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  1. look, id rather it be a first person only city, then crosshairs wouldnt make a difference regardless and half the people flying down the highway at 300+ will find more adrenaline from speeding along with the loss of peaking corners without showing yourself. probably the most unpopular opinion but it would be fun
  2. the fact you still have this for people to use after being banned, let alone putting the effort in to make it speaks heavily of the person you can be. hope you get a chance to come back
  3. granted that it crashed due to the 180 roof, id recommend emptying your cache. I dont believe fivem does a great job of veryfying mod content effectively and thus it could be corrupted and causing the issue. Also crashes are found in the same place as the Cache under the log files, might be worth looking through it
  4. love you dude! and ducking shit bro, i came here for the same reason haha
  5. Hey all! Just realised i haven't officially introduced myself. Some of you may remember me back from the Old Ozzygaming Altis life days and others may know me as one of those military players in the game the last few days. As the name suggests, i'm Revolt| Mr Lispy (Scruffy Charles, James Macintosh, -GEN- James Murphy in game) and i'm just a fellow aussie bloke with a lisp that froths playing for RP. A bit about me: I used to be a fellow KOTH admin on team revolt for Arma3 and used to spend most of my spare time playing either ozzygaming altis life and Strayagamings invade and annex
  6. ah the dreaded aobe gang.
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