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Content Creator Application

  • Please select the level you wish to apply for, please read the Content Creator announcement to understand these options.
    Verified content creators are reserved for creators with significant channels and must follow a few extra requirements.

    Please read the full announcement prior to submitting your application.


  • Such as police, EMS, organisations, businesses or just a bit of everything.

  • Please provide the most accurate information. Note this is AVERAGE and not PEAK viewiers. If you do not yet meet the verified requirements, please apply for community creator and you can apply again for verfieid once your channel grows.

  • - Part of the community for at least 1 month including some previous streams or videos from our servers
    - No recent warnings or bans to the best of your knowledge

  • - Must use either “OzzyGaming” in the stream title or use one of the provided logos as an overlay on stream
    - Reinvest any perks back into roleplay/entertainment purposes
    - Make OzzyGaming your exclusive server for FiveM content

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