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  1. IDK if this will be implemented into Ozzy 2.0, but some of the cars need to have the sound of their engines either changed or improved. For example, the 2015 Mustang, Corvette (C7), and the C63 AMG all sound the same, with the engine sounding like a truck when starting up and a bike when revving the engine. IMO we need more realistic sound files for each individual car, don't know if possible, but let me know so that i'm up to speed with the whole situation.
  2. Gday Ozzygaming community, only been around for a few weeks so i'll keep it simple. FiveM has been a ducking wild ride, and i've enjoyed every single minute of it, becoming a car dealer was the best decision I have made on this server, thanks to everyone who has made it the experience that it has been over the last 3 weeks Played GTAO, but quit after being trolled by hackers and having everything in the game, PC Master race since 5 years ago, and sorry to say it but im a Kiwi from the North. P.S : You staff members are the best i've seen on a server of any game in a good while, thanks bois IGN : Henry Chompers mate