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  1. Ahhh, memories
  2. Maybe's Court Booking Application ID #8216 Submitted on 02/16/21 at 01:01:31 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name Rez ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Dallas Gambino ---------------------- Defendant Name NSWPOL ---------------------- Claim My client has been charged with Kidnapping and possession of illegal weapons. in which he pleads not guilty. ---------------------- Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge? Yes
  3. Maybe's Court Booking Application ID #8087 Submitted on 01/31/21 at 04:57:06 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name ClutchNZ ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Frank Maradiaga ---------------------- Defendant Name NSW POLICE ---------------------- Claim Client has been charged with invasion of police, dangeroud Driving Causing Injury or damage and reckless driving. ---------------------- Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge? Yes
  4. Maybe's Judge Application Application ID #8022 Submitted on 01/25/21 at 05:04:40 AM ---------------------- OOC Contact Info Maybe#6969 ---------------------- Character Name Jake Masters ---------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N ---------------------- Why do you wish to become a Judge? I am currently a practising lawyer, licensed under LS Legal, as an ex police officer i have a strong knowledge of the law and this has assisted me greatly in helping my clients. I would love to be able to take the next step of becoming a judge so that i can have a greate
  5. Hi All, I wanted to start a discussion on changing a long standing rule on the island. Real World Trading, in terms of store bought cars referred to as "bitcoin cars " ingame. As it stands, anything purchased in store with real money can not be traded or sold within the island, and to a point i believe this shouldnt change. What i am suggesting however is that the rule be modified to allow sale and trading of store bought cars after they have been owned for a certain amount of time. I think this should only be allowed to be traded amongst oth
  6. Maybe

    Logan is Name

    welcome to new forums Logan, Respected member of OzzyGaming
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