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  1. As a bias generally only police player, I would vote for police only. As I support the police having a combat advantage as a means to reduce a players inclination to shootout with police and potentially improve roleplay. I like the idea of no one having them because it is fair for all and makes a shootout harder for everyone, drawing it out and giving time for an emergency services response, rather than just click dead. Although I worry about the small minority who will attempt to use a 3rd party crosshair and then have an unfair advantage over everyone. The only thing I support about all players having crosshairs is that it removes the unfair advantage form those players who cheat.
  2. Well it would appear you are right and the way it is written in the “rules” in contrary to what I have said above. (Albeit one tiny snippet of my whole reply). Our rules certainly used to be that as it is logical in avoiding killing. I’ll follow up with other managers for their opinion on RDM and see if a rule adjustment is necessary. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Though part of the guidelines is as follows which I would say relates to my point. But it appears to have been moved from the rules section. Killing another player should be used as a last resort when all other roleplay avenues have been exhausted. You should be mindful of the notoriety and reputational damage that killing another player causes for your character.
  3. @Frankie C You said you understood and agreed with most of my first reply but have continued to reply to others in contrary of what I said. I could quote and pick apart various things been said on here, but I’m not trying to provoke further arguing on the topic. I just wanted to give insight on some areas of the server/administration you might not fully understand or may not have thought about. I may repeat my original reply in some cases for clarity. Regarding Helpdesk/Staff/Conflict resolution No staff member is perfect, the rules are not perfect although they are refined. If you ever have an issue with a staff members decision, it can be escalated and appealed. Though, there are ways to go about this... If you get mad and argumentative with a staff member on their decision and complain about them and their handling in an aggressive way, you probably won’t get far. If you calmly ask for another staff members opinion, submit an appeal ticket or message any subsequent staff on discord; saying what happened, why you think you’re in the right etc. you will get listened to. On your point of staff bias and picking on particular players, appeals once again limit this. This could be viewed very similar to the court system, generally speaking and decision can be appealed by a more senior or authoritative body. Through lack of experience, a decision or ruling may not have been the best one. Take the time it takes, stay calm and escalate. Personally, I love this stuff, interpreting rules and situations etc. DM me in discoed and I will follow up any situation in this area with a nice big written explanation/precedent with an executive stamp on the bottom of it. Regarding getting robbed all the time Drugs are inherently risky, hence the reward. Most players including the ones who robbed you understand this and travel in groups. I would say it is uncommon to do drug runs solo, especially in peak times. Most solo players would be much more timid during the runs. If players/vehicles started showing up, get in your car ASAP and run, this is what I would do. Failing that, you accept the heightened risk of multiple other players around you also engaged in illegal activity. Players involved in these illegal runs are much likely to be more armed and ‘mean’ then who you would run into at the quarry. If 3 guys doing weed roll up on a solo dude halfway through the run, they are probably going to jump him. As a solo player you should expect that and have a heightened awareness and ability to flee. You seem like the guy who chooses fight over flight whenever possible, which is self-destructive. Running is always an option. If you choose to linger next to 3 guys with guns in the middle of nowhere on a drug run, a reasonable person would not rely on their combat ability. It really comes down to picking 4 options: - Get some friends - Be willing to run - Choose a different career, or; - Be willing to get robbed sometimes Regarding always being killed/hostile RP There are well refined rules about RDM. You mention anyone that robs you will always kill you. This cannot be the case. Hostilities, robberies etc require a declaration. In simple terms a declaration should be request, timeframe, consequence. Such as “you’ve got 10 seconds to surrender or you will be shot”. If you comply to all reasonable demands within a reasonable timeframe, you cannot be killed under server rules. Killing witnesses is not accepted in helpdesk. If you get killed by someone after complying, you are eligible for compensation and they are liable to admin action. On this note, a common response to this is “it happens all the time and the admins don’t do anything”. Meaning if it happens to you, you don’t bother reporting it. But news for you, if you report it, something will happen. You also in response to Molotov seem to justify your roleplay style by saying hostileRP is RP. Yes it is, but hostile RP is just a nice term for combat. If anything, hostile RP is the build up, the negotiations, the situation, once guns start firing, it’s no longer role play, it is combat. Despite you ‘role playing’ as some John wick character due to your extensive experience and skills, winning a gunfight is not at all a sign of your role play ability. Try to talk/negotiate “Fellas, fellas, we’ve all got guns and there’s no need to get this out of control, here’s say I give you half my weed calmly and there’s no need for anything else to happen”. I’m not saying this would work 100% of the time, but at least you’re trying. Regarding businesses/staff corruption/“Lamborghinis” I can’t speak for individual situations or businesses as I don’t really follow but I can speak on some core gameplay/bureaucracy/server direction. Your point about you only see certain people (business owners) driving around in Lamborghini’s... PERFECT! This is exactly what we try to achieve. We want classes, we want progression, rich and poor, something to aspire to. If everyone has a Lamborghini, no one is special. I learned that