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  1. Won't do it again. Not trying to start anything or be rude but it would be very much appreciated if you could maybe dm us, instead of @'ing us on a public forum.
  2. Melbs

    hi guys

    I like your style, welcome and enjoy your time in ozzygaming.
  3. Work our way up

  4. Melbs

    Intro - melbs

    I would love that!
  5. Heyo my name is melbs I just recently joined this community and I am looking forward to know you all! I started off playing CSGO for my first game then moved over to Gmod, great game and good rp just unrealistic sometimes so thats the reason I installed GTA so I could play fivem, played lsla then quit because I got bored then I just recently got back to fivem and joined this server! That's all I've got to say but I like chips. Pce out
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