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  1. Hughesy43

    Hey all

    Welcome!! Please feel free to ask any questions in this forum and I am sure we can assist you
  2. Welcome back MaxxMonster, any questions please feel free to ask!
  3. Hi, Welcome to OG, we hope you have an awesome time here. Any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy.
  4. Welcome!! Hope to see your characters around.
  5. Welcome to OzzyGaming. Any questions just ask! In regards to the police force. You will have received instructions through the forum post. I wish you well for your pursuits in the Police force and your time here at OG!
  6. definitely made a difference as far as I can see.
  7. Hi! Welcome to the OzzyGaming community! Any questions feel free to ask and hopefully you enjoy yourself
  8. Welcome To OzzyGaming!
  9. First of all, Welcome to OzzyGaming. We hope you enjoy your time . Second, There are many ways on how to start illegal jobs. The best way is to find out in RolePlay. Hop into the server and chat with people. Just pick and choose the people though, you don't want to ask the wrong person. Most people will not tell you over the public discord or forums because finding out in RP is the best way and the right way. So I encourage you to hop into the server ask around and ultimately have fun.
  10. Well wasn't that a conversation and a half
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