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  1. Good to meet you mate! Welcome! You're a good bloke mate. Thanks for making me feel so at home on Ozzy!
  2. I think I finally have been around long enough to make one of these. Anyway my name is Arcadia, I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I played a lot of Gameboy and Xbox original when I was a kid and now only play PS4 and PC. I am currently playing Spider-Man, FiveM, and soon hopefully Fallout 76 and RDR2. My favorite game franchise is Fallout. I work as an event manager and freelance graphic designer (you might see some of my work around on the forums) and I studied IT, Event Management and Business Management in TAFE and College. On the server you may know me as Arcadia, the owner of The Beat News, Xavier, the Vanilla Unicorn Manager, and Harry, EMS clinical instructor. I also help organize events for the server and am in the support team so I can help if you need me Feel free to say hey and it's a real pleasure to be apart of a great community like Ozzy. See you all around!!
  3. I am selling my bright orange fully modified Contender. Asking price is 65k. Message me on #26759 in game or Arcadia#3708 on Discord for more details and to arrange a meet up.
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