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  3. Welcome mate, hope you have a good time on Ozzy. Got any questions just ask (y)
  4. Welcome to OzzyGaming, Look forward to Roleplaying with you.
  5. Hello everyone, New to RP, just installed FiveM and seeing as I’m in Perth I reckoned I’d try an Aussie server. I just had time to go through some basics before the missus came home so I’ll get stuck in tomoz! Cheers, Reinier
  6. You have nice hair.
    I saw it yesterday, and thought to myself, dam that guy has great hair.

    The sort of hair that glistens in the sun light. The sort of glistening that draws a crowd of onlookers.
    Those onlookers would take videos and photos on smart phones and start a viral sensation of the boy who had hair.
    Beautiful hair. Like a girl. A beautiful lady girl.

    Faggot :)


  7. Last week
  8. Congratulations on your win Mr West. I look forward to seeing great things in the Police Force in the not so distant, and distant futures.
  9.  --Steam Name-- YouWishxD

    --Teamspeak Name-- YouWishxD   

    --InGame Name -- Tyrone Butler

    --How Long Have You Been Apart Of The Community?-- 40+ Hours

    --What's your age-- 18

    --(Ingame) have you been employed at any other businesses-- No

    --Write a short description on what you think Gruppe 6 does (In your own words)-- Security for banks, Crowd + Media control, Bodyguard + Hired Security

    --Do you have any previous experience that may help you as a Gruppe 6 Employee-- Yes before signing up was hired for security for a casino event

    --Why would  you like to join Gruppe 6 and what do you think you could bring to the company-- Wanna help the community, hard working, will protect a civilian at all cost and not let anything interfere with the job assigned.

    --Do You Understand we are not Police we are a private security company-- Yes.

    --Do you understand all decisions on your employment are final. Harassing our staff about our decision will result in all future applications being denied-- Yea 101%

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  11. Great guy even better cop hella hard RPer and my Dad

  12. Hi there

    To become a police officer, you need to apply on the forums under the 'Forms' tab, then 'FiveM', 'Police Application' (pictured). Be sure to have enough civilian experience first as it will likely better prepare you for the job and increases your chances of being asked to sit an interview. Then just wait back on a response regarding your application and you will be asked to sit an interview in TS if successful. You will also likely be told to familiarise yourself with some documentation regarding the Police's duties on OzzyGaming. I think notable documents may include: OzzyGaming laws (not rules but laws enforced by police) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LKnR9H899coefZLC7rUM1xcKvgtsnp4qt-beewhyb20/edit Police Uniform Code - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KWCJsoCFNkvkbCV_kyjFOVNGgWj0MXei-xdQV7yw2Qc/edit#slide=id.g4edcf4a783_0_5 Police Protocol - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VNq7i-Q9-Z1y9mNwIYACzrU-kAE_JMrDcwUENndyaho/edit Hope this helps and best of luck
  13. Hi there

    Thanks heap for your help. What if i choose to become a police officer? Hows that work?
  14. Read your Legal system post.


    Zipties, Blindfolds and Gags ;)


    I like your mindset mate :)


  15. Im a little late but nevertheless, Welcome mate. Also in game by pressing the 'Z' key a useful menu will open up where you an view rules, controls, fines etc.
  16. Hi there

    Do drugs (weed specifically) by going to the weed field located north-northwest of the Alamo sea by Sandy shores. Go to weed plants and press E to harvest. Once you have the weed as a raw product, drive down into Los Santos and make your way down to Los Santos International Airport Los Santos Customs where to the left of the workshop you'll find a blue door. Walk Infront of the blue door and press E, you will enter the weed processing facility. Upon entering, walk to the tables Infront of you to your left (hard to miss) and stand on the green circle. Press E and you will begin to process your weed into cannabis. You get 1 Cannabis from every I think 3 or 5 weed. Once you are finished processing the good stuff ;), make your way over to Vespucci beach. On the beachfront you will find a weed shop that is only accessible during the day. Walk to the counter and press E to sell your product. Note that the money you receive is dirty and needs to be cleaned via a business owner. I heard the Casino up on bridge Street does a good deal as well a John Doe enterprises. These owners will swap your dirty cash for clean at an interest rate usually being 25%. - 5% depending on the amount you need cleaned. NOTE Trafficking Weed is very high risk, you will be very prone to robbers and police so I'd recommend doing your runs with extra protection (Additional friends/Gruppe6). And by the way, welcome. I look forward to seeing you on the right side of the law :).
  17. Hi there

