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  1. hello it's Jerry McNuggy, I haven't been doing well in knowing people recently, and all my connections and friendships has been falling apart. Trying to meet some new people, wondering if anyone would be interested in inviting a young man to their group? discord : TuPoT#3720
  2. Hopefully you're leaving the island on good terms, goodluck bye!
  3. love you bb <3 https://gyazo.com/beff7f5655b75a92364834b230a56c29?token=24f31b4f4c846ff03c9370d2dfa1c677
  4. For sure testing out the new drug system tonight
  5. high quality man


    top right, I'd let you explore the area so that you can find out where everything else is.
  6. I'd say these are bugs, but I'd rather think it as easter eggs lol. Basically, there have been these two spots I've bumped into randomly with "Press E to enter (place)". assuming they're not supposed to be there as there are no facilities related to the area described. although don't press E on it as it just sends you to either the void or to death, when I first found the first one, I contacted an admin. It was around 2 months ago, they said they'll do something about it, but I guess it wasn't a huge issue as it's still sitting here. Anyways, here are the locations, I'll let the image guide you if you're curious and you can explore these places yourself. GL! Location #1 - https://gyazo.com/8734bcb7a4463741a30387a30fd9b216 , https://gyazo.com/2ce716895504c87093d571c1602437a4 Location #2 - https://gyazo.com/1eb89beb7bab9a9c47fe0c89f8fe4dbc , https://gyazo.com/057306cdc6c612182ac469f9789f6c8d
  7. Would definitely love to sit down and have a cup of tea with you and talk about pikachus and hello kitties
  8. Server events often occur every 1-2 weeks, some of the events are really really interesting as well. If you want to interact with people, people tend to be at Beekers, Legion square, outside mission row PD. Robberies happen quite often as well and it's quite fun if you're playing against or as the robbers. In the police force, you can work your way up your rank and make a lot of friends in the police force, I'd say if you're not that kind to grind for cars, don't go for landscaping because landscaping is all about the grind. Speaking about events, there was recently an auction event which went pretty well I'd say, and the event was not empty as well, there were at least 30-40 people attending the event. Although my fav event is probably the all ozzy adventure, basically you don't earn anything in this event it's all for the fun, you'll be driving around with a group in an off-road vehicle and going up the mountains and down and up and down and cross the river and shit. It's basically just an adventure with other people on this server. So if you'd like to play the "fun part of the server" I'd say play two characters, one as an officer and the other one as a criminal, as you play throughout the server, you'd find a lot of people looking for a gang as well, so be sure to give them a chat and ask if they want to hang around and you'll probably find yourself a gang in no time.
  9. the looks of the ferrari and corvette pays the price
  10. high quality man


    What's going on mate, joined the city for roughly one and a half months now, we've possibly met before, but nice to meet you man My name's Jerry McNuggy hope to see you in the city/
  11. registered, might not be able to attend of the date and time is not suitable for my timetable.
  12. Have been using the light theme for so long, somehow got used to it.
  13. lol how did this shit get 197 views
  14. There are a lot of gangs. I cant tell you the amount of times I've been held up by 4 men in a car robbing me wearing all black. Just look around the PD apartment, the PD, legion square. That's where most people tend to hangout
  15. Gruppe 6 employees can now go for the taxi job.
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