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  5. Hi Josh, I appreciate your enthusiasm. The second server is just a trial for the moment as we explore it’s effects on the economy as well as other factors. We are doing some development behind the scenes to ensure the second server has a positive effect all round. We have no firm times/queue requirements when we launch server 2. Once we have got enough information from the trial period, we will likely run the server on a more regular basis.
  6. why the fuck is the second server not live there has been a queue of 50 all day from 1-10 pm you need to put it up during peak times lmaoooooo
  7. Hi @Zaydan, I don't how possible it would with trying to keep scripts under a certain response time but maybe make it so that drug locations don't work under a certain police amount to avoid this low risk drug grinding that was occurring. Say maybe 10?
  8. At this stage, we have no firm schedule or requirements. We are having some issues getting a significant presence of police on server 2 which is having some negative effects on the economy. Such as people using server 2 for farming easy drug runs. Our rough plans are to run it on Friday & Saturday nights or for events, being the busiest nights of the week to kind of ensures server 2 is close to full with a police presence. we may announce more specifics soon.
  9. Hey guys I'm Hyper new streamer over here.see you boys around njoy. Live ever week on Friday Saturday and Sunday 6pm NZT Twitch.tv/aimerhyper Twitter.com/aimhypers ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  10. Hi :), Just have a question, what exactly counts as "peak times/days", purely asking out of curiosity. Thanks
  11. Yep! I wasn't aware, I was having some connectivity issues last night. Thanks again!
  12. Hey Kaz, As far as I’m aware this is already the case? We set up a second group of emergency services channels before it went live.
  13. This is an amazing idea, especially for players who don't have the money for the subscriptions! If possible, could teamspeak channels be set up for EMS and PD for both servers? This means we wont need to use regional comms for server 2! Thanks again, this will help my mates who are new, to join and get the ozzy experience. HUGE +1!
  14. Howdy All, As the title states, we have launched a second FiveM server which is available now for you all to enjoy rather than spend your weekend in the pesky queue! You can join by searching OzzyGaming on the browser, otherwise using the direct connect information below: We will be trialling this second server and monitoring its effects on the database as well as any issues, concerns and and general acceptance by the community. At this stage, we plan to run the second server only during peak times/days when the queue to server 1 starts to grow. This will ensure that the situation of people being easily able to do drug runs etc. on one server without any consequences is avoided. The two servers are fully linked, so you should be able to seamlessly play between both and all your progress/changes will cary over. We strongly encourage Police/EMS to spread yourselves between both servers equally as much as possible. We know there will be a general desire to all be on server 1, but we think you will be able to have more fun with slightly fewers cops on each server rather than everyone overfilling one server. At this stage the spread of jobs/services between servers will be entirely left to the players to balance, but this is something we could potentially look to administrate if issues arise. We know this is something a lot of you have been asking for and we hope this is something we can rollout on a more permenant basis as I know the queue has gotten a bit out of control in recent weeks and months. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know below.
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  16. I would love to see less OOC but with the amount of new people playing everyday and people that don't play often that have questions it might be hard for them to learn the ropes. I get asked OOC questions almost every shift as an EMS. its not a huge deal for me. But for the angry power gamers that just like to go off on a rant and cant stay in character because of whatever anger issues they have, I'd like to see that sort of OOC stop
  17. OOC should stay for sure
  18. OOC chat is useful, Yes it has its ability to be exploited, But everything does. it can allow for quick fixes in roleplay situations and for questions. And with how staff and ems use ooc anyway, it isn't. I would recommend maybe a script to hide certain chat channels. And not just the entire chat. This would allow the people who want to see OOC to see it and the ones who don't won't have to.
  19. I voted no because it seems to be abused more than it is used for it's intended purpose. Alternatively putting twts & ads on the phone and leaving OOC where it is could work well.
  20. If there's anything like a slowmode for the OOC chat, that'll be nice
  21. +1, though twitter will just be misused and abused instead
  22. Imo, removing it would be best as you would be able to see ads and tweets longer and people are constantly starting beef in ooc. If people have questions they can always ask in discord, just my 2 cents
  23. Not if people have been muted for a stupid reason and forgotten abt lmao
  24. Remove OOC, update the new player start guide and implement it into the server as a web-link like the stuff on the old tablet. There is something to be said for OOC's usefulness but in my almost two years of playing on the server I've mostly seen it used for complaining, abusing other players and staff and for asking questions which could easily be answered in character through twitter or on the discord. All we really need is to implement the new player guide into the server itself via a web-link or something so that most of the player's questions are answered without having to go to the forums or use discord.
  25. Maybe change OOC to a question channel? As far I’m seeing the OOC channel is full with questions. and arguments... or maybe add a slowmode like discord
  26. yeah but then lets be realistic, how many times are you actually gonna check it
  27. I personally don't do trucking but have seen the constant string of broken down trucks. Repair or option to despawn it if it breaks down would be great, ideally they should message a mechanic shop to come and but we know many don't have the patience. At least if they have an option to have a 'Trucking Repairkit' that it only can be used on the work trucks and clears their current job if they use it.
  28. In regards to twitter, Should add a twitter app on the phone If possible. It would be alot better imo rather than seeing it on the persons hud and more immersive rp
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