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  4. Ragnar Rage - Character Back-story 

    The legend of Ragnar began and was forged in the scrapyards. From a young age Ragnar was never the type to conform to a standard life, from as young as he was able to grip a tool, Ragnar could always be found in his family business’ scrapyard mechanic and towing shop, discovering how things worked, fit together - not only did this never fail to intrigue but he was beyond good at it, a prodigy. At the age of 8 was already working in the shop, restoring and repairing cars and bikes. By the time he was 14, he dropped out of school to support his family business and support his family. His interest in cars, building, fixing and flipping never diminished. At 18 he expanded the business to open a used car wing excelling in sales too. Things changed when he turned 19. The business had grown successful and Ragnar wanted to apply his skills elsewhere and upon reminiscing on his fathers combat medals, he enlisted at his local Defense force corp and trained to become a combat engineer, which for his skills, was an easy feat. Ragnar not only sharpened his skills on military vehicles, but grew skilfull in combat, and quickly proved himself in conflict. Just like his father. Ragnar not only found purpose here, but people who he quickly shared interest in cars and bikes. He met Caesar Rage, who after the incidents described in his past, formed the Black Spades. He now had his brothers in arms who he could be himself with. After finishing his tours and going back to his hometown, although he loved the family shop, it just wasn't scaled for his ambitions anymore. He moved cities to get in contact with Caesar and officially joined the spades shortly after their formation. Opening a new chapter in his life, he opened a club-run business with his brothers in arms. The rest is history. Ragnar will always support and be a core member of the club. Upon Caeser’s request for the club to return to its original roots and start a chapter. He has now dedicated his life to the growth and prosperity of this chapter alongside looking to enjoy his roots and bring his excellent mechanic and sales skills to the city.

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  6. Shapesy's Lawyer Application Application ID #10798 Submitted on 08/12/22 at 11:09:35 AM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info JUMBA#0626 ---------------------- Character Name Jah Salvator ---------------------- Link to your OzzyGaming player profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198202051376/ ---------------------- How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server? 600 ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Lawyer is? I personally think being a lawyer is like being a person of knowledge that helps others when they don
  7. Hello Everyone, Here's your chance to influence the next release of donor/charity Vehicles. Go ahead and voice your opinion. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK
  8. they have been open for a while, pretty sure they close today, fill this out (https://tinyurl.com/ogpfb6) and then after that report to MRPD
  9. Hey everyone! I'm Serenity Love and I use to play GTA V a lot.. like.. a lot.. years ago, lol. But life happens and I've been gone for a while but I am back and back in game. I'm still learning of all the changes that have happened since the time I've been gone as things that were just starting to be developed are now in full effect! As well as tons of other new options that I am seeung in the game! Huge kudos to Bendacat, a good old buddy ;), for sending me off with Ralph (only know him by his player name) yesterday to help me get started and acquainted within the new world. There's
  10. We know that people love watching their favorite online creators just as much as actually playing the games themselves, which is why it is important we support those who strive to entertain others. This program offers content creators exposure and recognition within the community as well as potential access to perks that will improve the experience of their viewers. We offer 2 levels of content creators; Community Content Creators & Verified Content Creators below you will find requirements about becoming a content creator and what each level offers. __________________________________
  11. Pending/Interview Dear Mr/Ms Bolton, Thank you for showing interest in becoming a lawyer, currently your application is in a pending status and we require your presence for an interview, please contact an LS Legal Manager+ to set an interview time and date. Good Luck, LS Legal Management Team
  12. Accepted Congratulations Mr Goodman, You have been accepted as a lawyer with LS legal, please contact a Junior Partner+ for training and introduction. Well Done, LS Legal Management Team.
  13. Anitide's Lawyer Application Application ID #10769 Submitted on 07/24/22 at 01:19:29 PM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Anitide#0011 ---------------------- Character Name Ivy Bolton ---------------------- Link to your OzzyGaming player profile https://fivem.ozzy.life/player/11000010610ec27 ---------------------- How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server? 992 ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Lawyer is? The interpretation of the Law and all of its rules and guidelines right down to the letter can sometimes be a
  14. Need to join TeamSpeak? Download Teamspeak here: https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ Then follow this guide: https://i.imgur.com/D3GTDC2.gif It is preferential to have your nickname set to either: - Your Steam name - Your current character name
  15. Hi their I’m trying to get onto teamspeak for the help desk can anyone help me please
  16. Crosshair Settings. As most of you know crosshairs have been added to the server and alot of people dont know how to change the size. So here is how to do so. Step1: Press Your F8 Muscle Step2: Type: profile_reticulesize (size) Step3: Aim Your Gun. Example: profile_reticulesize 3 And here are some recommended sizes. profile_reticulesize 4 profile_reticulesize 2 profile_reticulesize -1 profile_reticulesize -2
  17. Would actually be a good implementation. Nothing of major importance with this addition but I personally would find it pretty handy in certain instances where my bike is trapped or stuck.
  18. Finn.

