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  1. When’s this vote ending lol
  2. Maybe change OOC to a question channel? As far I’m seeing the OOC channel is full with questions. and arguments... or maybe add a slowmode like discord
  3. Hello everyone! My name is LiZi606! A.K.A Steve Lambo, Thomas Lambo, and James Lambo I have been in Ozzy Community for around a year, enjoyed most things so far. I’m fairly new to Twitch, make sure you check it out and give me some feedback on what I can improve on. Looking forward to see y'all in game and on my stream! My Discord: LiZi606#3359 My Twitch Channel: Right here My Email: [email protected] (Don’t bother emailing me, I won’t look at it anyway)
  4. I cant see others tattoos sometimes, how do I fix that
  5. LiZi606


    Welcome! Looking forward to Fly Polair with you
  6. LiZi606


    Welcome back
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