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  1. so im saying the police seem to go around and book everyone for everything and do this whole double demerit point double fine bullshit and they can make more money for there pocket on others hard work witch means for one thing i have to spend about an hour on wines to make the money and moneys already hard to make, the issue is also a hilux can go ducking 300ish and catch a high performance hyper car such as a zentorno. this is a RP server and i feel the polices intense speeds in a factory non modified vehicle doing like 200-300 is not realistic maybe highway doing 200 is but follow some IRL rules like if its getting to dangerous call off pantsuit or set up interception points, some realistic police would be right like sending a guy to jail for 40 months for trying to represent a man as a lawyer because you denied him access to his client is the best part of police brutality