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  1. G'day Wolfish Grin! Welcome to OzzyGaming. Happy to have you here. Unfortunately FiveM is only for PC and you will not be able to use your PS4. However, You are still able to interact with the community via our discord and forums without issues. I hope you enjoy your stay! Any further questions don't hesitate to ask, or send me a DM on discord (Hughesy43#8422) Regards, Hughesy43 ~ FiveM Administrator
  2. Would you say that the recent change in our rules hasn’t helped, or that the review on punishments hasn’t helped? I mean this with no intent to attack you btw. Also, there is nothing stopping community members to release their own guides on our forums either. I find that the best way to solve this issue is ‘metaphorically’, bring these people under your wing and set the example of where the standard you see needs to be met. Setting the right example as a collective is 10000x more productive than complaining about it. You have raised some valid points in our discussion. I’m by no means disagreeing with you but more finding alternatives to your resolutions. Thanks.
  3. Yes I understand and yes there is a problem. So what do you suggest we do? It would greatly help if you could suggest ides in ways to mitigate these claims.
  4. There are some valid points here, and I do agree with the majority of them to an extent, however. OzzyGaming, as stated on the FiveM loading screen is ‘Casual Rp’ this however does not mean that rule breaches are non punishable or the fact the we don’t enforce ‘good’ RP. This just means that the OzzyGaming server is as it states ‘casual’. We do not force it upon players to create highly involved, serious RP situations. We do however encourage it greatly and there have been some awesome RP situations carried out from the players. As a staff member myself, I see a lot more ‘toxicity’ than a casual non staff member would see. This is why we have staff. To combat poor attitudes and resolve situations. A person like yourself however, who is a great RP’er shouldn’t have to worry about the minority of people being toxic. You should be able to move on from it and create RP with people that you know are not toxic. Of course us staff are trying to create an environment where people can enjoy their time and not have to worry about things like this. But there comes a point where you guys and girls just have to be the bigger person and look over it as hard as it may seem. I can tell you wholeheartedly that the team of volunteer staff members are trying their absolute best to mitigate the effects of toxic/poor RP. But as ‘good’ rp’ers, You people should be setting the standard, showing the ropes to new people, getting people involved with situations and ultimately showing them the standard at which you want to see OzzyGaming be at. Thanks.
  5. This is a known FIveM issue. Nothing you can do to prevent it, it happens to everyone. Classic FiveM onesync......
  6. Hughesy43

    Hey all

    Welcome!! Please feel free to ask any questions in this forum and I am sure we can assist you
  7. Welcome back MaxxMonster, any questions please feel free to ask!
  8. Hi, Welcome to OG, we hope you have an awesome time here. Any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy.
  9. Welcome!! Hope to see your characters around.
  10. Welcome to OzzyGaming. Any questions just ask! In regards to the police force. You will have received instructions through the forum post. I wish you well for your pursuits in the Police force and your time here at OG!
  11. definitely made a difference as far as I can see.
  12. Hi! Welcome to the OzzyGaming community! Any questions feel free to ask and hopefully you enjoy yourself
  13. Welcome To OzzyGaming!
  14. First of all, Welcome to OzzyGaming. We hope you enjoy your time . Second, There are many ways on how to start illegal jobs. The best way is to find out in RolePlay. Hop into the server and chat with people. Just pick and choose the people though, you don't want to ask the wrong person. Most people will not tell you over the public discord or forums because finding out in RP is the best way and the right way. So I encourage you to hop into the server ask around and ultimately have fun.
  15. Well wasn't that a conversation and a half
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