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  1. G'Day Gamers, This is just a quick poll to see if the community is interested in a SCUM server. Additionally, feel free to have a chat regarding your thoughts on the game. Regards, Ryan King & The OzzyGaming Executive Team
  2. I have 350 games, so it was hard to decide
  3. I have added an FAQ section and will update it slowly clarifying some of the issues people are having, as well as answering the questions people have on this post.
  4. The rules surrounding FiveM are that you can not make a profit off of the server. We received confirmation that this does not stop us from giving out rewards, but as stated in the post, does mean we will stop accepting donations each month as soon as we reach our goal.
  5. Hello everyone. We are finally implementing a community-wide donation goal which will offer primarily, in its initial phase, rewards for the FiveM game server so that we can finally thank you for your donations! We previously believed we were not able to offer rewards in FiveM but with new information, this is no longer the case. We will stop accepting donations as soon as we reach our goal each month, which we will outline at the end of this post. At this time, donations are processed manually, so when you make a donation, please contact someone from the donations team and specify the package you wish to receive. We will be offering monthly subscriber packages as the majority of our donation rewards. The reason for this is that at the end of the day we need to pay for our hosting and licenses each month, which means offering one time rewards won't be as sustainable for us to cover the expenses we have. All of the rewards we will be offering will be listed in the sheet below. We will update this with all of the new features we wish to add in the coming months. We will try not to remove any features from this list, but if we do, we won’t remove the perks until the end of the subscriber period. The Vehicle Packs listed are available to view in the showroom of all vehicle stores. As well as the subscriber packages, we will also be offering several one-time rewards that will be listed in the sheet below. This will typically be used for specific features that would benefit from per payment system, such as custom license plates. Below is the outline of our monthly hosting & license expenses. Server #2 is a new addition to the family which, as listed, will be used for our Arma servers as well as some new things in development. Maybe Ark..? Thank you for taking the time to read this. The staff team are more than open to hearing new suggestions for donator rewards. Again, myself and the rest of the OzzyGaming staff team would like to thank you for making donations. At the end of the day, that and volunteers is what keeps our services running. Please note that some of the features listed are not yet implemented in-game, however, an update will be released in the next 24 hours to add all items listed. Regards, The OzzyGaming Management Team FAQ Q) How do the vehicle packs actually work? A) The vehicle packs give you access to purchase exclusive vehicles from the dealers, for a relatively low price in comparison to other supercars (around $700,00 from dealers). Getting access to one of the packs does not add the vehicle to your garage, you will still need to purchase the listed vehicles. When the subscription expires, you lose access to purchase the vehicles, but any vehicles already purchased will stay in your garage. You will need to show your ID to the dealer when you wish to purchase a vehicle. Your ID contains your VIP level, for example, "VIP Level Platinum".
  6. No, Molotov, If that was the case you would already be gone....
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