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  1. Be sure to also checkout the Sunshine Autos website for a rough idea for some prices and such https://www.sunshineautosog.com/ @Spooks
  2. I got the Brioso the other day, $20k, Goes about 150kmph stock I think, nice and fast wee car, zoom zoom to the moon moon
  3. Welcome to the city and OzzyGaming! Hope to see you around the city mate! Let us know if you have any issues or questions - Cube
  4. Welcome bro! Been a pleasure role playing with you so far! Cheers for coming to aid of citizens during their time of need as EMS!
  5. I know that a similar suggestion for hospital respawns has also been suggested here https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/2499-hospital-respawns/ I think I've seen somewhere else, either on Discord or forums about others suggesting character modification points too. +1 to having at least two character modification points, Airport is great, but also another on opposite side of the map too perhaps? +1 for three characters. Prior to 2.0 they had three characters which was great if you wanted a criminal/civ and then some others for jobs etc. It would be great to have that feature back but if they've changed it to two, there's probably some decent reasoning behind it.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been hanging around OzzyGaming for just over two weeks now. I'm sure I've bumped into a few of you along the way and feel now is a good time to say, hello! Sorry for any toes I may have stepped on already! RP, GTA and FiveM are still very new to me as I come from an FPS gaming background but am loving it so far! I've previously co-founded and managed a successful and very active Battlefield series community called, Brothers of Battlefield, which had 150 active members and several popular servers across Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. My steam library has a ridiculous amount of games I've never touched but I enjoy playing CS:GO/Source and the Age of Empires series, during my downtime. After taking a break for two years I am looking to get back into gaming - so here we are with something new, FiveM! I'm still getting used to a few things but have found the transition into FiveM smooth with the ongoing support of the awesome community members, server players, and staff members. I'm currently bouncing around between a few Discords but am super keen to hang out with new people when playing so hit me up: CubixNZ#3170! I'm a Kiwi who works in the News and Television production industry and hope to introduce some of this to role-play and contribute back to the community any way I can. You may have seen some of my news articles in the Ozzy Discord already - constructive feedback is always welcome! Always up for a chat and helping new people like myself get used to things quickly since I've recently been there. The idea of becoming a Police Officer, EMS or dispatcher is very appealing and something I hope to be doing in due time. See you out there, Cube