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  1. Using the /VSYNC and /CLEAR commands every so often will improve how smoothness of your game/UI
  2. Chuck a support ticket in with evidence
  3. False, there were enough players to basically fill all 360 spots across the 2 at the time and getting new staff probably wouldn't be a problem. It just didn't work with things such as dealerships, drug runs, cops & ems, etc. Communities formed at places like mechanics so everyone would want to be together on one server leaving it completely dead on the other. Just wasn't sustainable.
  4. I haven't been active on these forums very long however i assume there have been discussions about this before. Why aren't watercraft such as Boats or Jetskis available to the public? Is there any given reason or is there something i'm missing? As far as i'm aware police don't even have them and EMS have only received them recently (not that i've ever seen them used). Just curious tbh
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