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    yeah but then lets be realistic, how many times are you actually gonna check it
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    -1 It's easy and convenient for people who have been around a long time to not want ooc anymore, but for players in their first week ooc is needed for quick solutions on genuine questions, having to go to TS or dischord just for something basic like flipping your car/transferring ect will be very discouraging and frustrating for new players, ooc is often used for players to help other players so admins don't have to waste their time, a slow mode or punishment for not using ooc correctly like suggested above seems like a much more suitable option
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    As the title states, should we remove OOC chat in-game? Feel free to leave an opinion down below.
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    For those that do trucking or any work in top city area, would know that pretty much anywhere you go has abandoned and broken down trucks just sitting in the middle of the road, i personally think there should be a tool (just for truck drivers) to either repair or de-spawn their trucks if this happens, obviously there should be a cool down to it and strict rules to where the repair or deactivation tool won't be exploited by any players, just an idea; Let me know what you think!
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    -1 If you don't like it don't read it.. Maybe be more strict on people using ooc for unnecessary shit
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    I think OOC should be removed. Whilst sometimes it can be used for good, such as a new player asking questions, it seems that the majority of the messages coming through are either complaining, beefing, or players using OOC where twitter should be used. Questions and similar appropriate messages can take place in discord. It clutters the HUD, with chat updating constantly because of it. Really no need for it beyond adding the slightest convenience of not needing to ALT + TAB to send a message.
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    +1 would like to see OOC be removed in-game but perhaps relocated elsewhere such as a discord channel or introduce a way to toggle twt, ads, ooc? Don't toggle staff announcements so people can still see when they're being summoned by the lords. If OOC were kept in-game have a slow mode over say 30s - 1 minute per new message?
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    Yo!! Hey everyone im Hobzy , Also known as T-BONE & Anthony Perish content creator here for OzzyGaming New on the scene ready to bring in some positive vibes to the community You can find me @ twitch.tv/Hobzy streaming from 5pm-late monday/tuesday/thursday/friday stream some weekends but not all I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you in the future !!! PEACE OUT Hobzy
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    Hey Everyone I have been apart of the OzzyGaming Community since July 2019. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/smokey_aus Twitter: https://twitter.com/Smokey_aus
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    This will need to be a support ticket for this. Regards, Mitty.
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    OzzyGaming FiveM Server Rules These rules are under constant revision and can be changed at any time, While we will attempt to notify players of changes, you are encouraged to regularly check this post. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse, failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment. Last Updated: 20/07/2020 Getting Support & Player Reporting OzzyGamings primary real-time support system is via Helpdesk in TeamSpeak, which can be downloaded here and you can connect to our server via this IP (ts.ozzy.life). Join one of the waiting for support channels and a staff member will speak with you individually when available. When in doubt, this should be your first point of contact and a staff member can direct you in the right direction. If you are in-game you can lodge a support request via the (insert) menu or by typing /report. An admin will endeavour to assist you if one is online and available. For matters that do not require immediate assistance or may require some investigation, players should submit a support ticket on our website here (https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/). For general enquiries or crowd support, the #support channel in our discord (https://discord.gg/ozzygaming) offers very fast responses, additionally asking in-game using Via the /OOC chat for general questions is effective. 1.0 General 1.1: Most Important Rule: Use common sense! 1.2: You must follow any instructions given by a staff member without delay. You may appeal a decision or ban via a support ticket on our website. Getting abusive or aggressive with volunteer staff will not help. 1.3: Toxic, argumentative or otherwise troublemaking behaviour will not be tolerated. Any complaints should be directed to one of our support systems and not publicly including arguing/bickering via in-game text chats. 