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  1. Welcome Max! I too have watched many of Jeff's videos. I've been a big LSPDFR fan from way back through GTA IV. I hope you'll find OzzyGaming a fun and serious RP environment, similar to what you see in those videos!
  2. On behalf of the server team, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU. Over the last few days, we have hit our monthly donation goal of $731! This comes amongst our release of a new donation rewards system, mainly surrounding our FiveM servers. It was great to see so much support from the community in such a short period of time. FiveM EULA policy states that servers are allowed to accept donations and offer incentives in order to cover server costs. However, there is a strict policy that communities are not to make a profit from FiveM in any way. We are not here to be greedy capitalists and as such, we are now required to stop accepting donations for June. Donations and rewards will be available again from 01 July 2018. We have received valuable feedback over the past week regarding our donation rewards system and will endeavour to update this going forward. First and foremost, running a gaming community is not cheap and we do need donations to stay afloat. However, we are all gamers and understand the frustration of potentially pay-2-win monetisation models. Our recent subscription and reward perks were released fairly quickly and it may be necessary to review and change some values going forward. It's a constant battle of rewards needing to be a good incentive and rewards being too overpowered. We will continue to find a balance and are happy to hear suggestions as to what you guys want. With approximately 30 subscriptions, almost all platinum over the past week, we have really seen the popularity of this service. Thank you to all those generous players who have become subscribers this month! The executive team will be reviewing and releasing an updated donation policy and rewards system for July over the coming weeks. If you have any constructive ideas, feel free to reply here or contact one of us directly in Discord. Thanks again! - Zaydan Community Manager
  3. Welcome Pyro, that's great to hear! I'm a survival and battlefield fan myself. Can I ask who you saw on YouTube? We'd love to give them some acknowledgement
  4. Regarding recent comments. We are going to be updating our donation system to try and streamline the process which will allow automated delivery of some perks as well as reduce the required time to find a staff member and tell them what you want. This should also answer a few more FAQs as part of a new donations policy. It is a hard topic. For those who may remember, Storm announced he would be wiping all previous donations and start fresh when he briefly took over the community. Like most, I was quite angry as this prospect and made that known. At this point, it is important to remember that we are more or less a brand new community. A new URL, completely new ownership, different games etc. I personally donated to the level of about $250 back when Altis Life was around when I was relatively new about 3 years ago. Today, where is that money? Nowhere, it was spent years ago. While OzzyGaming is now more than ever a community, not just a business with one owner trying to make money. So it is completely fair to say that you have donated to the community, which we are all appreciative of. However, in terms of server upkeep and our ability to expand, we do need funding. We don't want to appear to be gauging veteran members and we don't want to upset anyone who has previously given their cold hard earned cash before. For me personally, I would so I generally got my money's worth of my donation. We think that in general, moving to a subscription model is the most simplistic and beneficial approach we can take. TeamSpeak channels for example, we can have people that spent $30 5 years ago still demanding to have an extra channel added to the server. If we kept every single donator channel indefinitely, it would be an unreasonable list. Subscriptions allow us to actively monitor, add and remove old channels. So regarding this, within the next few weeks, we expect the start discontinuing some historical donator perks. We want to reward legitimise the players who are willing to support us today in OzzyGaming 2018. Also remembering that it is within our requirements that we cannot make a personal profit from the server. We plan on keeping a TeamSpeak group for hisotrical donators. It is important to note that now and it always has been the case that giving money to the server is a volunary donations and we are not obliged t ogive you anything in return and reserve the right to change, add or cancel any perks at any time for better or worse. This is in the works. As part of our new web-donation system, this will be an automated process. Similar to other services like PSN or XBL, we will be offering discounts on 3 and 6 month subscriptions. However, month to month subscriptions would not typically be reduced. The new system does allow us to give out free coupons as prizes etc. as well as putting things on sale. For instance, we could make other rewards such as cash or vehicles 10% off for subscribers. But in general, we aim to reward and credit as much as possible people that continually stay subscribed. This is all early days, we will almost certainly add extra subscriber perks in the future. Potentially have rewards for 'subscribed for 3 continuous months' etc. Once we start to reach that point, we will be able to determine more. It does become tricky. We don't want to deceive anyone, including the community or the FiveM policies. Obviously, we want to make our monthly goal as high as possible in order to maximise donations. But we can only do this to a realistic level, if we start having lots of money left over, we have then breached policy and we would be at risk of being shut down. It isn't like Arma where you get a cease and desist either, FiveM owns the launcher and will simply stop registering your server on the browser. Current policy is that when we hit the goal, we stop accepting money for the month. Paypal fee's, potentially. They are quite significant, this is possibly something we can look into by boosting our goal by a flat 10% etc to cover this money that you pay and the community doesn't receive. Paying developers... While we would love that and be a great incentive for more, regular and good work, it doesn't really sound allowable. Paying staff, means that staff member is making a profit. Regardless if that person has spent hours and hours to get that money.
  5. Players who were able to sign up to a subscription would obviously automatically add to the goal each month. In other words, they would have first place to donate. So it would not be possible that a subscriber lost their benefits after subscribing. To be clear, as a subscriber, you get all those perks for 1 calendar month, you could choose to subscribe and cancel the next day, we would just then reset your donator status a month later. So hypothetically if 35 people subscribed at $20/mo ($700/mo), we would then have to cap donations until someone stopped subscribing. We could not accept any purchases or new subscriptions in that time otherwise it would be in breach of FiveM policies.

  7. LIkE iF DElacEy aSKeD yOU 2 LyK tHIs wITHoUt rEAdiNg iT fIRSt.
  8. This, is the notch. Embrace it.
  9. Join the #NotchArmy my brother. It's the way of the future. (Or wait ~5 more months for the "iPhone X2")
  10. Welcome! I love the show. You were great in it!
  11. What do you mean tainted? Realistically, OzzyGaming Altis life has a proud and respectful history in the long-term. We were number 1 for a very long time. For example, relaunching an Altis Life server under the OzzyGaming brand would be much more successful over a new random server in the short-medium time. There are many examples of this flopping in Oceania with vanilla Altis Life, many of which 'defected' from Ozzy to start one.