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  1. I couldn’t play last night because of it... I regret everything... cough cough creates new forum post to advocate for 150 slots
  2. It’s happened I don’t want to claim credit but....
  3. Hey mate, Find some friends and work out how to do it in RP
  4. Just jump back a page and go create a post
  5. We’re you able to get on @Jimmy McGill?
  6. 150 slots now! The admins never cease to impress me
  7. Hey johnpliskin! Feel free to pop down to galaxy night club and ask for any of the staff we would be more than happy to show you the ropes. Enjoy your stay at Ozzy!
  8. Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around soon.
  9. PandaKazii


    Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around soon.
  10. Welcome stalkers 😉


  11. PandaKazii


    Welcome qxkii!! Glad to see you are enjoying your time on Ozzy, If your ever at O'Neil's ranch be sure to say hello to Willy or Huey!
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