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  1. G'day

    Welcome, glad you are sticking around. Our Squad community is a little quieter than these raucous FiveM types - I hope to see you on the server. @Patricktan112 is leading the charge on seeding and doing an excellent job, I'm sure he would love the company to get the server rolling each night.
  2. Yeah but they keep claiming that ARMA 4 is years away (only just starting work on it) which means a whole lot of waiting - and they keep talking about new significant patches. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried some more DLC's tbh
  3. When I heard, I really hoped it wasn't true. Cryptic always knew how to exasperate and annoy me, yet made me laugh a half second later. I'll always remember him for his many quirks and his time in helpdesk, despite the powergaming he was a great guy and I'll always remember the long TS chats after a few beers. Two of our number in such a short time, really sucks. RIP Cryptic and Suzaku.
  4. @Walter A charming idea, nostalgia is what fueled the last two attempts. Nostalgia lasts for a week and runs out. So a couple of things from me: I am not against an AL server but don't believe it will succeed - and that is just a waste of time We have no staff, and I wouldn't accept the old staff back - they had their 10 chances to prove themselves and they let it die without batting an eyelash until I started removing tags We would need a handful of solid developers to provide something not available from our competition We would need enough people wanting to play, AL is too large for anything less than 30 or so players to sustain itself. I doubt there is even a market large enough to entice more players, I doubt anyone would leave Straya or any surviving servers to start fresh on Ozzy again ARMA 4 AL is more plausible than any ARMA 3 AL working. But it is all a nice thought.
  5. Greetings OzzyGamers, Time for another general update from the Executive Team. Tell us the numbers Molotov! We're nerds too! Earlier this week we surpassed 1,000 Discord members and with nearly 1,800 forum members we are growing quickly (Approx. 20% increase in just a month). This does mean that Discord no longer shows the offline members on the right-hand panel (if you were wondering why it seemed to change). We have also reached over 8,600 unique FiveM accounts and Squad has seen a little over 4,500 unique players in the last 3 months (our data only goes back 3 months, the Squad server has been up for 4 months) - Squad is a fantastic game so I would recommend it to everyone, except those who are permabanned, we have ported most of those over. Life's tough for the permanently banned... What about funding??? In terms of funding, your very generous donations keep the servers online and we have enough money pay half of next month (November, I swear it was just June a little while ago ). This is a reasonable distance from the maximum 'buffer' we agreed with the FiveM collective (Which allowed us to collect up to 3 months in advance to ensure the server keeps being paid). We do this for you lot, I know, we are sentimental like that... (Some of you more than others...) We greatly appreciate all your support, laughs, roleplay and banter. A special thank you to the Staff teams for our servers that work tirelessly on their own time to help make everyone's time enjoyable on the server and resolve the endless stream of issues that arise. We appreciate that with School holidays on recently (and in some places still going) we have seen an influx of players at times when most of our team are at work so we appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. Does staff sound like a bit of you? We have a group of people being considered for staff as we speak but you are still more than welcome to throw your hat into the ring; if you are mature, familiar with the rules and good working with people then we want to hear from you! Check the 'Forms' at the top to apply. I am still looking for more exceptional Squad staff members to assist me with seeding the server every night - and prove they can dominate as a Squad Leader too! What about the future? We continue to look to the future with new games and servers to add to our gaming offering to our (mostly) delightful community - you people. If you would like to see a certain server offered here at OzzyGaming then I invite you to make a suggestion on the forums and we will look into it. It could be for an entirely new game or an old one, or even a service we used to offer that you believe a new spin would be awesome. New games or just suggestions in general, drop them all in here for consideration - OzzyGaming Suggestions FiveM Update?! @Boss and @Caldweld continue to beaver away on the next update with help from @Ryan King, @Zaydan and @MrMagic. We are keeping our cards close on this one as we don't wish to get anyone's hopes up too much and the release date is still not clear. So watch this space and we will keep you all updated as we know more for certain - from what I have seen, it looks great. If you