from Sid in the incredibles. https://youtu.be/fmSO2cz2ozQ Business owners are logically the top of the pyramid. Everyone wants to own a business, not everyone can. Furthermore, business owners are logically the people most committed and invested in the server, this group of people often enjoy being staff in the community. Historically you will find most people get into senior roles of the police, ems, businesses or the community first and then apply to be staff as it is the logical next step. All businesses are dynamic and require a lot of background work and development. Management get pitched a lot of business ideas but we can’t just try everything. It’s a lot of effort for developers to set up for someone without server loyalty/notability/credibility. So when someone who has only been here 3 months has a great business idea, we hesitate because There’s a real chance they won’t be here in another 3 months. Similarly we understand we only have limited business spaces in the server and as such we hold them to a high standard and are not scared of having them shut down. If galaxy was sloppy and got caught/shut down by the police, I’m sure another business will pickup the slack. If a business becomes more popular/profitable, it will incur additional attention and scrutiny. Closing businesses/changing management allow new people/businesses to filter through and the best will prevail. I see this as a good thing. I can’t guarantee no staff members have prejudice against some people, school teachers have students they don’t like, that is unavoidable. But again through escalation and appeals it is manageable and should mean it should not effect your treatment in the long run. Regarding server events A lot of people have a misconception that all events are or need to be hostile. In most cases everyone enjoys shooting and combat, so events are designed to have a fun, controlled way to release that. Convoys, VIPs etc. do this. There are plenty of fun/RP server events to. Scavenger hunts and hide and seek, drag and street races races, car releases just to name a few. Some of the most memorable are also player run events and I applaud them for their roleplay. In recent months I’ve been to a funeral and a wedding which were both run very well. Finally touching on FearRP/rules one last time. Through all of your responses, it’s clear to me you want to always fight and think you will always win. This is why I said originally that I didn’t think you breached role play rules in your actual situation you were here to complain about and I would not have punished you on that situation alone. But if it’s an on-going attitude or a repetitive situation you seem to be in then that attitude needs to be adjusted. Administrative action is our standard way to address this. As such I would expect that you have learned from that situation and this discussion and would be hesitant to continue being so fearless and macho. The rules are imperfect and rather than a step by step guide on how to play, they represent an attitude players should have. We could write the fear RP rule to be, if 3 or more players take on a solo player, they must comply. But then the game becomes a cookie cutter where you count how many people you see and you can understand what can and can’t happen, it’s boring and not in the spirit of the game. The rules are purposely vague and interpretive in a lot of cases to ensure situation are not occurring in a cookie cutter format. We don’t want situations/roleplay to occur around a set of rules, we want the rules to align with what the majority of people justify as being logical. With some rules obviously needing to be specific/obscure in the case of server individuality.
  4. I could be a little out of touch here, but from my understanding and my opinion... We have avoided a Fear RP rule per se on FiveM and dating back to Altis life, it is a rule often associated with Garrys Mod where combat is much more arcade-ish and unrealistic. GTA and Arma allow a more realistic combat/weapon system, therefore A fear RP rule is not really required. We therefore change from it being about realism to being about role play, ‘reasonably valuing your life’. There are some situations where it could reasonable to get the jump on 1 or maybe 2 people with guns pointed at you if they’re distracted, you have a gun drawn etc. But in a situation where you are clearly outgunned that you must comply or its a rule breach. Of course everyone would rather fight to keep their stuff or die tryin’ (as 50cent would say), so we make a rule to RP valuing your life in those situations. I would note that any help desk situation is dealt with by a fair staff members opinion and experience, using the rules as reference. I can’t speak for your demeanour, warning history or handling of the situation and the same for the other party. One staff member may have a opinion different of another’s, there isn’t right or wrong as long as both interpretations are within the rules. This is why we have appeals and escalation protocols for players. Typically posting about Bans/situations like this is a good way to get any such appeal rejected. My personal opinion of the situation is that given you had a gun out already and picked your moment to strike with the two robbers cross firing each other, that you fighting back is within the rules. I don’t see a big issue with it as a one off. I would say since you generally won the fight that it was reasonable to defend yourself without the certainty of dying. (Though winning does not always mean you valued you life) Its a fine line for staff though because we need to enforce some level of valuing your life and not just let every robbery turn into a death match. I’d say unfortunately that people always report this stuff when they are themselves killed but often will not even think about it if they kill the person. Despite The alleged backstabbing, motive and rewards or there lack-of, I would say some of your points in the colourful rant are perplexingly hypocritical. You complain about lack of role play, if anything this guy has talked and role played with you for a good length of time to the point of gaining trust and letting your guard down to rob you. Rather than just straight up KOS style robberies. On the same note of role play and you saying robbing not being worth it, you in-turn could have role played out the robbery and would have probably lost less if you complied and survived. anyway, my 2 cents
  5. I am the true community manager