    GDAY!! Relatively new to FiveM and new to ozzie gaming... im keen for RP and just for a bit of fun, was going to look at doing some naughty drug deals only when i go to the green circle theres no E button to activate making substances. Also if i go to a dealers theres E to do anything. Can someone assist with getting into the naughty trades of drugs... as well as doing my daytime job of course haha
  18. Mr West won't let us down .... hopefully
  19. Job Levels

    can we please get an updated table? and maybe change level 10 to something more realistic. 10,000 exp is a solid 350 hours of landscaping... and all you get from getting there from 9-10 is an extra $250 per job... like cmon... those that choose to be good law abiding citizens, shouldn't cop the shit end of the stick. Current Pay Rate for Landscaper level 0 = 200 level 1 = 400 level 2 = 600 level 3 = 800 level 4 = 1200 level 5 = 1400 Level 6 = 1800 Level 7 = 2400 when i get level 8 i will add it. same for 9 and 10 i if i ever get there EXP is still the same.
  20. Rest in peace little man, We all have shared some great memories There is no hurting, no suffering, and no pain in heaven. While we grieve his physical loss, please be comforted by the fact that he is in a far better place now. You will be missed Josh, My condolences go out to his friends and family Della Plissken
  22. Welcome mate! OzzyGaming is a really awesome community with great servers to be on! We have a very active community with lots of dedicated and regular players who are always keen to help you get started. Join a server and type in out of character chat (using /ooc) and say you're new and need some help getting started and I'm sure you'll get a response. If not feel free to join the support channels in TeamSpeak using address: ts.ozzy.life - Support and Admins are always available willing to help as well. Role play can be whatever you want to make it (within server rules and community rules), you can get a job, earn money, buy cars, conduct robberies, join the emergency services and a lot more. Key things to get you started if you haven't jumped in already: Create your character and model at the airport (we don't use a civilian CAD). You can change clothes whenever you want at clothes stores. Get yourself down to the DMV to get a drivers licence and then the low end car dealer and buy a cheap car to get you around in the meantime - you can buy a nicer car later once you have more money, from a dealership. Go to the Job center and get yourself a job for some passive income. You're then also able to go on duty and do assignments and tasks for your job. Refer here for job guides. Make sure you eat and drink food and keep your levels up or you'll pass out - found at shops. Money can be deposited/withdrawn from banks and ATMs. F1 is your phone, you add contacts, call Police or EMS if they're online and communicate with businesses as well. F2 is your inventory, F3 is your action menu. Tilda Key (` below ESC) is another menu to show ID, toggle vehicle locks, close/open car doors. To use chat press T and then start with any of the following, then your message: /twt message here (to tweet in chat as your character), /ooc message here (for out of character chat), /report message here (to report an issue or concern to admins). Road rules: Red lights, you can stop for 3 seconds and go if its all clear. Normal road speeds 60kmph, country roads 80kmph, freeway 110kmph. Use Z in-game to pull up the tablet for further key bindings, rules etc etc. Be sure to have your voice settings enabled and mic volume turned up and use PTT (push to talk), default button is N. You'll figure out more along the way the more you play and the more you interact with others. I hope to see you in the servers soon and hope you have a lot of fun! Maybe apply for EMS, Police or a white listed business if you're thinking about getting into a more serious job within the community! - Cube
  23. YO!

    Welcome mate! I hope you're enjoying the server so far! Glad I could help you out with your invisibility issue yesterday! Be sure to ask around or come to helpdesk if you ever have any other issues or questions about our server. Also be sure to check out the Guides section if you haven't already. - Cube
  24. Must admit this has hit home quite a bit, having had experience with road trauma and suicide on a personal level, with those closest to me. Both Cryptic and Suzaku were, and still are very memorable members of the OzzyGaming community. Through thick and thin we all, even I, have had contact with these two in some form or another, like most through good and bad...and have shared many games, and roleplayed moments together, both within Ozzy, and out of it... Both taken too soon, and for all the wrong reasons... Was a pleasure to play with you both, and get to know you both on some level or another... For all those affected, i'm sorry for your loss...It never gets easier having lost someone you cared for, especially good friends...I, like most will always be around for a shoulder to lean on... R.I.P - you'll never be forgotten, and will always have a spot in our memory here within OzzyGaming, and outside of it...
  25. From what I've heard one more official DLC is in the works to be released sometime early this year and then 3rd party paid DLC will be released to support the game until they announce the next title.
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