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  1. - In Game Name: Jacob Dartsmoker - Steam Name: Papa Bless - Discord Name: Papa Bless#2101 (In Character Questions) - How long have you been on the Island? I am quite new to the Island and have only been here for a couple of months - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.) I am a entry level landscaper but ive been looking for a new job and Executive Protection Service sounds like a really good job that I would be invested in. - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service? I believe I am suitable for this job because I graduated from Vice City University with a Security Management Degree so i know my shit when it comes to security services. I am also a dedicated hard working person that wont let the company down. - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line? Yes I do understand - Do you agree to wear a Uniform? Yes - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work? Yes
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