are interested in assisting in the development, apply to join our staff team and we will discuss it further once we get to know you a bit better. Our developers hold an extreme level of trust and we don't just add anyone to the project - we have been burnt several times before so you'll have to forgive our guarded approach. Our developers would need to be committed, able to demonstrate their skills and demonstrate that they are able to take initiative and self-teach without requiring too much handholding. Reminders Just a couple from me this time. If you have an issue in-game, we understand your frustration but please go to Teamspeak or lodge a ticket for assistance rather than spamming aggressively in Discord. If you are submitting a ticket regarding a vehicle please remember to provide the number plate to expedite the process significantly - you make life easy for us and we will resolve your issue faster, then everyone is happy. Discord is excellent for getting the attention of relevant people but is not the place for resolving issues. If you have an issue with a Staff member, please submit a ticket (selecting 'Report a Team Member') these are only visible to the Management team (Executives and Managers) - we take these issues very seriously as it directly impacts the reputation of the server and staff team. Just remember that we don't remove staff member for minor infractions like calling someone a name when frustrated... just like normal helpdesk, complaint punishments match the severity of the infraction - factoring in the position of trust and authority that staff are in, thus held to a higher standard. However, do not mouth off and pick a fight with the staff member in public channels - this makes you look like the problem and will result in swift action taken against you. Our staff are empowered to preserve the integrity of the server and the enjoyment of all - this includes removing recurring problematic players from the server. Just another reminder that our staff are all volunteers, including the Executive Team. This does not mean that 'anything goes' for staff (Staff are bound by staff rules in addition to normal server rules) but this does mean some measure of respect and politeness should be extended to our team. People who just gratuitously abuse and insult our staff for doing their duties will not be tolerated. Once again, a big thank you from the Executive team. You should see most of us in-game and around (Unless we are hiding under aliases to avoid being bothered ) Regards, Molotov On behalf of the Executive Team.
  6. Greeting OzzyGaming, As part of our ongoing efforts to develop depth in the staff team and provide a succession plan for critical roles in the team. We have created an Assistant Manager role, this role is specifically to test the aptitude and skillset of specific Admin's who are deemed to be candidates for Server Manager - Either in the aims of increasing the number of Managers to three or provide a new manager if one were to step down. This role is not a rank given for seniority nor is it given to those who feel they deserve it. The Executive Team and Server Managers select people for this rank out of our pool of Administrators. During their time as an Assistant Manager, they will be granted some limited extra permissions to test their skills and learning ability with certain server systems. However, the core of this role will be seeing how they interact with the community, their leadership potential, and their understanding of our procedures and rules. This role is in all senses a test or trial and after we are comfortable that we know what the person would be like as a manager we will do a final evaluation and either promote them to Server Manager or set them back to Admin. There is no promise of progression to Manager and anyone who is set back to Admin is not permanently 'out', we will provide feedback to them and if we deem them to be a good choice again then they will be given another opportunity after a suitable period. We will be asking for feedback from both staff and the community on the people given this role. At this stage, we only plan to have one person in the role at any given time but we may up that to two if the need arises - or the washout rate is too high The first to be granted this role formally is @Parj, we look forward to working with him and testing his potential. Cheers, Molotov On behalf of the Executive Team
  7. His mum has to drive something, doesn't she? Seems tough to require parents to buy cars for their kids to provide them with a training vehicle. Might be cheaper in terms of repairs though.
  8. Welcome to the server, cheech
  9. Gday fam

    Welcome to the server robitz
  10. Welcome to the server Barra! Which of our game servers catch your fancy? Our delightful staff team is at your disposal if you need any assistance. Regards, Molotov.
  11. You may want to wait until people have a chance to play it, if the game is broken and shitty then no point paying for a server. The 'idea' of these early access games is often far better than the actual game.
