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  1. Make sure that when looting someone, they are not zip tied first, it will not work
  2. However, you can purchase multiple at the same time, leaving you worry-less of renewing your platinum subscription.
  3. Although you may not have shot anyone, everyone else did and you were involved, you were all hitting things, driving dangerously and pretty much completely trolling.
  4. Hey mate and welcome, Please take note that to become apart of the NSWFD (New South Wales Fire Department) you are required to firstly apply for EMS on the forums, then to go into training once it is organised, here you will be provided the protocol and continue to learn and improve as you progress through the rank of NSWEMS, you will then be granted access to take you NSWFD test to be inducted, which you can then progress through the ranks in that subdivision also. Cheers, robertqf
  5. I don't believe they are offering RP name changes anymore my man!
  6. Pick one of these ^^^ links my man
  7. Follow the tutorial linked brother, otherwise search it up on google
  8. You would have to discuss through roleplay with someones who has experience and can get you started mate
  9. robertqf


    Put in a support ticket my man
  10. Most of the trucks that are available to purchase and use for the job are driven by locals also... so that doesn't help...
  11. Yo man, grab one of these boys who are volunteering their time to assist you, unfortunately, I am unable as I kind of have my hands a bit full at the moment... Good Luck though man!!
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