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  1. October may be the season of cozy jumpers, scary movies and pumpkin-spiced everything, but most importantly it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Approximately 55 Australians are diagnosed each and every day. That equates to over 20,000 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each year. The OzzyGaming community wants to help raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and show our support towards on-going research to help uplift those in need. We are excited to be launching a charity fundraiser for the remainder of the
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  2. Namula's Lawyer Application Application ID #10101 Submitted on 10/15/21 at 01:37:24 PM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Panda | Nammy#5260 ---------------------- Character Name Tempest Hart ---------------------- Link to your OzzyGaming player profile https://fivem.ozzy.life/player/110000107649cf9 ---------------------- How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server? 1539 ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Lawyer is? A lawyer is to give advice to clients in regards to manners of the Law. This can include representing
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