  12. Greetings everyone, I am a little perplexed that I even have to make this post but we have mutterings among the community which are concerning and I would like to address them in the open before certain groups spread misinformation further. Easier to head this off than wait at the bottom of the cliff, if you will. "X server is being neglected because of Y server" This should be blindingly obvious to everyone but I will explain this in detail to help everyone, just in case you believe it. Every one of our servers has a standing staff team and at the moment of writing this post the numbers are: All servers (Executive Team): 6 staff members (includes Ryan) FiveM: 16 staff members Squad: 4 staff members (Excludes Molotov) Altis Life: 11 staff members Exile: 2 staff members (Excludes Silverback) CS:GO: (Assuming the server ever gets its little error fixed) 1 staff member We have a grand total of 1 staff member who is both FiveM and Altis Life - Which is Justin granted by Ryan, this is unusual because we prefer staff not to be split between servers. Claims that 'everyone is focusing on X server' are completely unfounded. While our staff may play multiple servers they don't actively staff them and generally only direct issues to the staff responsible for that server. Access to the FiveM servers is already an issue for the FiveM staff, unlike Squad (and Arma if we needed to) FiveM has no ability to reserve slots that we can keep open for staff to jump on and resolve issues. This seriously limits their ability to get on and solve issues. But every night we have a highly active helpdesk and almost all tickets are resolved within 24 hours and most issues can be resolved outside of the game. But what about development, Molotov? It is true, our development teams are quite small. Mainly due to lack of people putting their hands up but also they are highly trusted positions. They gain a literal copy of our server files and it is certainly not unheard of for devs to run off and make their own server (Yes, it has happened many times to Ozzy). So you'll have to forgive us for not being extremely trusting in this realm. But to hammer home this point: FiveM: Caldweld and Boss Altis Life: Ryan, Infinity and (Brand new, welcome btw) Nano Exile: Chris Evans and John Smith But what about my never-ending need for more customs cars, Molotov? Just a quick update with the FiveM custom vehicles. Unfortunately, we have reached GTA 5's limit on how many custom vehicles we can modify with the mechanic role. Simply speaking, there is room for 30 cars that can have engine upgrades. Anything past that 30 vehicle mark will not be able to be modified. You will be able to have minor cosmetic changes such as paint, however, that is the limit. Management has decided to set up a vote over the weekend that will determine which 30 cars will be able to be modified. Do not fret, this does not mean the end of custom cars, we can still add more, they just cannot have engine modifications. Over the past month, we have had people voice their concerns over particular vehicles not being able to be modified. This is due to GTA 5’s limit. The vote will run for one week. But Molotov, X thing remains broken! That is unfortunate but fixing things is not as simple as snapping your fingers and hoping it is resolved. Most outstanding issues have had multiple attempts to fix them. The games which are being coded for were never designed to be edited for this exact purpose - Even Altis Life, Arma 3, is not built to run persistent missions (hence we have to do restarts). But as you can see, there is literally no overlap between our dev teams. This all comes back to the main point: No server on Ozzygaming is getting more or less attention than any other. They are all parallel workstreams, they are not competing with each other. We completely understand that bugs are frustrating, they frustrate the people trying to fix them more than the players and if we could 'just' fix them we would. But no system is without bugs and efforts are being made to remedy issues. FiveM is having more time spent being developed each week than our most active players plays - and our devs do want to play games too. Nothing is quite as insulting as when a developer stays up late and loses sleep over working on the servers and then often well into the next day their work continues - only then to play some games at night and get hit with snarky comments about them always playing games and not doing their 'job'. Do the last 10 hours of work mean nothing for them to play a few hours of games? Please do not harass our dev teams, if they up and leave because of peoples gratuitous entitlement to their time then we will not have a dev team at all and suddenly everyone will see what 'nothing being done' really looks like. And no one wants that. TL;DR: No server is being favoured over any other and while we are used to the normal baseless groaning, we don't want new people infected by these complete myths. Hence, it has been decided to address this non-issue when normally it would just be ignored. Regards, Molotov.
  13. Greetings everyone, It is with great pleasure that I can announce @Boss has returned to the servers staff team - granted he never truly left but that is beside the point. Boss returns to us as an Executive to look after all our servers and services. Please note that he is not a FiveM Manager and all related FiveM issues should be passed through the FiveM staff first - the FiveM managers will escalate issues to the Executive team directly. Just one of the realities of such a large server, the Execs are currently being bombarded by many issues that our support staff can easily deal with and we want to play games too sometimes! Boss has been supporting the server from the background with development efforts and will continue to do so but please do not contact him directly about such things as we have a large staff team to spread the load - we don't want anyone getting burnt out (again) from all the work being dumped on their doorstep. I'm sure everyone will join me in thanking Boss for his return and looking forward to his continued support for the server! Regards, Molotov On behalf of the Executive team.
