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  1. If you are experiencing ui lag in things like the CHAT, INVENTORY, CAD, CLOTHING MENU ETC you can follow the below guide to fix it. Note: the below guide only works for NVIDIA GPUs, you may be able to find separate software to limit your FPS per-application for AMD and other GPUs. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel Right click your desktop Click on NVIDIA Control Panel Open 'Manage 3D Settings' Click Manage 3D Settings on the left Click on Program Settings Click the Add button Add the FiveM application Set an F
  2. If you are experiencing FPS drops or texture loading issues (invisible buildings or roads) 1. Turn off vSync 2. Turn down these advanced settings Extended Distance Scaling Extended Shadows Distance 3. Adjust Texture Quality and Budget Try lowering your texture quality and adjusting the Extended Texture Budget option. Play around with these two settings, if you experience frequent graphics related crashes you may need to turn them down.
  3. Shadowplay Guide NVidia ShadowPlay is the easiest way to record and clip your gameplay for sharing. We recommend players run recording software in case of needing to report a rule breaker or provide a demonstration of a bug/issue etc. Alternatives include Medal.tv, OBS, and more. Shadowplay is automatically disabled when launching FiveM, you will need to make a change to your FiveM config to prevent this from happening. Step 1. Locate FiveM Directory Generally FiveM will be installed in the local appdata folder, press Windows + R keys and then type %localappdata%\FiveM\Five
  4. If you're having issues with hearing everyone or are unable to hear anyone at all, please try the following steps: Important: Once you have made the below changes you will need to restart your game and any device using the audio device too (eg Discord). Fix 1 Step 1: Right-click the sound icon in your windows task bar Step 2: Click 'Sounds' and then 'Playback' tab, select the audio device you are using Step 3: Click 'Properties' then 'Advanced' and change the 'Default Format' to 32000hz or higher (if you have both 32000hz and 32000hz FM options, select the FM opti
  5. maybe we could put on the store like 10 dollars for 5 plate changes
  6. Hi Thomas, Welcome to OzzyGaming {There is a command that can help you with that. Push T to bring up the chat. Type /unstuck then push enter. Wait about 15 secs and you should then spawn in Legion Square.} Since you're new I suggest you take a look into the guide section of the forums to get yourself started. I've attached the image that displays all controls below. A good way to get yourself some cash is by doing a "non-whitelisted job" such as treasure hunting or trucking. If you're unable to find one, landscaping is the current favorite. Before you get too deep
  7. Hello Everyone, If you are looking for the discord link, you will need to go to the HOMEPAGE where you will see on your right a box that says "discord". www.ozzygaming.com.au Simply click the box and it will direct you to join the discord.
  8. Smokey


    If you need the discord link here it is. https://discord.gg/ozzygaming All the links should be on the main page of Ozzygaming forum on the right hand side.
  9. Keybinds & Commands How to create a custom keybind: Press F8 Type: bind KEYBOARD O "e dance" How to remove a custom keybind: Press F8 Type: unbind keyboard O Main Interaction Keys ~ : Quick Menu Y : Clothing panel. Key binds 1-9: Hotkey Assignments (Press TAB and drag items to set) Hotkey Assigned to weapon will Unequip weapon =: Turn Engine Off B: Point X: Hands Up / Speed Limiter U: Lock / unlock vehicle (Inside or next to vehicle; must be owner) Y: Open clothing radial me
  10. October may be the season of cozy jumpers, scary movies and pumpkin-spiced everything, but most importantly it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Approximately 55 Australians are diagnosed each and every day. That equates to over 20,000 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each year. The OzzyGaming community wants to help raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and show our support towards on-going research to help uplift those in need. We are excited to be launching a charity fundraiser for the remainder of the
  11. OzzyGaming has just launched a merch store! 👔 Shirts, hoodies, water bottles, cups 🥤 If you'd like to check out 🍌Silverback🍌 Designer labeled clothing 🐒 Then check it out here! https://merch.ozzygaming.com.au/ 15% OFF EVERYTHING From the 20th till the 23rd It's really fresh, so we'll be having some fun and adding some more designs soon and taking community requests 😉 - Have a great friday everyone! 😊
  12. Smokey


    Hello and Welcome to OzzyGaming Since you're new'ish to the city, you've already got yourself started by applying at the job centre as a treasure hunter. Have fun, make memories. Rules : Guides : https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/forum/55-guides/ Teamespeak - ts.ozzy.life discord - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/discord- Hope you enjoy your time in the city, Smokey - Community Coordinator
  13. I am ready to do an interview when you have some time to spare. 

  14. Smokey

    Voice Settings

    So as some of you guys may know, there has been an update to the voice settings on the OzzyGaming FiveM Server. To help fix some of the issues; if you hear a lot of people in-game you will need to adjust your settings to fix this. Some of you may have a headset that does both VOICE and GAME. In your Voice Chat settings, if your Output Device is currently set to VOICE for your headset you will need to change that to GAME as shown below If there are more problems that persist or you need a hand, come see me in TeamSpeak.
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