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  1. Glad to see you still managing the server, you bloody well deserve it mate. Hope to see you around on FiveM soon, Happy new year! ❤️ 

  2. You're terroristic attacks will not falter the LSPD's cause. Only encourage us.

  3. Changelog 07/08/2019 Amendment: - Section 2.8 (Invoice Evasion) Addition: - Section 2.9 (Bankruptcy) These rules are in effect as of 4:00AM AEST 07/08/2019
  4. Changelog 06/08/2019 Addition: - Section 5.1 (General Negotiation Rules) These rules are in effect as of 6:00AM AEST 06/08/2019
  5. Changelog 05/08/2019 Added: - Section 5.0 (Negotiations) These rules are in effect as of 11:00PM AEST 05/08/2019
  6. I actually had to take out the sonata when it started raining last night haha
  7. @Zaydan the PD Camry has too much torque and corners like a drift car, i think the old handling was fine imo
  8. press +/= works fine for me
  9. u mean the spot lights?
  10. almost should've called it v3.0 with so much changes...well done to the entire team!!!
  11. yer probably ey...but done it for the freshies haha...clean missed this section of the forum too
  12. Must've missed this part of the forum lads and ladettes, my bad Ex-console GTAO player back at release on PS3, then moved onto PC to have a bit fun with modding in SP, took a 2 year brake from it all due to online being infested with RDM/VDM'ers Came across FIVEM in July-august and haven't played anything else since haha Most of you old folk know me as El Chapo from JCS, and since then Russell Coight has taken the reigns as a mechanic/shop manager and a 4x4 tour guide, not to mention an all-round problem fixer Also you will alll soon meet Russel's cousin Mick Dundee whom w
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