  14. Any FiveM admin or higher can do donations. So jump into teamspeak for one or if none are around (or you just want the magic to happen ASAP) then put in a ticket and someone will attend to it.
  15. Welcome to the server Rampage, granted a little delayed but we are pleased you are enjoying yourself. Cheers, Molotov
  16. Greeting OzzyGamers, As you all have probably seen, there have been some changes around the place. The Executives have been run off our feet making some changes and getting FiveM server back to where we would like it to be. Quite a lot to cover so I will go through it piece by piece, feel free to skip to sections you care about. Lots of content so I will try to be as brief as possible if you would like clarification or more info feel free to ask. Donations We have been in contact with the FiveM Collective and have received permission to collect two months ahead in donations. This means we will be collecting the current month and then the two after. The monthly costs remain essentially the same from Ryan's donation post. Further information will be coming about this so you can see where we stand, we are limited by the plugins we use but we will be doing the best we can. This new system lets us have some warning when the donations slow and means we can act before Ryan is forced to pay for the shortfall personally. This also reduces the stress on the management team as it is no small sum of money. We have also given Admin's the ability to give out donation perks, we are working with them to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible and this means that rewards are able to be given out faster. This will hopefully remove the frustration of having to wait, we know you guys want your rewards ASAP. We are also extremely thankful for everyone's support and your patience while we have been extremely busy with various pieces of the puzzle moving. I am pleased to say that we are getting there and hopefully everything will be in order shortly so we can maintain the transparency which we have always had, not just for the players but FiveM Collective too. Squad Staff I'd like to announce that @Matty Lee Chang and @N. Fox have been promoted to Squad Admin and I have deeply appreciated their support, I look forward to continuing to work with you guys. Thanks for joining me out on the ledge with this project! We also welcome @CaptainKFC to the support team and I hope everyone gives him a warm welcome. I will be continuing to look for a couple more staff for Squad to allow better coverage throughout the week, feel free to apply if you are interested! FiveM Staff FiveM has been quite the hotbed of activity recently. Boss continues to support us in the background and we appreciate his efforts, but we ask that everyone respect his space and need to recharge. So if you have suggestions and such, we are happy to hear them but don't message Boss directly - thanks! We have selected out new FiveM Managers, big thank you to @Bendacat and @MrMagic for stepping up to the plate. The Executives will continue to support them as they get a feel for the role. Please be nice everyone! We are excited to have them onboard in the Management team and look forward to their work in FiveM. I'd like to congratulate @Johnny on his promotion to Admin, well deserved. We are also welcoming onboard @gex, @Rockwell (aka Ehruhgahn), @Redwin and @pleberino to the FiveM support team. We really appreciate you guys putting up your hands, we are considering some further additions to the team so apps are still open if you are interested. It is with some sadness that we have had to say goodbye to some of the staff members that you know. Some of the staff left for personal reasons to focus on real life and others have been offered and accepted staff positions on another FiveM server. We thank them all for their work on our server and we appreciate the support they gave. We also wish them all the best with their new server; I hope they find the utopia they were searching for. Exile Exile testing has been highly successful! Further updates on this server are just around the corner, the main people leading this project are taking a week off to collect themselves before they enter the breach with a full server launch. So stay tuned, this one is close on the horison. Altis Life As you will have noticed, the Altis Life server is looking to make a return with a host of new scripts and content. We are excited to see the return of OzzyGaming's oldest server but with a new framework and feel to it. Keep your eyes on the announcements for this one and if you are interested in joining or leading a faction or staff, see the applicable applications to fill in. We won't be running this server quite like the old Ozzy server but we are confident that the new methodology will be highly enjoyable and hopefully limit the amount of helpdesk camping (over everything...). Big thank you to @Ryan King and @Infinity for all their work on this. Server Changes Due to the pressure on the servers from different game services and general services, somewhere around Wednesday this week we will be making some adjustments to where (and how) game servers and services are hosted. FiveM and Squad should remain largely unaffected, otherwise, there may be some minor changes. This will provide a better quality of service on our core servers while streamlining how the up and coming servers operate. In short: Fewer lag spikes and less clashing between services. We don't have any plans for outages at present time but there may be some short periods during quiet times if we need to. We will announce in Discord before we take any action that could affect the servers you may be playing on. I would like to extend a big thank you again to our staff team, without these guys we really could not offer the services that we do and also all the support we have been given by the community. It means a great deal to us and we really appreciate it. Regards, Molotov On behalf of the Executive Team
  17. @Nuts Please confirm if Orgy and sandals is on some kind of watchlist?! Nuts is our tame mall cop and he monitors police scanners to call himself a cop, we just smile and nod so be nice to him
  18. I'd evade Zaydan too if I could, oh, not what you meant? Welcome to Ozzy, don't feed the Admin's. They have to work to earn their food.
