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  1. @dov1t.sco There you go mate.. https://discord.gg/YsUvuEC
  2. For me, i go to a tattoo shop and interact with the blue circle in the tattoo shop as if you gonna get new tattoo. Usually all the tattoos you got on your body will appear again. Then just back out of the tatoo shop menu and you will have your inks back on the body.. At least it works for me.
  3. [email protected], Below is the controls of our FIVEM server to help you with your RP.
  4. [email protected], Below is the link to OzzyGaming Discord. https://discord.gg/wJBhf4Y Jay.
  5. Welcome back to OzzyGaming mate !! since it's been 1 year last time there is gonna be massive changes you would notice in game. Feel free to ask us in game or through forum mate if you got any queries.
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