1.4: Trolling is forbidden. This includes injecting yourself into or interrupting other people’s roleplay situations, spamming your microphone/music, baiting police in a manner considered unrealistic or generally acting childishly. 1.5: Character names must be commonly used, accepted in English and not a play on words. Roleplaying the persona of a famous person is not permitted and staff have full discretion over moderating names. 1.6: Exploiting in-game mechanics/cheating is forbidden, players must report any potential exploits they discover. This includes bypassing stamina by jumping, misuse of job actions for personal gain such as repairing your vehicle during a pursuit, circumventing the AFK kicker or using third party software such as trainers, injectors or crosshair overlays. This includes taking advantage of or not reporting ‘backend errors’ such as being given an incorrect job or item by an admin. 1.7: Players must take responsibility for any vehicles they take out of their garage and ensure they are not left or dumped across the city. If stolen, you should report it to police and if broken down, call a mechanic. 2.0 Roleplay 2.1: Fail roleplay is forbidden. You must act in a realistic, in character manner at all times. 2.1.1: Punishable Examples of Fail Roleplay: - Pulling out a two-handed weapon without being close to your vehicle or container. Bags and bikes cannot contain two-handed weapons. - Using small stunt jumps at high speed or using large stunt jumps in any vehicle. - Not roleplaying damage taken from moderate/serious crashes and continuing as if nothing happened. - Abusing the automatic unrestrain feature which is only to mitigate players being left stranded in the middle of nowhere. You must remain acting restrained while still in roleplay as there is no way to ‘slip handcuffs’. - Using voice chat after being incapacitated. You cannot start talking or yelling, It is only acceptable to act weak/moan and roleplay in that sense. - Using job vehicles for anything other than their intended purpose. - Using unrealistic vehicles (e.g. monster trucks or drag cars) on the streets or in pursuits without adequate roleplay. 2.2: Going “out of character” without an admin present is not permitted. If you are the recipient of poor roleplay or a rule breach, you must finish the roleplay scenario without breaking character and should report the matter after the fact. Threatening staff (or ‘government’) action against a player in roleplay to force them to comply with your wishes is not permitted. 2.3: Metagaming, or using information gained out of roleplay and using it in roleplay is forbidden. 2.3.1: Punishable Examples of Metagaming: - Using information gained from a friend in Discord who is not directly involved in your roleplay. - Toggling player ID’s in-game to ascertain whether someone is an undercover police officer. - Stream Sniping, using a Twitch stream to find the streamer in-game. - Calling for backup via TeamSpeak or Discord while being held at gunpoint without co-transmitting through in-game voice. - Your alternate characters have no knowledge of and can not share information with each other (they are not cousins). Rivalries, grudges and information from other servers also cannot be used in roleplay. 2.4: Powergaming is forbidden. This is when you force your roleplaying narrative on a situation to gain the outcome you desire without giving the other party an opportunity to influence it. 2.4.1: Punishable Examples of Powergaming: - Deciding that you have received fatal injuries when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with emergency services or getting revived. This includes respawning when you have been advised that emergency services are en-route and you have been receiving first aid. - Quickly rejoining a gunfight or situation after a debilitating injury. - Destroying items/assets while being held at gunpoint so that your captors do not make a financial gain. - Killing another person because they witnessed you break the law. - Roleplaying that you have superpowers or impairments that limit roleplay for others. - Knowing and using the limits of server rules to protect yourself in roleplay. - Malicious/Hostile actions against other players for no reasonable benefit, including revenge on police. - Storing/garaging vehicles, items, money or weapons before roleplay has completely finished where another party can no longer access it. 2.5: You must reasonably value your life at all times. This includes cooperating with demands made of you when clearly outnumbered or outgunned where it is unlikely that you would be able to successfully defend yourself. Committing suicide or endangering your life such as jumping off high ledges is also not permitted. 2.6: Terrorism or a real world event roleplay (e.g. COVID-19) is not permitted without prior management approval. Additionally, forced sexual roleplay is not permitted. 