacitated now have the option to send a distress signal to EMS on duty which will allow on-duty personnel to pinpoint a patient on the map. A prompt will appear on-screen to someone who is incapacitated. Time/Weather Modifications ANNOUNCEMENT: Time Sync! It is always pesky when someone is pulled over by a Police officer and claim you are driving at night time without your lights on... When it is... daytime? With this update, we have added time syncing. Additionally, dynamic weather has been added to spice things up every now an again! Robberies In this update, we have tried to spice things up a bit with the addition of scaled robberies, in the past, players were merely able to rob stores and banks. However, in this update will be able to rob stores, the jewellery store, banks, and the Union Depository! We will leave it up to you to figure out which one pays the most, however, the higher the payout, the more Police are needed online and the more difficult it is. One last minor detail - you actually need a gun to rob stores! Apartment modifications Apartments have received a somewhat more significant update. Every single apartment in Los Santos with the exception of The Low-End Apartment now have corresponding garages. Yes, we have heard your cries and decided to cave. The aim here to provide more of a reason to own apartments. Each apartment you unlock, means you have access to more garages! These garages are only visible to apartment owners. Additionally, the development team has added apartments in Sandy Shores and Blaine County. At this point in time, they do now have corresponding garages. However, they may be added in due time. Safe Zones We have decided to make safe zones a bit more noticeable on the map... Blue Zones, represented by... You guessed it... A blue circle! Have been implemented. Head on over to our updated rules to learn more about the rules surrounding them, however, in a nutshell, Blue Zones are a less intensive version of Green Zones. They are not enforced by a script. However, they will be enforced by staff... Green zones are now enforced by a script, players will be unable to attack each other in these zones... Except for the Police, they can do anything in them. Civilian Knockouts/Restraining/Dragging Now this one took a lot of trial and error... Again, another script that is unique to our server. Civilians now have the capability to "knock someone out". To knock someone out, an armed player simply has to press "Shift + L". This will knock the target our for about 15 seconds. To prevent abuse, this function will only be available for re-use after 5 minutes. Once the target player is knocked out, they may be zip tied. Once they are zip tied, they can be dragged with a rope. If you would like to un-zip tie a player, just buy a pair of pliers and use it on your victim! New Shop & Additional Shop Items With this update, we have decided to split the stores up a bit. You can find a "Utility Store" marked with a blue store icon on the map. This store will sell zip ties, rope, pliers, campfire kits, tent kits, and chair kits. I will let you adventurous types to figure out what these items do. Oh yeah, we also added some additional store items... By popular request, you buy Winnie Blues and a lighter from the store (OzzyGaming does not recommend smoking as it causes health problems, if you are addicted, you should seek out the appropriate service). This is now the only way you can trigger the smoking animation. Additionally, the Vanilla Unicorn and Bahama Mama's now have access to some more Australian and Kiwi orientated alcoholic beverages. We will let the aforementioned businesses release their drink menus. New Jobs With 2.0, we wanted to do something special, and something somewhat unique. In this update, we introduce The Landscaping Job, and The Trucking Job (the job ideas are now uncommon, I know). These two jobs come with a levelling system. Every delivery/job you complete you will be given experience. Gain enough experience, and you will level up. With each new level, you will unlock more vehicles available at the job depot. Additionally, with each new level, you will be paid more. Eventually, we will be looking at setting up high scores listing the top player levels! P.S. These jobs *hint hint* are high paying jobs in the higher levels. Mt. Chiliad & More For a long time, Mt, Chiliad has been underutilised. So we decided to try to change that. Players will now be able to use cable cars, yes... Actual cable cars to venture to the top of Mt. Chiliad. When there are multiple people in the vehicles at one time, things get visually weird, however, rest assured you will all make it to the top, it just looks a bit strange! Since people like to drive up and down Mt. Chiliad for some reason, we decided to place a garage up the top, along with base jumping! Base jumping is marked on the map. All players must do is travel to the marker, buy a parachute, and well... Jump! Base jumping is not limited to Mt. Chiliad, many locations have been placed around the map. Hour Logging Update on fivem.ozzy.life: Since our database is inherently different (reason for the server wipe) it will take some time to modify our tools site to match the database, at this stage this is pending. Hour logging has been a thing for a little while now, which is why we were able to release the top 15 players with the most hours at fivem.ozzy.life. However, from this day forth, we will now log hours on Police/EMS/Civilian. These hours will be available to view on your profile at fivem.ozzy.life. I would just like to reiterate that Police/EMS hours will be counted from the release of 2.0, not before. All of your hours prior to 2.0 will count as "Civilian hours".
