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  1. Good luck everyone. MAKE COP GREAT AGAIN
  2. Executive for Commissioner, interesting to say the least...
  3. Welcome back sir, enjoy yourself on the best FiveM server in the Oceanic region
  4. Jesus, Cubix with the full essay, me likey. Welcome to the server m8, if you enjoy yourself then hell yeah! Make sure you've read all the rules before properly starting and you'll have a lot of fun.
  5. Welcome to the community my boi, have fun
  6. Gamers

    Hello Gamers, that is all.
  7. +1 us paleto boys really strugglin out here. Even at the sandy airfield would be fine, just an extreme hassle having to go through the speed cameras and all the way to the opposite side of the map
  8. Everyone does drugs, just find one guy and build your own empire
  9. Job Levels

    So glad this was implemented PogChampion
  10. Trust me OG is the best Welcome to the community
  11. Glad to have you here good sir