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  1. Hi Josh, I appreciate your enthusiasm. The second server is just a trial for the moment as we explore it’s effects on the economy as well as other factors. We are doing some development behind the scenes to ensure the second server has a positive effect all round. We have no firm times/queue requirements when we launch server 2. Once we have got enough information from the trial period, we will likely run the server on a more regular basis.
  2. At this stage, we have no firm schedule or requirements. We are having some issues getting a significant presence of police on server 2 which is having some negative effects on the economy. Such as people using server 2 for farming easy drug runs. Our rough plans are to run it on Friday & Saturday nights or for events, being the busiest nights of the week to kind of ensures server 2 is close to full with a police presence. we may announce more specifics soon.
  3. Hey Kaz, As far as I’m aware this is already the case? We set up a second group of emergency services channels before it went live.
  4. Howdy All, As the title states, we have launched a second FiveM server which is available now for you all to enjoy rather than spend your weekend in the pesky queue! You can join by searching OzzyGaming on the browser, otherwise using the direct connect information below: We will be trialling this second server and monitoring its effects on the database as well as any issues, concerns and and general acceptance by the community. At this stage, we plan to run the second server only during peak times/days when the queue to server 1 starts to grow. This will ensure that the situation of people being easily able to do drug runs etc. on one server without any consequences is avoided. The two servers are fully linked, so you should be able to seamlessly play between both and all your progress/changes will cary over. We strongly encourage Police/EMS to spread yourselves between both servers equally as much as possible. We know there will be a general desire to all be on server 1, but we think you will be able to have more fun with slightly fewers cops on each server rather than everyone overfilling one server. At this stage the spread of jobs/services between servers will be entirely left to the players to balance, but this is something we could potentially look to administrate if issues arise. We know this is something a lot of you have been asking for and we hope this is something we can rollout on a more permenant basis as I know the queue has gotten a bit out of control in recent weeks and months. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know below.
  5. I agree, especially in the case of a good truck that you’ve just finished using.
  6. Changelog 19/07/2020 Amendment: - 1.7 Removed reference to staff crushing as server features have now removed this situation. - 3.10 Specify that multiple groups cannot team up in the same situation and exceed group limits. - 4.0 Changed multiple wordings around Store robberies now being named Fleeca robberies. Addition: - 7.5 Real World Trading - Selling/Transferring of in-game items/currency for money/goods in the real world is not permitted. Additionally, players are not permitted to trade any premium cars in-game (Including from the donation store, discord boosts or other vehicles not purchased through a dealer). These rules are in effect as of 12:00AM AEST 20/07/2020
  7. Hi Thomas, Awesome backstory, I appreciate your effort! I hope you find some fun in the server ,its pretty easy/fast to meet people if you just start exporing the island and even applying for a position in one of the businesses. Hopefully after a few days in you'll be hooked haha. If you need any help feel free to ask away in #support in our discord server to get answers fastest, otherwise there are a variety of guides available on the forums here. Have a great time!
  8. Zaydan

    Hey newbie here

    Hey Man, welcome to the community! Discord is really helpful for a support/questions So I'd highly recommend joinging us there and asking any questions you had.
  9. @MAMAGOOCHI’m not aware of what that involves, but if you DM me on discord we can discuss it
  10. Thanks for being a part of the community @Tipsy Can't wait to see your streams!
  11. Thanks for being part of the community. Good luck with your streams my man! Shitpost as requested.
  12. Howdy All, We are excited to announce a refreshed program of recognising and supporting content creators (Twitch Streamers) within the OzzyGaming community. We know that people love watching their favourite online creators just as much as actually playing the games themselves, which is why it is important we support those who strive to entertain others. This program offers content creators exposure and recognition within the community as well as potential access to perks that will improve the experience of their viewers. We will now support 2 levels of content creators; Community Content Creators & Verified Content Creators which I will explain below. Community Content Creator status can be granted to any member of the community who streams or uploads videos from OzzyGaming hosted servers. These creators are generally not able to access any significant perks in-game and this role is simply a way to advertise the fact that you are a streamer so people can check out your content. This role can also be granted to any other significant streamer who cannot accept our additional verified requirements. You will have an identifiable role in TeamSpeak + Discord and be able to post in the “#live_streaming” discord, as well as access to a private content creator discord channel. Requirements to apply: - While streaming append “[LIVE]” to your name in TeamSpeak (if online) - Not bring OzzyGaming into disrepute or talk of the community in a negative light, except where it is constructive feedback or criticism - Stream/Upload OzzyGaming content on a regular basis - Avoid advertising other FiveM servers while engaging in the OzzyGaming Community - Have 1 month experience on the server including multiple streams or videos on the server prior to applying - Avoid streaming any dealings with staff such as in helpdesk - Maintain good standing in the community and be held to a high standard of following server rules, with no recent warnings or bans on your account Verified Content Creator status is reserved for streamers or youtubers with significant channels. As a rough benchmark this would be consistently having above an average of 10 viewers on stream or 100 views per video upload. To be verified, creators must agree to an additional set of OzzyGaming terms in return for access to perks and benefits to assist them in their streams. You will also have access to the "Live on Twitch Now" role in discord which will place you at the top of the memberlist for people to see. Additional Requirements for Verified Content Creators: - Must use either “OzzyGaming” in the stream title or use one of the provided logos as an overlay on stream - Reinvest any perks back into roleplay/entertainment purposes - Make OzzyGaming your exclusive server for FiveM content The Perks verified content creators receive are to be negotiated with server management and are issued on an individual case by case basis, you are not guaranteed any specific perks. OzzyGaming management have full discretion over perks and they may be stopped or withdrawn at any time for any reason. Types of possible perks include: - Access to streamer priority in queue - FiveM cash to reduce grind time in front of audience - Free or discounted subscriptions for yourselves or giveaways on stream - Development/Organisation of events - Access to vehicles - Other perks as discussed individually Applications are now open here and will be reviewed by a member of management as soon as possible. We kindly ask any current content creators to re-apply to confirm acceptance of the updated terms. As community manager, I will be the main contact for content creators (@Zaydan) so please send me a DM here on the website or via discord (proffered) if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing your streams! - Zaydan OzzyGaming Community Manager/Executive Additional T&Cs OzzyGaming does not enter into any formal agreements with content creators nor enter into any official partnerships. This program is aimed at being mutually beneficial exposure for the community as a whole and the individual content creators. Creators are under no obligation to compliment OzzyGaming or advertise any donation/subscription packages and are advised to provide their audience with a factual, unbiased commentary of the server. By applying to be a verified or community content creator, you agree to our conditions as stated above. OzzyGaming Management have full discretion over adding or removing members from the content creator role for any reason at any time. Any discussions regarding content creator perks are to be kept confidential.
  13. Changelog 07/06/2020 Whole Ruleset overhauled. Full re-read required. - Seperate announcement posted for details. These rules are in effect as of 00:01 AM AEST 07/06/2020
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