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  2. Fight Club

    This would be a cool as hell event! +1
  3. +1 bloody great ideas coming from Rampy always!
  4. This does look like a good idea
  5. Game No. 11 - Congratulations Mr Nigel https://youtu.be/WhjeiMDau6M
  6. Game No. 10 - Congratulations Mr Wayz
  7. I'm not sure if you have the idea already but wouldn't it be cool to like have a bikie group that owns the tattoo parlour? That would be such awesome RP.
  8. Welcome buddy! I'm sure I'll be speaking to you soon.
  9. +1 like the idea. I'm interested to see how it will be implemented
  10. Welcome to OzzyGaming. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask one of the staff members. 

  11. Im def in need of some ink, love to see this up and running
  12. Welcome mate! Glad to hear you're finding it easy to get along with our friendly community.
  13. HI My name is Gex I joined the server about 3 weeks ago so it's kinda late doin this but eh I am 18 and currently studying Primary Teaching at University. I live at home with three younger sisters, my parents, and my grandma. Also, I have a cute doggo hahaha I used to bounce from server to server until I found Ozzygaming. I found this server just through searching up Aussie and then Ozzy on five m to find good local servers. Haven't played on another server since. I love playing on here and love the community, and how easy it is to get along with most of the members straight off the bat Feel free to hit me up on discord (gex#1206) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/greekfreak43/) See ya in game! ~Gex~
  14. Fight Club

    Could be cool for like an underground fight club! Police shouldn't be keen on it (but of course for a small fee I'm sure they can ignore it) Love the idea, and the idea of an EMS there for the revives as well +1
  15. Welcome @SerenityLove. Glad to hear you've heard some good things about Ozzy Gaming!
  16. Welcome mate, you're a top bloke love playing with ya! We've had some pretty crack up moments as it is!
  17. Hopefully it does work if approved
  18. Hello everyone, thank you for voting. I will bring this up at the next management meeting and discuss this.
  19. Game No. 9 - Congratulations Mr Jhanc73
  20. G'day OzzyGamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Added: - Animation menu hotkey (Set to F3 right now, but likely to be rebound in the future as this may conflict with controllers). - Gruppe6 Ped. - Gas pump at Mission Row for Police to use before they start patrolling. - Showroom for Twilight Dealership. - Various cosmetic changes for Twilight Dealership. Modified: - Job payouts (first round of balancing). - More interfaces moved to the bottom right. - Police vehicles will now spawn clean. - More disabled controls while restrained. Fixed: - Garage duplication exploit. - Job swapping not setting you to off duty. - Weapons being removed when you log off. - Performance issues with various scripts. - Many other exploits. Removed: - Various scripts that were causing server lag. - Various sounds that were bugging out and playing globally.
  21. +1 Good idea mate! This would definitely promote role play and give players another avenue to spend their hard earned cash.
  22. Welcome mate! Hope you enjoy your time playing Ozzy Gaming.
  23. This is a lot like business application for a loan centre. this would be a massive undertaking and what happens when people just stop playing and you never get your money nor the goods. im not sure a dev is going to sift through a mountain of code to find the car you may or may not have loaned to someone. this would also be aimed at new players, not the most reliable source. I think you will have an issue here getting this off the ground.
  24. This sounds heaps cool I'd love too see it in the game!
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