  19. Orgys and sandals, I am hardly an expert in sandals but I feel like their presence would really ruin an orgy. Welcome to the server.
  20. JUST CAUSE 4

    No. Squad for life.
  21. Good morning all, Sadly @Brodie H has stepped down as one of our FiveM managers this morning. Brodie leaves us to focus on his personal life and hopefully will return to game with us again when he can. On behalf of the Senior Management team, I'd like to sincerely thank Brodie for all his work on FiveM and support he has rendered Boss. His contribution to the server has been significant and will be sorely missed. Staff, Development and the Police Force are just some of the areas that he assisted with and I hope the community appreciated everything he did and the time he spent on their behalf whether it was noticed or not. Filling such a role takes a lot of time, effort and is often thankless. We wish Brodie all the best and hope that he returns to game with us when he is ready. In respect and thanks to all the effort he has rendered the server, we have granted him Platinum Donator status and he is welcome to claim the associated rewards on return to the server. With his departure a void is left in the leadership of the Police Force, Boss is very much aware of this and will be working to resolve that in the coming days. Further information will be provided as it is worked through. At this stage we are not looking to fill the Manager position he left and this will also be be reviewed in the coming weeks. Sadly we have also had @gigabytes step down as a Developer for FiveM, we deeply appreciate the work he put into the server and his time. It can be a highly stressful and seemingly thankless job. Thanks for your work G1ga and we wish you all the best as well. Regards, Molotov
  22. Hi all, With our squad server receiving numerous votes and being full every night during primetime, we have risen quickly up the server list... well, this very specific list but you get the idea. Squad Server Listing - Our Server on that listing Thanks everyone for their votes and also for coming to play the server, it has been epic. I'll just take a moment to welcome @Matty Lee Chang and @N. Fox to the Squad staff team. They have been a great help keeping an eye on the server for me and helping keep my workload under control, they have also done an excellent job helping to seed the server. Note that we are still looking for some more staff, so if you know how Squad works (generally) and wish to give a helping hand -> Squad Staff App! Also, if you are playing our server and think certain maps are great... or shit or the version of the map is all wrong; take the time to comment on the Map Rotation Discussion and I will make corrections to the rotation to make sure you get as many maps you love to play on as possible! Regards, Molotov
  23. Unfortunately, @AdamDaze has decided to move on as well. The HR group at work were talking about the domino effect just the other day. Thanks for all your work for the server Adam, your efforts have been deeply appreciated and I hope you enjoyed everything the role had to offer. Regards, Molotov
  24. After an ironically simple fix to the Squad server and maxing out the 80 slots tonight for several hours. I'd like to thank some select people who keep coming back to help me seed the server each evening instead of going to the already full or near-full servers. In no particular order: @Boss @Caldweld @Infinity @John Smith @The Silverback @Justin @N. Fox I appreciate the help and I think the games have been pretty epic. Anyone interested in joining us is more than welcome too, Squad is free this weekend and 40% off during the Steam Summer Sale which lasts until early July - So it is less than $20 AUD which is a steal for how good it is. Cheers, Molotov