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  1. Hey!

    Welcome mate! Enjoy your stay
  2. Good luck to all candidates, all 3 boys are very suitable for Commissioner, may the best man win, good luck boys!
  3. Welcome to Ozzy champ! Hope your stay is pleasant, enjoy!
  4. Love your tastes mate, love myself SHM, CH and Tiesto too, especially on a Saturday Night just before heading out I also agree with you, it helps to be diverse with music, that's what makes the top artists.
  5. Thought I'd create a thread on a common interest we all have... Music!! What type of music do you guys listen to? Which artists too? I have a mutual love for rap and rock. Favourite rock bands are Nirvana, System of a Down, love myself some Green Day too. Rap I have a few favourites. 21 Savage, Travis Scott and Migos just to name a few... Hope to hear from you guys soon! Few of my favourite tunes: 21 Savage, 7 Minute Freestyle: Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd- Wonderful Nirvana- All Apologies
  7. We all know Australia is a multicultural country. So why not get to know each other a bit more. Tell us your background or if you're pure true blue aussie! Even if you are not from Australia please let us know all about yourself! I was born here in Melbourne, Australia but I come from a Greek Background, 1st Generation with both parents being Greek. Hope to hear from you all soon! Peace out!
  8. Congrats Parj, wishing you all the best in your new role. Good luck!
  9. Thought this would be a great idea to network with the rest of the users on OzzyGaming! I'm from Melbourne, from the Bayside area! Hope to hear where you are all from soon!
  10. Both cars are absolutely stunning, I love the F6
  11. I'm a huge RB fan so I'm very jealous! Enjoy man!!