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  1. Kraze's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info test1 -------------------- Character Name test2 -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) test3 -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? test4 -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? test5 fuck you suicidesheep
  2. Kraze's Court Booking Application ID #4442 Submitted on 01/03/20 at 11:15:14 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name test1 ---------------------- Plaintiff Name test2 ---------------------- Defendant Name test3 ---------------------- Claim tes4
  3. I am the true community manager

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  4. Hey all, just a brief update for what is coming for the future of Altis Life. As many of you will have noticed, there have been a lack of updates to the mission on our live server, this is a result of significant work that is currently taking place on a separate version of the mission. This update will aim to mitigate many of the current 'bugs' and issues with the current version, as well as provide a more stable platform which will allow for the addition of a number of new features. Currently a date for said update has not been set, however, expect it in the foreseeable future, and although this will be a relatively significant update, there will not be a wipe accompanying it. Feel free to tag or dm me with any questions.
  5. Changelog 13/06/2018 Modified: - Section 2.1.1 (Bannable examples) - Section 3.3 (Robberies) - Section 3.4 (Hostages) These rules are in effect as of 7:25PM AEST 13/06/2019
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