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  1. G'day Gamers Yesterday was an awesome day to be part of the OzzyGaming Community. Before I get to the numbers, I just want to say a couple things. First of all, thank you to every single person who contributed to the fundraiser. We understand given the times we are living in and the age of a lot of our members, not everyone can afford to donate to charity and that's totally fine! But nonetheless everyone got involved in one way or another across the whole community in the form of events, discussion and general awareness and that is really what counts. So thank you to everyone! S
  2. G'day Gamers I'm excited to announce the charity we will be supporting for the OzzyGaming Charity Fundraiser for 2020 as chosen by you will be Headspace! You couldn't have selected a better charity in support of World Mental Health Day today the 10th October. Poll results below. The donations are Now Live! You can purchase the FiveM vehicle here for $15 via the webstore. You can also donate any extra cash you wish towards our $3000 donation goal. (This donation box is visible on most web pages across the site) we recommend donating directly to headspace if you wish to mak
  3. G'day Gamers! Today we are excited to announce a new initiative that we hope many of our OzzyGaming community members can get involved with to help make a big difference in our world. This will be the first of a hopefully annual initiative run by the community to raise money for an important and relevant charity of the communities choice. Many small contributions together can make a big difference to peoples lives and we want to use our reach and large user-base here at OzzyGaming to help achieve this. To encourage donations and to reward our member's generosity, we will provide play
  4. Welcome to the community my friend, I'm sure you'll fit right in
  5. Welcome to the community man. Appreciate ya carrying cash.
  6. Welcome to the community brother!
  7. Hi @zyphx You'll need to lodge a support ticket to resolve this issue. A administrator will be more than happy to take a look at your evidence and help you as much as mossible.
  8. Hi Josh, I appreciate your enthusiasm. The second server is just a trial for the moment as we explore it’s effects on the economy as well as other factors. We are doing some development behind the scenes to ensure the second server has a positive effect all round. We have no firm times/queue requirements when we launch server 2. Once we have got enough information from the trial period, we will likely run the server on a more regular basis.
  9. At this stage, we have no firm schedule or requirements. We are having some issues getting a significant presence of police on server 2 which is having some negative effects on the economy. Such as people using server 2 for farming easy drug runs. Our rough plans are to run it on Friday & Saturday nights or for events, being the busiest nights of the week to kind of ensures server 2 is close to full with a police presence. we may announce more specifics soon.
  10. Hey Kaz, As far as I’m aware this is already the case? We set up a second group of emergency services channels before it went live.
  11. Howdy All, As the title states, we have launched a second FiveM server which is available now for you all to enjoy rather than spend your weekend in the pesky queue! You can join by searching OzzyGaming on the browser, otherwise using the direct connect information below: We will be trialling this second server and monitoring its effects on the database as well as any issues, concerns and and general acceptance by the community. At this stage, we plan to run the second server only during peak times/days when the queue to server 1 starts to grow. This will en
  12. I agree, especially in the case of a good truck that you’ve just finished using.
  13. Changelog 19/07/2020 Amendment: - 1.7 Removed reference to staff crushing as server features have now removed this situation. - 3.10 Specify that multiple groups cannot team up in the same situation and exceed group limits. - 4.0 Changed multiple wordings around Store robberies now being named Fleeca robberies. Addition: - 7.5 Real World Trading - Selling/Transferring of in-game items/currency for money/goods in the real world is not permitted. Additionally, players are not permitted to trade any premium cars in-game (Including from the donation store, discor
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