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    Hello Everyone, We at Trevor Phillips Enterprises are happy to announce the offial launch of our brand new auction house! The auction house located here on the OzzyGaming forums will be the new way we auction off repossessed vehicles to cashed up new owners. It will become more obvious how it works after the first listings are made. TPE staff will list a vehicle at auction in a forum post which will contain all details about the car along with image where possible. There will be a starting bid posted in the auction ad, as well as a auction close time. Bidding will take place in the forum post comments with the highest bidder at the time the auction finishes deemed the winner of the auction. This is an easy way to score yourself pre-loved luxary and upgraded cars at a fraction of the cost. This should also serve as a warning to make sure any outstanding invoices and fines are all paid up! It will be well worthing logging into the website to check what vehicles are on auction daily. Auctions will typically be posted for a 24 hour period. We look forward to bringing you the first auction very soon. Happy bidding.
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    Hey everyone! Names Wolffee104, i am new to OzzyGaming and pretty new to RP as well. My rp name is Del Meeko, i hope to see more people in the community often and have a great time in the community!
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    I can see Char saving up now to snipe bid Richey lol
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    Boys & Girls Ensure you have the cash to pay this !!
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