3.0 Combat & Hostile Roleplay 3.1: A declaration must be conveyed via voice before engaging in hostile roleplay. When declaring, you must clearly state what reasonable action you want the target player to do accompanied with a threat which could be verbal or implied by pointing a gun. You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the target player to comply. A declaration made to a player applies to each whole group respectively. 3.2: Pointing a lethal gun is considered a hostile action in the view of the victim and their immediate group. An adequate role play reason is required to point a gun at another player and should be accompanied by a declaration. Police pointing a non-lethal taser is not considered a hostile action unless it is fired. 3.3: A hostile situation is considered ”ongoing” at that general location (or an active pursuit) for 5 minutes after the last overt hostile action between the involved parties. If people escape and you find them later elsewhere, a new declaration would be required if reinitiating hostilities were necessary. 3.4: Random Deathmatch (RDM), intentionally trying to harm/kill another person without any prior roleplay or reason is not permitted. 3.5: Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM), intentionally using your vehicle to randomly hit players or mow down multiple people is not permitted. Using your vehicle as a weapon to save your life when threatened is allowed. 3.6: Intentionally stealing or damaging a player's vehicle/items is considered a declaration for the victim to retaliate but not initially for the aggressor. In this case, reasonable force must be used tailored to suit the situation as immediately shooting someone for kicking your car is deemed unreasonable. 3.7: A police pursuit is not considered a hostile activity. A declaration to the police is required to engage in hostility, note that vehicle to vehicle voice chat can be unreliable. If police begin obviously and intentionally ramming you (Pit Maneuvers) you can class this as initiating hostile roleplay. 3.8: Taking hostages is permitted. You must actively and regularly roleplay with the hostage to ensure they are getting a benefit out of the role play and not waste their time. Groups must use voice rather than out of game chats while nearby a hostage. Using friends or willing participants as hostages is not permitted. Hostages can not be forced to withdraw from bank accounts or houses, only their persons and vehicle. 3.9: Stealing from or taking police hostage is not permitted. You may only tie them up or via other roleplay means slow them down to aid your escape. 3.10: Civilian group sizes are to be limited to a maximum of 6 people while involved in hostile roleplay. This limit is increased to 10 if the group is an approved organisation. Multiple groups/orgs cannot team up in the same situation and exceed these group limits. 3.11: Combat logging is not permitted. If you are incapacitated, you must wait to be revived or respawn before disconnecting. You cannot disconnect while actively or recently involved in a roleplay or hostile situation. 3.12: New life rule: If you are incapacitated and respawn you forget all relevant events that lead to your death. Revenge for something that happened in a previous life is not possible. You must not return to the scene of your death for 10 minutes after respawning or until the area is cleared of involved people, whichever is longer. 4.0 Robberies, Raids & Illegal activities 4.1: Fleeca/Large Bank robberies must not be conducted to bait, distract or kill police and must only be commenced with the full intention to finish the robbery and escape. Robberies are not KOS (Kill on Sight) and a level of roleplay must be maintained as per the specific rules below. 4.1.1: Negotiating is the preferred manner of conducting fleeca/large bank robberies. Players are permitted to complete hostile robberies on a ‘sometimes’ basis. If staff deem people to be continually unwilling to negotiate, it is deemed as powergaming. If a hostage is used during a robbery, players must negotiate with police, lying about having a hostage is not permitted. Note: The success rate of escaping is much higher when you negotiate. 4.1.2: Once negotiations have commenced a hostile robbery can no longer randomly begin. Negotiations must be carried out via voice between parties using a designated spokesperson whom cannot be harmed during negotiations. Each party must be fair and willing to budge on demands, you can’t always get what you want. All agreed terms must be duly fulfilled. Negotiations can only end under the following scenarios: - Both parties agree to the terms. (A mutual ‘green light’ is to be confirmed when the escape can begin.) - A hostage is harmed or repeatedly threatened. (If threats, police must first give a warning) - Police willingly breach the reasonable demands of the criminals - Negotiations have stalled. (In this case, a 5-minute timer can be initiated by the police signalling if an agreement is not reached, negotiations are off. Police may then make a tactical attempt to secure the hostage.) 