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Business Ownership Application

The following conditions must be met:

  • As a business owner, you must be in good standing when it comes to rule breaches, you may submit a ticket or ask a member of staff if you or another member is in good standing.
  • All information provided must be in line with our rules and guidelines, failure to do will likely result in your application being denied.

Additional Information:

  • Applications are checked once a month. Business renewals are run bi-monthly (this is when applications are more likely to be considered and approved).
  • Please avoid using large pictures, this makes it much more difficult for Management to read. You may link images to illustrate things such as uniforms, etc.

  • This can be found here. Please do not link your forum profile. Search for your steam name on the site linked prior.

  • E.g. Boss#4693

  • If this is the case, please note that this will significantly lengthen the process of processing as Management would need to source, or create a custom interior to facilitate the request.

  • Please note that inappropriate names will result in your application being denied.

  • Please focus on your character here rather than your business, we're looking for people who can demonstrate that they have their character well thought out and won't just run aimlessly on the server.

    Your backstory must include:

    • Information about your characters early life
    • Information about your character has been up to in the city
    • A small portion of information about job history.

  • Please put emphasis on the business here, be creative!

  • E.g. commission based, weekly payments, etc.

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