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  1. Well, most servers have plugins where they can override your knife and skin. So you can technically have any skin/knife on the server.
  2. Have you been reading anything in the past 2-3 weeks maybe? The new management team wants to build a community around multiple games and bring them all together, they don't want to just be known for Altis Life. It is better explained in this post by Zaydan:
  3. Obviously, you have not played surf (incredibly kind lad).
  4. Combat surf is pretty useless when no one is on the server. You get stuck in the jail and then have to type kill in console to restart the map. Maybe just open up a non-combat surf server so you dont have to worry about other people needing to be online to play.
  5. He wants it so he can meta game and see people in private channels. #ban history
  6. There are bigger things to dev/fix then your private channel permissions infinity.
  7. The points on the old website should tell you how much you've donated. Or just search through your Paypal transactions for Aaron P
  8. I think its a bit small, can we make it a big taller?
  9. I'm back ladies. No more fossil cocks in management, time to have fun in a more enjoyable and fun and friendly environment. You'll see me around on the CSGO surf server and when I have the data quota I might re-install and the FiveM mod.