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  2. Larger communities from time to time go through difficult times where some will get annoyed with other people in it, cancer will be at an all time high and people may find other communities they like more seemingly all at the same time. And it's something Ozzy has previously survived. But the survival has always come at a cost and often times that cost is genuinely some of the best lads and lasses to ever play on the server. Will that happen again? That remains to be seen but I'll tell you right now one year ago OzzyGaming was a completely different kind of community, for better or for worse. But for the time being I expect the community to be filled with a bit more toxicity than usual along with a large amount of cancer that tends to come with the school holiday period. Perhaps with the inevitable release of 3.0 things will change for the better.
  3. I know people have different opinions on the issue but I believe everyone should have a crosshair as one many people are cheating to get it so it is already unfair for those that won’t cheat and are playing with a disadvantage and two it’s also a bit unfair how cops get them and civilians don’t now I myself am a cop and I believe it. Take a lot of the fun out of it when they start shooting because so many times people miss then we just taze them now people may say as cops we have training then why don’t we have the crosshair off duty I just believe that it would be a lot fairer if everyone was to have a crosshair
  4. Look I'm sure OzzyGaming has some lung cancer or something, but after some strenuous chemotherapy I'm sure we'll push through.
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  6. Tbh, it’s pretty sad how you see it that way, try different thing and maybe you will find yourself in a better rp situation
  7. Literally further proved my point better than even I could. The rules are WACKKKK
  8. Well it would appear you are right and the way it is written in the “rules” in contrary to what I have said above. (Albeit one tiny snippet of my whole reply). Our rules certainly used to be that as it is logical in avoiding killing. I’ll follow up with other managers for their opinion on RDM and see if a rule adjustment is necessary. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Though part of the guidelines is as follows which I would say relates to my point. But it appears to have been moved from the rules section. Killing another player should be used as a last resort when all other roleplay avenues have been exhausted. You should be mindful of the notoriety and reputational damage that killing another player causes for your character.
  9. Yeah that clause is missing from the rules, should probs add it in sometime soon.
  10. @Frankie C You said you understood and agreed with most of my first reply but have continued to reply to others in contrary of what I said. I could quote and pick apart various things been said on here, but I’m not trying to provoke further arguing on the topic. I just wanted to give insight on some areas of the server/administration you might not fully understand or may not have thought about. I may repeat my original reply in some cases for clarity. Regarding Helpdesk/Staff/Conflict resolution No staff member is perfect, the rules are not perfect although they are refined. If you ever have an issue with a staff members decision, it can be escalated and appealed. Though, there are ways to go about this... If you get mad and argumentative with a staff member on their decision and complain about them and their handling in an aggressive way, you probably won’t get far. If you calmly ask for another staff members opinion, submit an appeal ticket or message any subsequent staff on discord; saying what happened, why you think you’re in the right etc. you will get listened to. On your point of staff bias and picking on particular players, appeals once again limit this. This could be viewed very similar to the court system, generally speaking and decision can be appealed by a more senior or authoritative body. Through lack of experience, a decision or ruling may not have been the best one. Take the time it takes, stay calm and escalate. Personally, I love this stuff, interpreting rules and situations etc. DM me in discoed and I will follow up any situation in this area with a nice big written explanation/precedent with an executive stamp on the bottom of it. Regarding getting robbed all the time Drugs are inherently risky, hence the reward. Most players including the ones who robbed you understand this and travel in groups. I would say it is uncommon to do drug runs solo, especially in peak times. Most solo players would be much more timid during the runs. If players/vehicles started showing up, get in your car ASAP and run, this is what I would do. Failing that, you accept the heightened risk of multiple other players around you also engaged in illegal activity. Players involved in these illegal runs are much likely to be more armed and ‘mean’ then who you would run into at the quarry. If 3 guys doing weed roll up on a solo dude halfway through the run, they are probably going to jump him. As a solo player you should expect that and have a heightened awareness and ability to flee. You seem like the guy who chooses fight over flight whenever possible, which is self-destructive. Running is always an option. If you choose to linger next to 3 guys with guns in the middle of nowhere on a drug run, a reasonable person would not rely on their combat ability. It really comes down to picking 4 options: - Get some friends - Be willing to run - Choose a different career, or; - Be willing to get robbed sometimes Regarding always being killed/hostile RP There are well refined rules about RDM. You mention anyone that robs you will always kill you. This cannot be the case. Hostilities, robberies etc require a declaration. In simple terms a declaration should be request, timeframe, consequence. Such as “you’ve got 10 seconds to surrender or