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  1. Fire Rescue is also apart of the EMS department as we have CFA branch which isn't used often unfortunately
  2. DeeP_LogiZ


    I think this is well over due. Thought I'd finally introduce myself. My three characters (Eric, Kevin and Carlo) love hanging around over towards the pier, Out on the water and Vinewood area! Eric is a paramedic so if you ever see him around he's open for some good chats about medical stuff. Kevin is a floor manager at the soon coming Tequilala! He really likes his time at the bar and riding his motorcycle. Last but not least Carlo. Carlo is coming from Italy to the city shortly. He has high hopes for what he can do with his buddies that are bringing him into their group. Thanks for your time! If you ever see me around I am always up for some good RP!
  3. Good times and beach vibes 


  4. Absolutely brilliant * Smashes Golden Buzzer*
  5. +1 I really like the rp part with pulling over for passing through the red lights. With the robbery part I totally agree that two robberies should be able to happen at the same time. It helps spread everyone out and then allows more people get more opportunities to improve their rp especially on the cop side.
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