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xd pax's Court Booking

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xd pax's Court Booking
Application ID #9965
Submitted on 09/05/21 at 09:33:10 PM

Plaintiff Steam Name
Plaintiff Name
Dean Hooper
Defendant Name
Legal Representative: JJ Paxton & AJ Paxton


The New South Wales Police Department pulled over Mr. Dean and his friend for speeding Mr. Dean being the passenger. Once the police realized my client's friend had a warrant out for his arrest the Police did a Code 5 stop on Mr. Dean and his friend.

Mr. Dean got taken out of the car and barraged by multiple units with assault guns drawn and aiming at my client to intimidate him into submission

previous to my client's arrest and during his arrest my client made no attempt to act hostile towards any police. Whilst my client was being arrested he got asked for his id and complied with the police

My client would like to sue the NSW PD for, Damages, And Losses
Do you confirm all information provided is the truth to the best of your knowledge?

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Good evening,

I have reviewed police standard operating procedures.

whilst conducting a felony stop, police are permitted to approach the vehicle with weapons drawn, and direct all occupants of the vehicle to exit and surrender. I see no issues with this traffic stop.

Matter will not be heard at court.

Kind regards

Justice Jake Masters

Department of Justice

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