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  1. @boss I’ll buy you piss if you come to pax xo
  2. Hi, welcome to all those whom manage to stumble upon this. I’m R3KM_GOD. Ive been apart of the Ozzy community for around 6-7 months now. In that period of time; I have interacted with many of you in many forms. Currently I am but a humble owner of a custom car garage that you may stumble upon at some point in your time here at OG. it wasn’t easy at the very beginning: I found myself jumping around servers and not having a clue as to what to do next(I literally had no idea how to even use the controls lmao)In my quest to find somewhere where I could have meaningful interactions; I ca
  3. Welcome mate! Enjoy your time on ozzygaming my dude.
  4. hey there, my name is "Chad Paul" ingame. Former Console gta player and had built a pc recently. Came across 5m from watching a youtube video "bay area Buggs" and kind of thought itll be cool to check out. Still getting the hang of the controls but loving the experience so far. Cheers
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