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  1. In Game Name - Curtis Stephen Steam Name - Curtis Discord Tag - Curtis#9656 How long have you been a part of the OzzyGaming community? -About 2months now Do you have any prior experience with video editing and/or basic website editing? -Yes I do (IN CHARACTER QUESTIONS) - Tell us about yourself and your time on the island so far (minimum 100 words) So far my time on the island has been great, I have met many of different types of people good or bad. Everyone seems to get along most of the time. The Emergency services to an amazing job to keep the citizens safe and healthy. On my time on the island I have been a target of a mugging which was the scariest moment of my life. After that incident to passion for journalism has brought me here, applying for a great news organisation The Daily Wire. In the future I was to become a fully fledged journalist to bring Real news to the City. - Why do you wish to pursue a career with The Daily Wire (be as descriptive as possible) I wish to pursue a career with The Daily Wire as I love the community and endeavour to bring true, real news to all of them. I want every single person in this community to know what is really happening in their city good or bad as they deserve to know. - How would you describe your work style? I would describe my work style as hard working and committed as I get whag needs to be done. - What is your personal mission statement? My personal mission statement is to do what is right. - Do you understand that you will be held to a higher level of accountability than other government approved jobs, as we are constantly in the public eye? Yes I 100% understand - Should your application be successful, do you agree to a one week PAID probationary internship during which time your journalism skills will be assessed? I, Curtis Stephen, Agree
  2. Heavy Bob money grab now man
  3. Hi, My name is Curtis but my real name is Jack and I live in Launceston, Tasmania. I have been in the Ozzy Gaming community for about a month and a half now. Before I moved to playing FiveM I mostly played a garrys mod roleplay server called ggs. On GGS I was a police officer and always strived to be the best I could be. Now I have moved to playing FiveM and so far Its great, the community is much better than ggs. My Goal On Ozzy Gaming is to move up the ranks on the police force and to possibly become an admin to help out the community and help new players. Thankyou
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