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  1. Some staff do a great job and respond to my calls. However there are other staff who will just not respond at all, even when there are like 5 staff on in the afternoon with like 20 people on. Are they seriously that busy when there are 20 people on the server?
  2. Very nice sirens, I'm impressed :)
  3. please let me know, more curious in the vicpol one to be honest.
  4. Thanks for the update Boss!! Also thanks to the rest of the team for keeping the server running as smooth as possible!!
  5. Got a video of a demo of a sirens? Curious to see what they sound like
  6. Thanks for the update guys!! Really looking forward to the future of Ozzy Gaming, especially for the development of a GMOD server. What's it going to be? DarkRP? TTT?
  7. Officer Bear is back too champ, don't you worry about that
  8. Welcome back you maginificent specimen Can't wait to bring back our OG 2K18 OzzyGaming rp days! Glad to have you back Barra xx
  9. Welcome mate!! I used to be on the GGS servers back in the day on gmod.... great memories! Hope you enjoy your time on OzzyGaming!!
  10. Agreed, car prices need to be tweaked to match performance or vise versa. In my opinion the whole economy is fucked. I would prefer if food was $50 instead of $350 for a piece of bread. Would be better if cars were more realistic to match prices, for example, a VF SS for 50K. Not a fan of paying $350,000 for a Honda Civic, a car like a civic should be about $2000-5000.



  12. Hey mate! Welcome to Ozzy! Hope you're enjoying yourself and hope to see you around!
  13. You reckon FPV but then I see a banner photo of a BMW My brain is confused my g
  14. Looks like you haven't been acquainted with the might Straight Six 4L Turbo LOL
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