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  1. hello just a few questions on the own application if i show a place for the business to begin does it have to be accessible by players or does it get turned into a place that can be accessed, and can the name on the wall also be changed to suit the the company name?

    just wanna know so i can submit a nice application with pictures and all that


  2. Daaah, My name is DoPLer and I have been in the community for a few months now... But I haven't really introduced myself. so hi I'm a wannabe tiktok star, but I can't be famous I also like Harry Potter I recently just got accepted into the staff team, so be good And I hope to see you gamers on the battlefield. Bit behind your reach.mp3
  3. DoPLer

    Hello all

    Welcome, And stay safe!
  4. I mean it’s pretty good, but there are some flaws.
  5. Awesome job, definitely worth the wait
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