you will be shot”. If you comply to all reasonable demands within a reasonable timeframe, you cannot be killed under server rules. Killing witnesses is not accepted in helpdesk. If you get killed by someone after complying, you are eligible for compensation and they are liable to admin action. On this note, a common response to this is “it happens all the time and the admins don’t do anything”. Meaning if it happens to you, you don’t bother reporting it. But news for you, if you report it, something will happen. You also in response to Molotov seem to justify your roleplay style by saying hostileRP is RP. Yes it is, but hostile RP is just a nice term for combat. If anything, hostile RP is the build up, the negotiations, the situation, once guns start firing, it’s no longer role play, it is combat. Despite you ‘role playing’ as some John wick character due to your extensive experience and skills, winning a gunfight is not at all a sign of your role play ability. Try to talk/negotiate “Fellas, fellas, we’ve all got guns and there’s no need to get this out of control, here’s say I give you half my weed calmly and there’s no need for anything else to happen”. I’m not saying this would work 100% of the time, but at least you’re trying. Regarding businesses/staff corruption/“Lamborghinis” I can’t speak for individual situations or businesses as I don’t really follow but I can speak on some core gameplay/bureaucracy/server direction. Your point about you only see certain people (business owners) driving around in Lamborghini’s... PERFECT! This is exactly what we try to achieve. We want classes, we want progression, rich and poor, something to aspire to. If everyone has a Lamborghini, no one is special. I learned that from Sid in the incredibles. https://youtu.be/fmSO2cz2ozQ Business owners are logically the top of the pyramid. Everyone wants to own a business, not everyone can. Furthermore, business owners are logically the people most committed and invested in the server, this group of people often enjoy being staff in the community. Historically you will find most people get into senior roles of the police, ems, businesses or the community first and then apply to be staff as it is the logical next step. All businesses are dynamic and require a lot of background work and development. Management get pitched a lot of business ideas but we can’t just try everything. It’s a lot of effort for developers to set up for someone without server loyalty/notability/credibility. So when someone who has only been here 3 months has a great business idea, we hesitate because There’s a real chance they won’t be here in another 3 months. Similarly we understand we only have limited business spaces in the server and as such we hold them to a high standard and are not scared of having them shut down. If galaxy was sloppy and got caught/shut down by the police, I’m sure another business will pickup the slack. If a business becomes more popular/profitable, it will incur additional attention and scrutiny. Closing businesses/changing management allow new people/businesses to filter through and the best will prevail. I see this as a good thing. I can’t guarantee no staff members have prejudice against some people, school teachers have students they don’t like, that is unavoidable. But again through escalation and appeals it is manageable and should mean it should not effect your treatment in the long run. Regarding server events A lot of people have a misconception that all events are or need to be hostile. In most cases everyone enjoys shooting and combat, so events are designed to have a fun, controlled way to release that. Convoys, VIPs etc. do this. There are plenty of fun/RP server events to. Scavenger hunts and hide and seek, drag and street races races, car releases just to name a few. Some of the most memorable are also player run events and I applaud them for their roleplay. In recent months I’ve been to a funeral and a wedding which were both run very well. Finally touching on FearRP/rules one last time. Through all of your responses, it’s clear to me you want to always fight and think you will always win. This is why I said originally that I didn’t think you breached role play rules in your actual situation you were here to complain about and I would not have punished you on that situation alone. But if it’s an on-going attitude or a repetitive situation you seem to be in then that attitude needs to be adjusted. Administrative action is our standard way to address this. As such I would expect that you have learned from that situation and this discussion and would be hesitant to continue being so fearless and macho. The rules are imperfect and rather than a step by step guide on how to play, they represent an attitude players should have. We could write the fear RP rule to be, if 3 or more players take on a solo player, they must comply. But then the game becomes a cookie cutter where you count how many people you see and you can understand what can and can’t happen, it’s boring and not in the spirit of the game. The rules are purposely vague and interpretive in a lot of cases to ensure situation are not occurring in a cookie cutter format. We don’t want situations/roleplay to occur around a set of rules, we want the rules to align with what the majority of people justify as being logical. With some rules obviously needing to be specific/obscure in the case of server individuality.
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  12. Yeah nah, my character is tactically trained, but he enjoys the Duck out of running drugs, let's him just chuck on some riddim on Spotify whilst cooking some rock candy mate. Good fun. We're all humans mate, just because I'm tactically trained doesn't mean I can't have fun haha
  13. Thank you for your application. At this time you have been moved onto the interview stage. You will need to arrange a time to talk with me in my office (Teamspeak) Best way to contact me will be through discord. Please send me a private message. Regards, Robert French.
