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  1. this guy is good actually explains stuff

  2. Hey JayBoy18, Drag Cars regardless of their type cannot be sold between civilians. The only way your can sell you vehicle is through Thompsons Auto Salvage and Sales. I'm not 100% sure of the reasoning behind the this, however, I do know that at you dealerships (Sunshine/PDM) these vehicles are always sold at cost price. In short, you cannot sell your drag vehicle to another civilian direct Regards, Freestyle
  3. As Mystimate mentioned above, 350km/h is a fast vehicle. Now considering the Porsche 911 Turbo S reaches a top speed of 320km/h in real life, increasing it to 390+, for example, puts in on the verge of an unrealistic speed for that specific vehicle. If you have any more concerns I'm sure a developer would be happy to answer further questions. There's always a reason behind a vehicle nerf/buff Regards, Freestyle
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