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  1. hey mate can you check out my support ticket as there is only a limited time before it will get closed, cheers.

  2. Hi all I know exactly what you're talking about and this is something I have also noticed using my own controller. It is to do with a conflict of keybinds off of the servers scripts. One of our developers is aware of the issue and I believe will be working on it soon. Cheers
  3. The Low Down: A Gruppe6 money truck drops off collects old money that is to be destroyed from local businesses and banks. At the end of their run, they are required to destroy the old tender at the Union Depository. The collected money is clean and still valid until it has been destroyed. Civilians may attempt to rob the Gruppe6 money truck during its run but must follow the below guidelines: Guidelines: The money truck is bulletproof with bullet proof tyres (this must be RPed). There are a minimum of three security officers with the truck at all times. The driver, the cash man and security guard(s). The driver is in a locked cab - only they can open the door internally under special conditions. All security personnel are armed and have a silent alarm to notify police if they’re in distress. The money truck is on-site at businesses/banks from 1 - 3 minutes. The truck carries a maximum of $150,000. Starting from $15,000 and collecting more throughout the run. (Patience and planning is key). Maximum of 6 people per group trying to rob the truck. The money is considered safe when the cash man enters the Union Depository Elevator. You cannot wait/guard/hide inside the Union Depository elevator or floors below as this is considered a secure building. You can only ram the cash truck with a vehicle of equal or greater size to the cash truck outside of Los Santos City. Server rules still apply during the mini-event. If you are killed during the Gruppe6 event you can not return and continue robbing Robbing the truck: In order to open the rear door, civilians must roleplay “lock picking” the door for the duration of 2 minutes. You must be standing at the door for 2 minutes and state “We are lockpicking” at the start. The driver will start a 2 minute timer and announce this verbally, after 2 minutes the rear door will open. If civilians walk away from the rear door during “lock picking” the timer cancels and you must start again.
  4. I used to play a lot of CS:Source on an older account, haven't really had enough play time on CS:GO these days but it's been interesting to see how come along and slightly changed over the past few years. Drifted between Battlefield Bad Company 2 and CS:Source years ago, then BF3 and BF4 came out and I somewhat forgot about source haha!
  5. @Zaydanhave you managed to put in the new ems vehicles by chance...?
  6. Gidday mate! Welcome to the community and the servers! If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the forums, on TeamSpeak at ts.ozzy.life or on the Discord! Make sure you're on our Discord as well for any announcements/channels for discussion with other players. If you have any feedback feel free to make a post on the forums. - Cube
  7. Gidday mate! Welcome to the community and the servers! If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us on the forums, on TeamSpeak at ts.ozzy.life or on the Discord! Make sure you're on our Discord as well for any announcements/channels for discussion with other players. If you have any feedback feel free to make a post on the forums. - Cube
  8. Have you ever wondered if there was a dark theme for TeamSpeak? Something to make those late night gaming sessions easier on the eyes? Perhaps you're just wanting to change up the look and feel to match your vibe? Well if you weren't already aware, TeamSpeak has a lot of theme packs available that you can download and install with ease to change from the Default TS theme. Search and check them out here: https://www.myteamspeak.com/?search=&type=STYLE You can also search up different icon and sound packs too! I personally use the "DarkenTS" theme located here https://www.myteamspeak.com/addons/686209af-0b66-4805-b2d7-0e990f7cb9e0 Hope this helps! Let us know your favorite theme down below with a link and a photo! - Cube
  9. The original "downloading content" screen you had can usually come down to the user trying to join an already full server and FiveM/the server not telling you it's full. Recently FiveM hasn't been displaying correct player numbers in servers. Odd question, made sure that Steam is active in the background on the desktop and RockStar social account is signed in properly? Also run FiveM as administrator. All the best - Cube
  10. Welcome mate! OzzyGaming is a really awesome community with great servers to be on! We have a very active community with lots of dedicated and regular players who are always keen to help you get started. Join a server and type in out of character chat (using /ooc) and say you're new and need some help getting started and I'm sure you'll get a response. If not feel free to join the support channels in TeamSpeak using address: ts.ozzy.life - Support and Admins are always available willing to help as well. Role play can be whatever you want to make it (within server rules and community rules), you can get a job, earn money, buy cars, conduct robberies, join the emergency services and a lot more. Key things to get you started if you haven't jumped in already: Create your character and model at the airport (we don't use a civilian CAD). You can change clothes whenever you want at clothes stores. Get yourself down to the DMV to get a drivers licence and then the low end car dealer and buy a cheap car to get you around in the meantime - you can buy a nicer car later once you have more money, from a dealership. Go to the Job center and get yourself a job for some passive income. You're then also able to go on duty and do assignments and tasks for your job. Refer here for job guides. Make sure you eat and drink food and keep your levels up or you'll pass out - found at shops. Money can be deposited/withdrawn from banks and ATMs. F1 is your phone, you add contacts, call Police or EMS if they're online and communicate with businesses as well. F2 is your inventory, F3 is your action menu. Tilda Key (` below ESC) is another menu to show ID, toggle vehicle locks, close/open car doors. To use chat press T and then start with any of the following, then your message: /twt message here (to tweet in chat as your character), /ooc message here (for out of character chat), /report message here (to report an issue or concern to admins). Road rules: Red lights, you can stop for 3 seconds and go if its all clear. Normal road speeds 60kmph, country roads 80kmph, freeway 110kmph. Use Z in-game to pull up the tablet for further key bindings, rules etc etc. Be sure to have your voice settings enabled and mic volume turned up and use PTT (push to talk), default button is N. You'll figure out more along the way the more you play and the more you interact with others. I hope to see you in the servers soon and hope you have a lot of fun! Maybe apply for EMS, Police or a white listed business if you're thinking about getting into a more serious job within the community! - Cube
  11. Welcome mate! I hope you're enjoying the server so far! Glad I could help you out with your invisibility issue yesterday! Be sure to ask around or come to helpdesk if you ever have any other issues or questions about our server. Also be sure to check out the Guides section if you haven't already. - Cube
  12. Gidday @sigh.cropper Welcome to OzzyGaming! I'm unsure how this post slipped past everyone! As J-Dub has shared above, I made a brief post recently for another player who had just joined the roleplay scene. To see the full thread visit here https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/3321-hey-guys-new-and-looking-for-helpadvice/?do=findComment&comment=12217 Please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch with any of us, regular players, business owners or staff members! We are always happy to help and can be found in Discord under the general/support channels, or in TeamSpeak at ts.ozzy.life Happy Gaming! Cube
  13. Welcome to OzzyGaming! Glad to have you here! I hope you have a lot of fun and if you have any questions, there are always a lot of active regulars and staff that will always be willing to help ya! See you out there in the city sometime soon! - Cube
  14. Currently working on a "Beginners guide" and video to compliment it. I've personally noticed an increase in more people joining and want them to get into it as quick as possible. A lot of their basic questions etc are mostly the same and can all be answered in post to help them out.
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