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  1. As Finn said above welcome man!, Your in for a great time if you play the server right, it's sometimes a hard start but try and get someone that knows what there doing to take you through the basic starter things in city. But in a nutshell get a job like trucking to start, then progress to treasure hunting after you get a jet-ski. Thats the perfect way to get some money behind at the start for cars etc. But remember to enjoy your time and possibly get a look into getting whitelist jobs (mechanic, cop, ems, car dealer, club work etc) as it shouldn't just be a $$ grind. At the e
  2. Hey mate, welcome back! Firstly, go through the starting forums and rules pages on here to give you a basic idea. The jobs in city are pretty simple, visit a job centre and I recommend sticking to trucking and treasure hunting to get the most cash. The biggest thing though is meeting people, that's the most fun way to learn about the city and meet good friends. Then basically do what you want in your RP. Stick to grinding treasure hunting, buying cars etc or look into doing whitelist roles etc like mechanic, car dealer, police, ems etc Most of all, Enjoy it mate, shoot me a mes
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