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  1. HI ExizAu Please go to https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/ and put in a suport ticket make sure to fill in the details correctly, we will be able to assist you there. Do keep in mind you will need an active subscription for discord nitro on the official Ozzy gaming discord server.
  2. Since we keep coming back to vote and argue again and again about why Crosshairs for civ's would be a good/bad idea Why not just enable them for a month like a trail of some sorts ? this way it can simply be turned off if all goes to hell.. even further, im looking at you sandy players its like TDM up there the quality of hostile RP on the server needs ALOT of improvement, i would even say the server not ready for civs to have crosshairs, people are stuck on ozzy is casual RP and to much TDM.. if people just didnt kill each other over spilt milk eh.. EMS already over loade
  3. just stay out of legion!! texture loss.. is a butch..
  4. My system could do with an upgrade I'm only running a 1070 32GB Ram with i7 6700k, What's everyone else computer set up and frames? Curious to know everyone else experience with Ozzy ATM? Performance wise after the player increase to 180. ( Desync/performance ? ) Gonna be upgrading to a new CPU soon etc.. curious to get some feed back from other people and there set ups..
  5. now would be a good time to read up on the server rules
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    aww thanks bro....
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    ^ if he doesn't ill ban him personally.. PERMA
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