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    Hey Mate, Hoping we could look at some other ways to make dirty cash rather than just drugs. Hoping for something like a Chopshop where you can take civilian cars (NPC Cars) and have locations to chopshop them or even allow mechanics to purchase cars to chopshop (for more profit). This could be a job which could be done when theres low server population as well if there were different marked locations to chop shop the cars.
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    Never Driven a Brioso R/A but always have a feeling want to buy it , but still didnt buy till now , i've saw someone driving the Brioso with joy , so +1 For Brioso R/A
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    +1 another character switching point is needed up north! 👌🏼
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    I am `justin. Also known as - Justin101, Shneebz, suboofa, justyn, https://www.twitch.tv/suboofa , etc etc I'm a Community Veteran, I began my Ozzygaming journey back in 2015 with Arma 3. About a year later I've played many roles in the community as Top overall Hours with 1985 Hours on record. I was an admin for about 2-3 years, Getting kicked out once and then re-joining. Im alright-kindof-dudeson. I play all sort of games, FiveM, Fortnite, Arma, Escape From Tarkov and also Atlas. Add me if your down to play anything - https://steamcommunity.com/id/suboofa/ Peace
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    +1 For another switch point. -1 For a third character. Having two separate banks on two separate characters is hard enough to implement, let alone a third character.
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