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  1. Thought this would be a great idea to network with the rest of the users on OzzyGaming! I'm from Melbourne, from the Bayside area! Hope to hear where you are all from soon!
  2. Both cars are absolutely stunning, I love the F6
  3. I'm a huge RB fan so I'm very jealous! Enjoy man!!
  4. Sounds awesome mate, I've got mate who's got a G6E turbo with 450rkw, absolute beauty. I feel you, not much we can do these days, drove down Princes Hwy last friday casually and it was full of cops, so disappointing.
  5. Aye they're alright! As long as it's not an alloytec haha, don't wanna deal with them timing chains!
  6. Aye little Ford V Holden rivalry which model? VE?
  7. Hey Everybody! I'm fairly new to the server, haven't been around for too long. I'm a fairly passionate vehicle enthusiast and I thought this would be a great way to meet the people of OzzyGaming! I am 19 years old from Melbourne, currently on my second year of my license and I drive a 2003 Ford BA XR6. It comes with a premium sound system, subwoofer, colour head unit screen, cruise control, sports shifter, all the goooood stuff. What do the people of the Ozzy Gaming community drive? Hope to hear from you all soon!
  8. Hey Molotov! I've been playing a lot on the FiveM server! Thanks so much for your assistance, really means a lot!
  9. G'day boys and girls! My name is Barra The World and only recently I have come across this bloody good server. Just wanted to introduce myself and get to know you guys too, I'm from Melbourne, where are you guys from? Hope to hear from you all soon!