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  1. Faze Purplesmoke


    OMG hiiiii isack
  2. I'd call out bendacat on his irrelevant comment yet again but it would be censored once again.
  3. It's still santosrp, I've just checked with the owner.
  4. Santos RP is more RP intensive. Now I know you'd rather just shoot and kill anyone without rp but Ozzygaming has a standard to provide good rp experience for veterans like me so I am sure Santos RP is here to stay.
  5. You're terroristic attacks will not falter the LSPD's cause. Only encourage us.

  6. man just turned 150 today #blessed #gains #motivation #metoo

  7. Despite making only 13% of the population

  8. give me Gmod Dev perms and I'll finish the stuff in a few hours
  9. Guys that joke where you tell the wrong location is so funny. Please tell it again. No actually I'm dying laughing please repeat the same ducking joke.
  10. I mean I get you're trying to be funny but is that it ? Where's the punchline ? Am I supposed to laugh now ?
  11. Sorry at the moment we would not fix it. I suggest you use keyboard and mouse and stop whining.
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