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OzzyGaming FiveM Rules

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FiveM Server Rules

These rules are under constant revision and can be changed at any time, While we will attempt to notify players of changes, you are encouraged to regularly check this post. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse, failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment.

Last Updated: 20/11/2023



1. Most Important Rule: Use common sense!

2. You must follow any instructions given by staff straight away. You may appeal a decision or ban via a support ticket on our website.

3. Trolling is not allowed.

4. Exploiting in-game mechanics/cheating is not allowed.

5. All players must roleplay as mature characters.

6. The minimum player age on our FiveM server is (16+).

7. Forced ERP is not allowed.

8. Random Deathmatch (RDM) is not permitted, RDM is attempting to harm/kill another person without any roleplay reason.

9. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is not permitted under any circumstance except to save your life when threatened.

10. Combat logging is not allowed.

11. Police over the rank of Sergeant or in MCD are not allowed to be corrupt, as well as EMS at or over the rank of Senior Paramedic.

12. If your communications are seized during roleplay you are strictly forbidden to call for outside assistance, as well as if you are restrained or knocked out.

13. Terrorism roleplay is not permitted without prior management approval.



14. Fail roleplay is not allowed.

Punishable Examples of Fail Roleplay:

  • Using voice/text chat while dead is only acceptable to act weak/moan and roleplay your injuries.

  • Not fearing for your character's life in any given situation.

  • Refusing to pay invoices.

15. Small stunt jumps (rat strats) are allowed.

16. You must remain in character at all times, including if a player is breaching a rule. Rule breach issues should be reported to staff after the roleplay has finished.



17. Metagaming is not allowed. Information used in roleplay needs to come from a roleplay source.

Punishable Examples of Fail Metagaming:

  • Tracking down a streamer whilst they are actively streaming.

  • Failing to identify a person in roleplay, instead assuming who they are by their voice only, without any prior RP knowledge.

  • Calling for assistance via Teamspeak or Discord and not using in-game radios or phones.

  • The use of information in rp that you have gained from ooc discords.



18. Powergaming is not allowed. This is when you force your roleplay on a situation to gain the outcome you desire without giving the other party an opportunity to roleplay back.

Punishable Examples of Powergaming:

  • Deciding that you have received fatal injuries when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with EMS or getting revived and facing consequences.

  • Storing/garaging vehicles, items, money or weapons before roleplay has completely finished where another party can no longer access it.

  • Destroying items/assets while being held at gunpoint so that your captors do not make a financial gain.

  • Knowing and using the limits of server rules to protect yourself in roleplay.

19. While in a situation, you may not put your vehicle away or pull out a vehicle from a garage. You also can't run into a house or apartment to hide (This includes org compounds). If you do this in a police situation, the police can raid that car/house.

20. You must have successfully evaded the police for 3 minutes before storing the car you evaded in.


Combat & Hostile Roleplay

21. Group sizes in hostile situations are limited to:

  • Civilian - 6

  • Organisations Tier 1 (Crew) - 8

  • Organisations Tier 2/3 (Clan & Syndicate) - 12

22. Declarations must be made prior to hostile roleplay commencing.

Guidelines of Declarations:

  • When declaring, you must explain what actions you want the player to do along with a threat.

  • You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the player to comply.

  • Pointing a lethal gun is considered a hostile action in the view of the victim and their immediate group, act wisely.

  • A roleplay reason is required to point a gun at another player.

  • Police using a stun gun, beanbag shotgun, or pepper spray is not considered a hostile action.

  • A victim of theft/scamming can start hostile actions against the aggressor.

  • You cannot scam the sale of a vehicle, you can lie about what upgrades it has or the number of strikes, it's up to the buyer to RP investigate before buying.

  • Hostile situations are ongoing for 15 minutes after the last hostile action. If players escape a new declaration is required to initiate hostilities.

  • Police pursuits are not hostile declarations.

23. "Kill On Site" (KOS) can only be done in the KOS-restricted zone on Cayo. Organisations that are “Official Tier 1 - 3”, can also have a KOS War. These KOS wars need to follow "Section 5: KOS Wars" in the Organisation rules.


Hostage Situations

24. Hostage-taking is permitted with some exceptions.

Guidelines of Hostage Taking:

  • Police may not be taken hostage but can have their comms devices removed during hostile situations.

  • Hostages may be part of your group, however, if this is discovered by police then assume negotiations are off.

  • Hostage takers must talk/engage with the hostage for the duration of their captivity.

  • Hostages cannot be forced to withdraw items or money from their property/atm/society



25. Robbing players/siege/stores/banks is permitted with some exceptions.

Guidelines for Robbing:

“Robberies must not be used for any purpose other than to complete and escape!!!”

  • Civilian Interactions:
    Robbing players is allowed, however this must be done with an appropriate level of roleplay and have an appropriate roleplay reason.
    Simply saying "hands" is not acceptable.

  • Store/Bank Robberies & Heists:
    - Maximum of 2 vehicles for civilian groups.
    - Maximum of 3 vehicles for organisations.


  • Police:
    - You may not lay siege to police buildings.
    - Police transports are acceptable targets.
    - Diving suits must not be used to evade police.
    - Police facilities may not be sieged.


Whitelisted Clothing

26. Whitelisted clothing are Police/Ems/Job/Org clothing items.

Guidelines for Whitelisted Clothing:

  • You can not wear "whitelisted clothing" items unless you work for those jobs or are a member of that org.

  • Taking organisation clothing is allowed as long as you have a good roleplay reason to do so. You may then use that “stolen org clothing” within the next 2 hours. You can not store the clothing and use it later down the line.


Illegal Areas & Cayo Perico

27. Police are aware of many known illegal locations across the map. Police are permitted to enter or raid these locations and, with probable cause search any person or vehicle in that area.

