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Content Creator Application

  • Community Content Creator status can be granted to any member of the community who streams or uploads videos from OzzyGaming hosted servers. These creators are generally not able to access any significant perks in-game and this role is simply a way to advertise the fact that you are a streamer so people can check out your content. This role can also be granted to any other significant streamer who cannot accept our additional verified requirements. You will have an identifiable role in TeamSpeak + Discord and be able to post in the live_streaming discord, as well as access to a private content creator discord channel.
    Requirements to apply:
    - While streaming append [LIVE] to your name in TeamSpeak (if online)
    - Not bring OzzyGaming into disrepute or talk of the community in a negative light, except where it is constructive feedback or criticism
    - Stream/Upload OzzyGaming content on a regular basis
    - Avoid advertising other FiveM servers while engaging in the OzzyGaming Community
    - Have 1 month experience on the server including multiple streams or videos on the server prior to applying
    - Avoid streaming any dealings with staff such as in helpdesk
    - Maintain good standing in the community and be held to a high standard of following server rules, with no recent warnings or bans on your account

    Verified Content Creator status is reserved for streamers or youtubers with significant channels. As a rough benchmark this would be consistently having above an average of 10 viewers on stream or 100 views per video upload. To be verified, creators must agree to an additional set of OzzyGaming terms in return for access to perks and benefits to assist them in their streams. You will also have access to the "Live on Twitch Now" role in discord which will place you at the top of the memberlist for people to see.
    Additional Requirements for Verified Content Creators:
    - Must use either OzzyGaming in the stream title or use one of the provided logos as an overlay on stream
    - Reinvest any perks back into roleplay/entertainment purposes
    -Make OzzyGaming your exclusive server for FiveM content

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