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  5. Changelog 21/10/2020 Addition: - 4.1.7 Robbing/Searching players: All items found within a players inventory are visible and can be taken. E.g. If a two handed weapon is found in a players inventory, this may be taken from them regardless of whether it has been used recently, or is near the car/container they claim to store it in. These rules are in effect as of 7:40PM AEST 21/10/2020
  6. Hey JayBoy18, Drag Cars regardless of their type cannot be sold between civilians. The only way your can sell you vehicle is through Thompsons Auto Salvage and Sales. I'm not 100% sure of the reasoning behind the this, however, I do know that at you dealerships (Sunshine/PDM) these vehicles are always sold at cost price. In short, you cannot sell your drag vehicle to another civilian direct Regards, Freestyle
  7. Hey guys, I'm in need of a definite answer here. I have a Chevy Nova Drag car in-game that I would like to sell. Some people say I can sell it, and others say I can't. What are the exact rules around buying/selling drag cars? If I can't sell it, why not?
  8. +1 Great Streamer Would Highly Recommended Watching
  9. Sup Homies! My name is Jimmy better known as Boris Brewski. I normally stream most days so looking forward to meeting ya! Tune in at twitch.tv/jimmy61225
  10. If7vPjLu_400x400.jpghey gamers my dad just came in my room and beat me :) not epic tbh :( anyway hope anyone that's reading this has a very pog day xD 

  11. Changed Long ID to 17
  12. Hello everyone, since it has been a while since the last change log, I will include updates that have been implemented before a formal server update. As always, if you find a bug/exploit. Feel free to report it in our bug report section. As many of you may know, September/October/November/December are quite busy months for those among the staff and development team. From end of year assessments to examinations and of course all of those holidays. During these times, we ask that you are patient with server updates as we may not be running at full capacity. Script Additions
  13. Earlier
  14. Sounds like a great update. Let's just hope the Organ stuff doesn't turn into some tiprat fiasco of 'kill and take your organs' as a career.
  15. Yaaaaas !! Organ farming here we COME Update sounds AWESOME !!
  16. they are currently working on fixing the economy of the 2nd server so it will actually be viable to have up , i believe they will make an announcement when its all good to go
  17. What a fantastic effort! Glad to be a part of it
  18. Yeah my bad, that's what I meant. Car was a 1 day event you can donate to them anytime you'd like
  19. Fricking awesome job feels great to be apart of it
  20. No, you can still donate to the cause on their website directly! I just think you cannot donate for the car anymore.
  21. its great to see so much support from a community. makes me proud to be part of it
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