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  2. iv been a part of the ozzgaming for a about four months now and i have not seen any gangs. i think this would be a great roleplay and im really interested in joining if there is a gang already. if not lets start one!! would be awesome if we could have a house or appartments in the hood as well. is anyone else interested in being a gang member?
  3. Hi, just confirming my Fishers Premium Motors job application has been sent.

    Kind regards.

  4. Hi, just confirming I have submitted job application for Fisher's Premium Motors.

    Kind regards.

  5. Try for a guardian, they're not very common around due to the price which is a little bit out of budget for you, put they can carry 180kgs and go offroad. Also not really much of an incentive if you're on your own but it can carry 6 people. The price last time I checked was 1.8 mil but since nobody is looking for them anymore you might be able to snag one if they're being sold at the dealership for less. It might require a bit of haggling to do.
  6. The trailhawk is a very fast vehicle once upgraded and can carry about 50 kgs
  7. Yesterday
  8. Queue Skip didn't work for me on server 1
  9. boots are incredible buggy atm lost atleast 400 cannabis over the weekend to it, its just been disappearing
  10. any reimbursement for paychecks not working?
  11. Last week
  12. holy shit RALPH welcome back my nick ger
  13. cocaine and salary bug installed on server 1
  14. he maybe talking about the one where the inventory deletes itself
  15. So trunk inventory bug still hasnt been fixed ? can we get a timeframe when that would happen please
  16. Awesome update, love the new Bank UI, also can't wait to do some Indian Taxi Driving again
  17. Gruppe 6 employees can now go for the taxi job.
  18. Did you remove bahama mamas? Because I don't see it listed here in the removed section.
  19. G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Please Note: These patch notes will include hotfixes from version 3.3.0. Added: Brand new ATM UI. Transfer funds to another player is now available through the ATM. Teleporters to the Aircraft carrier for people who load vehicles slowly and get teleported back. This is logged, so do not abuse it or you will be held accountable. Subscriber priority in the queue. A few new business owner logs. Support through fivem.ozzy.life for subscribers to change their in-game vehicle plates. Modified: Taxi job is now an un-whitelisted job. Highway vehicles re-enabled. Fixed: Deleting characters (killing off character). Various issues with character switching. Issue with apartments not being able to be sold/rentals removed. Optimized: Various back-end resources. Removed: Gruppe 6.
  20. Having a whitelisted server would be awesome but I guess the worry is more that the serious people will all collect in the whitelisted servers and the newbies will be stick with people that just RDM and failRP. This would then discourage the new people from the community.
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