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  1. Agreed, car prices need to be tweaked to match performance or vise versa. In my opinion the whole economy is fucked. I would prefer if food was $50 instead of $350 for a piece of bread. Would be better if cars were more realistic to match prices, for example, a VF SS for 50K. Not a fan of paying $350,000 for a Honda Civic, a car like a civic should be about $2000-5000.



  3. Hey mate! Welcome to Ozzy! Hope you're enjoying yourself and hope to see you around!
  4. You reckon FPV but then I see a banner photo of a BMW My brain is confused my g
  5. Looks like you haven't been acquainted with the might Straight Six 4L Turbo LOL
  6. Hey mate! Welcome to the Ozzy Community! Hope you have found it enjoyable so far, it is a great community. If you ever have an issues or questions, don't hesitate to go to Helpdesk or ask questions on the forums! Myself and other are always happy to help! Hope to see you around soon! All the best.
  7. G'day guys and girls, Just a little debate thread, something different, plus something to keep me entertained whilst I am at work. For all the Australian Car Enthusiasts out there, it has been evident that since the 1960s at least, there has been a huge rivalry in Australia, now time's have changed howevere for many years you were either Ford or Holden. I'm hoping to see many Ozzy's community member's opinions, should be interesting. Obviously by my name, I am clearly a Ford man. Have been ever since i was born, grew up around fords. This is another reason why I am a Ford man, how could you not love the look of the Falcons This is also another reason why I am a Ford man over Holden, enjoy the video! Hope to hear from you all soon! Barra The World!
  8. Hey Luka! Welcome to Ozzy! I used to be in your exact position many months ago until I found Ozzy, the staff are very helpful, plenty of guides and an overall great community. Hope to see you around mate! All the best!
  9. I'll have a look at it as soon as I finish work, if I have any questions I'll let you know, thanks Kosmic!
  10. Definitely need a second switching point. I believe it's fair to have it half way, in between Los Santos and Paleto Bay, perhaps Sandy Shores? Could be at the air field or by the town there. Either way regardless, a second switch point is crucial at this time, it is frustrating having to go all the way to the airport from Paleto just to change characters, it's an inconvenience. +1 to switch point!
  11. If anybody has a guide on how to install the Australian Sirens, that would be highly appreciated!!
  12. Welcome mate! Enjoy your stay and all the best!
  13. Hey!

    If you see your posts out on the forums, then it means that it has been approved.
  14. Hey!

    what do you mean?
  15. Best way to make money if you don't want to do anything Illegal is apply for a job at either a car dealer or a mechanic. I have tried both jobs and both include great money, at this current time, car dealers are more demanding so you are more likely to get more sales from car dealing if that interests you. Best of luck with it all!