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    Ozzy Rewards Draw!

    To be eligible: You must be a member of our steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/OzzyGamingCommunity You must be a member of our forums with at least 3 posts https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/ You must be a member of the discord You must not have any recent bans You must have played FiveM in the last 2 weeks. If you haven't already signed up for those, please do. Players will be drawn at random from our FiveM database
  7. As long as your misses is there then I'm in
  8. G’day OzzyGamers, It’s time we gave you another update from the Executive team. Time absolutely fly’s by when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Give me the stats, GIVE ME THE STATS! Well what do you know, we’re almost at 4,000 members on the forums and over triple the number of discord members this time last year, woo! We’ve surpassed 14,000 unique FiveM accounts. Squad’s seen a healthy increase to over 4,000+ unique players in just the last three months. It also has had a noted increase in its staff team, seeding the server almost every night. (Pat on the back Molotov, you finally did it) Enough of the boring stuff, what’s next? Well, great question. As always, our idea for this community was to be just that, a community. We set OzzyGaming up so it could support multiple games and be a host for some great memories. Over the past year, we have hosted several games, most of which have come and gone as pop-up servers. We continue to look for new games and servers to host to give you a bigger portfolio of games for your enjoyment. We always accept suggestions for new games to run, so if you have some feel free to make a post on the forums. New game, old game or something we’ve offered before but you feel could make a big come back - let us know. New games or just suggestions in general, drop them here for consideration: OzzyGaming Suggestions Speaking of, I’ve seen some new developer tags on discord. Tell me more Silver! Oh, I’m glad you asked. We’ve recently been approached by some very enthusiastic players that are keen to help expand our community. They are developing a selection of new games and servers for you guys to play on. As of today, we have a Rust, Ark and Garry’s Mod server in development. Information about these servers is still to come, so stay tuned and watch out for the arrival of their discord announcement channels! Community Coordinator? What’s that? As you may have seen, we have made an expression of interest form for those that may be interested in becoming ae community coordinator. We are also looking for someone to help manage this upcoming branch of the OzzyGaming team. This team will be entirely community focused and will be separated from the administrative duties of any of our gaming servers. Designed to boost our community engagement, we are looking for someone who is consistently engaged with the people in our community, diligent enough to manage a team of people, has a passion for OzzyGaming, can take the initiative and can think outside the box. I came here for FiveM, now tell me about it!! FiveM has undergone some serious changes since the last community update. We were boasting a couple of 32 slot servers and the joys of One Sync were only a distant dream. Currently sitting at a 100-slot server with well over 14,000 unique players, we’re happy with how far we have come. Thanks to everyone that has helped get us here! Developers, staff, community members and you - our players! You’re all apart of this, and for that we thank you all! With development for our FiveM server steaming away thanks to our very own @Boss and @Caldweldwith help from @Ryan King and our newest additions to the team: @Snipes-Murphy