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  1. I just feel that no matter what the vote is going to be people are still going to abuse whether they use third-party programs for its cop sitting on a rooftop with a pistol aiming for that headshot. A police officer would not be on a roof with a pistol trying to scope in and get a headshot like that I can understand why civilians are getting peed off. I just think there so many problems with the crosshair part like those tasers takes so long to reload if you miss and by that time your property stabbed or shot If you did have a crosshair. Is there a way we could see how it goes if you did try no cross hairs?
  2. Wait so you can post it in a public Tweeter with in the ozzygaming server but Bendacat a Executive can't post it on a Forum designed for ozzygaming, The server on witch you play on!
  3. I will redo the room then show more The white Computer is Foxfyre Pc on the right: ✰ CPU: Intel Core i9 9900k ✰ GPU: 1x GeForce 1080Ti XTREME WATERFORCE ✰ MOBO: MSI MEG Z390 ACE ATX ✰ RAM: G.Skill 16GB RGB 3600MHz ✰ SSD: Samsung 960 EVO Series 500GB ✰ HDD: WD Black 3.5" 6TB ✰ Case: Thermaltake Core X5 PC on the left ✰ CPU: Intel Core i9 7960X ✰ GPU: 2x GeForce 1080Ti XTREME WATERFORCE ✰ MOBO: Aorus Gaming 9 X299 ✰ RAM: G.Skill 32GB RGB 3600MHz ✰ SSD: Samsung 960 EVO Series 500GB ✰ HDD: WD Black 3.5" 6TB ✰ Case: Thermaltake Core X5 ✰ Elgato: Game Capture HD60 Pro Peripherals: ✰ Mouse: ASUS ROG Spatha Wireles ✰ Keyboard: Razor Blackwidow Gen 2 ✰ Headset: Astro A50 ✰ DAC/AMP Mixer: Behringer Xenyx Q1002 ✰ Mic: Node NT 1 on a Node Arm ✰ Display: 1x AOC AGON AG251FZ 244hz ✰ Display Cont: 2x Benq 75hz 24" ✰ Camera 1: Logitech C922 ✰ Camera 2: Logitech Brio 4K UHD Webcam ✰ Chair: BattleBull Commander Gaming Black/Orange/White
  4. Christmas Song, Sung by NSW police in a Robbery OZZYGAMING https://youtu.be/uBmg9viyqlI
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