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  1. @A Disappointment what is so funny sir?
  2. Our vehicles in game are naturally fast.
  3. We do not speed hack or speed boost of any nature. Our cars are naturally fast in order to catch criminals.
  4. John Stamos

    Hello all, My name is John Stamos and I'm here to introduce myself as a Pilot. During my early life, my father was a pilot and always showed me the planes he used to fly while on duty. I always loved it and would often wait up to late hours just to hear the stories my father would tell me. Later in life, my father sadly was no longer into planes and quit the job after 23 years. Now i'm 27 and still love everything about planes. The engines, the sounds, the takeoff and landing always made me feel at home. During my teens, I had flying lessons from the ages of 13-19 and had to quit them due to financial troubles and it taking most of my time instead of working for money. At the age of 23, I was lucky enough to win the lottery where I won around 15.5 million dollars. This excited me, not only for being rich but also due to the fact that I can now actually own my own plane and have frequent flying lessons. Nowadays I fly my plane as often as I can, this excites every time as it gives me nostalgia from my younger years. I'm here to introduce myself as i'd like to move into the airlines business and become a pilot just like my father was. Thank you for reading, Regards John Stamos