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  1. Thank you for the votes, it is great to see so many people keeping tabs on the forums and willing to cast their vote. The senior team will consider the results and we will provide further information from there. Molotov.
  2. While I appreciate the thoughts, this is primarily a read of interest. OzzyGaming is trying to move into a multi-server space where the community is never dependent on one game/server to maintain itself. This vision is shared by the senior team and we will be moving down this path (with or without Altis Life). This poll is not a promise of servers, nor is it the only servers we are considering but Exile and Altis life have a functional codebase at the moment and so would be the fastest to kickstart. Altis Life would face many hurdles, the biggest is bringing the server culture in line with OzzyGaming's new culture. Finding the right people to run the right things will be a challenge but we will develop plans if that is the direction we will take. We have a lot of options available to us but I will stress that if there is any sign that Altis Life will be a detriment to OzzyGaming or will not join the vision for Ozzy like FiveM has - Then it will be binned. We will not run this server on the power of nostalgia alone. We will be working very hard to avoid 'Old school Ozzy - rebirth' and that will mean some decisions that especially veterans may not like much - but that is how life goes (Like the pun?). Anyway, after the poll closes the senior team will discuss the outcomes and direction. We will then provide information about our plans. Poll closes at midnight if you are in the best country (New Zealand)... the rest of you will have it converted into local time if your profile is set up correctly. Molotov.
  3. *Insert obligatory grill joke* Welcome to OzzyGaming - I am an equal opportunity troll and will make no exceptions.
  4. Due to the recent disbanding of the Rust staff team, Rust has been closed with no future plans. Apologises to those who were interested in it, I have removed it as an option as a result.
  5. Good morning all, To those who are perhaps new to the server and have no idea who I am: I am an ex-OG Management, Head developer and shit-talker from a while ago who has been brought aboard to expedite the deployment of further gaming servers and options for the enjoyment and growth of the lovely community here. I know, sounds exciting right? I am in the middle of reviewing our services and what we offer to our beloved gamers. To those of you that know me - long time no see and to those who don't... well, you will likely get to know me soon enough. As part of all this I would like to gauge interest in some of the upcoming servers that progress has been made on and I'd like to get a feel for the level of commitment (Please see the vote below) - This is not saying that any of the projects are cancelled or even suspended but rather getting an idea what I am going to try and push through first. A single new gaming server to play is much better than ten that sit forever in development. While I am happy for you to post other servers or games you would like to see OG launch, at this stage only those currently in development or which have had an underwelming release are being focused on. Poll will close midnight Sunday. Regards, Molotov.
  6. Wordz r hard - plz mak sumpler or i get my lawyr 2 sue u. i want picz
  7. Can a dude not jerk off in a corner in peace? You don't have to go far at all, simple round the location to within say 10m and doesn't leave that area within 15 min, gets a kick. Can just throw up a warning on their screen too, if they are not AFK then they have to move a bit and it will go away.
  8. The old name and shame, I love it! Your devs should just make a code that detects AFK'ing and kicks people automatically @Boss
  9. The irony of this statement is just too much, lol
  10. Dis is the very funneh. I very impress and laugh very hard, thanks you.
  11. @Boss C'mon lazy bones, step up your game!
  12. I have serious trust issues with car salesmen...
  13. @Craigus @Joeb @Boss