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  1. Dear Mr Madgwick. I have alerted the NSWPD Prosecution department of your court booking, I expect them to be in touch in the coming day or two. If you have not heard from anyone within 48 hours of this notice, please contact me and I will move things along for you and your client. Regards Oswald Goose AFP COMMANDER NSW Interim Judge
  2. Additions: 3.13 - Addition of ruling regarding sieging of Police facilities and Prisoner Transport. These rules are in effect as of NOW.
  3. Changelog 01/02/22 Additions: Punishable examples of powergaming - Storing of personal funds in the society fund of a business to avoid death tax. These rules are in effect as of NOW.
  4. yes, there is. Ask people in RP. It is preferred that you make the effort to interact with people to have your money cleaned. But yes there is a way to clean it yourself, just ask people in RP
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