    Finn.'s Court Booking

    Dear Mr. Pawar, We questioned the prosecution team’s efforts as the booking had been sitting for over a week, if the case at hand was so simple, it should have been quite easy to reply to as you have done so after a week, not waiting for a judge to inform you of such. In addition, there have been previous court bookings which you have responded to within a couple of days. If you have the ample evidence in which you claim, then it wouldn’t be hard for it to be entered into discovery as per normal court procedure if we do proceed, we believe you do not have the evidence to prove it wa
  19. The plaintiff questions the prosecutions teams efforts and integrity which is highly unprofessional, the prosecution team always conducts itself to the highest standard. The case at hand is simple, the vehicle was striked under previous ownership therefore all liability rests with the plaintiff and not the defence. We have ample evidence which shows the vehicle was striked when under the ownership of the prior owner. Because of this the pd requests that the case be dismissed immediately. The claims by the plaintiff are nil founded and have no evidence to support them what so ever.
  20. You can't go far on a bmx in life 😁
  21. You're not the only one with this problem. I'm clearing cookies - that helps.
  22. Pokitren

    Hi all!

    Hi all! I'm new here, as you can see. Shortly about myself: I do sports (see my avatar), I like to play computer games I hope I like it here and I won't bother you too much. P.S. Let me know if I post in the wrong thread
  23. Pending/Interview Dear Mr/Ms Goodman, Thank you for showing interest in becoming a lawyer, currently your application is in a pending status and we require your presence for an interview, please contact an LS Legal Manager+ to set an interview time and date. Good Luck, LS Legal Management Team.
  24. Mark Frit's Lawyer Application Application ID #10695 Submitted on 06/19/22 at 01:45:13 PM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Fritterman#7497 ---------------------- Character Name Paul Goodman ---------------------- Link to your OzzyGaming player profile https://fivem.ozzy.life/player/110000113da182e ---------------------- How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server? 746 ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Lawyer is? To defend the rights of guilty or not guilty suspects whos rights may be being abused or breached and
  25. Finn.

    Finn.'s Court Booking

    Dear Mr. Pawar, @Killercroc The vehicle in question was purchased by my client before the strike date, how could a strike (the only one) be given to a previous owner. The PD is in fact liable because the strike was given after my client purchased the vehicle and when he was in possession of the vehicle itself. In addition, given the fact that my client was not notified of a strike on his vehicle or on his own criminal record, he had no reason and no need to check if his vehicle had been striked or not. Furthermore, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution when handing out a veh
  26. Dear Mr Madgwick. I have alerted the NSWPD Prosecution department of your court booking, I expect them to be in touch in the coming day or two. If you have not heard from anyone within 48 hours of this notice, please contact me and I will move things along for you and your client. Regards Oswald Goose AFP COMMANDER NSW Interim Judge
  27. Hello, The vehicle in question was striked 2 years ago under a previous owner. The PD is in no case liable for your client purchasing a vehicle that had an existing strike. It is pure negligence by the plaintiff to go two full years not knowing there was a strike on his vehicle, hence the NSWPF request the case be immediately dismissed. Regards, Police Prosecutor Assistant Commissioner Jake Pawar New South Wales police force
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