  14. Thank you for your application. At this time you have been moved onto the interview stage. You will need to arrange a time to talk with me in my office (Teamspeak) Best way to contact me will be through discord. Please send me a private message. Regards, Robert French.
  15. Thank you for your application. At this time you have been moved onto the interview stage. You will need to arrange a time to talk with me in my office (Teamspeak) Best way to contact me will be through discord. Please send me a private message. Regards, Robert French.
  16. How is it unrealistic to create fun events that aren't illegal? There's been plenty of them. In my experience staff are happy with people creating events in RP, it makes the city more alive. Some business applications get shot down because you can just RP the business, you don't need it implemented in the server. As for Galaxy getting shut down under the old ownership, I believe that was because they were laundering money and it's the PDs job to stop things like that. If you character is so tactically trained - then why are you running drugs by yourself? Someone who's as tactically trained as you say your character is, would know better than to risk their lives over some possessions that only took them a few hours to obtain. You got banned and you're not happy about it. Instead of blaming the RP of everyone else on the server, how about you accept that what you did was bad roleplay and simply do it differently in the future. Honestly who cares if you lose a bit of cash, money is just another item.
  17. Fully agree! But it's extremely unrealistic to create 'fun' events on the right side of the law, all those that have tried and succeeded, end up leaving the community due to admins either ganging up and making it their prime objective to catch them out on breaking rules, denying excellent applications for jobs/ businesses, and even the PD shutting down vibrant businesses like Galaxy, for bullshit, killing RP on the right side of the law. It's fully fugged, but it's true. Of course admins who see this will deny deny deny, but it's true. Also, the mere increase in orgs/ businesses that have started, most of which all run by admins/ devs/ staff in general, is total bullshit. Players who want to have money, don't want to do illegal shit, but have no other option when you get near to nothing to do jobs like landscaping. You don't see guys driving Lambos who made their money doing landscaping, they're usually either owners of businesses/ drug manufacturers/ friends with owners of businesses lol. So seeing this server give ownership of big businesses to small people who are qualified to run said businesses, is like seeing America's population give up their guns, it's never going to happen lol.
  18. If you're trying to rob someone wearing full military kit you deserve what you get just my 2 cents. Yeah I have a feeling with the reinvigoration of the orgs the server has taken a negative turn towards hostile rp. Roleplay is roleplay but when a majority of it has to do with crime then it just becomes a GTA Online server with more plot. I personally want to see more events (I know there has been a couple recently), more roleplay that benefits the community and a focus on the right side of the law. Now this might seem like an odd thing to come from the guy who a year ago was declaring himself the "king of crime" but honestly people you can have so much fun without the constant shootouts. I'll make it my mission to setup fun events and activities for people to partake in for the near future as long as they don't turn into another yet another kidnapping attempt. It also goes without saying before resorting to crime try doing something no-one has ever done before. In roleplay anything is possible if you put your mind to it. But of course if you do resort to crime just remember murder should be a last resort, not the objective.
  19. If you're aware of the server and how it operates, clearly this is regarding hostileRP, now if you're not trying your best to 'annihilate' those you're involved in hostileRP with, then you'd not be valuing your life, so yes, if you're having a shootout with multiple people, it's absolutely roleplay. Killing happens on this server every minute or so, and if you disagree, you're not active. You're absolutely right, I was stating what some people do, and it's quite common amongst those who break fearRP This much is quite obvious, no rule could be explained with every example, however if we're on the topic of logical roleplay, I don't understand why a group of 2 would pull a gun on a guy who clearly has a pistol out, that much seems like they'd also be not valuing their life. The third guy joined in only when the gunfight started (As seen in my video). It just seems so hypocritical that I'm being punished for breaking the very rule that they seem to have broken, the only difference is, they're shit and aiming their mouse at players and left clicking, whilst I am pretty damn decent (as seen in the video). Again, in real life, if I had an M9 Beretta pistol in my hand when two guys pulled up on me also with pistols, like in this exact situation, IRL it wouldn't seem like I'd get out of that alive, so why on earth would I risk loosing my possessions and life, when I could potentially save my life + possessions and go down with a fight? For a second, let's logically just take a step back, and look at this situation. They pull up on me with guns out, my paranoid ass pulls guns on them, we're pointing guns at each other, we all just start firing, then whoever dies goes to HD and complains about lack of deceleration. If you truly believe that if I had raised my gun in that situation, that these guys wouldn't have just started popping off rounds, then you're sadly blind to