and @Delexical. We are working towards some nice performance goals presently. (I’m sure you’ve noticed the extra FPS while playing the server) Once we are happy with those, we can burst full steam ahead into the possibilities of the future. So, watch this space for some development updates to come. If developing for FiveM sounds like a bit of you, I encourage you to fill out a developer application on the forums. Developers would need to be committed, able to demonstrate their skills, show they are able to self-teach and have strong initiative. Thank you! A huge thank you to everyone that has helped us get to where we are now. OzzyGaming wouldn’t be the same without you (for better or worse - you know who you are) We appreciate the laughs, memes and late-night cards against humanity games. A very special thank you to our dedicated staff team, volunteering their own time to make OzzyGaming a fun and enjoyable player experience. A big thanks to all the donators that keep OzzyGaming running! (she really isn’t cheap) You’re a great community and we can’t wait to see what we all do together next. Reminders: If you have an issue with a Staff member, please submit a ticket (selecting 'Report a Team Member') these are only visible to the Management team (Executives and Managers) - we take these issues very seriously as it directly impacts the reputation of the server and staff team. Just note that we don't remove staff member for minor infractions like calling someone a name when frustrated just like normal helpdesk. Punishments match the severity of the infraction - factoring in the position of trust and authority that staff are in and hence are held to a higher standard. However, do not pick a fight with the staff member in public channels - this makes you look like the problem and will result in swift action taken against you. Our staff are empowered to preserve the integrity of the server and the enjoyment of all - this includes removing recurring problematic players from the server. Just another reminder that our staff are all volunteers, including the Executive team. This does not mean that 'anything goes' for staff (Staff are bound by staff rules in addition to normal server rules) but this does mean some measure of respect and politeness should be extended to our team. People who just gratuitously abuse and insult our staff for doing their duties will not be tolerated. Regards, Silverback On behalf of the Executive team.
  9. Welcome to the community!!
  10. Zaydan

    Hey guys

    Hey mate! Glad to see you around Nice to have another firefighter to add to the ranks (There are a few of us here) Make yourself at home, get cozy and have fun! Just don't trash the place Have a chat to any of our staff on teamspeak or on discord if there is anything you want help with
  11. Zaydan

    Gumball 3000

    Approved! Have a chat to the Events Team to finalize
  12. Hi Felix, Anything like this should be directed to support tickets or helpdesk. You can make a ticket by clicking on this link or by visiting our teamspeak at ts.ozzy.life and jumping into one of the need assistance rooms at the top. Post is now locked.
  13. Results have been drawn for April 1st place: @DoPLer 2nd Place: @Isa_Fisher 3rd Place: @Mike "Milko" Lowe 1st place was re-drawn 3 times as the first 2 people had insufficient post count on the website and the third person had a recent ban. Please DM to claim your rewards.
  14. Hi Belki,

    You were drawn first place in OzzyGaming Rewards, however unfortunately you only have 2 posts on the forums when you needed a minimum of 3. This means you are unfortunately ineligible and as such it was re-drawn

    Sorry about that! Try and get your post count up for next month. :D

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