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  1. Results have been drawn for April 1st place: @DoPLer 2nd Place: @Isa_Fisher 3rd Place: @Mike "Milko" Lowe 1st place was re-drawn 3 times as the first 2 people had insufficient post count on the website and the third person had a recent ban. Please DM to claim your rewards.
  2. Hi Belki,

    You were drawn first place in OzzyGaming Rewards, however unfortunately you only have 2 posts on the forums when you needed a minimum of 3. This means you are unfortunately ineligible and as such it was re-drawn

    Sorry about that! Try and get your post count up for next month. :D

  3. Hi Duffy,

    You were drawn first place in OzzyGaming Rewards, however unfortunately you only have 2 posts on the forums when you needed a minimum of 3. This means you are unfortunately ineligible and as such it was re-drawn

    Sorry about that! Try and get your post count up for next month. :D

  4. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/OzzyGamingCommunity
  5. Welcome to our reality.
  6. We added the lighting proportion of it, but not the texture/rendering overhaul.
  7. Yes, A lot of people use Natural Vision I believe. https://forum.fivem.net/t/mod-pack-install-naturalvision-on-fivem-download-pack/40596 But I prefer the all natural approach personally
  8. @Caldweld was the one who took it upon himself to fix the PD car handling x Zaydan uses (Deflects hate) It was super effective.
  9. OzzyGaming FiveM Changelog Current Version: 2.2.1 Date: 16/03/2019 All 3 FiveM servers have now been updated to V2.2.1 We hope you'll enjoy our recent work and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, otherwise, if you have any bugs to be squished, let us know! ------- Added: - Checking for solo instanced players (Currently disabled for further testing) - Additional logging. Exploiters will be caught much easier. Changed: - ELS patterns and controls overhauled. - Warning/Info signs should now work. Toggle using '7', the pattern is off by default. - Individual lights can be toggled using 'Y' (Secondary), 'U' (Warning) and 'L' (Primary). - Lighting patterns can be changed again using '6' and '8'. - The takedown spotlights have been moved to '4' to avoid conflict with engine controls. - Turned back on some of the lights on vehicles that had been disabled. Some issues may occur, please report any bugs. - Police Impound function only accessible by Sergeants and above - Adjusted a few menus wording and format - Updated staff perms to latest team members - A couple vehicles handling has been adjusted, including the Chiron. Removed: Fixed: - Missing safe zone markers should now be back in. - Lilys Automotive issues should be resolved and be fully functional. - Issues with /me being visible above all players. (Still appears to be having issues)
  10. OzzyGaming FiveM Changelog Current Version:2.2 Date:09/03/2019 All 3 FiveM servers have now been updated to V2.2. We hope you'll enjoy our recent work and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, otherwise, if you have any bugs to be squished, let us know! ------- Added: - Filled out the donor packs cars using a lot of vanilla cars that have been released in recent GTA:O updates that we did not yet have in the server. There is now an even spread across car pack 1-4. Subscribe today and buy them from one of the dealerships. - New Player dealership "Lily's Automotive", operated by the lemon party and situated just south of the Sandy Shores airfield. - After a mad sesh of all ozzy adventures, you can now head to a carwash to rinse off the hard days work. - A chain of Tattoo parlours have popped up across San Andreas. - Weazel News has been able to purchase a brand new van and helicopter to match their new office. - The scoreboard now finally shows which server you are on for you forgettable folk. The scoreboard is now also suited to larger screen resolutions. - Extra ATMs around the map, including the casino with a brand new animation. - Brand new impound and crushing system. Police now have the option to tow away your vehicle (delete) or impound it. The first impound is 12 hours, the second is 3 days and the third impound is a permanent crush. This applied 'per vehicle'. Currently there is no risk to lose vehicles and as people begin filling up their garages, there needs to be a way to lose things. We think this is a good solution and will continue to monitor how the police use it. - Civilians can now buy flashlights thanks to China finally accepting the manufacturing contract. - New animations for umbrella (/umb) and a briefcase (/bag) - Vehicle commands are now back, indicators and hazards are toggleable using the arrow keys and the engine is toggled with '='. - A new food shop has been added in Paleto Bay, opposite the police station - You can now get plastic surgery on your face at the hospital, since a couple of you really needed that. - A few new map items including an overhaul to the Vanilla Unicorn - You can now fall over by pressing '=' - Is that your cousin? A third character slot has been added Changed: - CNC / Los Santos Customs has been rebranded and moved to South of the Sandy Shores airfield and is now known as Sandy Shores Auto Repairs (SSA) - Brand new, unified UI across all the server menus etc. Matching the theme of our loading screen and scoreboard. All menus should now be displayed in the bottom left to remain consistent across the server - Cruise Control is now "Speed Limiter" and is used by pressed "x" to enable and "shift + x" to disable. The previous cruise control was very buggy and we believe the speed limiter is a much better solution. - Loading screen has been changed so it now cycles through random backgrounds as well as adding an extra song to try and keep it fresh. We are happy to take submissions of new loading screen backgrounds or songs. - Safezones overhauled. Police stations are now blue, the airport is no longer a massive blue zone and is instead one