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  1. See the difference between cops and civilians is COPS 90% of the time don't initiate hostile RP the 10% of the time they do something went wrong with there training.. Police dont shoot unless we have to it all comes down to RP.. where as civilians they shoot each other over everything and anything there the ones who initiate the hostile RP in the first place. Now civs will counter argue that cops aim there guns at civilians first alot of the time but there a difference we have a protocol police train to aim there guns at potential armed violent/dangerous suspects we dont shoot unless you directly put our lifes in danger or someone else. however for civilians vs civilians you guys will shoot each other on the spot once someone aims a gun there 0 de escalation attempts and all out killing spree.. giving civilians cross hairs will increase the death count by far where others will say it will make people hesitate and decrease hostile RP i dont think so at all.. as an admin i have seen way to much to think other wise people are quick to kill each other... not to mention there will need to be rules added to shooting from inside cars that i can see causing massive problems after having cross hairs enabled specially with fully black tinted windows and how easy it would be to 1 tap people from inside cars i can already see drive by deaths skyrocketing and overall more death in the city i can see police pursuits will turn into more officers dieing at the end as it stands now at the end of a police pursuit if someone cant get away they shoot at officers from inside the car Giving them a crosshair will not only allow them to aim but make sure 100% there first shot will be a kill shot on an officer not to mention combine that with there AP pistols or 1 shot guns they can kill officers that are pursuing very quickly 1 after the other befor we can even react, right now people that do shoot at the end of pursuits miss there shots a large % of the time giving the popular opinion that a lot of people use third party software for a cross hair with that being said i hardly ever get 1 tapped from said person in there car.. but i would vote having cross hairs inside cars disabled 10000%. civilians are simply not ready for cross hairs until they treat murder as a series thing and stop pulling guns over spilt milk its only going to cause more hostile RP on the server an an increase of deaths will sky rocket.. playing cop for over 12 months i can see already cross hairs enabled for civs while inside cars is going to be a headache and half the amount of times we have been shot at and thankfully missed due to no cross hairs saved our asses not to mention you'd need to nerf civs weapons im looking at you bullpup and 1 shot heavy pistol etc
  2. Police 99% of the time use there weapons only when they have to, to defend themselves or someone else.. The problem with giving civilians crosshairs is you guys simply kill each other over spilt milk and giving you guys the ability to aim will mean alot of them drive bys and random civ pop shots at each other will no longer miss meaning a lot more people will simply die over said spilt milk. I've seen countless civs get Mad at each other take a few pop shots at close range miss like crazy get over it and run off this would change that.. When people start to actually control them self's and not kill each other of minor BS sure give them crosshairs. (this is obviously my own opinion) I would like to see more quality RP and people using weapons mainly fire arms as a last resort. people don't treat murder as a serious thing at the moment i would much prefer crosshairs be removed for everyone then giving everyone crosshairs.
  3. next time you guys join the server press the ~ key and click show ID make sure it comes up that you guys are vip if it doesn't then something gone wrong, simply make a support ticket and we will get a manager to have a look for you. if done correctly it should be automatic and you get it straight away after a relog or two, to get the bonus rewards go to an ATM open it and there should be something about Dono bonus there for you to click
  4. until everyone starts treating death/murder as a serious thing and not just over petty things i dont think cross hairs for civ's should be enabled i think it will increase the death count and drive by's 10000% not to mention police pursuits with people liking to stop and shoot at police in there car etc its going to cause problems then its worth
  5. joe


    aww thanks bro....
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    ^ if he doesn't ill ban him personally.. PERMA
  7. my mate was able to finally join today so i guess you tried again ? there are a couple other people with the same issue atm unsure how to fix it
  8. actually one of my mates has the same error as you, so it could be a server issue or a fiveM issue unsure atm.. try joining server 2 and see if that makes it any better..
  9. are you able to join any other server that has addon's (any custom server) i know fiveM was having issue's yesterday with not being able to connect to servers etc... something else is obviously happening but just need to find out if its this server only or fiveM in general.. Edit i just tested to see if i could re download all the addon's again and had no issue's.. hmm
  10. First of all make sure you have allowed fiveM/GTA through your firewall/anti virus. Some times FiveM doesn't install right and needs an entire new install after deleting everything including the appdata files, but try clearing the cache first I'll post the instructions I got off google. IF it doesn't work delete everything after you open fiveM exe location after that finish of by deleteing fiveM.exe on desktop and reinstall (worse case scenario if nothing else works nothing really to worry since its easy to install anyway lol ) Step 1 Locate your FiveM Directory. right Click your FiveM Desktop Icon and Select "Open File Location" Open FiveM Appliaction Data folder. Open Cache folder. \ Delete all files in the Cache Folder EXCEPT FOR THE Folder called "GAME"
  11. Yea i played the uncharted series on the ps3!! wasn't to bad actually pretty solid series haven't played the newest one yet though as for tomb raider i keep seeing people recommend it ill have to check it out for sure.. as for assassin creed series i use to love it back in the day now the new ones feel more like "This is sparta" then an assassin but i suppose ill give the new one a shot.. read dead 2 is pretty solid i got it with the play station 10/10 good story good game play and overall a pretty ducking decent game.. sadly for online i don't have much faith in that haha.. so far i bought/own zero dawn (alloy) over watch (don't play it) read dead 2 76 fallout (don't play it matter of fact never even installed it) mass effect (not to bad) i know the new ace combat 7 coming out soon (if anyone a fan) i wonder if the new one going to be any good.. deffs gonna have to check out tomb raider..
  12. I'm not really a console gamer anymore since the old days even though i always end up buying the console's eventually anyway i don't want to go out there and buy a bunch of random games and hope there good so besides the exclusives for xbox and ps4 what's your top favorite ps4 game's that's actually worth playing ? i own red dead 2 pretty good.. I bought horizon zero dawn its actually a pretty good game i own fallout 76 (came with the console) never even installed it don't think im going to bother lol.. being a fan of mass effect series mass effect Andromeda is alright i guess.. I don't have a preferred console type of game i like to play, i play anything that's actually good (as much as i love FIVEM!!! and the server!!! and play it almost everyday!!, every now and then at night i decide to chill in bed and be a console peasant for the night i got the xbox one and the ps4 hooked up right next to the bed for nights i feel like being #lazy) anyway if anyone actually plays consoles theses days and has some recommendations id love to hear them..
  13. unfortantly its only a protoype 64 players atm it has lots of work needing to be done befor we actually see a stable lag somewhat free 64 player server's but just thinking about 64 players sounds insane for 10 cops lmao considering yesterday i was the only cop on and there were 31 civ's i was out numbered 31 to 1 lol 62 civs vs 2 cops sounds great... im sure we can respond to every call eventually lmao.. considering i notice a bunch of skips and lag spikes on 32 players i wonder how 64 would even handle without more major skips and server FPS issues but i guess that's to the people over at fiveM Dev team to work out.. i look forward to the future...
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