how hostile RP goes on this server, if you pull a gun on a cop, you're not going to go without being shot. If you pull a gun on a civilian, you're not going to go without being shot. IF that had happened, it would be a much more messy situation. ANOTHER scenario on how this could have gone is: I get robbed, they steal my shit, I magically get let go (Never in 1 million years would that happen), and I just find them within the 10 mins of hostileRP, and drop them whilst they least expect it, they will call it out as RDM, we go in a sit, and an admin would make up some bullshit saying "Ohhh you didn't havvvvvvvve to kill them", and then bam, like I said, an admin would just start making up rules on the spot (Happens every time I commit a revenge kill after hostileRP). IT'S ALLLLLL MESSY ON THIS SERVER. No matter what RP scenario happens, it's a shit show. As for character's type, personally my character has been a paramedic, pilot, security guard, gang member of 3 gangs, and now bikey, so it's quite clear to say I'm tactically trained, and I'm not a nice guy you meet on the street, you'd hope I'd be a hard, mean criminally minded guy who doesn't let shit just happen to him. On the receiving end of this roleplay, if I was a cancerous player who robber everyone I see, which I'm not, I would have had a quicker reaction time and would have not stood there taking bullets to the head for about 2 seconds before actually reacting. Also, I would have seen that I had a pistol in my hand, so I'd be ready for any movement at all from the dude I'm robbing, so, with the heavy pistol (That the guy had in his hand), I'd be carefully aiming at the head/ upper chest, ready to 1/2 tap the guy. Like I said, my character is tactically trained, not some cancerous player who rolls in groups robbing 1 guy at at time.
  20. Look we've all been robbed at some point or another, it's just something that happens from time to time. Personally I can't actually remember the last time I was robbed. People who spend a lot of time grinding drug runs, tend to get robbed quite a bit more. It's just something you have to accept. No amount of drugs or material possession is worth your life. There's ways to deal with it in RP without an unrealistic shootout. ^ Hit the nail on the head there imo
  21. I won't comment on the details of the original post as I have not had a chance to take a look, nor am I particularly inclined to do so as Zaydan has made a pretty good response. But to your response to him: Pot calling the kettle black. Sounds like roleplay to me! Roleplaying isn't about using every trick GTA allows you to do (intended or otherwise), what unrealistic rubbish you can tap some keys to achieve doesn't mean it makes any sense in roleplay. We may not be a hardcore roleplay server but common sense and basic realism are certainly still required. We can never clarify rules enough, every situation has a thousand minor details which make it essentially unique - staff have to unpick the whole lot while being abused regardless of outcome. Have you by any chance read the rules? (I am not having a dig but few actually have while still complaining about them). I would note that they have been written (and rewritten) numerous times to try and ensure optimal clarity and reasonableness for the player-base. You should be trying to adhere to not only the exact words of the rules but what they are trying to achieve. If you find yourself looking for loopholes in them then you have already failed. Roleplaying is a cooperative venture and from your comments above you expect to 'annihilate' or win most (or all) of the situations you find yourself in based on your 'skill' (or perceived skill). This is the literal antithesis of roleplaying. Roleplaying is supposed to be building a narrative of events which is reasonable/realistic, allowing you to live out a life very different to your own. Your possessions are very important to you but your life is more important. Are you seriously telling me that you would die to protect your wallet or the contents of it? If that is true, I would bring that into question. From behind a keyboard it may seem reasonable but that is ignoring your safety and the fear from a true life threatening event. Every martial art worth its salt will tell you to just give them your wallet - it is not worth taking a bullet or blade to save some money. You can always make more money while alive, you cannot 'respawn' to have another shot once dead. I don't mean to be harsh but this is precisely the mentality that the server rules are written to stop. A god complex doesn't help roleplay and just causes others to behave in a similar fashion. Poor roleplay brings other down to the same level - you have to display the roleplay you wish to see on the server (regardless of whether you see it personally). Take the high road as in time the rest will follow - I told this to staff and a bunch of police just the other day and I stand by it. A good way to identify what is and what is not roleplay: Is it realistic for an average person or average of your characters 'type'. I don't know any drug dealers who are special forces trained... nor cops (though that is more likely) - ironically the more trained your character is the less likely they would risk death over minor material possessions. How would you feel on the receiving end of this roleplay? Would an objective person consider you actions reasonable and plausible? Or merely the actions of a video game character whose owner does not wish to lose some virtual money which they spent time collecting, knowing that if they die they will just respawn; so it is all good? Just some thoughts for you to mull over since you have an opportunity to do so