4.1.3: If a group does not wish to negotiate their way out, it can be initiated as a hostile robbery. A hostile robbery is not KOS and requires a level of warning to police. This can be done by firing warning shots in the direction of police and giving a reasonable time for them to react or by shouting a declaration via voice chat, ensuring you are heard. Police must not immediately breach a building unless reasonable attempts to contact the suspects have failed or shots have been fired. 4.1.4: Group members may be on the outside of a robbery location as a ‘getaway driver’ or ‘scout’ only, this does not need to be disclosed. Outsiders may not become hostile with police unless they enter the building within police view or overtly join the hostile group such as getting in a car together. To be clear, outsiders can not join the gunfight or declare on police while across the street, loitering in front of the building etc. The police shall give move on orders to anyone in the vicinity of a robbery and may temporarily detain anyone who fails to comply. 4.1.5: Criminals are permitted a maximum of 2 Motorcycles and police permitted a maximum of 2 Helicopters (Polair) during robberies. 4.1.6: Groups/individuals may conduct a maximum of 1 large bank/union style robbery per day (Fleeca robberies are not limited). If a priority (recent robbery) has been activated, players are not permitted to start a robbery for 45 minutes. If staff request a robbery to be cancelled via chat, it must be abandoned. 4.2: Police are aware of many known drug locations across the map. Police are permitted to enter or raid these locations and, with probable cause search any person or vehicle in that area. 4.2.1: If police are obviously raiding a drug location such as having a large number of police on the scene, placing spike strips and wielding lethal weapons, this can be considered initiating a hostile action. When possible, a declaration/roleplay should be used, value of life rule applies and should be considered before engaging anyone. Police entering a location peacefully including asking questions and requesting to conduct searches is not hostile. 4.2.2: For the sake of clarity, to be considered illegal a person must be in possession of either the raw or finished main drug ingredient (such as leaves). Consumer items or additional ingredients only constitutes circumstantial evidence. 4.3: Scamming or falsely selling/trading guns or other items is permitted, such as running off without fulfilling the deal or using it to rob someone. Scamming is considered hostile and not permitted within safe zones. Scamming the full sale of a vehicle is not permitted. 4.4: Misleading players about the accuracy of mechanical upgrades or number of strikes is permitted when selling vehicles, including within safe zones. Buyers are encouraged to research a vehicle with their mechanic or the police to verify the seller's claims. 5.0 Police, EMS & Jobs 5.1: Police or EMS must be in the appropriate TeamSpeak channel while on duty 5.2: All jobs must follow their protocol, act in a professional manner and be dedicated to actively serving others while shown on-duty. 5.3: A level of corruption in jobs is allowed provided it isn’t considered powergaming, getting caught generally results in punishment, demotion or removal from the faction. Senior Police (CO+) and Police CID cannot be corrupt due to the unfair power and ability to avoid repercussions. 6.0 Map restrictions & locations 6.1: Safe zones are places that offer players an area where they can play without fear of hostility and are marked on the map. 6.1.1: Green (strict) safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started or brought into them. These include most car dealerships and character spawns. 6.1.2: Blue safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started, however, it can be brought in/through that area so long as uninvolved players are not forcibly included in the hostility. These include most police stations and hospitals. 6.2: Fort Zancudo Military Base and the Aircraft Carrier are restricted areas, players are not permitted. 7.0 Finances & Economy 7.1: You must pay any legitimate invoices from businesses as soon as practicable, scamming businesses by failing to pay an invoice is not permitted. Contact a staff member if you wish to dispute an invoice on your account. 7.2: If you have made little or no effort to pay outstanding invoices, fines and continue to amass further debt, you may be issued a warning to cease all criminal roleplay and work towards paying this off. Further failure to pay debts will result in a bankruptcy ruling with a full character wipe and a possible temporary ban. In some instances, the government will seize your vehicles to recover your debts. 7.3: Transferring of assets or money between your multiple characters including the use of a middleman is not permitted. This also includes transferring/using items while not on duty in relevant jobs such as police guns. 7.4: Dumping your inventory items, weapons, cash or vehicles etc. to other players, characters or friends when leaving the server or killing off an old character is not permitted without specific management approval. 