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    AGENT: Jack Murtaugh Hunter ID: 299792458 SEC: ████████████████ CURRENT: Decommissioned FORMER: Field Agent POST: Fargo [50610], Minnesota (MN), North Dakota (ND), US REASON FOR TERMINATION: ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ STATUS QUO: Hunter #299792458 is to be subpoenaed only upon requirement, and after due diligence, given by the current Director of The Bureau or any of his legalised affiliates or derivatives acting only in direct communication as described in §236-2C under the utmost discretion and confidence herein. Upon activation, Hunter #299792458 is to be liberated of any encumbrances detailed in prior reporting by either The Director or any other known council and is to be granted full re-activation to conduct his duties, be it at prior level or higher █████████████████████████████ Clearance levels only in EXCESS of 7-D (seven-delta) are at liberty to discuss Hunter #299792458 in any capacity beyond what is detailed in public record holdings as detailed by The National Congressional Library under Informational Holdings and Status Proceedings (administered as of 03/12/2018 by one Mr. Kenrith Juda Fisher of Minnesota - information in data-bank confirmed as of 1830h) and punishable outside of a municipal court. Hunter #299792458 █████████████ upon summoning is cleared to communicate freely and without harassment of government officials or law enforcement to any militaristic individual who satisfies conditional hierarchic status as outlined in §899-4A or §645-3B, whichever may be more appropriate. ███████████████████████████████████████ Upon deployment, Hunter #299792458 will act as the sole cooperative of one-half of a bipartite relation with the highest ranking member of any action tasking or group that enlists his duties; this is to be declared prior to activation as described in §155-1A. Together the conglomerate supersedes any ranking official who may up-stead one, the other, or both of the individual members of the task group while acting independently. SPECIALISATION: Advanced Behavioural Psychology Physical Science & Engineering Negotiation ---- END OF TRANSCRIPT. ---- > OFF RECORD REMARKS NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN ANY OFFICIAL STATEMENT Hunter #299792458 and his duties during the period of 13-12-2016 until cease on 09-10-2018 [inclusive] are deemed by myself, Director, as appropriate in action and as justified in cause in all accounts in relation to national and international security. Hunter #299792458 under political proxy has been DECOMMISSIONED until further notice and is only to be retrieved in national or international emergency as deemed fit by the current serving Director at that time. Upon re-admission, Hunter #299792458 is to be released of all burdens and pardoned of all disparage by any required faculty to ensure his full liberty to conduct his duties to the full extent of which he, or his bipartite other, necessitates. █████████████████████████████████████ IMPORTANT: This document remains the property of The Bureau as licensed fully by its Director and in partition by all subordinate representatives. In reception with the Chief of Defence, under §932-7B the integrity of this document is to be upheld at all times and in confidence until shadowed by actionable request under §932-7C OR §932-7D. If this document is believed to be exposed to any bystander, be it civilian or militaristic in its cause, immediate relay to The Director is demanded adjacent to the destruction of ALL partitions, appendices or carbon copies of this document or its entailing. PRIMARY SIGNEE The Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Khriston V. Ray AUXILIARY SIGNEE Chief of Defence Richard T. Hall NOTARY James M. Clark Ph.D
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    Hello all, My name is John Stamos and I'm here to introduce myself as a Pilot. During my early life, my father was a pilot and always showed me the planes he used to fly while on duty. I always loved it and would often wait up to late hours just to hear the stories my father would tell me. Later in life, my father sadly was no longer into planes and quit the job after 23 years. Now i'm 27 and still love everything about planes. The engines, the sounds, the takeoff and landing always made me feel at home. During my teens, I had flying lessons from the ages of 13-19 and had to quit them due to financial troubles and it taking most of my time instead of working for money. At the age of 23, I was lucky enough to win the lottery where I won around 15.5 million dollars. This excited me, not only for being rich but also due to the fact that I can now actually own my own plane and have frequent flying lessons. Nowadays I fly my plane as often as I can, this excites every time as it gives me nostalgia from my younger years. I'm here to introduce myself as i'd like to move into the airlines business and become a pilot just like my father was. Thank you for reading, Regards John Stamos
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    Hi everyone! I've been hanging around OzzyGaming for just over two weeks now. I'm sure I've bumped into a few of you along the way and feel now is a good time to say, hello! Sorry for any toes I may have stepped on already! RP, GTA and FiveM are still very new to me as I come from an FPS gaming background but am loving it so far! I've previously co-founded and managed a successful and very active Battlefield series community called, Brothers of Battlefield, which had 150 active members and several popular servers across Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. My steam library has a ridiculous amount of games I've never touched but I enjoy playing CS:GO/Source and the Age of Empires series, during my downtime. After taking a break for two years I am looking to get back into gaming - so here we are with something new, FiveM! I'm still getting used to a few things but have found the transition into FiveM smooth with the ongoing support of the awesome community members, server players, and staff members. I'm currently bouncing around between a few Discords but am super keen to hang out with new people when playing so hit me up: CubixNZ#3170! I'm a Kiwi who works in the News and Television production industry and hope to introduce some of this to role-play and contribute back to the community any way I can. You may have seen some of my news articles in the Ozzy Discord already - constructive feedback is always welcome! Always up for a chat and helping new people like myself get used to things quickly since I've recently been there. The idea of becoming a Police Officer, EMS or dispatcher is very appealing and something I hope to be doing in due time. See you out there, Cube
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    1.0 Should be released today ! @KosmicReeds
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    I mean it’s pretty good, but there are some flaws.