  22. Respectfully I agree with a bunch of the stuff you've said, and I agree, unfortunately when people kill, they wouldn't worry about making the report, however when they've been outgunned in a situation where they were outgunning that who they were robbing, they get super salty and go on a rant in HD and beg for revenge (Getting someone banned), which is exactly what happened in this case. Sucks really. Like I said to Pro and other staff when asked about the situation, I've before been in a stand off with 3 guys, and dropped each and every one of them. I dropped 1 of these dudes, knocked the other to the ground, then when going for the third one, as you can see in the video, my mouse has a numpad on the side, so in the heat of the moment, I've pressed '1' which puts my bloody pistol away, rendering me useless in the moment (When I started swinging) lol. IF that hadn't happened, this whole situation may be a lot neater, as I'd have video of me absolutely annihilating 3 dudes who thought they had me eeeeeasy haha. GTA however does sort of still have that opportunity to break fear RP, if you're able to start punching a guy with a gun pointed at you, and you're able to lock onto him through the combat system, then he can't do anything but possible combat roll/ knock you out, otherwise he'll be beaten to death, which will result in major rage haha. However, if you're skilled, then what you said is true, you can get out of that situation and GTA's game mechanics won't actually get in the way of someone breaking fearRP. As for the roleplay in this situation, upon talking to him after, unfortunately this wasn't a planned thing, his mates were the cancerous players, who rocked up with only robbing in mind, he had no intention, but had to follow what his friends were doing, supposedly. Even still, if you've ever been in that situation, it gets messy. They/ others have/ will kill you after robbing you most of the time, and their reasoning behind it is, they don't want the cops being told, now heres where this servers rules get absolutely fugged. I've been told by some staff, that that's fine to do, then other times, I've been told NO WAY. The rules being so open, make contradiction a UUUGE problem on this server, and so It's hard to follow rules, when you've been told something so important by one staff member, and something completely different by another. Now If I were to follow the rule that they CAN kill me to avoid cops, then why on earth would I therefore handover everything I've worked all day for, only to still be killed. Why wouldn't I risk my life, defending my life + my possessions? Veryyyyyy messy. Imo the rules are really good, however some need clarifying a bit more, especially regarding robberyRP. But nah, I absolutely love this server either way, it's just sometimes shit can get real messy and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh well
  23. I could be a little out of touch here, but from my understanding and my opinion... We have avoided a Fear RP rule per se on FiveM and dating back to Altis life, it is a rule often associated with Garrys Mod where combat is much more arcade-ish and unrealistic. GTA and Arma allow a more realistic combat/weapon system, therefore A fear RP rule is not really required. We therefore change from it being about realism to being about role play, ‘reasonably valuing your life’. There are some situations where it could reasonable to get the jump on 1 or maybe 2 people with guns pointed at you if they’re distracted, you have a gun drawn etc. But in a situation where you are clearly outgunned that you must comply or its a rule breach. Of course everyone would rather fight to keep their stuff or die tryin’ (as 50cent would say), so we make a rule to RP valuing your life in those situations. I would note that any help desk situation is dealt with by a fair staff members opinion and experience, using the rules as reference. I can’t speak for your demeanour, warning history or handling of the situation and the same for the other party. One staff member may have a opinion different of another’s, there isn’t right or wrong as long as both interpretations are within the rules. This is why we have appeals and escalation protocols for players. Typically posting about Bans/situations like this is a good way to get any such appeal rejected. My personal opinion of the situation is that given you had a gun out already and picked your moment to strike with the two robbers cross firing each other, that you fighting back is within the rules. I don’t see a big issue with it as a one off. I would say since you generally won the fight that it was reasonable to defend yourself without the certainty of dying. (Though winning does not always mean you valued you life) Its a fine line for staff though because we need to enforce some level of valuing your life and not just let every robbery turn into a death match. I’d say unfortunately that people always report this stuff when they are themselves killed but often will not even think about it if they kill the person. Despite The alleged backstabbing, motive and rewards or there lack-of, I would say some of your points in the colourful rant are perplexingly hypocritical. You complain about lack of role play, if anything this guy has talked and role played with you for a good length of time to the point of gaining trust and letting your guard down to rob you. Rather than just straight up KOS style robberies. On the same note of role play and you saying robbing not being worth it, you in-turn could have role played out the robbery and would have probably lost less if you complied and survived. anyway, my 2 cents
  24. Won't do it again. Not trying to start anything or be rude but it would be very much appreciated if you could maybe dm us, instead of @'ing us on a public forum.
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