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  4. gaffney666's Judge Application Application ID #9791 Submitted on 08/03/21 at 08:31:41 AM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info siddysloth gaffney20#5477 ---------------------- Character Name geoff shaw ---------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) n ---------------------- Why do you wish to become a Judge? i would like to become a judge as i have a brother in the rapid repo business i would like to become a judge and give people a fair case ---------------------- What do you think the role of a Judge is? to interpret how a law applies to a particul
  5. DonPTron

    Yo hey

    Yo whats up new to the server rp name Donald Peterson planning on streaming a bit to my twitch donptron
  6. This court case has now concluded. It can be moved.
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  8. Hi CrowlezTV, Welcome to our community! Make sure you have thought out a good in depth back story for you character, this helps you when you starting meeting people as you can provide some details about your life (rp) and give your character some substance. Get around the local businesses is a great way to meet people, and learn about our "city" If you have any questions about rules or advise feel free to utilize our helpdesk system in teamspeak, as staff, we are here to help.
  9. Due to some confusion relating to the matter of the case being civil or criminal. I have granted a 24 hour extension to the case. The case will now be heard on the 28/7/2021 at 2000 (Server Time). The case will be heard as a criminal case. If the case goes against the PD, I will then hear any civil claims for compensation against the PD.
  10. Thank you for your time all. This matter has been settled out of court. The matter is now closed.
  11. @Penthrox I believe that @Curescan confirm for you that the NSWPF is settling this matter out of court with Mr Langley and this trial will no longer be required.
  12. Hello, The court system is there to ensure that all citizens can receive an unbiased overview of a situation they believe they are wrong done by. This is not considered a waste of time or a mockery of justice as this is exactly what the court system is for. The court case will continue at the set time above. Thank you Judge Pierce
  13. Court Date and Time set for 29th July 2021 (Tuesday) at 1900 (7pm Server Time).
  14. there should be an option to buy a sub that is above platnium??

  15. Mitty

    Z3R0's Court Booking

    Hi, Based off the information provided by the officer and the own statement given in the booking. I don't see how this can be contested in anyway. However if they wish to make a mockery of Justice and waste time we can see this. Regards, Assistant Commissioner M. King
  16. hank you for taking the time to submit an application. I am pleased to inform you that your application has been... ACCEPTED Please speak to a law council member about getting your appropriate introduction and training before commencing duties. You can easily seek out a Judge by joining Teamspeak (ts.ozzy.life) and joining the District Courtroom.
  17. Hey brother welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay. In regards to any tips and help all I can say is just explore, get to meet new people, build a character through RP and excel, good luck.
  18. I will need to speak to officers on scene before I can provide more information on this. Regards, Assistant Commissioner Mitty.
  19. Mitty

    Z3R0's Court Booking

    Hi, I will speak to the arresting officer to get more information. However to poke holes in there argument. "If Peaceful Attempts were made" This is vague and bad line. Officers aiming there service weapons if they feel the need to do so safety. Clearly the Plaintiff "Josh Hunter" was armed with an illegal weapon so officers needed to act in a manner that protected themselves and others in the area. " If a peaceful attempt were made, I would have come quietly, instead of due to the police actions and me fearing for my life." To highlight he is admitted here that he resisted arre
  20. Hey try this 1) Close FiveM, clear your Cache 2) Close Steam Completely, and restart it. 3) Open FiveM AFTER steam has launched and signed in. 4) Try connect to the server or use Direct connect - hit F8 and type Connect If this does not work make a support ticket. All the best, Vandelay.
  21. The server will no allow me to join, it keeps saying my request has been rejected and that something is wrong with my steam account, i've tried joining for a couple of weeks now.
  22. gday everyone. My name is CrowlezTV aka Ben Doverman. i am new to the gta5 rp life and this is the first server i have played. any tips, help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Court Date and Time set for 27th July 2021 (Tuesday) at 2000 (8pm Server Time). @[email protected]@Narutaku
  24. Hello NSW PF, Can a police prosecutor please respond to this case. @[email protected]
  25. Hello NSW PF, Can a police prosecutor please respond to this case. @[email protected]
  26. To Whom it may concern, Please find a statement from the NSWPF regarding this appeal attached letter
  27. Hello, The DOJ sees your request for a retrial. Based on the claims made in the appeal, I will forward to the Chief Justice. @PandaKaziiI bring this to your attention. Please allow time for Justice Freeman to reply. Thank you Judge Chris Pierce
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