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  1. Dear OzzyGaming, It has been my pleasure supporting OzzyGaming over the last seven years. The last four have certainly been the most challenging but rewarding as an Executive. I have worked with remarkable people and helped bring a vision for this community to life. The staggering amount of time required isn’t what I remember most about this process, but rather the people I have met and the friendships I have gained. It is with sadness that I am announcing my retirement from OzzyGaming. There is so much more I could say and want to say, as that’s one of my faults, I just never quite
  2. Yes, it is the primary use for properties.
  3. I'm still impressed at the number of responses. Management has included this feedback in our choices going forward. You will hear further on this topic in times to come - for now we'll all just have to wait and see.
  4. Oh and just to note: Regardless of outcome or changes on the server. Players banned for using third party applications to implement crosshairs will not have their bans lifted retroactively. They broke the rules at the time and did so knowingly.
  5. Recoil requires loops, loops cause performance issues. But yes, as part of a different discussion recoil is being considered. We would have a lot to test on the script stability and performance before we would implement a system like that. There are interesting arguments on both sides of this one. But as mentioned, discussion here is just crosshairs.
  6. IMPORTANT: You do not need to hurry, think about it, sleep on it. You have until midnight on the 19th (Friday next week) to vote. Discord always has a way of skewing peoples view on topics as the vocal minority often rules the discussion and many people with doubts simply try to fit in because that is how we humans operate. Just like so many times before, you have a fresh opportunity to vote on the outcome you would like to see. As always, this is a test of community feeling on the topic and doesn't represent a binding referendum. We all have to make sacrifices due to technical and other
  7. I can assure you Ozzy (and the staff team) have nothing against Smokey. It is unfortunate what happened but it's always good to see him poking his head in. He and the rules may not have got along perfectly but he's still a lot of fun to watch streaming - I would recommend it if you see him online on twitch.
  8. Justice System Update Welcome to the launch of the expanded court system on OzzyGaming. I will be outlining how the system is formally changing. This is aimed at improving roleplay and providing more recourse options for characters. This is designed to be at the more serious end of roleplay available and hopefully quite enjoyable for everyone involved, but it is still roleplay and not strictly true to real life. This system is being rolled out presently so some server-side coding elements may not be fully in place for a while. Depending on how effective this is and the feedback we re
  9. + Rep. Slamalangadingdong

    1. macapaca


      i need to speak to clutchNZ 


  10. @Ryan King can answer that one, I'm sure he would love to tell you how many of us told him not to do it. Anyway, back to 120 now. Sanity has prevailed.
  11. Please reread my post, no one is permanently on final warning.
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