7.5: Real World Trading - Selling/Transferring of in-game items/currency for money/goods in the real world is not permitted. Additionally, players are not permitted to trade any premium cars in-game (Including from the donation store, discord boosts or other vehicles not purchased through a dealer). 8.0 FiveM General Guidelines (The guidelines give players an understanding of ‘the spirit of the server’ and how it is meant to be enjoyed. While guidelines are not as strict as rules, continued disregard of these can result in warnings and bans.) 8.1: A working microphone is required when roleplaying with others on the server. You must obtain permission from a manager to not use a microphone given a suitable reason is provided. 8.2: Characters should have a thought-out, defined personality and character traits which are roleplayed when you play as that character. If you plan to roleplay as an old person or another gender, you would need to stick to that persona and act in a realistic way. e.g. an elderly character wouldn’t be able to sprint everywhere or be good in combat. 8.3: You should separate your types of roleplay/activities across multiple characters, one character should not be involved in multiple different ventures at once. For example, an off duty police officer would avoid getting involved in illegal activity as they may face demotion or being fired. 8.4: Interaction with other players should be well thought out. You should endeavour to provide each other with an immersive experience that is enjoyable for all parties and not set out to grief/upset another player or group. Bullying is not permitted. 8.5: A level of confrontation, swearing, slander, or getting worked up in roleplay is allowed if it is in line with your character's persona. Excessive, over the top or unnecessary abuse to particular players is not permitted. Know your audience, friends may laugh and random people may be very offended. If asked to stop you must respect that. 8.6: Interaction with Police: Remember police officers have a duty to enforce the law and you should reasonably comply with their roleplay. Once you have been arrested and have been taken to a police facility, your roleplay transitions from hostile roleplay to an investigative type of roleplay. During this time your friends cannot try to break you out, launching an attack on a police facility is not permitted. Being overly hateful or abusive to the police is not allowed. Occasionally ‘losing’ is part of the roleplay experience, you should expect to periodically receive fines, jail time or repercussions from your criminal activities. Police may at their discretion allow lawyers to come into a police facility, provided they are suitably dressed and add to the roleplay. 8.7: Interaction with EMS: When incapacitated you should roleplay with EMS in a meaningful way and to the best of your ability provide accurate information about your injuries, not downplaying or exaggerating them to suit your needs. EMS is considered a friendly faction that will treat everyone equally regardless of affiliation with professionalism. Killing or interfering with EMS is not permitted unless you have declared for them to leave and they fail to comply. 8.8: Killing another player should be used as a last resort when all other roleplay avenues have been exhausted, setting out with the intent solely to kill is not allowed. If people are cooperative, you should spare their life. 8.9: Crime is a large part of the server. However, career criminals such as characters who continually rob banks/fleeca/players with limited other standard or legal roleplay are not permitted. Your character should engage in a wide range of interpersonal roleplay that builds up character rather than criminal notoriety. The police force has a Criminal Investigations Division who actively look out for organised crime and known criminals. They have access to tools that will aid them in finding criminals and illegal business dealings, as well as punishments and powers approved through management. Hardcore criminals generally avoid interacting with police and you should be mindful of the attention you gain from the police; if you’ve committed a serious crime you should lay low for a while. Repeated criminal activity will likely end up in harsher police punishments and staff attention. 8.10: Conflicts between organisations are expected regarding trades, members or disputed territory. Both conflict and cooperation lead to great roleplay and organisations must find a happy balance between the two. Strong alliances and monopolies stagnate the criminal world and should be avoided. Organisation rules apply at all times. 8.11: Community leaders consist of people who are business owners, organisation leaders or high ranking police/EMS personnel. These people should be a leading source of quality storylines and consistently strong roleplayers that are held to a higher standard. Leaders must dedicate the majority of their FiveM time on the OzzyGaming server and maintain a high level of activity to hold their position
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