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  1. Snako

    Hello there!

    Hope you enjoy your time here at Ozzy !
  2. Snako


    Welcome Brother , cant wait to see you around the city.
  3. Snako

    New Player

    Dont Go To Sandy Shores. Go to job center do trucking or landscaping , then once you have 20k go buy a jetski and start treasure hunting
  4. +1 I would like to see crosshairs come into Ozzy but I feel like it might be a bit op everyone will just headshots. If they could Implement something were your crosshair only lasts 10 seconds after you've pulled out your gun then after those 10 seconds the crosshair disappears. Therefore you have to re-holster your weapon to bring up the crosshair again.
  5. Just Dont let your car get stolen
  6. -1 wouldn't be worth that much
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