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  2. personally recommend far cry 5 instead
  3. ]Thinking I should keep his tags... just for the lols!!! Noisy mofo was not very discreet Heard him coming a mile off.
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  5. Newbie

    Hi all, wanted to introduce myself. middle aged gamer chic from Tassie, playing GTA V and fivem mod for the first time, any tips and help would be appreciated. Is there anywhere that I can find key commands for chat and in game etc. I find that I keep dying due to getting stuck in certain spots.
  6. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Another small update mainly consisting of vehicle mod fixes. This means that some cars modified before the update will require re-modding. Due to the immense number of cars on the server (around 6,500), we cannot compensate players for this. We have asked that the mechanics (JCS and the newly added BBC) offer cost price upgrades for the weekend. Added: - The Star Casino has been released with a couple of features I will let you all find out for yourselves at the grand opening ;). - The Star Casino has rolled out their second line of Scratchy Tickets since the first round was so successful, you can buy these from any store. - BBC Mechanics have now moved into their new building and are pending a grand opening. - Maze Bank business apartments have been re-added. Modified: - After a very long process most cars should be able to be modded, however, it is possible some may have been missed, so if you find any that cannot be modded please let us know. Fixed: - Various resources that were lagging behind have been fixed.
  7. Groupee \6

    How do I apply for Groupee 6 company as I don't see a form in forums?
  8. G'day OzzyGamers, After a very long process consulting with the staff team and interviewing our final short list, we have finally chosen our Altis Managers. I would like to congratulate both @Grumpy and @Rose2g on becoming our Altis Managers. I would also like to thank all those who put up their hands for this role, this decision was not made lightly and was made thanks to the direct input of the current staff team. As you will most likely know, these two have been members in the OzzyGaming community for a long time and have a history of stepping up to the plate when needed. They have a big job ahead of them, and I trust we can do our best to welcome them to the role and assist them to create the more combat orientated server our Arma community has voted on. As we now have two dedicated Managers for the Altis server, all Altis Life related queries that need to be escalated above admin are to be directed to either Grumpy or Rose. Again, a big thank you to both Grumpy and Rose for stepping up! Exciting things to come...
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  10. You will need to put in a ban appeal via support https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/
  11. Hello, my name is AusMerc. For some reason It wont let me join the squad server. Can any admins look into it? I am interested in playing on this server. Thanks! https://steamcommunity.com/id/AusMerc/
  12. No longer works at JCS *NOTE*

  13. hi guys

    And your already a cop? Wow what a fast learner
  14. might be bit late but STEAM_0:0:65203159
  15. hi guys

    I like your style, welcome and enjoy your time in ozzygaming.
  16. hi guys

    hello everyone, me name is theubiman most call me ubi, i do youtube in my freetime, i have come from another server with a few people you know from here (there idoits and no one likes them anyway) had some issues in my past but im here to make every Criminals life a living nightmare i enjoy a decent roleplay and im so please with how welcoming and open armed the community has been towards me any way guess ill see you guys on the server
  17. I believe my mic should be all sorted now. One question, do you need to complete a test to receive a license in game?
  18. Unfortunately it's too quiet even before I get into the game. The headphones that I have only have one 3.5mm jack so I don't know if that will work with my computer or if I'll need to get a splitter so I can plug it into both the headphone and mic holes. It also has a usb attachment which makes the headphones 7.1 and the mic works with that, but is very quiet. I've mostly played stuff like D&D and I used to do a lot of text based roleplaying on forums years ago, but I haven't done a lot of roleplaying in multiplayer video games before.
  19. Many people have microphone issues with FiveM unfortunately. You can check your levels in windows first to ensure it's the game that's the issue. Then ensure the in-game settings/levels are also set correctly. If you require further support, helpdesk staff in TeamSpeak should be able to assist. What kind of RP games have you played? Arma 3, Gmod?
  20. Hey, thanks a lot. I'm mainly dealing with trying to get my mic not to be so quiet before I get started.
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