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  1. Grimm352

    PC Builds

    But the question is J Dub, can it RGB
  2. Grimm352

    PC Builds

    Nice guys Both have very decent Rigs and will last you a little while to come ex specially at 1080p easy. my system specs are I7 9700k , Asus rog x1 hero motherboard, Corsair white led ram 3666mhz ddr4 32gb, Corsair hx 850x white psu, 500gb ssd Samsung, 4tb Hdd, radion v11 gpu, Corsair 680X rgb white case, Corsair white k70 rgb keyboard, Corsair white rgb gaming mouse, Corsair rgb gaming headphones, Corsair gaming rgb headset stand, Corsair white black t2 gaming chair on a 34 inch 1440p ultra wide gaming monitor pics will come in the next week after I finish building my new setup ( desk etc ).
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys appreciated
  4. cheers mate, look forward to getting some role play in and helping others out. EDIT this joe guy IS definitely pretty awesome fella
  5. Grimm352

    PC Builds

    Nice mate the 1070 will run 1080p and some 1440p rez like a dream they are a great all round card compared to the new overpriced RTX series. the i5 is great for gaming as well and the 16gb will future proof you for a very very long time lol. Basic knowledge is all you need bro to start anything, recommend not getting into building pc's because once you start your money will slowly disappear haha, it gets addicting.
  6. Grimm352

    PC Builds

    Hey Everyone Just thought I'd start a post to see if there is any pc enthusiasts out their that would like to share their build (pics, parts etc) also to discuss anything tech related or build related ? I have been building for just over 5 years from basic builds to custom so love discussing builds and tech pc related with people new to it or seasoned like myself, cheers
  7. Hello Everyone My name is Andrew ( Grimm ) I'm new to this community, I have been into gaming since I was as young as I can remember and have played in multiple role play communities over the years mainly in ARMA 1- 3. A little of my professional life I'm a paramedic currently studying further into critical care and also work in two other community based organisations. In my spare time which doesn't happen to often I build custom pc's from basic builds to custom water loops, its something I enjoy and have been doing for just over 5 years. I look forward to gaming with everyone, Cheers
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