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  3. @Ryan King can answer that one, I'm sure he would love to tell you how many of us told him not to do it. Anyway, back to 120 now. Sanity has prevailed.
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  5. This is great!! After it being out for a bit over a week it has noticeably made a difference from what I've seen.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the OzzyGaming community! Any questions feel free to ask and hopefully you enjoy yourself
  7. TobyDaSlayer


    Btw, im TobyDaSlayer, casually will jump on from time to time.
  8. First of all, Welcome to OzzyGaming. We hope you enjoy your time . Second, There are many ways on how to start illegal jobs. The best way is to find out in RolePlay. Hop into the server and chat with people. Just pick and choose the people though, you don't want to ask the wrong person. Most people will not tell you over the public discord or forums because finding out in RP is the best way and the right way. So I encourage you to hop into the server ask around and ultimately have fun.
  9. I love these changes, was good reading the rule list again after 6 months or so.
  10. just wondering how to start illegal jobs as i am new to the server i am loving it tho
  11. Very HAPPY, was well overdue. Keep up the good work !!
  12. Please reread my post, no one is permanently on final warning.
  13. Does this mean someone like me who was permad without any previous warnings or bans is now considered permanently on final warning? to be fair i still believe my ban was unjust but its been sorted and im on probation.
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  15. now would be a good time to read up on the server rules
  16. Hey guys, Just saw that the server increased to 100 slots. Great to see a result already. Shows management is listening!
  17. Will be very interesting to see how this unfolds.
  18. New punishment process and requirements for staff These take effect today (22/03/20) as of this post being made. It has come to Management’s attention that we have some recurring issues with players on the server. To address this, we are issuing the following instructions to our staff. This is predominately for our FiveM server but applies in principle to all our services. We have seen a small section of the community which have pages of warnings and far too many temporary bans, we do not appreciate people who keep flaunting the system so this is aimed to address this. We would rather have 50 solid players than 100 legion square trolls. - All staff must refer to the bans and warnings of players before a decision on punishment is made - this has always been the case but we will be scrutinising this closely. - All bans will now escalate in duration and they will not be shorter than the longest recent ban. - ‘Recent ban’ and ‘recent warning’ will now apply to all within 3 months. Bans will only be issued with the following durations: 6 hours (Minimum - first ban) 12 hours 1 day 3 days 1 week (Minimum - second ban) 2 weeks 1 month (Minimum - third ban) 3 months Permanent - A maximum of 3 temporary bans will be placed (within 3 months) before the player is considered on ‘final warning’. - Players on final warning will now extend to any player with a recent ban of a month or longer. - Any player who breaches a final warning will receive a permanent ban. - Temporary bans are to be a minimum of double the last recent ban. - All permanent bans appeals must have manager+ approval to reduce to temporary. - Minor breaches will result in a warning, a second warning may be granted in exceptionally minor infractions - instead of a third warning a ban will be issued. - All warnings/bans will be considered universal to an account (i.e. they are no longer rule dependent) - Ban appeals of low quality or effort will now be automatically denied - no further information or questions are required. - Three consecutive failed ban appeals will result in a forum ban (no further appeals) unless specifically instructed otherwise by a manager+. Finally, any variation to the above must be authorised by a manager+ and this will be added to the player’s notes for future reference. This may seem an overly harsh line by the staff team but there are plenty of opportunities for players to improve before facing significant punishments. We will also be using this as an opportunity to crack down on the quality of roleplay (not to be confused with requiring hardcore roleplay - we do not require hyper-realism). We have decided to release this information for the community and not just our staff team in an effort to smooth the transition - and not put the onus solely on our staff team. You may now consider yourself forewarned. This should encourage those of you who do silly things because you are 'bored' to behave with the other players around you in mind; you are ruining their roleplay and that isn't acceptable. We are still a welcoming community for newcomers but a certain minimum level of respect for others and our server needs to be maintained. We will also be introducing a few more initiatives to try and improve the experience for new players without negatively effecting the more experienced players. Further information to come soon on that. Regards, Molotov On behalf of the OzzyGaming Management team.
  19. Hello everyone, If you find any further issues, please make sure to let a member of staff know, we'll do our best to fix them asap. Added: Exit teleports for each showroom in case you get stuck. Fixed: /shuff. White text for the police CAD is now blue. /me is a lot less buggy. Spawning near pillbox will now divert you to a safe landing location (to avoid spawning in tunnels). Red clothing circles now do not have an absurd access radius. Instant respawn timer. Police command /bk. Weapon pull animation. Door locks now work as intended. Proximity sound. Teleport circles. Toggle engine hotkey Disabled: Engine hotkey. This was causing issues with players initially entering their vehicle.
  20. Hello PandaKazii, We evaluate our servers slots progressively. The dedicated server which the FiveM server operates on has plenty of available hardware capacity for a much greater number of slots. The question is really around framework stability and server enjoyment/experience for players. We do not increase slots on the release of major new updates (like today) as we already have to troubleshoot any issues introduced. But it is presently under review and will be for a while to be sure the new update has been successful. We are mindful of the experience of players, if performance is negatively affected or too many people are present then the experience as a whole degrades. Even the seemingly mundane issues like more slots requires more staff. We have added and will be adding more staff regardless to improve our coverage and distribute the workload better. At a fundamental level: we would always prefer 85 players having a solid and enjoyable player experience rather than push to say 150 that sucks for everyone online. The slot limit is used to maintain server health in a number of ways and isn't as simple as just whether we could get that many people logged in. We continue to review this in the coming weeks. Regards, Molotov.
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