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  1. "#JJWestForPoliceCommissioner!" "Together we all can make both the Police Force and the Community batter place." : )
  2. Greetings Everyone! My name is James West (JJFromTheWest), More commonly known as “Detective Mr West”. This post by myself is a more indepth message then the one publicly provided above to self promote myself. “#JJWestForPoliceCommissioner!” I have been apart of the OzzyGaming Community now for around 4 years, since the Arma 3 days. During this I have been a Police Officer for around 4 years. I have mostly spent my thousands of hours both ‘ingame’, talking with people to improve the PD and doing administrative work and just thinking of ideas for policing for around 4 years now. With all of these experiences I have gained here within the OzzyGaming Community and during that time over 2 years were spent working in the Police Administration and at one stage as the Police Commissioner. I have learnt and noticed a lot of things over the years that could be further improved on within the Police Force and the Community. And I would like to with all of my dedication here in the Community and as a Police Officer to further improve the Police Department. Now moving on, with all of these experiences and things that I have learnt plus with everyone else's inputs, I would like to do many things If I was voted In as the Police Commissioner. As the Police Commissioner I would work very closely like I have been for a long time now with the our Police Officers, the Public and the Community Management. Everyone will be able to put in their own thoughts and ideas for the Police Force and they will be looked into. We are all like one big team and we are all leaders in our own ways. Some of these changes that I along with the help of my fellow Police Cabinet & Administration members, and the whole Police Force and the Community would be to further improve the Police Force’s structure especially for our Police Cabinet, Police Administration, Departments, Trainings, reports & punishments and Police rank promotions & adding more roles and positions with meaning and responsibilities for Officers. Additionally, for the Police Force I will make sure to further look into adding more vehicles for the Departments and updating things like uniforms and whatever else the PD needs. In summary, the main plan is for the Police Force is to make it so that it can function better and to do this I would try and make it so that everything is more structured. Furthermore, I plan on definitely improving our general Professionalism, Procedures & Performance, and our Public Relations and interactions with our Officers, EMS, Citizens, Businesses and the Community as a whole! Welcoming any Questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me either on Discord, TeamSpeak or in the Island. Let’s all work together and further make the Police Force and the Community greater for everyone. Both for our Emergency Services, and our Citizens. “Together we can all make the Community a better place..” All support and votes are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading. If you like what you are hearing, please spread the word. Regards, Police Detective Mr West.
  3. Rest In Peace Cryptic Plissken. You were always very fun to play and to Roleplay with in Arma 3. You will be greatly missed. Farewell. ; ( Regards, JJFromTheWest.
  4. Well to my knowledge i was on most nights (From when i was Sergeant +) and i believe i was pretty respected as a 'good' Officer.
  5. Hi, my name is JJfromtheWest. My Roleplay Name is James West. And i am "from the West". I am a 'older' player within the Community. A bit of back story: I first joined the OzzyGaming Community in 2015 and i have been here for over 3 years! (I am a Ozzy Veteran) On OzzyGaming, back before FiveM on the Arma 3 Altis Life RP Server i was a Police Officer and i was one of the most active and respected Officers in the force. Through 'hard work', determination and activity, I eventually worked my way up through the police ranks and eventually became the coordinator of the Ethical Standards Division (Internal Affairs) and at one stage i was fortunately even given the opportunity to become the Police Commissioner, which i accepted. I have been very active on the community and i was recently here until the Arma 3 Server went down again, i then went on a bit of a break and i have now returned. For the last week and a bit i have been playing on the Ozzy FiveM Servers (had some game problems, but i am back now) and i plan on being online most nights mainly as a Police Officer. So i just wanted to officially re-introduce myself to the newer and older members and say hello to everyone and i look forward to joining and interacting with you all in FiveM. "Let the RP begin!"
  6. My name is "JJ" and I am from the West, and I was previously the Altis Police Department Commissioner during 2017 to 2018 until i stepped down.
  7. Welcome to OzzyGaming. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask one of the staff members.

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