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    Awesome job, definitely worth the wait 😊
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    Congratz on the successful 2.0
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    Keen for 2.0! And don't forget boys and girls, there will be a large police presence for the launch to maintain the peace, stay safe! xxxo
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    Born & raised in the green pastures of New Zealand in a small town called Rotorua. The old girl is Dutch (white) and the old boy is Maori (dark af) and I’m brown. Moved to Melbourne at 19 for uni and footy. Also had spells in Sydney,Singapore and Dubai for work. Melbourne is home for me.
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    so who wants to buy my whole garage?
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    Oh hundy percent keen asf lads
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    God damn it i get unbanned on Thursday
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    My mother is Chinese but grew up in Malaysia. Moved to Adelaide for university. My father is African American. Was in the navy got discharged when he met my Mum. They moved to Perth where I was born and raised.
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    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfg3qai7020WlTFx8Sk_op2M28qD9uZknUsmZFUiGFvTw53jg/viewform This is a form you can use to report a police member if the conduct you believe was unlawful.
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    hello im mark im 29 and from th netherlands
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    Thanks everyone that participated in the Derby. Mr John Wick was the winner taking home 400k. A special thanks to Sally Rivers for maintaining the cars, Gruppe 6 for vehicle protection and the PD for keeping the event safe.
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    Since the start of the month, we have been really overwhelmed by the number of donations/subscriptions people have given to the community. I bring you another large update on what has been happening with the donation system and how things will work going into the future. At the start of the month, Executive @Molotov made official contact with the operators of FiveM in order to clear up some of their policies and what we are allowed to do with donations. As a management team, our biggest concern was that donations (at least a high volume) won't last forever and various months will always have ups and downs. While donation money will vary significantly from month to month, server expenses will not. Unfortunately, as to our understanding of the FiveM policies, we could not accept any more money in a month than our actual costs, which can be reset the following month. This is where we asked if it was possible to collect money in advance, rather than one month at a time. FiveM said yes, up to a few months ahead. This allows a safety net in cases of anything unexpected to keep the server running/funded for a few months in advance. I have prepared the following image to help explain: *(Note, example values only)* Rather than a monthly goal, we can now operate a rolling quarterly (3 months) goal instead. This means we are not accepting any additional money over what our costs are. However, we can accept more money in any given month than our goal, at the expense that the following month may support less allowable donations. From the above image, we could expect bad months at $100 (14% of goal) but this could be made up by a good month at $1,200 (163% of goal). If we couldn't do this 3 monthly goal, if we had a bad month, we could not recuperate this loss later on. Another point cleared up by the FiveM staff was the following: We can accept donations that are not in any way linked to FiveM and this would not count towards our goal. At this time, we have no support for other donation streams, but this does allow us to do this kind of thing later whether it be for Squad, CSGO, ARMA, TeamSpeak etc. Again though, we are quite happy with our subscription model and see no need (and have no use) to try and claw extra money out of the community. - I also want to cover how we handle, store and use your donation money through a few key points. - All donations are sent to Ryan's PayPal account and remain in this account. As invoices/renewals/expenses are received, Ryan pays them using this account. - Nobody else at Ozzygaming receives this money, is paid or otherwise benefits from this donation money. - Any unspent donations are kept in that PayPal account indefinitely and used for future months/expenses. - Ryan does not withdraw/spend any additional money from the account other than what is used for server costs/expenses/invoices. (Trust me, if he did, the entire management team would not allow him to keep running the show and would be extremely angry) - FiveM policy does not allow anyone to make direct profit from FiveM services, therefore we will not do this. To be clear, if we made $1 profit, FiveM can simply terminate our server license and remove us from the server browser, rightly. This is why it is not worth the risk to us. - Below is our most up to date estimated monthly expense report (as at 18/07). Putting our monthly goal at $748 and 3-month goal at $2,234. As always in the interest of transparency, honesty and integrity, we will continue to update you on our goal and donation status. Hopefully this change also allows more people to be able to donate/subscribe if they so desire and will mean we no longer (generally) have to stop donations only a few days into the month. - TL;DR - Donations goals are now every 3 months rather than monthly to protect us for the future - No one from OzzyGaming makes any money etc. from your donations, they just sit in an account unril used
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    Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 15/07/2018 OzzyGaming Community Rules 1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way. 2. Community members must not direct racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour towards another member of the community. 3. Community members must not spam on any of our services. 4. Community members must not advertise or promote another server/community. 5. Community members must not impersonate a staff member. 6. Community members must not have inappropriate usernames. 7. Community members must not, under any circumstances release any personal information about any other community member (AKA Doxing). 8. Community members must not share inappropriate images such as pornography or any other offensive material. 9. Community members must not soundboard in any channel on TeamSpeak or Discord unless it is your channel or unless you have permission from the channel owner.
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