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OzzyGaming Community Rules

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OzzyGaming Community Rules
Last Update: 03/07/2022



Community rules are designed to protect our community members from toxicity and harassment. Therefore, we will act if anything not covered in the following rules falls within the criteria mentioned below.


Our team is encouraged to punish any community member whose intention is to breed toxicity or has the intent to have fun at the expense of another community member. However, our team prefers to take a reformative approach, and as long as your intention in the community is to make an honest attempt at playing without breeding toxicity, you will receive support doing that. At the end of the day, we're all here to have fun, not everyone has to be friends. However, it is expected that you treat your peers with basic human decency.

Community Member Conduct

In a nutshell, community members must be respectful to their peers. You do not have to be their friend. However, you must apply basic human decency at all times.


  • Verbal abuse, bullying, harassment, and belittling are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • No anti-social behaviour, harassment or discrimination against race/colour, sexuality, disability, religion, gender is tolerated in this community.
  • Community members must have appropriate names that are not offensive or designed to agitate. This includes on Discord/Teamspeak/Website/Steam/In-game.


Doxxing Policy

OzzyGaming wishes to create a community free from issues of doxxing. We wish to protect our community members from this kind of toxicity above all else to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the community. Due to this, we have employed some harsh verification requirements on our services.


OzzyGaming takes doxxing exceptionally seriously, and anyone found out to be a doxxer through a report or otherwise will be removed from the community without warning.

Doxxing can be defined as sharing/leaking personal information, images, videos, or any information relating to another person without their permission. Doxxing is illegal in all states of Australia and in New Zealand. It is taken seriously by authorities when reported. The following links will assist victims of doxxing as to their options if they have been doxxed:


OzzyGaming will support victims of doxxing and guide them in the direction of where they can report doxxers to the authorities. We can also help preserve any evidence contained in any of our services for victims to use in reports.

OzzyGaming will comply with any requests for information by authorities concerning doxxing, and any information held on someone who has been found to be doxxing will be handed over.

We all enjoy a bit of banter and like to have fun. But you must know your audience and make sure you are not taking anything too far, and make sure to keep all banter to the assigned banter channels. Below are a couple of rules that should be followed at all times.

  • Do not advertise or promote other communities/servers/services within our community. This includes streaming/video channels. However, Content creators may post their channels.
  • Do not share inappropriate images or videos that include pornography or other offensive materials.

Staff Interactions and Punishments
Our team members are handpicked from the community and are players just like you. They are not part-time or full-time paid employees, so please be respectful to them as they are volunteering to help you.

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