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  1. i use the darkenTS aswell but i use emerald icon pack instead.
  2. from what ive been told (having the same feels as the old zonda), no. however i heard that they may release them again in the distant future but thats heresay. (trust me, they wont let you buy it even for trips mate)
  3. Good evening to whom it may concern. I am Scruffy Charles and i am currently working on a business prospect at the current time. The issue is im not that decent when it comes to making logos. and this is where you come in. I am looking for someone to design me a logo for my company, and to make different sized version that i can use to further improve my applications image along with its continued life. If this is you, please comment below and i will contact you about payment that can be made. i am currently only a constable but have been a hermit with my money. Cheers, Scruffy Charles
  4. Welcome mate! Ozzygaming is one of the best fivem servers (in my opinion) and we would love to have you here! also i cant stress enough how important it is to understand the server rules and community rules to ensure you dont take a step in the wrong direction. have a good one mate!
  5. aye all, Some of you already know, but i am moving interstate from today and wont be on for about 4 days. See you all on the other side! cheers, Scruffy Charles. Sam Giancana.
  6. love you dude! and ducking shit bro, i came here for the same reason haha
  7. Hey all! Just realised i haven't officially introduced myself. Some of you may remember me back from the Old Ozzygaming Altis life days and others may know me as one of those military players in the game the last few days. As the name suggests, i'm Revolt| Mr Lispy (Scruffy Charles, James Macintosh, -GEN- James Murphy in game) and i'm just a fellow aussie bloke with a lisp that froths playing for RP. A bit about me: I used to be a fellow KOTH admin on team revolt for Arma3 and used to spend most of my spare time playing either ozzygaming altis life and Strayagamings invade and annex. after some old events i quit Ozzy for awhile to pursue more time on Strayagamings I&A and dabbled a bit in their Altis life. After these memorable times i ended up where i am now... playing and staffing on a GMOD DarkRP server. during that time i've spent a lot of hours ducking around with friends. I currently live in Melbourne VIC but am moving to Jyndabyne NSW very shorty to pursue my current work goals at Perisher. i'm 21 and love gaming and snowboarding. Hit me up in game to chill out or even to join me in some military RP or to Duck around!
  8. ah the dreaded aobe gang.
  9. i remember playing on altis life back when there was alot of controversy with the old dev (thunder or whatever his name was). tbh i still think he was a cunt. but yeh its nice to see ozzy has found its roots in another game and are thriving with it instead.
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