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    Lack of genuine Roleplay killed the server for me. You can't interact with anyone on the server without some XXX Tentacion wannabe pulling a gun and putting on a very poorly done African-American accent while trying to rob you because, "Yeah, my nigga, dis a strap, gimme yo stacks.". I only had a handful of quality interactions but most of the time it devolves into a firefight or you get blatantly RDM'd. Metagaming is a huge issue too, I defended myself against someone and then via OOC he started spamming, "I was killed by a guy wearing ____, in a ____ car!", it's just stupid. And for some reason voice chat doesn't always work either, I haven't found another server that has that issue but it's ducking annoying.
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    Hi! Unfortunately that's how GTA have built the vehicle, our only option would be to remove the feature completely. I will raise this with our Management team to discuss further.
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