Guidelines of Cayo Perico:

  • In the area of the airfield and up to the wire, all rules apply.

  • Once over the wire and into the danger zone, all rules requiring declarations are considered void. Refer to (23. KOS above)


Map Restrictions & Safe Zones

28. Safe zones are in most cases coloured zones on the map.

Green Zones:
Green safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started or brought into. These include character spawns and NPC ran car dealerships.

Blue Zones:
Blue safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started, however, they can be brought in, as long as uninvolved players are not forcibly included in the hostility. These include police stations and hospitals.

Restricted Zones:
Fort Zancudo Military Base and the Aircraft Carrier are restricted areas, players are not permitted in these areas.


Finance & Economy

29. Refusing to pay invoices is not allowed. If issued an invoice in error make a support ticket on our website.

Guidelines of Finance & Economy:

  • Transferring assets or money between your multiple characters including the use of a middleman is not permitted. This also includes transferring/using items while not on or on duty in relevant jobs such as police guns.

  • Dumping your inventory items, weapons, cash, vehicles, etc is not allowed.

  • Giving items to other players, characters, or friends when leaving the server or killing off an old character is not permitted without specific management approval.

  • Real World Trading - Selling/transferring of in-game items/currency for money/goods in the real world is not permitted.

  • Players are not permitted to trade any “premium cars” in-game, (Including from the donation store, discord boosts, cars won in events, or other vehicles not purchased through a car dealer).


30. Job vehicles cannot be used in hostile situations, they are for rp purposes or to complete the job.


Getting Support & Player Reporting

OzzyGaming's primary, real-time support system is via Helpdesk in TeamSpeak, which can be downloaded here and you can connect to our server via this IP (ts.ozzy.life). Join one of the waiting for support channels and a staff member will speak with you individually when available. When in doubt, this should be your first point of contact and a staff member can direct you in the right direction.

If you are in-game you can lodge a support request via the (insert) menu or by typing /report. An admin will endeavor to assist you if one is online and available.

For matters that do not require immediate assistance or may require some investigation, players should submit a support ticket on our website here (https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/).

For general questions/support, the #support channel in our discord (https://discord.gg/ozzygaming) offers very fast responses.

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  • Executive

Changelog 13/07/2018


- Section 1.6 (Job Vehicles)

- Section 2.6 (New Life Rule)

- Section 5.3 (Weapons)

These rules are in effect as of 5:30 PM AEST 13/07/2018

Edited by Guest
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  • Executive

Changelog 15/07/2018


- Section 1.6 (Job Vehicles)

- Section 3.4 (Vehicle Deathmatch)

- Section 2.1 (Criminal Activities and Hostage Situations)

These rules are in effect as of 3:30 PM AEST 15/07/2018

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  • Executive

Changelog 28/10/2018

General Overhaul of the rules including a few additions/deletions/modifications.

Please re-read the whole document!

These rules are in effect as of 7:00 PM AEST 28/10/2018

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Changelog 03/03/2019


1.14 Subsequent Rule Breaches: Ban Code Reference: [O]
In any case where a rule has been breached during a situation, you are not permitted to breach the same or other rules. An admin should be contacted during or after the situation, furthermore no player is permitted to deem a situation 'out of roleplay' due to a rule breach.

2.8 Invoice Evasion: Ban Code Reference: [Rp]
Players are required to pay as soon as practicable any legitimate invoices they are given. Attempting to scam businesses etc. by simply not paying an invoice is not permitted. Contact an admin if you wish to dispute an invoice on your account.

These rules are in effect as of Now

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  • Executive

Changelog 13/06/2018


- Section 2.1.1 (Bannable examples)

- Section 3.3 (Robberies)

- Section 3.4 (Hostages)

These rules are in effect as of 7:25PM AEST 13/06/2019

Edited by KrazE
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  • Executive

Changelog 07/06/2020

Whole Ruleset overhauled. Full re-read required.

- Seperate announcement posted for details.

These rules are in effect as of 00:01 AM AEST 07/06/2020

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  • Executive

Changelog 19/07/2020


- 1.7 Removed reference to staff crushing as server features have now removed this situation.

- 3.10 Specify that multiple groups cannot team up in the same situation and exceed group limits.

- 4.0 Changed multiple wordings around Store robberies now being named Fleeca robberies.


- 7.5 Real World Trading - Selling/Transferring of in-game items/currency for money/goods in the real world is not permitted. Additionally, players are not permitted to trade any premium cars in-game (Including from the donation store, discord boosts or other vehicles not purchased through a dealer).

These rules are in effect as of 12:00AM AEST 20/07/2020

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  • Executive

Changelog 21/10/2020


- 4.1.7 Robbing/Searching players: All items found within a players inventory are visible and can be taken. E.g. If a two handed weapon is found in a players inventory, this may be taken from them regardless of whether it has been used recently, or is near the car/container they claim to store it in.

These rules are in effect as of 7:40PM AEST 21/10/2020

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  • Executive

Changelog 26/11/2020


- 2.3.1: Added further examples of metagaming
- 2
.3.1: Distinguished between different types of metagaming
- 2.7: Added a new rule concerning communications and GPS.

These rules are in effect as of 12:00AM AEST 26/11/2020

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  • Executive

Changelog 01/07/2021


- The entirety of section 4.1 (Bank robberies) has been completely changed - Please re-read entire section


- Added 2.3.1 "Using a players voice to ascertain their identity despite a disguise being used" Under metagaming examples
- Added 5.3: EMS are not permitted to act corrupt while on duty.
- Added 1.8: All players must present themselves and roleplay as mature adults (18+) at all times. Additionally, the minimum player age on our FiveM server is (16+)

These rules are in effect as of the 2:00AM AEST 02/07/2021 Server Restart

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