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  1. Suc it 2 ma tete SFH


  2. @boss I’ll buy you piss if you come to pax xo
  3. Hi, welcome to all those whom manage to stumble upon this. I’m R3KM_GOD. Ive been apart of the Ozzy community for around 6-7 months now. In that period of time; I have interacted with many of you in many forms. Currently I am but a humble owner of a custom car garage that you may stumble upon at some point in your time here at OG. it wasn’t easy at the very beginning: I found myself jumping around servers and not having a clue as to what to do next(I literally had no idea how to even use the controls lmao)In my quest to find somewhere where I could have meaningful interactions; I came across ozzy. After meeting helpful people and learning the ropes, I’ve been here ever since. I felt compelled to write this to let anyone that has just joined us or even those whom are considering joining this community, that you won’t find support and togetherness at the level I’ve found here. We have grown from occasionally filling 1-2 32 slot servers to queues that stretch as far back as 30 plus people who are wanting a spot on our 56 slot servers. Wow My advice to all those new to our community is to first and foremost; stay in character. Role play is a little different to what you may or may not know but it is the underlying meaning of why we are here. It is the most entertaining aspect in my humble opinion. I highly suggest you get well acquainted with the rules as to not hinder yours or anyone else’s experience and lastly; enjoy your time here. The foundations of this community rest on the shoulders of great people who donate not only resources; but their most precious of all commodities: Time. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need a hand. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be here without you. Leave your worries at the door and enjoy your stay. R3KM GOD x
  4. Welcome mate! Enjoy your time on ozzygaming my dude.
  5. hey there, my name is "Chad Paul" ingame. Former Console gta player and had built a pc recently. Came across 5m from watching a youtube video "bay area Buggs" and kind of thought itll be cool to check out. Still getting the hang of the controls but loving the experience so far. Cheers
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