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    Hello old friends

    thanks for the warm welcome assholes 😂
  2. Hello my fellow OzzyGamers, Booted up my old PC and glad to see this community exists. I have a lot of memories from here. I definitely remember a few names from the Arma 3 Altis Life Days. I'm not too sure how long ago that ended but I am keen to get back online into this GTA 5 thing I see you've migrated into. Hello to all my old friends! I also apologies for any of my previous actions on Arma 3, I was a little shit stirrer that loved North Kavala. If anyone is feeling nostalgic like myself here is a few YouTube videos from back in the day if you wanna bring back some memories.
  3. I'm back ladies. No more fossil cocks in management, time to have fun in a more enjoyable and fun and friendly environment. You'll see me around on the CSGO surf server and when I have the data quota I might re-install and the FiveM mod.
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