small green zone around the character switch. - Armoury changes for police. - Added labels to the wallet to assist new players understanding what each value is. - Some EMS vehicle textures and handling has been modified. - "Free Property" was confusing some people, so now they are "For Sale". - CAD hotkey is now F11. - Mechanic blips are no longer so damn big. - Death tax has been reduced for police - Civilians can now enter the police IAA building Removed: - A bunch of useless ELS patterns that made the list way too big. - A few old map markers that were no longer current. - Custom LSC building as the former owner has moved out. Fixed: - Police/EMS lights are now much brighter and visible. - Spelling mistake on SRT territory. - Multiple mod options and handling of existing modded vehicles. - Alcohol now costs money for businesses. - Hopefully the required number of cops for robberies etc. should be working as intended. - GSR tests are now back in. However, we have removed the ability to clean yourself in water to reduce lag. - Some errors regarding being dead and getting revived -- This list is not exhaustive but I hope everyone can appreciate the work that has gone into this quality of life update. We have tried as best we could to listen to your suggestions and biggest bug complaints and hopefully the server is freshened up and remains fun. Thanks a lot for the support and we really hope you enjoy 2.2!
  11. Changelog 03/03/2019 Added: 1.14 Subsequent Rule Breaches: Ban Code Reference: [O] In any case where a rule has been breached during a situation, you are not permitted to breach the same or other rules. An admin should be contacted during or after the situation, furthermore no player is permitted to deem a situation ‘out of roleplay’ due to a rule breach. 2.8 Invoice Evasion: Ban Code Reference: [Rp] Players are required to pay as soon as practicable any legitimate invoices they are given. Attempting to scam businesses etc. by simply not paying an invoice is not permitted. Contact an admin if you wish to dispute an invoice on your account. These rules are in effect as of Now
  12. Congratulations to Police Commissioner Elect @JJFromTheWest Thank you to all of those who attended the press conference. RIP to our fallen.
  13. G'day Gamers, I present to you our Final Election for our FiveM Police Commissioner 2019. I would again like to thank all 8 candidates from the preliminary vote as the community cut this list down to just 3. There were a lot of surprises from that vote and there was plenty of support for all candidates. Again, we encourage all these members to strive to get into senior police positions so that their popular opinions and ideas can have a larger voice. The result of this election will be final and the winner will be promoted immediately to the rank of Police Commissioner. Ideally, we would like to see a majority vote (>50%) for a particular candidate, but this may not be possible with 3 options. Therefore, the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be deemed the winner, regardless of whether they attain the absolute majority. Rules of this election: - This vote will be open for approximately 24 hours and close at 21:00 09/02/2019 AEDT. - All members of the community, including candidates, are permitted to vote. - Members are able to vote for only 1 person. Attempts to damage the integrity of the vote, including multiple forum accounts will be monitored and punished. - Voting results are hidden during the election to protect its integrity. For transparency, final results will be published post-election. - Candidates are permitted to drop out at any time and all cast votes for that candidate will be void. - Votes are non-preferential or transferable. Only raw votes per candidate count towards the final result. - Server Management reserves the right to deem any candidate ineligible for the election at any time and all cast votes for that candidate will be void. - The candidate with the highest number of votes at the end of the election will be deemed the winner and be immediately assigned the rank of Police Commissioner. - In the unlikely event of a tie, server management will consult with all candidates to find a resolution. Guidelines for the prospective new Commissioner: - All candidates have been briefed on the expectations of server management regarding the role. - Generally, there will be limitations on making large sweeping changes to the current structure, people and protocol within the police in the short term. - Adjustments to the structure and small changes to the ranking of the police leadership team will be permitted with some oversight from server management. - Decisions within the police currently are and will remain a democratic process between senior members. The Police Commissioner is not a 'dictator' role and is much more of a figurehead with a slightly larger say in decisions. Ultimately the role of Commissioner is about having one accountable person for the conduct and operation of the entire police force. - Server Management will generally limit their involvement with police matters and leave it for their administration team to handle. However, we may investigate/intervene based on community complaints and/or sizeable changes in game direction. List of candidates: Below are names of the 3 candidates in this final election. I had asked each of them to provide a Bio/Statement, which is listed below their name and may be used by community members to assist their choice of commissioner. Explorer JJFromTheWest Ralph Thank you again to all that have applied and good luck to all candidates. We look forward to a new and refreshed era of police leadership. Feel free to discuss your support in the comments and candidates are welcome to update their 'election campaigns'. A reminder that 'Smear campaigns' and general negativity/hate towards any candidate is not acceptable. Kind Regards, Zaydan
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